Elated and Eroded



More insight and enlightenment from the dark-hearted narcissist.

Includes precisely why Lesley became labelled as the “It” Girl

US e-book here

UK e-book here

AUS e-book here

CAN e-book here




4 thoughts on “Elated and Eroded

  1. K says:

    You may find this comment very helpful and it is located on the link below.

    HG Tudor
    DECEMBER 8, 2016 AT 17:48
    No, HG are my initials. Tudor is a familial link but not (obviously) by actual surname.


  2. evilmuskhat says:

    I’m curious. What does H.G. stand for in your pseudonym? Is it HG Wells and is Tudor Henry Tudor by any chance?

    1. Narc noob says:

      Someone else on another thread said it was Highest Greatness. 🙄


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