A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 70



Dear Female Narcissist (a.k.a. Greedy Fat Pig)

Thank you!  Thank you for your inadvertent help because before I was spotted and chosen by you, I had no idea that females like you existed. There’s always a school-yard bully or two with their own gang of bullies but I had no idea that adult bullies with their own gang of adult bullies, existed. I also believed that if I should ever come across an adult bully, it would probably be a male with tattoos or a yob on a stolen bicycle pushing around the younger kids. Now I know differently.
You weren’t and probably still aren’t, typically feminine looking with your almost 6 foot stature, manly gait, michellin man neck and a Desperate Dan looking chin, without the whiskers. But you had this sing-song voice, much like a toddler which made you sound gentle and kind. You found me at the local park, remember. You walking your dog and me walking mine. You told me you came almost every day and had never seen me. I said ditto. After a couple of weeks, I saw you again at the park and we walked and chatted. When we arrived back at the car park, you asked if I would mind looking after your dog for the day whilst you worked as there was no-one else available on that day. I said yes and by saying yes, that’s how you were able to infiltrate and subsequently infect, my life.
I had no idea what you were. I hadn’t heard of The Dark Triad or Extreme Narcissism or Sociopath. I’d heard of the word Psychopath but you didn’t look like Ted Bundy. I thought you were like me. I thought, from what you told me, that you were a kind, considerate, trustworthy, caring and compassionate person. That’s the reason why I liked being your friend. I had no idea that I had become your latest prey and I had no idea that you were a Greedy Fat Pig. You didn’t see why (and probably still don’t) you alone were responsible for paying off your personal debt. You took advantage of my kindness. You took me to the cleaners. You left me to fight off your gang of flying monkeys with accusations of my mental instability immediately after I told you to never, ever contact me again. You left me to defend my text message to you in which I wrote “Leave me alone, I’ve told everyone about you and they’re as disgusted in you as I am” to the police officer you sent to my door with false accusations of sending you an ‘abusive text message’. Luckily, I still had the text and the police officer said you were a bully and for me to stop contact.
I will always refer to you as a Greedy Fat Pig. A Greedy Fat Pig who not only got me to pay off your debt because it was causing major depression and your parents have never once helped you, but who lied to me about your parents. Your parents whose rental home you were living in when we met. The rental home which they sold and bought you your own home, no mortgage to pay. Whatever furniture you wanted, you got and then you were bought a new car.
You are nothing but an oversized toddler hanging onto Mummy and Daddy’s purse strings. You’re financially greedy. Everyone is your piggy-bank. Everyone has to come to your rescue. You left me and no doubt others before me, financially depleted. When are you going to stand on your own two feet?  You’re almost 46 years of age. Will you ever stop preying on others for financial gain? How much money is going to be enough?
Like a pig in muck, you’re happy with yourself. I know you are. You put in a lot of effort, conning people like me. You’re like a train without brakes. You’re a train wreck and you always will be. You know that I know what you are. I know that you know. It’s why you smeared my character so badly. You fear my knowledge and my strength. You know that I could cause problems for you. I like that. I like to think that you’re worried I might land a blow against you in the future.
You taught me a huge lesson about female narcissists.  You are very much gold-diggers with the more unattractive, manly-looking ones such as yourself, preferring to prey on women for financial gain (as a new best friend) because you know you have little to no chance of seducing a man. Not with that Desperate Dan chin of yours and a voice like a dog’s squeaky chew toy!
You screwed me over big time but guess what? I won!  I won because I get to feel happy and joyful. I win because I see and feel the beauty of this world, in spite of there being people like you around. I win because I’m on the good side. The side of Light. I win because of my newfound awareness.
I win, you Greedy Fat Pig. Checkmate!

2 thoughts on “A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 70

  1. Bibi says:

    Still looks like Harvey Weinstein. A good letter showing the diversity of narcissists. Some of them come to you as friends, not just romantic partners.

  2. A Fish Named Karen says:

    This was a great read. Good for you for getting out. She/they will never know peace, never know depth of feeling, never know tender vulnerability and the trust that builds between two people who are in true partnership. Congratulations. You are victorious. Celebrate YOU.

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