Sitting Target

Why did the narcissist choose you? How did he or she go about deciding that you were the ideal target for him to launch his campaign of seduction upon? Did you do something to attract the attentions of this dangerous foe? This direct and comprehensive book will enable you to understand what it is that the varying types of narcissist look for when they are searching for victims. Whether you wish to prevent it happening again or you need to understand why you were chosen, this book will deliver the answers in an uncompromising and straight forward manner. What are the things that various types of narcissist look for? How do they go about establishing their targets satisfy those traits? What are the Special Traits which attract all narcissists? Where are their hunting grounds and which is the most dangerous? Who does the narcissist go after and why are certain people left alone? What does the narcissist mean when he or she is looking for green lights? These questions and more are answered in this hard-hitting and unsettling look into why the narcissist chooses you.

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7 thoughts on “Sitting Target”

  1. Hi Hg,

    Actually, the narcissist rejected me as a person to date. The narc said that he “couldn’t give me what i need at my emotional level and even with anyone at their emotional level.” And then he said that he was too tired to even engage in with his ex once. He already knew that I knew about how narcs operate b/c I talked with him about narcs from my previous encounter with one (learned about them from your articles and books). So, I guess I fell short in the special traits.

    But my question is: in this case, what does “can’t give me what i need at my emotional level and even with anyone at their emotional level” mean?

    Was he trying to say that he can’t love? He can’t connect emotionally? He can’t empathize?

  2. I found it boring, hardly anything new. I had to force myself to read everything in the hope to find something of interest. Not helpful.

    1. And yet previously you explained that you can still learn something from me and I find it very hard to believe that there was hardly anything new in what you read. Still, that’s your opinion, such as it is.

  3. I find this one invaluable too. It is accurate down to the profession the narc I got entangled with works in. Uncanny!

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