Little Acons – No. 51



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  1. I do not know. I am a little bit unsure. My narc told me a lot of bad things about his parents. But which of them were true? There have been a lot of contradictions. Once he told me , he never got a present/gift by his parents which he liked. The other day he told me he got the car he always wanted on his birthday. As far as I know they gave him a lot of money, which seemed to be never enough. He let them pay. He let them clean up all the bad things he did when he was about 15- 25. Now I believe, a lot of the bad things he mentioned or remembered never happened. He only saw them through his narcissistic glasses. His life was not easy when he was a small child. But later? No, his parents tried to do their best. It was the wrong way. He learnt to use his bad memories against them.
    I am sorry that I must say, that he was a pathological liar from the beginning to the end. And -of course- it was never his own guilt or failure. No, I do not believe this stuff anymore.
    He was disordered by nature, not by a bad and violent childhood.

  2. No one (narc or not) would ever do anything to hurt you – unless, of course (s)he has something to gain from it.

  3. Ok, so I have posted before, that I cannot see the article, where can I read it… what do I need to do… I will buy any of his books… I have two small children, 16 years of my greater N…I am preparing to escape…. I must read what these articles are about when it refers to children… I need to help my case……. but I got mind f*ckery for a response …. I am exhausted, abused in every possible way by my GN…I need to arm myself in the courtroom… H.G…. I LOVE all of your stuff, I drink it up, I have been reading about NPD for 10 years…. NO ONE compares to you…you have changed my life…. I just want to read what you write about Little Acon’s…. I am preparing a big list of questions that I have for you H.G…all my friends are chipping in as I have no idea how much you charge…. they all want to see my escape.

  4. This picture is so disturbing! At first, I couldn’t bear to look at it, but then wanted to be sure that it was a prop that she is posing with, so I looked more closely – and noticed that this little girl is also wearing what looks like an engagement ring – weird! That prop looks very real. I hope that all people will protect the children from all forms of possible harm..

  5. Only a sadistic parent would do such a thing. Some people shouldve never had children 🙁

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