Defend Yourself


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By understanding how we act and think, you build your cool, hard logic. This is a completely necessary act of self-help to bring your emotional thinking under control and in turn, maximise your ability to secure freedom from the narcissist.

This collection of books will furnish you with unrivalled understanding and include bonus material.

Read to understand. Understand to Counter. Counter and become free.

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4 thoughts on “Defend Yourself

  1. Jane hall says:


    Those were the words that went through my mind as I fought my way out. Out of a prison I had been held in for 30 years – because of my emotional thinking and the narcs manipulation. But HG – encouraged me to STOP thinking emotionally and instead use the cool, hard, logic.
    When I escaped – those words were my mantra as I ignored my emotional side.

  2. JustEmpath says:


    let’s assume that narcissist discarded his partner and hurt her deeply but after a while he starts some friendly hoovers. How would he react if the victim instead of shouting “go to hell, I don’t want to see you anymore you monster!” told him kindly “you are a great guy, I wish you all the best, but I don’t feel it anymore and you should move on. I am sure you will find someome for you.” and then went no contact? I imagine no contact would wound but I’d like to know if the “I don’t see you as a man anymore but also I don’t hate you, what is more I think you are a nice person” part would increase his frustriation?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It would be Challenge Fuel and therefore the response would be one of asserting superiority.

  3. Omj says:

    Great ! Exactly what I need !

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