Sitting Target

Why did the narcissist choose you? How did he or she go about deciding that you were the ideal target for him to launch his campaign of seduction upon? Did you do something to attract the attentions of this dangerous foe? This direct and comprehensive book will enable you to understand what it is that the varying types of narcissist look for when they are searching for victims. Whether you wish to prevent it happening again or you need to understand why you were chosen, this book will deliver the answers in an uncompromising and straight forward manner. What are the things that various types of narcissist look for? How do they go about establishing their targets satisfy those traits? What are the Special Traits which attract all narcissists? Where are their hunting grounds and which is the most dangerous? Who does the narcissist go after and why are certain people left alone? What does the narcissist mean when he or she is looking for green lights? These questions and more are answered in this hard-hitting and unsettling look into why the narcissist chooses you.

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4 thoughts on “Sitting Target

  1. Caroline R says:

    I’ll put my reviews for your excellent work on Amazon this week.
    Happy New Year!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Much obliged.

  2. Caroline R says:

    There is nothing like this book anywhere!

    The insights of the author are worth more than gold.

    The empathetic person who has survived yet another painful and crushing failed romantic relationship will thank God to have this book in her hands.
    The lightbulb moments will come thick and fast as she reads.
    She won’t want to put it down.

    So many things in her life that until then didn’t make sense, will suddenly become clear.
    Things about her family.
    Things about her professional life.
    Things about her friends.

    ‘Sitting Target’ is a must-read for every non-Narcissist on the planet.

  3. foolme1time says:

    When I first ordered this book I didn’t think I would find any answers as to why I was chosen! I was wrong! So many questions answered! I didn’t even know I was putting out those signals until I recognized myself in this book! But once I realized what it was that I was doing, I could make it stop! This book was an eye opener for me.

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