Let Me Take You On A Trip


When I first take you on board my yacht you will no doubt admire its sleek and pristine appearance. From the polished hull through to the crisp and pressed uniforms of its crew, my vessel exudes expense, opulence and desirability. You marvel at how magnificent it looks, the white of the hull contrasting with the gently lapping azure sea. I take you on an impromptu tour showing you the master bedroom, the well-equipped kitchen, decadent living areas and inviting bathrooms. Every detail has been carefully considered in ensuring that this is a yacht you want to always sail in. The flowers that have been placed on your side of the bed are your favourite. You see the bathrobe hanging on the back of the door and can already feel its soft embrace as you slide it around you following an invigorating shower.
Back on the immaculate deck,I show you to a sun lounger and invite you to relax as we set sail, a hot sun blazing in a sky where there is not a cloud to be had. You lie down enjoying the caress of the sun’s rays as you are waited on by my crew, a succession of delicious and cold drinks brought to your side as you slip into a gentle sleep.
A sudden lurch of the vessel rudely awakens you and you shiver. The sun has vanished, a canopy of dark grey clouds having covered it. You sit up as you hear a crack and the sun lounger fractures, not from your weight, but as a consequence of its decayed state. You jump up and the vessel leans alarmingly as it is buffeted by a large wave. Spray combines with driving rain as you scurry to the nearest door into the yacht to escape the storm that has appeared out of nowhere. You halt on the threshold and frown as your gaze sweeps over stained and tattered carpets. Paint peels on the walls and the ceiling has fallen in on one side. You call out my name but there is no reply. Concerned you move from room to room but find nobody. The crew have vanished. The kitchen is smeared with grease and dirt, rotting food has been left lying around. The bathrooms are grubby, the tiles cracked and the mirrors broken. You make your way around the yacht but the scene is similar everywhere you go. It is run down and dilapidated from long-term neglect.
The yacht tips and you hear plates smash as you make for the bridge of the vessel, increasingly concerned for your safety. The bridge is similarly deserted and you see the yacht’s wheel has been lashed in place causing the vessel to continue on a course into a mass of black clouds and forked lightning which you can see ahead despite the cracked glass in front of you. You reach for the radio but it has been smashed. There is a mobile ‘phone which you pick up in desperation. It will not allow you to dial any numbers however and will only permit you to call three pre-programmed numbers. The first displays the word “Coterie”. Somebody answers but all you can hear is the sound of celebrating, the noise of the party is deafening and your pleas for help are drowned out by the noise of excitement and reverie. The second reads “Lieutenants”. Again it is answered and you ask the person answering for help. You are told that they are busy and you got yourself into this situation so you will have to sort it out yourself. You try that number again and a different voice answers but it tells you that you are crazy to have sailed into a storm and they cannot help you. With fear and desperation rising you ring the final number and the word “Me” comes up on the display.
“Hello?” I answer.
“What’s happening? Where are you? I’m in trouble, something has happened to the yacht. Everything was fantastic but now, I don’t understand, it has all gone wrong and I am in the middle of a storm. It’s happened so fast, help me, please help me.”
“Head onto the deck,” I reply calmly and end the call.
You do as instructed and above the noise of the wind and the crashing waves you hear the unmistakable sound of a helicopter. You look up and see me controlling the winch as I lower a harness down to you. The yacht pitches and you lose your footing. You clamber back up and try to grasp the harness but I have begun to yank it back up away from you. Still clutching the mobile you call me again.
“Help me, please, send down the harness, I need your help.”
I begin to lower the harness again but as it nears and you try and grab it you feel a stinging sensation on your arm and draw it back. A weal is already forming from where the pellet has hit you. You look up and see me grinning as I wave the airgun at you. The harness is still in front of you and you try to grab it but another volley of pellets drives you back before the harness begins to rise again.
You call me a third time.
“Please, why are you doing this? I don’t understand. Help me, I will do anything, just get me off here.”
“Anything?” I answer.
“Yes, anything, just please, lift me off here.”
You look up as the harness begins to lower and I train my sights on you once again.
“Please don’t shoot at me, I don’t know what I have done, this yacht, it has turned into a nightmare,” you shout into the phone begging me.
“Didn’t you see the yacht’s name when you came aboard or were you too in awe of it?” I ask. You glance at one of the life rings and see the yacht’s name printed on it. You paid no heed to the name when you glanced at it when you first boarded the yacht as you were indeed taken in by its grandeur. As the yacht rolls and threatens to throw you off your feet, your eyes settle on the black letters on the red and white ring. They are unmistakable.

31 thoughts on “Let Me Take You On A Trip

  1. Presque Vu says:

    Hi HG, (You might not want to post this!) I understand.

    I’ve had some thoughts since posting my response to this thread. Can I be honest? I didn’t believe a lot of the grandeur for eg, owning a Yacht, being as elite as you say, possibly a multi-millionaire as you mention certain things throughout the blog. I read a news article recently which made me question it all. That’s when I got really scared. I’ll be honest and say I thought I had been conversing with a possible Psychopathic fraud – I’ve never EVER thought I’d talk to someone from this kind of social circle.

    Are you Giles MacKay? Businessman, entrepreneur, multi-millionaire married (on and off relationship) to a Russian socialite, had an affair with a Norwegian model – has an ex wife called Caroline who is a solicitor (and we all know you hate solicitors). You a former Barrister, now successful businessman. I read a news article about you? where you sued your house designers in Kensington and tore their arseholes out verbally saying your middle name is relentless (sounds like something you would do!) Giles is also blonde, how you would look in my head. He was recently fined for noise disturbance for having 4am dance parties (again I thought hmmm perhaps Da Tude).

    Am I way off?
    I have no interest in exposing you. I’m learning, and every time I see or read something Narcisstic – I relate it to my own life in some shape or form. I see you like him, in my head you are him! If I’m wrong I know you’ll correct me.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are wrong.

      1. Presque Vu says:

        Thank you for pointing out I’m wrong. I’m quietly relieved.

  2. Jane hall says:

    The next bit of the story would be……and then the sun came out again…just as she was about to die of a heart attack. And there he stood, her prince, once more. The waves calm. a miracle!
    Waiters and drinks, music, love and laughter.
    I was on that ship for more than 25 years.

    Only one way off – jump.
    Thanks HG

    1. HG Tudor says:

      True. You are welcome.

  3. kel says:

    HG, this is incredibly good and should be published in a magazine. Literary wouldn’t know what you’re referring to, but psychology magazines should run your stories monthly.

    1. NarcAngel says:

      They might run HG’s stories if we direct their attention to them through contact as readers. I’m sure they are bombarded by authors jockeying for a spot in their publications, but they very much depend on and want to meet the demands of their readers. We can make it so.

      1. MB says:

        I agree NA. They will listen to their readers regarding the content of their publications. Bombardment by the Tudorites is what is necessary to propel the movement.

    2. kel says:

      HG has a large following and a legitimate site that even psychologists know about and trust. It would bring a number of his followers to purchase their magazines, like me. I think a few of you may have connections with doctors through your therapy who might have connections too. I would be glad to write a letter, does anyone have contact info?

      1. Kel says:

        HG, this is exactly what being an empath is – people wanting us to do tasks for them. Not sure why you wouldn’t contact the publishers, but I have it on my list to do. Narcissism is a cause I want to be a part of in raising public awareness, and in your case, I’m unceasingly grateful to you for how you’ve helped me and changed my life.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          It’s far more effective for readers to make the recommendations.

  4. NarcAngel says:

    Great analogy with such vivid description HG. I could feel myself there.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

  5. Kel says:


  6. Empire Rose says:

    Wow, great story HG. So very real for me. Not the yacht so much, but I sure do seem to be stuck on something resembling the Flying Dutchman with Captain Davy Narc Jones. I was shown the lifeboat, but then the lifeboat went poof. My seat was possibly never really there and I’m still on the damned Dutchman.

    I’ve just signed up for your Narc Detector consultation and hope you can help me.

  7. Bee says:

    And it really is that clear sometimes.. Clear as mud.

  8. Peaceful says:

    HG, you have such a way with words.
    – Peaceful

  9. Bubbles🍾 says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,
    Your “trip” reminded me of the movie “Dead Calm” a thriller, with Nicole Kidman, Sam Neill and Billy Zane …
    Mr Bubbles and I had a boat ..so I always take notice of names …haha

    There’s an investigation into an Aussie model (Sinead McNamara) death on a billionaires superyacht in Greece recently (Mexican mining magnate Alberto Bailleres, he’s worth billions …. very mysterious ….
    I bet he painted “narcissist” underneath the yacht so she couldn’t see it… just saying

    I was absolutely “immersed” in your beautifully written story
    Thank you Mr Tudor
    Luv Bubbles xx 😘

    Ps… just read an article about a mother and daughter in Ohio we’re murdered by her 27 yo stalking neighbour (kept leaving her notes) … he couldn’t take no for an answer and the fact she had a boyfriend …. so he kills them (she has another child who wasn’t home at the time, a 4yo … now motherless)

    Whilst I’m here ….I also read there’s dissention brewing with Harry n William n Kate
    ..and guess who it’s about …. ta darrrr …Meghan
    Harry is upset William didn’t roll out the red carpet for manipulative Meggsy and the fact that Katey and her have nothing in common ….. so Harry n MM are moving out on their own (using the bubs as their excuse) …
    Whhhhhell …..that didn’t take long !! 😱

  10. Alessa says:

    Wow! This is so well written. A great metaphor, and yes, this is narcissism.

  11. Sweetest Perfection says:

    Around the world and back? Future faking.

  12. Pale Horse says:

    HG, I just posted the narcsite link on the shrink for men Facebook page. I’m expecting to catch hell but oh well…

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

    2. Peaceful says:

      ❤️ Tara!!!

  13. Original Overthinker says:

    That looks like Roman Abramovich “small” boat!

    I saw it in Venice’s Lagoon he was buying Art, I was buying Gelato (Strawberry was probably in the mix, was my actual favourite until your famous post!)

    How did Roman make that amount of money,
    I assume a Mercenary and a Narc?

  14. Rachel says:

    There’s a tv show about scammers here, it’s always been one of my favorites. But since I learned about narcissism, I’ve been looking at it in a different way.
    I used to watch and think how on earth it’s possible that, for example, a very smart woman (a neuroseurgeon) would fall for the obvious lies of a man who claimed to be wealthy and succesful. She thought she found the love of her life, it was like a fairy tale. So, when he needed money (always with some lame excuse) she gave it to him. He would pay her back, of course, after the next business deal or after receiving an inheritance. In the end he owed her at least 300.000 euro. When she finally started to do some research, she found out he had 2 other girlfriends (who he was spending her money with), his business didn’t exist, and everything was a lie. She felt so embarrassed (especially because she’s a very intelligent person), but wanted to share her story on tv because she wanted to warn everyone. I felt so sorry for her when she said she still missed him, because she thought she was going to spend her life with this non existing person. He promised they would buy a house together, get married. Future faking galore.
    When they followed him with cameras, and confronted him with everything, he simply denied everything and showed no sign of remorse. No empathy. And that’s what I see in that show everytime again; they just don’t care at all. Not if they’re confronted with evidence, cameras, police. Just that reptilian stare. That is so frustrating, it’s a nightmare.
    There’s so many of these stories about scammers, but now I do think that many of these man and women are narcissists. It takes a total lack of empathy to be able to destroy someone’s life like that.
    This article describes the nightmare very well. Dark, cold and empty.

  15. Presque Vu says:

    Descriptive, explicit and picturesque. She is obviously in devaluation, maybe the first devaluation. I feel her confusion, her terror, her loss because I felt those too.

    Shooting her when she is down, still making yourself available at a distance, watching her demise with pleasure.

    I always thought it’s not his fault, he’s not aware of what he’s doing or how it hurts me, it’s not intentional – surely it can’t be?

    Turning the blame on her, how did she not notice the name narcissist? (this is a good example of our understanding now – so if we get into another situation with a narc, it’s our own fault for ignoring the red flags)

    You have an approach to your writing whereby we slide into the victims role and see ourselves. It’s still hard to read but read we must if we want to flourish. Thanks for all you do.

  16. Lou says:

    This one made me laugh because I was kind of targeted by a mid-ranger (I suspect) not long ago. He has a boat, not a yacht. Ha! It was kind of entertaining, actually, the way he did it. Almost cute. LOL

  17. Theresa says:

    Such incredible writing! Wow..that hit home!
    Thanks HG!!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you and you are welcome.

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