Little Acons – No. 5


3 thoughts on “Little Acons – No. 5

  1. Kelly says:

    “You’re too sensitive. I’m here to show you how to toughen up for your own good.”
    No, you’re here to exploit my sensitivity.

  2. Chihuahuamum says:

    I refuse to be like you!

  3. Christopher Jackson says:

    I remember this “feeling” but him saying “well you dont have to be like me I mean be your own person be your own man son” …yes right I knew he kinda wanted me to mirror him..but I didnt and my “feeling” is he didnt like too much it made me show him up and make him look “bad” in front of people..or either he would make “feel” like I was weak because I was polar opposite of him and would compartmentalize me with my mom and say “you act more like your mom…and your sister is more like me” too bad for her she doesnt understand who she is mirroring …or does she and she just doesnt care because she just wants to be “daddy’s little girl”

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