A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 4



Dear Mr H

You seduced, you stole, you exalted, you annihilated,
You elevated, you decimated, you connected, you sucked me dry,
You opened me up, you closed me down,
You delivered me to ecstasy, you devalued and discarded me,
You were sensual, you were sardonic,
You made my heart smile, you tore out my soul,
You put me on a marble pedestal, you stoned me with your vicious tongue,
You bathed my heart in liquid gold, you buried me in quick sand,
You crowned me as your princess, you burnt me at the stake,
You were my prophecy, you were my Satan,
Your hands knew every inch of me,
You tore out my essence and trampled my boundaries,
You pledged unity only with me, you labelled me a whore and cheated,
You held me tightly in your arms, you suffocated the life out of me,
You cast, you hooked, you netted, you feasted,
You made every nerve ending shiver deliciously,
You were my divine intervention, you became my nervous breakdown,
You disconnected me from my higher power,
You were luminous, you illuminated, you are an illusion,
You loved and yet you didn’t
Because love is real. And you are not.

Sincerely Not Yours

Miss S


21 thoughts on “A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 4”

  1. This letter is so beautifully written, and very powerful.
    Thank you (to its writer and to HG) for sharing it!

  2. I enjoyed reading this letter. It conveyed the contrasts within the narcissistic entanglement creatively, elegantly and effectively.

    1. Narc affair – I would have assumed you already had a letter somewhere. Look forward to reading yours!

  3. Perfect description of a narcissist’s Jekyll and Hyde behaviour.. can really relate to this one Miss S.. hope u r recovering now and well away from his awful tenticles..

    1. Yes, he not only disconnected me from my higher power, he became my higher power . . . my all, everything, always in my thoughts

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