The smear campaign is a well-used and devastating narcissistic tool. With the unrivalled insight provided by me, a narcissistic psychopath of unrivalled awareness, this book explains why smear campaigns are used, why they are so effective, who is involved in them and why, why people respond as they do to them plus more fascinating insights and enlightenment.

Are you at risk of a smear campaign from a narcissist? How likely is that risk? How might it appear? Who will you be smeared to and why? What can you do and what you should NOT do with regard to the smear campaign.

Crucially, this book also provides practical and effective methods of countering the smear campaign to ally to your new found understanding.

Clear the smear !

US e-book here

UK e-book here

CAN e-book here

AUS e-book here


One thought on “Smeared

  1. foolme1time says:

    I had absolutely no idea what this was until I read this book and it became clear to me! When someone that you loved and trusted does something like this it turns your world upside down. Thank HG for this book and all the knowledge you have given to so many! Thank you for helping me make sense out of all the narcissist says and does. I will always be grateful to you! You are an amazing writer and a equally amazing teacher! 🥰

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