Poll : Who Is Next For The ‘Very Treatment’ ?



My kind – we are everywhere, but who is a narcissist and who is not? When it comes to ascertaining this with regard to your personal life, a Narc Detector Consultation with me is the go to method for getting an answer, but what about the rich, famous and powerful in the world? Which of the politicians, athletes, pop stars, film stars, titans of industry and celebrities belong to Narc Club?

My ‘A Very’ series always provokes debate, interest and of course requests for other individuals to be put under the Tudorscope for analysis.

Well, as Christmas is coming and I, of course, as your ever bountiful and generous host, am in the mood for some more giving, I am letting you good readers choose who next gets the ‘Very Treatment’ to establish are they or aren’t they?

Below are 25 well-known people (and if they are not well-known to you google is your friend) . You may choose 5 of the 25 you would like to see put under the Tudorscope and by midday UK time on 14th December, the 5 top placed individuals will be the subject of a future ‘A Very’ article.

Get voting and do elaborate on why you selected certain people for analysis in the comments.

Thank you for participating.

Who will be next for the 'Very Treatment'?

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182 thoughts on “Poll : Who Is Next For The ‘Very Treatment’ ?”

  1. Another one I’d like to see in your series is John Lennon.
    And for all of you that are surprised about mother Theresa, google it. There are some great analysis’ on her that point out the red flags.
    And those that believe Oprah is an empath – it’s just a testimony to how strong her facade is. She is definitely a narc.

  2. Good morning HG, I’m loving the slow reveal. Very seductive! Please don’t stop with the hand and legs.

    Obvious choice #1 Santa because I know it will be a good read with your creative skills. I want to see what will be said about the jolly man.

    I also picked Obama. I would think all world leaders would have to have high narc traits. Obama seems like a very sincere man which makes me believe if he is, he is in the greater category.

    Taylor Swift only because I like her style

    Kanye, he may be too easy for you. It will still be fun to bash him in the comments. He can’t be forgiven for what he did to Taylor.

    Oprah just because I know of her and I’m interested on your take

  3. I voted for:
    Elizabeth II
    Mother Theresa

    I chose Santa because I always thought of him as an alcoholic overeater with no sense of fashion whatsoever. But who would not become all that living in the North Pole 364 days a year?
    Did not suspect NPD there. But I definitely see some red flags now:
    1) He is a saint
    2) fake laugh
    3) future fakes children and brings crappy gifts or no gifts at all ( especially to poor children)
    4) steals the spotlight from Jesus every year
    5) Works with capitalist narcs and makes a lot of money himself selling his image

    Look forward to the articles.

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