Poll : Who Is Next For The ‘Very Treatment’ ?



My kind – we are everywhere, but who is a narcissist and who is not? When it comes to ascertaining this with regard to your personal life, a Narc Detector Consultation with me is the go to method for getting an answer, but what about the rich, famous and powerful in the world? Which of the politicians, athletes, pop stars, film stars, titans of industry and celebrities belong to Narc Club?

My ‘A Very’ series always provokes debate, interest and of course requests for other individuals to be put under the Tudorscope for analysis.

Well, as Christmas is coming and I, of course, as your ever bountiful and generous host, am in the mood for some more giving, I am letting you good readers choose who next gets the ‘Very Treatment’ to establish are they or aren’t they?

Below are 25 well-known people (and if they are not well-known to you google is your friend) . You may choose 5 of the 25 you would like to see put under the Tudorscope and by midday UK time on 14th December, the 5 top placed individuals will be the subject of a future ‘A Very’ article.

Get voting and do elaborate on why you selected certain people for analysis in the comments.

Thank you for participating.

Who will be next for the 'Very Treatment'?

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416 thoughts on “Poll : Who Is Next For The ‘Very Treatment’ ?

  1. mommypino says:

    I voted for Oprah, Obama, Mother Theresa, Queen Elizabeth II, and Taylor Swift.

    Oprah because she is highly empathic and highly narcissistic at the same time. If I were to guess, she would be a Magnet Super Empath but I would like to see what HG thinks.

    President Obama, because I think that he is a narcissist. I would admit that I’m a registered Independent leaning Republican but my opinion is not based on political differences. He was actually the first US President that I voted for so I’m not really staunch on the Republican side. I just saw his dismissive attitude towards the other side or people that he didn’t agree with.

    Mother Theresa, because I idolize her. I would like to know what HG thinks about her. Her words have been my inspiration with how I treat people, to be generous with my smile to everyone and to try to be kind. Although ofcourse I’m not perfect. I have that she said sometimes she didn’t believe in God which I find weird because I’m not even a saint and I always believe in God. So I would like to learn more about her.

    Queen Elizabeth II, I don’t know a lot about her. I think that she’s adorable. I’m curious to know what she is.

    Taylor Swift, I think that she is a narcissist because of her short relationships. But I actually like her personality whenever I see her on TV. She seems really sweet to her fans and friends and really bubbly. Is she a narc or a super empath?

    1. Anm says:

      Taylor Swift is definitely a narcissist. It is a dead give away. What would make it an interesting article, is she displays the typical characteristics you find with female narcissist (the sorority cliques of female friends, ostracizing a friend when there is “bad blood”; over dramatization and emphasis on love life; predatory behavior; exploiting people with kiss and tell after the relationships are over; etc)

      1. mommypino says:

        I would agree with you. Her song Blank Space which she wrote is like a theme song for narcs, “‘Cause darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.” If she’s a narc, she is most definitely a Greater and is aware of who she is.

        I wasn’t aware that she ostracized anyone.

        I have heard her charitable activities so I thought that there’s a chance that i would be surprised that she might actually be an empath. She also seems really sweet but that can be the great charming abilities of a narc that she has.

      2. Chihuahuamum says:

        Taylor swift is definitely a conniving greater! She doesnt even have the look of sweet! She looks devious. I remember reading how she flirted with tim mcgraw and it was causing marriage issues between him and his wife singer faith hill.
        She looks like a biotch and the lyrics to her songs reveal her knowledge of narcissism and the fact she uses it to her advantage. Shes no innocent.

  2. Twilight says:

    I was looking for Marshall Applewhite leader of Heaven Gate cult. That kool aid was spiked. I am pretty sure he was one of your brethren HG. I am going to have nightmares now…..

  3. WiserNow says:

    Reading all the comments and thinking about other famous people who would be interesting to learn about, but who are not on the list, I can think of a few, including:
    – Angelina Jolie
    – Mick Jagger
    – Michael Hutchence

    Looking forward to your analytical articles, whoever they’re about HG. Bring on “The Very Treatment”!

    1. Caroline R says:

      Good idea, Angelina and Brad.

      1. WiserNow says:

        Caroline R,

        Their marriage and the adoption of their children is quite fascinating, to me anyway. I would like to read HG’s analysis of both of them.

        Angelina is another famous person who had an unusual, and quite sad upbringing. I remember reading an article about her years ago, before she was married to Brad. I can’t recall all the details, but I believe she was an only child and her mother was either mentally unwell or was very self-absorbed with unsuccessful acting ambitions. Growing up, Angelina craved more affection and closeness from her mother. Plus, she was not close with her famous father, did not live with him and had a troubled relationship with him.

        Angelina shows signs of being empathic but also signs of being narcissistic too. She would be an interesting subject for “The Very Treatment”.

      2. Caroline R says:

        And Jennifer Aniston please HG

    2. Julie Petkovska says:

      i believe there are only 2 that have NPD Traits and psychopathy. Rolf Harris and that jim Jones. Why you ask, as they are the only 2 that have malignancy. Everyone else is either highly narcissistic with empathy or a normal balanced individual.
      With regards to Australians, we have an ethos and that is the tall poppy syndrome! Sorry HG

      Of the Australian definition, (Australian) citizens know that some among them will have more power and money than others… But according to the unspoken national ethos, no Australian is permitted to assume that he or she is better than any other Australian. How is this enforced? By the prompt corrective of levelling derision. It has a name—The “Tall Poppy Syndrome”. The tallest flowers in the field will be cut down to the same size as all the others. This is sometimes misunderstood… It isn’t success that offends Australians. It’s the affront committed by anyone who starts to put on superior airs.”

      Being a narcissist in this country, can be brutal, they get wounded and move to America or UK lol. Sorry not sorry..
      Take steve irwin, not many Australians liked him due to his “americanisation” and sometimes blatant disregard for the animals, he was told to do this and was told this makes great television and he genuinely thought that he could get to educate more people on animals, his heart was in the right place but…. we Australians dont find this entertainment, we found it arrogant, fake and cringe worthy.

      Malcolm Turnbull, if he was narcissistic, I would deem him somewhat intelligent, and he is not. You watch what the Australian voters will do to Scott Morrison : )
      Julian Assange isn’t a fugitive of Australia, we dont really think too much about him, he leaked some documents blah blah blah and everyone else seems more fired up about it than we are, again tall poppy in play.

      Nick cave to me doesnt exhibit highly narcissistic traits. His son committed suicide and was devastated and still is, every interview he does he sounds like he is in a bad place.

      Santa is a fictional character however he is not malicious nor manipulative, he doesnt control nor hurt anyone, last I heard the elves can come and go as they please, plus he helped Rudolph, you know the bullied reindeer and put him up the front…. you can choose to believe or not, nothing bad happens to you either way…lol. unless you believe in krampus now there is a narcissistic sociopath serial killer.

      1. BurntKrispyKeen says:

        Hello Julie … no need to apologize/not apologize. We’ll take your transplants as most of us find the accent rather enjoyable. ☺ (And you’re not wrong in your accusation that they’ll fit right in with the upper side of the world. This narcissism issue is rampant, or at least it “feels” ubiquitous.)

        I enjoyed reading your thoughts on some of the “A Very” candidates. You educated me with some new information, though I already embraced your view on equality. I might inappropriately joke a bit much, but it’s a concept which I hold close to my heart. We are all more alike than different. We’re all equal in the sense that no one life is more valuable than the other.

        Please know that not all Americans are as arrogant as we appear, at least not constantly. 😞 And I understood what you meant regarding the difference between success and arrogance. They certainly do not have to go hand-in-hand.

        But still encourage your unwanted pompous citizens to try and make a go of it over here. They probably won’t feel like the tallest poppy once they get mixed in with a few weeds. 🌱 My wish is that one fine day, we will finally find a way for them to shine without smothering out those of us with shorter stems.

        I believe that narcissism doesn’t have to be as challenging or off-putting as those afflicted allow it to be. With effort, I choose to believe that it can improve. It might take secret government sterilization of every man and woman who exhibit narcissistic traits, but then we’d struggle to know where to draw the line? Since this world needs babies to survive, perhaps there’s another way. ❔

        Most of us want the same, even those of us from countries viewed as power-hungry and evil.

        It was nice to learn of your country’s spirit, Julie. No doubt it matches the beauty of your land… lively and authentic. I certainly hope to visit someday. 🌺
        Best wishes to you. Sincerely.

      2. WiserNow says:

        Julie Petkovska,

        It’s interesting that you say that only two people in the list have malignancy. I’m not sure I would be that generous towards all the other people in the list.

        As HG has pointed out many times, narcissists are skilled at mirroring and can pretend to have empathic traits and can understand cognitive empathy. Just because they do not display obvious malignancy that’s clear for all to see, doesn’t mean they aren’t malignant or damaging to others. They are masters at creating a facade or a false reputation, so there’s often a lot more to them than meets the eye.

        About Australia, I would think that it has its fair share of narcissists, just like any other country would have. Anyone in any country who displays their narcissistic traits in a blatant or openly abusive way would be generally disliked or treated in a wary way. I believe this would be the case anywhere, not just Australia. It’s the narcissists who operate in a more covert way that fly under the radar and that don’t wear their narcissism on their sleeve that get away with it. Just because they’re not obvious doesn’t mean they don’t exist and aren’t malignant.

      3. WhoCares says:

        Julie Petkovska – thank-you for explaining the Tall Poppy Syndrome…

        “The tallest flowers in the field will be cut down to the same size as all the others. This is sometimes misunderstood… It isn’t success that offends Australians. It’s the affront committed by anyone who starts to put on superior airs.”

        This is fascinating; I learned something new about Australian culture…

        But as for the figure of Krampus in Germanic culture and folklore – while scary I don’t think he ever killed anyone…

  4. Gina says:

    HG – Have you heard about Dirty John? It’s a podcast that has recently been made into a tv show. John is definitely a narc at least but I am wondering about Debra. Do you think she is a narcissist?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I don’t know it Gina.

    2. E&L says:

      Gina, I think she is a victim of her own convenient stupidity!!! The Bravo series is fun and campy and UNBELIEVABLE!!! Yes, John is a dead narc.

      1. K says:

        From our POV, Debra appears stupid, however, if Debra is a narcissist then her behaviour makes complete sense. My IRL female narcissists behaved like Debra.

        We remain in situ, confused by her convoluted thought process (which we inaccurately label as stupidity) while she gets a steady stream of fuel (from multiple sources) through our frustration because we try to figure her out or get her to “see” the light.

        I feel like the stupid person while it is Debra who is the smart one.

        1. MB says:

          But K, isn’t being in situ, going back, forgiving, enabling, trying to fix, etc all part of the dynamic of being ensnared by a narcissist. People from the outside always think the victim is stupid and can’t see what they are dealing with. You have some good points, but I’m going with co-dependent in Debra.

          1. K says:

            No, anyone in the narcissist’s fuel matrix can be in situ, including tertiary sources, even if it is only for five or ten minutes (quickie fuel hit). You don’t necessarily have to go back and forth, fix or forgive. You just need to stay in place and be manipulated long enough to give fuel.

            No one knows what the victim is dealing with, including the victim, except for us and we have to puzzle it out. I am not an expert on CoD’s but I still think she may be a mid-ranger.

          2. K says:

            Also, keep in mind that the narcissist can keep you in situ through seduction: flattery, gifts, money, LoveSex, or season tickets to Fenway Park.

            If HG sat in the train seat across from you and feigned interest in the book you were reading, you may respond with a smile, enthusiasm or admiration for his good taste (feigned) or with a flirty gesture.

            The narcissist is exploiting your need for attention so he can fulfill his need for fuel.

          3. K says:

            I think I misunderstood your comment. The dynamic is the same for
            N v N as N v E, so if Debra is a narcissist then she is using manipulation to control her appliances but people mistakenly see it as “love” or enabling, forgiveness and fixing. It isn’t; it is manipulation being used to to control and keep her sources in place.

            My Matrinarc and Patrinarc enabled my narc sister’s drug and alcohol addiction and allowed her to live rent and utility free (residual benefit for my sister) for twenty years, not out of love or forgiveness, out of control, they needed her fuel.

    3. K says:

      I suspect Debra of being a mid-range narcissist and her daughter, Terra, too. I listened to the podcast.

  5. WiserNow says:

    What a great poll! All of the people on the list would be interesting to read and learn about.

    I chose:
    – Obama – because he appears very smooth, articulate, considerate of others, and “perfect”, but I always thought that he was a little too smooth. Also, I suspect Michelle is the real powerhouse behind a lot of his seeming perfection.

    – Mother Teresa – it would be fascinating to read about her. Someone who is known worldwide as charitable and saintly, but probably has a few skeletons in the closet.

    – Julian Assange – again, someone who appears selfless and motivated by the greater good would be interesting to read about. I think there are some “activists” who crave attention and get some kind of adrenalin kick from being rebellious. I’m not saying that Assange is necessarily like that, but it would be interesting to read HG’s analysis.

    Kim Kardashian – she’s not necessarily that interesting to me personally, but I’d like HG to do an analysis on someone very famous and currently popular who has a large following of younger fans, just so the topic and knowledge of narcissism is spread as far and wide as possible.

    Santa – as NarcAngel said, ’tis the season, and it’s always good to read HG being entertaining 😁

    1. Caroline R says:

      Julian’s early life was spent in a cult and escaping from it with his mum. He’s sure to have some ‘issues’ from that. It’s a particularly twisted N-parenting.

      1. WiserNow says:

        Caroline R,

        Yes, Julian Assange had a sad and quite tragic childhood. I remember watching a film about his early life called ‘Underground’ which was very interesting in terms of how it shaped his personality and his computer skills. When I watched it a few years ago, I thought that it was a sad and difficult upbringing, however, I didn’t know about narcissism and how that could have been involved, but now I can see it more clearly.

        He never knew his real father. His mother ran away from home at age 17 and became pregnant with him and he grew up with a number of different step-fathers. His family had some kind of connection with a sinister secret cult called ‘The Family’ which was founded by a deranged woman called Anne Hamilton-Byrne. Anne “collected” children by befriending and coercing parents who would then be persuaded to allow her to adopt their children through sham adoptions etc. She then dyed all the children’s hair white blonde so that they resembled her and had them dress identically.

        I’m not entirely sure if Julian was a child in the cult, or if his parents had some kind of connection with it. Anyway, he grew up isolated without much social interaction with other kids. He was very intelligent, curious and defiant as a boy and his mother also fostered independence in him and nurtured a tendency to question and challenge authority. When he first received a computer, he became very skilled at using it and considered it to be like a friend.

        His story is very interesting. I would really like to read HG’s analysis about him.

      2. Caroline R says:

        That’s very interesting. Thanks for filling in the details. I’m anticipating HG’s treatise too.

  6. Bubbles🍾 says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,
    Santa definitety ……has an enormous following and everyone knows him and wants to sit on his lap and tell him their secret wants and wishes…. ends up promising us gifts forever if we’re good
    Ankle biters cry when the see the big grey bearded man in the red suit

    Julian …. weren’t we led to believe he’s a good guy
    Elvis……. I’ve always liked him and his music
    Sophia …I can relate to her maternal instincts and luv Italian food …. I copied her eye make growing up … haha
    Pablo …..his art is definitely not my cuppa tea ….. nor him

    I’m surprised “Jesus” is not on this list …. being Christmas

    This is a fabulous learning tool Mr Tudor… many thanks

    Luv Bubbles xx 😘

  7. Nina says:

    Tyler Perry should be on this list. He’s never been married despite being middle aged and rich and famous. Every movie he does has his name ten times with him playing multiple characters and he is always doing grand “good deeds”.

    1. Lou says:

      I thought of Jesus too, Bubbles, but I think it would be too polemical.

      1. Bubbles🍾 says:

        Dear Lou,
        Yes, I thought the same … delicate isn’t it?
        Luv Bubbles xx 😘

  8. Harry Potter says:

    Hg do you think JK Rowling is a narcissist?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Nilus narcis,Harry

  9. AJ says:

    Wow. Great list! I find it interesting that Mother Teresa is on the list. Do you think Joel Osteen is a narcisisst? I would love to see you write about him or the pope or some other religious narcisisst.

  10. Sadgirl says:

    Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth II and Marilyn Manson.

    Barack Obama – because he looks like an empath (this is his public image), a very spciable and likeable person with normal family. But on the other hand he is very successful. I am really curious of your analysis – is there something behing that we didn’t notice?

    Queen Elizabeth II – well she is difficult. I wonder how will she respond to Meghan’s manipulations. As an empath or as an narcissist. Interesting dynamics.

    Marilyn Manson – because I love his music, because I would like to better understand why I like him so much. Am I drawn to narcissist or am I drawn to really emphatetic soul and that’s why I respond well to his music. When I listen to his music I feel he is an empath. He is also really inteligent and I like his sensitivity behind the mask of villian. But maybe he just tricked me into thinking he is a good person? I’d like to know it!

    1. insaneempath says:

      I know I’m not HG but I would like to comment that…yes I believe he has tricked you. Or you are just projecting your own emotions into him and you feel it is him. Possible?!…!?

    2. Anm says:

      Ironically, my first boyfriend ever -who I believe was a narcissist used to call me, and play me the MM version of Sweet Dreams at night. I was a fan untill Twiggy Ramirez (one of the greatest guitarists ever) left the band. I am not sure about MM new music. I can hear Narcissism in MM older music that I was into. I too gravitate towards Narcissist who are intellectual and have more depth and expression.

  11. Chihuahuamum says:

    Santa??? Seriously? Lol now that would make an interesting read 🤣 i chose…elvis (dont think was a narc), alec baldwin( def narc!), oprah (high narc traits but dont think a narc), steve irwin (def not a narc! Crikey mate!), queen elizabeth (def a narc!). On a sidenote queen elizabeth’s grandmother queen mary was most definitely a narc and expected guests to give her their jewellery. She also stole from museums she would visit. They made sure to put valuables under lock and key when she was expected lol

  12. wissh says:

    Love your polls and your Very series.
    I chose
    1-Oprah, because if she’s a narc she hides it quite well, but she’s gotten much more annoying as she’s aged
    2-Obama, because I adore him and would be heartbroken to find out he’s a narc
    3- QEII, because I vacillate between feeling sorry for the life she was forced into, but she does it so well and wasn’t /isn’t attached to her children
    4-Beckham, because his underwear ad is really hot and I wonder if he or his wife is the narc
    5-Santa, because why the heck not?

    Would love to see you do David Bowie in the future. Thanks HG.

  13. lisa says:

    I’m glad that creepy wax hand has gone. Now real life hairy legs, what will be next a foot.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Oi less of the creepy!

      1. JJ says:

        The hairy legs, turn on the thing between the legs.

        A shot into the chest, will change a lip bite into a bleeding.

        But still JJ remembers the evil within the narc. And the turn on becomes a turn off. HAHA.

    2. insaneempath says:

      Was it really a wax hand? I had no idea. ? Hmm…didn’t look creepy to me. Maybe I am creepy who knows…..!

      1. lisa says:

        Hi insaneempath
        Yes it was wax, i think HG had a day out at Madame Tussaud’s , no doubt collecting ideas for his next statue.

    3. insaneempath says:

      I actually didn’t notice the legs looked very hairy either. They look nice in fact. Lisa are we looking at the same pictures or am I going blind? Lol….or am I just that off…? Maybe?!

      1. MB says:

        I can’t see well enough to tell if the legs are hairy or not. I will say that if I see a man that shaves his arms, my somatic narcdar goes off!

    4. Newby 1111 says:

      Perhaps we should add Hugh Grant to this list!! I did a google search of legs and Hmmmmmmmm they look very familiar. Hugh Grant…..H.G.?

  14. Mona says:

    HG, I wonder about Oprah. I do not know much about her, but when I saw a little bit about her, I felt no sympathy. Her interest in people seems to be fake. It is all for the television. (first impression).

  15. Michelle says:

    I’ve been curious about Carole Middleton and Pierre Trudeau for a while. Future possibilities?

    1. Michelle says:

      I actually meant Justin Trudeau. And John Lennon. He once snuffed out his cigarette on a famous artist’s painting. That, among other things, made me wonder about him . . .

  16. Alexissmith2016 says:

    I knew there was someone missed off the list HG.

    James Cordon. Now I’m starting to think perhaps you are one and the same.

    It’s all that projection you do.

    Look one way, point another…

    Plus I’ve never seen you both in the same place at exactly the same time.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      To the dungeon with you!

      1. Caroline R says:

        (Caroline passes vomit bag to HG as James Corden is mentioned.
        It is super XL sized)
        Ha ha!

      2. Alexissmith2016 says:

        Oh god I fucking hope so!

    2. NarcAngel says:

      Hahaha. Gold star comment.

      1. Hahah thank you NA

  17. abrokenwing says:

    I am most interested on your view about Steve Irvin as I was surprised to see his name on the list at first. Maybe it’s because I don’t know enough about him. I’ve seen some of his documentaries, I visited his Australian Zoo and I know he appeared to be fearless, nothing fazed him , he believed in being always in control which suggests some omnipotence and superiority and that people remain divided whether it was his attention seeking or love and passion for life that killed him.

    I saw his son’s appearance at Jimmy Fallon’s show and it was so adorable to see him so wonderfully excited about animals as his dad was.

  18. horseyak says:

    Sounds yummy. can’t wait. I wish you’dthrow In a bonus and do Baldwin as a sixth, what a crazyfucker.

  19. lisa says:

    I’d actually like you to do all of them HG and then do 25 new ones per week 😀
    The Queens an interesting one , there’s an natural emotionless detachment about her personality that has allowed her to never really put a foot wrong as such in her weird job that would be impossible to endure for most people, there’s also her ability to lack empathy when putting monarchy and duty before feelings of others. I’m not sure about her though I actually always thought Phillip was the Narc not her , difficult one

  20. lisa says:

    Strangely just this week I watched a documentary about Rolf Harris who is currently in prison , he is absolutely 100 percent a narcissist. I also watched the Louis Theroux documentary again that he did on Savile which was in 2000 and he has now updated it, relooking at the interview he did. I just always thought he was a complete weirdo that looked creepy like a weirdo but of course with all his charity work i just thought he was a bit eccentric and odd. NOW omg complete Narcissist maybe even a psychopath , in this documentary Savile actually boasted frequently about the fact he had absolutely no emotions he also had the creepy Norman Bates mother relationship , if you want to see a pair of dead eyes have a look at him , his eyes are so obvious. I think there’s barely a week goes by I don’t ask HG is he or she a Narc ha ha …
    Elvis is definitely one even though i’m a big Elvis fan , he ticks every box , i’ve read endless books about him and Pricilla’s is the most revealing , his sexual activities were that of a narcissist . He slept in a freezing bedroom HG 😜 and a weird mother relationship, strangely like Savile wanted to hold on to his mothers dead body for days on end . Anyway back to the list i’ve chosen the ones that i don’t know if they are or not as that’s more interesting as i think we know Madonna is etc . By the way I know Saviles not on the list , it’s amazing though HG how people still refuse to believe about him like his PA of 30 years and various others when talking to Louis simply think because they never saw the sexual abuse it could not have happened.
    Such a shame he died before being exposed. I hope Beckham isn’t , i just always thought what a nice guy , now i’m thinking about all the attention drawing to himself Yikes !! Sophia Loren there’s an interesting one, wonder why she’s on the list , was she a crush of yours HG ?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No she wasn’t, but she was very beautiful.

      1. Lou says:

        I crossed Sophia Loren some years ago in a hospital. She was in a dressing gown and it was obvious she was not well. I was in a hurry (was late for my appointment) so I just saw her face quickly and thought “I know this face”. When I arrived at the reception I was very excited and told the receptionist “That was Sophia Loren!” She did not say anything and just looked at me like saying “So?” What a spoilsport.

        Even in her dressing gown and unwell, and at her age, she was still attractive.

      2. Nika says:

        Yes, very beautiful.

  21. Empress1 says:

    Why did you take Meghan Markle off the list? Gosh, she is now going around holding her tummy (yes load of women do that) however with her, it is just so narcy!!!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      She was not on the list to begin with because I have already written about her.

  22. SMH says:

    I picked Jim Jones because I am wondering if Trump cultists are going to kill themselves; Oprah because there is something about her that I do not like; QEII because it might give some insight into the Royals and the British obsession with them, also interested in how MM and QEII interact (tiaras); Batman because no one else picked him (I know he won’t rise to the top); and Mother Teresa because she was so “good” she was creepy.

  23. flutterbymorpho says:

    Ooh thanks. I chose Madonna, Beckham, mother Teresa..as they have a good face to the world and do many charitable things..Beckham did have an affair though and likes his looks a lot, acted up on the pitch like a child once kicking someone. Madonna good at adopting and seeming to do good in world, but is used to adoration and no stable relationships..mother teresa must have got something out of it and heard little bits of gossip about her being a nasty thing at times. Tony Blair and Marilyn Manson I chose too.. Tony the charmer ,liar and schemer and Manson in case he’s not.. as that would be interesting. Cant wait 🙂 exciting!

    1. flutterbymorpho says:

      Oops I made a boo boo.. I’ve got Marilyn Manson mixed up with Charles Manson! I don’t know actually who maryln is.. the name Manson just conjured up an image in mind..

  24. Chihuahuamum says:

    I have soooo many id love written about! Ill be back to cast my five but lizzie borden i hope one day youll write about HG. Ive researched a lot about her case and where shes from etc

    1. Ugotit says:

      Me too she’s one of my i

  25. nunya biz says:

    I picked Obama, Steve Irwin and Queen Elizabeth. The reason I did is because I don’t know about them (if they are or aren’t) and I’d like to know and I can learn more that way.

  26. Caroline R says:

    How about adding Kylie Minogue to your list? Thank you for the little surprise addition of Malcolm Turnbull.
    Have you been round to my Dad’s by the beach to discuss politics over a barbeque?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Yes we threw another prawn on the barbie

      1. Caroline R says:

        I’m sure he kept offering you more food than you could ever hope to fit in. That’s the Scottish side, we over cater. It’s how we show love.
        He knows you’re the only N in my life now.
        Ha ha!

      2. Nika says:


  27. 2SF says:

    I’m happy with all your “Very Treatments”. I can not tell who is a narc and who isn’t because of the fact that so many ‘normals’ and empaths can be really unpleasant and have many narcissistic traits and so many narcs are friendly and show (fake) empathy. I feel anyone could fool me, unless perhaps I could spend more time with them privately.

  28. NarcAngel says:

    I appreciate the varied selection and would enjoy your analysis of any and all, but I chose:
    Mother Theresa
    Steve Irwin
    Sophia Loren
    Merely because I know of them but not much about them.

    Santa Claus is hands down number one though because it is sure to be a wildly entertaining and humourous assessment and ‘tis the season.

  29. lizk says:

    My five picks: Oprah, Obama, Mother Theresa, Elvis, Steve Irwin

    1. Oprah because she is a pure and utter narcissist. I stopped watching her show in the mid-90s because I could no longer tolerate her incessant interrupting of her guests and throwing in her “I this. I that. I, I, I.” I stopped counting all of her I’s, as well of her use of “empowerment.” Ugh, she empowers herself by parasitizing other people’s problems.

    2. Obama, because he, too, is a pure and utter narcissist. The man is a complete empty shell who is a master of mimicry. He certainly knows how to play empaths, hence all the votes and adulation received then and now.

    3. Mother Theresa must be a narcissist, but I’m not sure why. I look forward to finding out.

    4. Elvis because he was not necessarily a narcissist. He was more like a lost soul taken in by a narcissist (Colonel Tom Parker) and ground up by fame.

    5.Steve Irwin seemed like a nice guy, but maybe too much of one. His desperate need for attention killed him in the end.

    1. Chihuahuamum says:

      I do remember one episide of oprahs were she said she had a habit of picking up other accents and mannerisms. This is a narc red flag for sure.

  30. LL says:

    Dr Phil is another one I’d love to see. I believe he is a Greater.

    1. MB says:

      Me too. I think he’s Narc, but not Greater.

      1. LL says:

        I think he’s actually a psychopath. I’ve been watching his show religiously since it first started. But I only connected the dots on him about a year ago. I’ve been watching him closely ever since. He is calculating and very aware of what he is. I also think that’s why he never uses his platform to shine a light on NPD.

      2. WhoCares says:

        LL and MB,

        I think Dr. Phil is a narc as well; there is a weird dynamic with his wife who must join him in exiting his show…like she is the ‘supportive wife’ but it does not feel genuine…it really looks it is all facade and she is ‘trained’ very well…Nevermind that I don’t like the sound of his voice – but there has always been something off about him. I doubt he is a Greater though – he lacks charm.

        1. MB says:

          WC, yes he does lack charm. There is a cold arrogance about him and he does not take a challenge to his authority very well.

          Having said that, he IS very effective at recognizing and mitigating emotional thinking. (Like our Fearless Leader) That makes him good at what he does. He tells his guests what they need to do logically to get through whatever it is they are dealing with.

          I don’t know if everybody knows this or not, but his claim to fame was due to his consultancy with Oprah Winfrey during her court proceedings with the beef farmers. She was an emotional mess and he helped her through it. She was the one that made him a household name. Although I would love to see HG appear on Dr Phil, it will never happen. That is his house and there is room for only one authority. I agree as to Robin. Stepford Devaluation. Facade management. Maybe I should read her book. Although I’m sure he had to approve every word of it.

          1. lisa says:

            Oh My God not Dr Phil as well ???
            It might be easier for HG to just list the non narcs

          2. WhoCares says:

            Good analysis MB! I can’t stand him so I don’t watch his show – I’m aware of his success being an ‘Oprah spin-off’ I just don’t pay enough attention to daytime TV to know more about Robin his wife (so glad I don’t have cable anymore; can’t stomach most daytime TV anyway) but in the beginning of his success I’d randomly watch the odd show and always got a weird vibe from him…especially watching him with his wife. I know vibes are not enough but some of the points you made are indicative…

            Can’t wait to read HG’s analysis of Oprah – if she gets the ‘Very’ treatment. I did enjoy her show back in days of her early career; not so much later on…

    2. insaneempath says:

      I don’t know…I just like that look on Dr. Phil’s face and the sound of his voice and how he manages to make all of his statements with both that look on his face and his voice. Lol 🤔

    3. Anm says:

      I agree dr phil is a narcissist. He isn’t even subtle about his narcissism. Even though he isn’t “religious” for profession, I believe he falls into the Holy/Cult Narcissist category. He displays his superiority, and is a product of the almighty Oprah Winfrey.

    4. Chihuahuamum says:

      Ive wondered why people think dr phil is a narcissist? Hes helped many people. I dont watch his show but have in the past and hes actually dealt with a lot of narc guests.. why would he be a narc?

      1. WhoCares says:


        “Ive wondered why people think dr phil is a narcissist? Hes helped many people.”

        Angel with a dirty face?

      2. Chihuahuamum says:

        Hi whocares…possibly. i guess ive not watch dr phil enough to properly comment but the few times i had he gave good advice. Many on television have high narc traits or are narcissists so its possible. Also ive come across narcissistic psychologists which dr phil is a psychologist.

      3. Christopher Jackson says:

        I was thinking the same thing reading the comments I’m like how is he a narc?

  31. shesaw says:

    I voted for Assange because of his victim facade and for mother Theresa because my mother wanted me to be like her (lol). The others I picked were Oprah and Obama, because so many people seem to like/love them, and Beckham – well, I don’t know that much of him, but I always have the impression that Posh is the boss (again – not based on any factual knowledge) so that intrigues me somewhat…

  32. K says:

    1. Oprah: A Very Famous Empath
    2. Queen Elizabeth II: A Very Royal Empath
    3. Pablo Picasso: A Very I-have-no-clue what he is?
    4. Alec Baldwin: A Very New York Narcissist
    5. Santa Claus: A Very North Pole Narc? or Empath? IDK

    1. MB says:

      C’mon K! Santa Claus is 100% narcissist. He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. Omnipotent much?!? Who else would be grandiose enough to believe that not only can he command reindeer to fly, but can visit every single house in the world in one night? Not to mention the fact that he’s delusional enough to believe he can fit that fat belly down ANY chimney, much less ALL of them. And don’t even get me started on the fact that he is so controlling that he is the ultimate authority on who is naughty and who is nice! The Tudorscope shall reveal the truth.

      1. Caroline R says:

        Ha ha!

      2. EC says:

        Santa is an anagram for satan. No joke. Ain’t that something? Smh.

      3. K says:

        C’mon, MB!
        Give Jolly Old Saint Nick a chance. He could be a Super Empath, plus, I can’t imagine him scoping out the porn sites or talking dirty down the phone, can you?

        1. MB says:

          K, I’m already on the naughty list, so if Santa needs a little positive fuel to power through the season, he’s welcome to give me a call. I’m happy to oblige. I’m on the shelf anyway, so…feeling a little deprived. Besides, I’m fairly certain Mrs. Claus is in devaluation and providing plenty of negative fuel. I’m happy to provide her sweet little heart a respite from the abuse.

        2. Renarde says:

          You’ve and I have obviously not been watching the same porn! 🙂 x

          1. K says:

            Ha ha ha…is there Santa Claus porn? I am not into porn, however, I have heard of dragon porn.

      4. Caroline R says:

        Santa sitting in his undies in front of the computer!
        Ha ha!

      5. abrokenwing says:

        Yeah…. and his loud attention seeking HoHoHo!

      6. 2SF says:

        Haha, very good MB. Tudor can skipp Santa, it’s too obvious 😉

      7. WhoCares says:

        That was pretty funny MB!

      8. WiserNow says:

        MB, that’s hilarious! What a brilliant analysis of ol’ Saint Nick! So funny! 😂

        Now that you put it that way, he’s definitely an angel with a dirty face Narc, for sure! Giving out presents to every child in the whole world… that sounds like mega-triangulation with parents, as well as major grandiosity. In fact, I think he is of the Greater school of narcissist because he has the whole world eating out of his hand, giving him unquestioned, long-standing attention and admiration. Not to mention the minions doing all the grunt-work in the North Pole!🎅😁

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Blimey, one year you lot don’t get a Barbie doll and you tear Santa a new one! savage!

          1. WiserNow says:

            Haha 🙂 Poor Santa!

          2. Renarde says:

            Now hang on. Is it not disturbing we’re all told is fine for some creepy, older and presumably alcoholic old man to go into our bedrooms and put his presents in our sack? It’s like Carry On in ‘ere.

            What Kenny Williams would have to say about that is quite un-publishable.

            P.S please do Williams.

            P.P.S please also observe my cunning manipulation/s there

          3. MB says:

            Me and Barbie dolls (any dolls) are like you and flip flops HG. No. Dolls. Ever.

            MB fun fact: as a little girl, my babies were stuffed animal monkeys. I put pampers on them, wrapped them in blankets and they were my baby dolls. I was a chimpanzee girl though, not like NA with gorillas. So I do get her. She IS my sister from another mister!

          4. Nika says:

            I, too, played with Chimpanzees, but also dolls. I had a black chimpanzee named, Judy, that I pushed in a doll stroller and took on picnics in my backyard.

            I had a yellow chimpanzee that I especially adored and took her to school with me everyday in the 3rd grade. My teacher use to put her up front with him in her own chair while he read us storybooks! Everyone loved her. But, my mom ended up taking her away from me, as she did everything I loved.

            I also loved baby dolls.

          5. Nika says:

            But, I never like playing with Barbies.

        2. MB says:

          WC, I know, right? I’ve never thought of home as a Narc. I could’ve gone on and on. I like the additions you made. It is very funny. I can’t wait to see HGs analysis!

          1. WiserNow says:

            Yes MB, it’s so obvious about Santa when you put on your logical thinking cap. He’s a jolly charmer with a huge number of NISSs, that’s why he’s had everyone deceived for so long 😉

            Thank you for starting this very funny thread 🙂 I don’t think I’ll ever look at Santa the same way. Plus, we all need a laugh before venturing into shopping at Christmas-time … what an emotional sea that is! Another toxic evil we can thank Santa for…🎅😩

      9. Newby 1111 says:

        Ah…..but that is why Santa is so jolly. He knows where all the naughty girls live.

      10. BurntKrispyKeen says:

        That was delightful, MB…. and the comments that followed. 😃

        1. MB says:

          Thank you BKK. It’s been a fun thread.

      11. Chihuahuamum says:

        Lol MB too funny!!🤣

      12. K says:

        Caroline R
        Ha ha ha…then he starts playing the willy banjo.

    2. Clarece says:

      My top three selections for HG are as follows:
      1) Madonna – I can’t resist that one. She came on the scene when I was in junior high and then high school. I can associate every year of those school years to her music, even through college. I’m interested to see if HG ties in her mother’s death when Madonna was 5, as a catalyst for a possible false facade to emerge as a way of coping with such a monumental loss. I’m also curious about her relationship with Sean Penn who she always said was the true love of her life. With his temperament, was that a relationship of two narcs colliding? Post Guy Ritchie and motherhood, she became so eccentric, she dropped off my radar more. I did see her in concert for the MDNA tour. She did not come on stage until almost 10:30 p.m. We had to wait excessively long.
      2) Mother Theresa – With my Catholic upbringing, we were constantly shown the “example” set by her as how to be so selfless. I’m curious though with her actual living conditions for all of her mission work, how that ties in. There is the conflict in my head with what HG may show and how she was ingrained with my Catholic education as being portrayed. Plus that can make for a great icebreaker at Christmas dinner with my family.
      3) My guilty pleasure choice – Taylor Swift – I could cross reference so many of her songs during the 4 years of on and off, push pull games with JN, that I absolutely must hear the analysis by HG behind the music.

      Thank you HG for keeping the series going with interactive participation!!

      1. HG Tudor says:

        You are welcome.

    3. Alexissmith2016 says:

      3. There is a lot of material out there on him. He ticks the boxes to the nth degree. But I’d of course love to know HGs views on him too

    4. Mona says:

      I do not know Oprah, therefore I cannot judge about her. But to call Queen Elisabeth II a very royal empath, that is unbelievable. She is cold as ice. She used all of her family. She loves power and abused her son and Lady Di in the name of British Kingdom. Charles followed her direction for a long time. He was influenced by her, but now he goes his own way. He struggles to find out, who he really is. I am really surprised that you see her as a very royal empath.

      1. K says:

        You may find these comments helpful.

        HG Tudor
        MAY 17, 2018 AT 17:39
        But it is not about the entire monarchy. I commented the other day that Henry VIII was a narcissist. I have stated in the past that Prince Charles is a narcissist. Most kings and queens are (Queen Elizabeth II is not) and it is clear to see why that is.
        So what if she is the first person who is non-white to be included in the royal family? The article has nothing to with that issue.


        HG Tudor
        SEP 22, 2017 AT 16:09
        Oprah is in Team Empath.


        1. MB says:

          K, you should have warned it was a spoiler alert 😞
          Nah, the detailed insight will prove interesting indeed. No matter who is chosen.

          1. K says:

            Ha ha ha…next time I will post an alert.

      2. Caroline R says:

        Thanks hon.
        Re: Oprah
        Yes! I knew it!

        I love playing Guess Who…? the HG Tudor edition.

      3. K says:

        Caroline R
        ha ha ha…I saw your comment and your Spidey sense was correct.

    5. Anm says:

      In my humble opinion, I do not think Oprah is an Empath. I am a fan of hers, but my assessment is that she is a narcissist, not a malignant one, but definitely a narcissist

    6. Mary says:

      Picasso is a definite narc. Prob a psychopath. There is fascinating info about him at this link: https://psychopathyawareness.wordpress.com/category/picasso-as-psychopath/

    7. amanda SNapchat says:

      Picasso is a narc. I was reading about his relationships with women. Traingulations none stop.

    8. mommypino says:

      K, I actually think that Santa is a co-dependent empath. He has poor boundaries trsspassing homes all over the world. And he has a hard time saying no to our wish list. And he’s so generous but he’s all about control, we better be nice or we will get a lump of coal. He also has an addiction to cookies!

    9. Renarde says:

      Oh lovely, why? Why is it so hard to see the wood for the trees? Three wise monkies et al

      No 2 has brought a tear to my eye tonight. Man, how lucky we are.

  33. jenna says:

    Very kind of you to take our opinion on these – one more reason I love narcsite so much!

    Oprah was my first choice because I assumed she is an empath. She does alot of good for pple and I did not sense that she is not genuine. Santa Claus I chose because it is a shocker, and I assume you may throw in a comedic twist so we would probably enjoy that one. I did not choose kardashian or kanye because they are both obviously narcs and I don’t even know why they are on television. Mother Theresa I chose because I thought she was a good lady, genuinely trying to help on a large scale. I chose queen elizabath II because I had my suspicion but it would be informative to read a detailed analysis. I chose taylor swift because I like her music and again, she seemed genuine to me though I have not watched many of her interviews. If I had, perhaps I would come to the conclusion that she is a narc, or maybe not. Thank you for asking us.

    1. jenna says:

      I would have liked to see zayn malik in the list and your analysis of him. He is becoming more and more straight faced through the years. When he was in one direction at least he would smile and laugh, but now, not at all. It seems his narcissism has progressed. I wonder if he is hoovering perrie edwards.

    2. HG Tudor says:

      You’re welcome and thank you for sharing your thought process.

      1. jenna says:

        My pleasure! Thank you!

  34. Alexissmith2016 says:

    My preference is for analysis on the less obvious Ns.

    Although. I would also be interested in one on Sir Jimmy at some stage.

    1. Original Overthinker says:

      Now then now then, he makes me sick at the thought of everything he did!!! You look at 70’s 80’s footage of him and know he was a massive pervert

  35. inspire2bu says:

    Very interesting poll HG.
    1~Q.E. for her cold demeanor. I watched a special on Prince Harry and he shared that at his mother’s funeral, Prince Charles instructed them to show no emotion. To smile, shake hands and console complete strangers all while their own hearts were shattered….at such a young age. When I read your book Total Confession Of A Narcissists and you shared your personal story of your father’s funeral, it all seemed very much the same. 2~ The other 4 speak for themselves. I think they all exemplify traits of being a narc… except Steve Irwin. I didn’t see that in him.

  36. JJ says:

    JJ is not in the famous people’s list ! Minus one HG. (Just kidding).

    I hope Barack Obama is not a narcissist. I love him so much. Some people label him as a narcissist but a lot of famous people are labeled as narcissists. Other Label Obama as an ENFJ, the hero personality.

    I hope Obama will go under the TudorScope, I would like to know the answer.

    1. inspire2bu says:

      JJ, if you watched BO when he was POTUS he absolutely showed signs of being a narc. He was smooth, said what people WANTED to hear and loved to instigate. He would smirk when he was challenged and was very quick to give a back handed compliment with a proud smile. Not judging him… just my observation.

      1. JJ says:

        Thank you, inspire2bu for sharing your observation.

        In fact, I see a reflection of my own personality on him. That’s why I love him. (Am not a narc).

      2. Caroline R says:

        I love a man with N qualities. That’s my favourite flavour. Give me an ENTJ or ENFJ every time. A ‘Director’ type for my ‘Negotiator’ type personality.
        Crackling electricity.
        This is a strong, outgoing man with some empathy AND compassion, who falls in love with you. You can see it in his eyes. It’s not fake N-‘love’. He likes to do things to help you, he is protective of you, even though he’s bossy and argues to win.
        I think Obama is like this, with N qualities, but isn’t a N per se.
        I’d like HG’s opinion.

      3. K says:

        I agree with you.

        HG Tudor
        AUG 20, 2016 AT 08:15
        As for Obama, there is no doubt that he has narcissistic tendencies. Most leaders have otherwise they would not be where they are. I know many people think he is a narcissist and I think ultimately he is. He has charm in spades and I think he is highly adept at maintaining a brilliant façade

        If you want to read HG’s comment in its entirety, you can find it on this link below. There are 92 comments on the thread, so use this shortcut: Control/Command (for mac) F and a search bar will appear on the upper right. Type in: Obama.


    2. Renarde says:

      Yeah and he’s another one! I remember his first election campaign, what 10 years or so now? I was heavily pregnant at the time so I watched TV. I remarked to a few that whenever you try to recall the contents of his speeches, all you were left with was ‘Yes, he can’. Classic word salad and a very very subtle and cunning manipulation inflicted on the US public.

      Michelle has also been on record saying how at multiple points she was very unhappy. She gave reasons but they didn’t really accord with what she had been feeling. Seen THAT one before!

    3. Nika says:

      I love Barack Obama, too, so much! I always have! And, he has such a kindly smile. He is terribly handsome, as well. I love him so much! I miss him. ♥️♥️♥️ Barack Rocks! I love you, Barack (and what a cool name, too)!

  37. LL says:

    Oh yay! My very favorite series! Please do an update on Chris Watts as well!

  38. Insaneempath says:

    Text books narcissists lol

  39. Kelly says:

    Is it too much to ask to consider including Donald Trump and Meghan Markle?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Shall I tell Kelly or will you readers?!!!

      1. MB says:

        Give her a break HG! Ha ha. She may be a new Kelly. Welcome Kelly. The search bar in the upper right corner will prove very helpful in regard to your inquiry. Enjoy!

      2. E&L says:

        Cracking up!!!!!!

      3. Christopher Jackson says:

        Gotcha covered hg of course we will let her know we are part of your army….or maybe even the cotorie..yess??

      4. Caroline R says:

        This is like a panto
        “It’s be-HIND you!”
        Ha ha!

      5. Renarde says:

        (Feigns innocence), you of course mean welcome the poor wee one to the boards? 😉

        Welcome Kelly!

        P.S HG – you have sexy legs.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Of course, a warm welcome indeed.

          Thank you.

      6. Nika says:

        Really, I know of President Trump, but I do not know who these others are… Kelly, Meghan, or Rachel. Perhaps family members…

        1. Nika says:

          Oh, never mind… Kelly is right here. I see.

      1. 2SF says:

        K you are the sweetest for being so helpful all of the time xxx

        1. K says:

          Thank you 2SF!!!

      2. BurntKrispyKeen says:

        Today should be (((Hug a Librarian))) day.

        1. K says:

          Ha ha ha…December 7th can be (((Hug a Librarian))) day!

      3. Caroline R says:

        Hi lovely 2sf
        How are you?
        I want to send you wishes for peace and happiness for Christmas.

    2. Christopher Jackson says:

      He has covered megan markle already donald trump should be coming up in the very series

      1. HG Tudor says:

        The Donald has also been covered

        1. Nika says:

          He made mention that the catastrophic Northern California Fires were caused by the residents not raking up the leaves from the forest floors… but, the highly unusual winds blew in heavily on the night and proceeding day of the fire, which consequently knocked down millions of new leaves.

          The leaves before the newly knocked down ones had all been raked up!

          I do not understand how he could not comprehend such a sensible scenario.

          Still, he is our president, and I respect him.

    3. windstorm says:

      He’s done trump and markle. I can’t search like K, but I think it was “A Very POTUS Narcissist” and “A Very Royal Narcissist.”

  40. Renarde says:

    Mother Theresa is a stand out for me. No RE lesson was complete without some teacher extolling her many ‘virtues’. When she was exposed it was shocking how far apart her facade was from her inner reality.

    Nick Cave has been cropping up a lot recently and I was only musing the other day how obvious a narc he was. Those eyes. I love the song ‘They call me the wild rose’ but it’s so dark.

    Beckham. I’ve always found him vapid and boring to the point of tedium. I never even understood his looks. Great interview with Sacha Baron Cohen as Ali G who destroys him.

    Rolf. Again huge part of my childhood. Another one who’s facade was so far removed from reality.

    And QE2. Her coldness is legendary (Charles at Gourdonstone) but was really unsure on her. I wondered if it was just a product of her upbringing. Mind you, I heard some horrific things on how Anne was treated.

    Bit disappointed that Russell Brand isn’t on the list as I think he’s been doing some really interesting things these past few years, really striking home about awareness which pretty much no celeb is.

    But great idea HG and thank you!

    1. MB says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t find DB attractive! And ewwww, all those tattoos!!

    2. WhoCares says:


      “Nick Cave has been cropping up a lot recently and I was only musing the other day how obvious a narc he was. Those eyes. I love the song ‘They call me the wild rose’ but it’s so dark.”

      I also love that song ‘Where The Wild Roses Grow’, by Nick Cave..truly dark and definitely about a narcissistic entanglement:

      “From the first day I saw her I knew she was the one
      She stared in my eyes and smiled…”

      “On the second day he came with a single red rose
      He said: “Give me your loss and your sorrow”
      I nodded my head, as I lay on the bed
      If I show you the roses, will you follow?”

      1. Renarde says:

        Yes, it’s haunting isn’t it? It’s one of those songs that not many people know about and I had ‘lost’ it for ages.

    3. lizk says:

      Oh, Mother Theresa was exposed? I must check in to that. She was one of my picks for being a narc. Thanks!

      1. Renarde says:

        My pleasure! Indeed I am seriously impressed at you spotting that! That facade was A+
        She was exposed I think by an Indian journalist well after her death and I think around the time she was beatified, though I could be wrong on that.

        1. EC says:

          A wolf in a habit with sheep’s clothing swirling around that thing. Doesn’t surprise me…the catholic church worships the sun…in turn Baal and thats satan. Btw…Jezabel worshiped Baal.

          1. Renarde says:

            I know – it’s so obvious! But she’s this little old saintly woman who was constantly praying. Yeah. Who too?

    4. Kathy says:

      I adore Sacha Baron Cohen. How does he not laugh at people in the middle of his mockery of them??

      1. HG Tudor says:

        He thinks of the monies

        1. Nika says:

          I cannot bear to think of Mother Theresa being anything other than a most beautiful human being. 😔 I do not wish to believe otherwise. 😞 I have only witnessed her do good. 😢

      2. Caroline R says:

        Ha ha!
        “High five!”

  41. BurntKrispyKeen says:

    All I want for Christmas is a Tudorscope! 🎄

    I thought this list was difficult… felt like taking a test. They ALL have a narcissistic streak, but full-blown? I don’t know without the ‘scope, man?

    One can almost never go wrong by choosing a politician. And Jim Jones… well he was simply wackadoodle, but I picked him. In addition to Jim, I grabbed two celebrities and felt compelled to pick Julian and Pablo… but I thought that they were some empaths listed. No? I feel like a miserably poor student. 😔

    And I almost feel bad asking Santa, knowing HE was on the list… but does the Tudorscope come in color choices?

    Perhaps wintertone or sun-kissed?

    1. MB says:

      You’re a riot BKK!

      1. BurntKrispyKeen says:

        You are precious, MB. 😊

        1. MB says:

          See! I told you I had you all fooled!

    2. BurntKrispyKeen says:

      There* were some empaths? Not “they” were. Felt compelled to correct that little error as in… oh no… my choices certainly didn’t exhibit empathy. I agree with EC.⬇Jim Jones was full of issues. 😱

  42. EC says:

    HG – Jim Jones I believe he was a psychopath. Killing children, women and men.. via that Kool-Aid. He isolated them and did a huge mind fuck on those people.To convince all those people to die…thats pure evil.

    1. Insaneempath says:

      That’s so hard to comprehend really.

    2. Renarde says:

      Yes. Today when I saw the list I did wonder why HG had included a random singer from the 70’s in it. I then realised I had read ‘Jack for ‘Jim’.

      This now make entirely more sense.

      1. BurntKrispyKeen says:

        “Love, exciting and new
        Come aboard, we’re expecting you ….

        Love won’t hurt anymore
        It’s an open smile on a friendly shore”

        Those were the days, when television shows were corny, sweet, innocent and inspiring. Your comment made me smile Renarde. I do that little mix-up thing all of the time. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone. 😊

    3. K says:

      Absolutely. He was a narcissistic psychopath. He had tons of sex with men, women and, allegedly, with minors and he demanded his followers remain celibate while he was humping everyone/thing in sight.

      He claimed that all men were homosexual except for him.

      Which is a good example of the hypocritical and contradictory behaviour of the disordered individual.

      1. MB says:

        K, when I worked for the company with the narc Owner/ CEO, some of us non brainwashed ones would say all the ass kissers had “drank the koolaid”. This was long before I met HG. To retain their position, the C-Suite wasnt allowed to have a set of balls, must laugh at all the jokes, be a yes man, and to think that every idea he had was excellent. (Like the story in NarcTales.). I used to say it was like the emporer’s new clothes story. Needless to say, even then I was not one of them. No matter how much I am paid, I will not lay my integrity aside and sidle up to the devil. His C-suite were his lieutenants and I refused to do his dirty work. I couldn’t stay. At the time, I didn’t realize how apt the drinking of the koolaid analogy was!

        1. Windstorm says:

          My Pretzel uses that phrase all the time. Whenever someone believes anything despite evidence to the contrary he says they “drank the Koolaid.”

      2. Nika says:

        HG said somewhere on his blog that although he is not homosexual, he will if it is for fuel gain. I am not quoting him word for word.

        I am just wondering how far a Sociopath will go in this direction for the fuel.

  43. Sarah says:

    Excited about the Aussie options and would love to hear about the Ns in our Land of Oz!!

    Perhaps you could give us the 12 Days of Christmas “Very’ style HG?? I’ll get the ball rolling for you ……(singing now 🎤) “On the 12th day of Christmas HG Tudor gave to me, a Narcissist called Oprah Winfrey.”

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Ha ha very good – the 12 days are already covered!

      1. Caroline R says:

        You’ve given us a great present for Christmas: it’s a game called ‘Guess Who…’s A Narcissist?”
        I am addicted to playing it now.

  44. Insaneempath says:

    Aren’t almost all famous people narcissist? All famous people and a large majority of rich folks? That’s how I see it….,narcissist alll of them!

    1. NarcAngel says:

      We all have some narcissistic traits. Some more than others, but that does not make them full blown narcissists employing the machinations and exhibiting the behaviours that HG writes about and that we discuss here.

      1. Insaneempath says:

        I know….it just seems that way to me…I’m probably just envious and somewhat bitter.

  45. Pat says:

    I voted for Oprah and Obama because they are both considered by many as possessing leadership qualities and are put out there by much of the public and media as role models. I voted for Mother Teresa because as a Catholic I cannot fathom that this woman who took a vow of poverty and lived a life of service to others could be on the narc spectrum. Lastly I voted for Kanye West and Kim K because I think it would be very interesting, potentially entertaining to get HG’s insight into the dynamic involved with these two celebrities. I also wonder about how their children will fare, growing up in that particular household/environment. My guess is that Kim is a bigger badass narc than Kanye, but I defer to the expertise of HG.

    1. MD says:

      Mother Teresa is a narc because she created a facade of kindness. Her organisation was selling babies and converting people to christianity for money. She simply ignored rape and pedofili cases in churches. Her main aim was to spread christianity and not to help people.

  46. Michelle says:

    I think Oprah probably intrigues me the most of anyone on this list. Oprah has a tendency to be taken in by people herself, so I am curious if that reconciles with being a narcissist. So many of the people she associates with end up being total quacks or false gurus and she always has this air of wonder and submission around them on television, as if she’s learning the secrets of the universe. Curiosity has gotten the better of me here . . . I want to know if someone who acts so starstruck can be a narcissist.

    I’ll be honest — I wouldn’t have drawn any conclusions about Meghan Markle. But now that I’m hearing more about her behavior leading up to her wedding I can completely see it. Score one for Mr. Tudor.

    1. MB says:

      Oprah befuddles me too, Michelle. I feel like she is an empath the way she listens and gets people to open up in interviews. She suffered abuse as a child which could have all kinds of effects. Some in the list are obvious and just so shallow, I don’t even care.

      1. Renarde says:

        I’m surprised on Oprah too. Really surprised.

        1. MB says:

          Maybe one day, he will give us A Very Empath Renarde!

          1. Renarde says:

            Dear MB. That’s got to be one of the nicest things anyone has said to me this year! Thank you! x

            In my life, I have had a few men who have written stuff about me and for me. One of the most prolific was a GEN, the #3. It’s such an amazing feeling. Even though it’s coming from the N-E dynamic, it still doesn’t discount how I felt the day I read ‘Girl on a Train’ at work (he had published this on the web AND on an international page, this wasn’t a simple random email), nearly choking to death on my coffee as I did so. #3 is such a cheeky so and so. Trouble is, he’s too fucking clever.

            I too, have written many times about others. However, I don’t really perceive I do figure much on HG’s radar but I would be chuffed to skip out of bed on Christmas Day to find a Tudor shaped bulge in my metaphorical and virtual stocking.

            P.S Why is it I can almost hear the darkly, malevolent chuckle of HG, stage right, saying, ‘When hell freezes over?’

            P.P.S If you are so very kind as to write HG, believe me; I have the pictures almost entirely sorted for your header! 😉

      2. NarcAngel says:

        The lead in says are they or aren’t they. Not that they all are. A forensic analysis can also point out why people who are believed to be narcissists are not.

        1. MB says:

          I’m looking forward to seeing, “A Very Standard Carrier Empath”

          1. windstorm says:

            Ha, ha! I’m looking forward to A Very Magnet Contagion Empath.

          2. K says:

            Damn straight MB!

        2. insaneempath says:

          Really ? Interesting….how do they do that?

        3. insaneempath says:

          Marilyn Manson? 🤔 hmm I wonder….

    2. Caroline R says:

      Brene Brown and Oprah are on the same wavelength, they are both in E Club.

    3. wissh says:

      I, on the other hand, had an immediate dislike of Meghan Markle and HG covered all my issues and many more that didn’t even occur to me.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Dat’s because I’m da man!

        1. jenna says:

          “Dat’s because I’m da man!”
          Huh??!!! Since when did you start writing like this?!! Hmm, you must be with an ipps or ipss who texts like this, with the ‘d’ substitution, yes?

          1. HG Tudor says:


          2. windstorm says:

            Da – niet – nyet. Cracked me up, HG!! 😝

          3. jenna says:

            Smart a$$!

          4. Clarece says:

            I like Sassy Jenna! 😜

      2. 2SF says:

        Eyyyy.. you’re writing in Dutch! So sweet you’re learning my language ❤💋

        1. Mercy says:

          2SF, I thought he was talking thug haha. Definite language barrier going on here.

          1. 2SF says:

            Mercy, it’s both, thug and Dutch 😎

          2. Mercy says:

            Haha got it

      3. shesaw says:

        2SF I love where you live!

        1. 2SF says:

          Shesaw, so do I 😀 Have you visited the Netherlands?

          1. shesaw says:

            Every day, 2SF 😀

          2. 2SF says:

            Oh ha ha. Are you Dutch, Shesaw, or a foreigner visiting / working here?

          3. shesaw says:

            Ik ben NL 🙂

          4. 2SF says:

            Shesaw, gezellig! 🙂 Hoe kwam je hier terecht, als ik vragen mag?

          5. shesaw says:

            2SF, ja gezellig it is!
            I came here (zal maar braaf op Engels overgaan, voor we een reprimande krijgen van de eindbaas, lol) when I was searching for an explanation for a sudden, very alien behaviour of a certain somebody I was deeply involved with for 4-6 weeks. I was in full Golden Period so it was hard to process the information here but I could not ignore reality: I was in love with a Narcissist.
            That is what brought me here! And you?

      4. 2SF says:


        I didn’t get a notification of your last comment, neither do I see a closer reply button, so I hope you get to see my response somewhere.
        4-6 weeks, that is short! How did you figure out he’s a narc? Did the devaluation start already? Did you have any awareness of NPD (other than Trump-like blah-blah kind of people)?

        I was married to a cerebral greater for 25 years. It’s to long a story to describe all the misery. The problem was that I was always looking for ‘fault’ within myself (and my childhood – narcish and very religious). Because 4 years ago I fell in love with an UMRN (online only) and starting getting messages on my Twitter account about NPD, it finally hit me and I read and read and never stop reading, that’s how I came here. I could finally take the step to divorce my husband when I realized he has never loved me and he was unconscionable.

        Can you (if you want to) expand on the ‘alien behaviour’ Shesaw?

  47. FMV says:

    I would love to see the couple Kardashian – West analyzed…

    1. Anm says:

      They dont deserve the recognition and the commentary, in my opinion

  48. MB says:

    I was disappointed that Freddie Mercury wasn’t on the list but really glad T Swift was. I’m finally convinced she is “a very”, but I want to view her through the Tudorscope. Of course I had to pick The Jolly Old Elf although I already know what he is!

    1. Renarde says:

      OMG Freddie! But yes, like you, I had also been thinking the same thing recently.

  49. E&L says:

    So grateful for this opportunity! The top picks as of my commenting are the same five I chose. I chose them, personally, for the following reasons: 1) They all operate under a veil of suspicion as to their motives, their actions cause me to wonder “huh” 2) My bullshit meter is always dinging when they are preaching. I admit, I may be a pessimist or a depressive but you do not have to lie when you are being authentic, good, bad, or indifferent!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Interesting rationale for your selection, thanks for expanding E and L.

      1. Kathy says:

        Who killed Jon Benet while you are at it??

      2. Caroline R says:

        Ha ha!

    2. Newby 1111 says:

      Hey E&L. With Elvis, you not only get 2 huhs but an un to lead them in.

  50. Lisa says:

    I think there were heaps in the list. Pity I couldn’t choose more than 5.

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