A Delinquent Mind

What is really going on in that dark mind?

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3 thoughts on “A Delinquent Mind

  1. Ashar says:

    I love all of your books and writings (#FUEL😆)

    I am receiving hoovers through fake profiles and friend requests and calls from private numbers or unknown numbers and when I answer the call is ended. I make it a daily routine to protect myself by not being accessible for future hoovers. Any advice?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

      Come off social media (at least for a time) and change your number.

    2. Pixie says:

      Hi Asher. I, too, received the calls from unknown numbers. As soon as I said hello, he’d hang up. My friends would dismiss the calls, at least once daily, as robo calls, but the frequency and I just knew. It’s a ‘pain in the butt’ to change your number, but HG is 100% on his advice. I actually let this go on for several months, finally listened to HG and got my number changed. The calls totally stopped. Not even a robo call. X

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