A Very Royal Narcissist 2


Over a year ago, Prince Harry married Meghan Markle who is now known as the Duchess of Sussex. Just prior to their wedding I wrote A Very Royal Narcissist which identified from the evidence available many determinative factors demonstrating that a narcissist was about to marry in to the Royal Family.

A year has passed since then and with such a prominent individual it is very worthwhile placing the Duchess under the TudorScope once more to ascertain whether the initial determination was incorrect or whether her behaviours underline and affirm the first determination. There is a plethora of information that can be utilised and in the interests of brevity and accessibility I have not used everything that available and therefore if certain examples and instances are not included, that is why.

Before we embark on the analysis let me make something clear for the Hard of Understanding. This is nothing to do with race. It is about narcissism. Not because the Duchess identifies as biracial through having black and white relatives. It is irrelevant whether she is white, black, yellow or a mixture. Narcissists are white, black, brown, yellow, male, female, transgender, straight, gay, bisexual, religious, not religious – we come in many different packages. This is focussed on narcissism and not race, so if you try and make it about race not only have you missed the point, you are also making yourself look stupid.

Furthermore I know there are other narcissists in the royal family (they will get their turn under the Tudorscope worry not) so you do not have to keep piping up about that. Miss Markle is prominent and therefore a very worthwhile subject to enable people to understand more about narcissism.

With those points established, let’s get down to some analysis. I would also recommend that you read The Empathy Cake because this will help you place the behaviours in a context viz a viz empaths, empathic people and normal people. Where narcissistic indicators are identified, they are listed after each example of behaviour.

Something Smells Off

The marriage ceremony (like may others before, along with funerals) took place at St George’s Chapel. Miss Markle requested that atomisers be used throughout the chapel for the purpose of removing the apparent musty (but not unpleasant) smell. It is an old building and therefore has such a smell. Her request was deemed inappropriate. Even when this was pointed out to her, she maintained that she wanted the atomisers placed there. One might overlook not realising it was inappropriate, but then the following insistence is an indicator of narcissistic behaviours.

Sense of Entitlement

Poor Boundary Recognition

Tiara Trouble

The Queen apparently had to have stern words with her grandson, Prince Harry in the lead-up to his wedding, after both he and Meghan were upset that she could not wear the tiara she initially picked out from the royal treasury. According to reports, Meghan wanted to wear a tiara studded with emeralds, but because the provenance was not known, the royal family refused. Such refusal is done with good purpose as if the provenance is not known this could cause potential future embarrassment to have jewels of dubious provenance paraded by a member of the Royal Family.

There was a very heated exchange that prompted the Queen to speak to Harry, as a consequence of this failure to follow Royal Protocol. Remember, Miss Markle was well aware that she was marrying into an established institution which has protocols, standards and responsibilities. It is the Queen who selects the tiara but both Miss Markle and Prince Harry tried to alter that. It is evident, from the first article, that Prince Harry’s demand arose from wanting to please Miss Markle given her evident influence over him.

The Queen stated ‘Meghan cannot have whatever she wants. She gets what tiara she’s given by me.’

The message from the Queen was very much Meghan needed to think about how she speaks to staff members and be careful to follow family protocols.

Sense of Entitlement


Poor Boundary Recognition


Staff Turnover and Operation

Problems have arisen with regard to the relationships with staff and the turnover of staff. Now there are always going to be changes in personnel and doubtless certain pressures associated with a demanding and high profile situation will also result in such changes, however, what is noteworthy are the number of resignations, the short period of time held by these people in their positions and the comment which has surround them. This evidences a pattern. Consider this, how often will a narcissist have a haphazard employment history and/or a string of failed relationships yet when this is pointed out, the narcissist will always declare that it was the fault of the others and not the narcissist. Such numbers however speak for themselves and even more so, with the comments allied to them.

 Meghan’s personal assistant resigned “suddenly” after just six months on the job. Other resignations within the Kensington Palace team include Samantha Cohen, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s private secretary, Edward Lane Fox, Prince Harry’s private secretary and Kensington Palace senior communications secretary Katrina McKeever, who left the team in September.

The Duchess has been known as the Duchess Difficult by the palace staff since she got married. It is well-known how her staff kept leaving due to her difficult behaviour (which is very unlikely for the members of the royal family). Four resignations in less than one year were no small thing.

Following such losses of staff, it is clear that Prince Harry and the Duchess were mindful of risking further losses in staffing (and the impression this creates) and therefore opted to manage matters more directly and did not hire a nanny right after the birth of their son..  Meghan Markle wanted to do everything by herself for her new born son. She would not even allow her mother Doria to hold the baby in her absence. Hence, appointing a nanny seemed out of question.

Following this period, Harry and the Duchess have now hired a nanny whose name has not been disclosed yet. Unlike Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis’ live-in nanny Maria Borrallo who is a graduate of the famous Norland College, Archie’s nanny does not have any such background. Maria Borrallo also travels with the royal family whenever they take children along. Also, this nanny will have a day job and leave in the evening. Weekends will also be days off for her.

As much as the press is eager to see Archie’s pictures, they are also curious to know about his nanny. Maria Borrallo is almost as famous as Prince George as she was always seen by his side. However, this time it will be different. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are very private when it comes to their new born Archie. His birth announcement was also not made in the traditional way. The nanny is not allowed to speak publicly about her role. According to the royal commentator and author Katie Nicholl, the nanny is also supposed to sign an extensive nondisclosure agreement.

It is interesting to see how the damaging impression that has arisen as a consequence of these losses in staff has then resulted in the exertion of greater control and the management of appearances through the differing approach with regards to the nanny to the Duke and Duchess’ son.

Haughty Behaviour

Lack of Empathy

Sense of Entitlement

Exertion of Control

Façade Management


Use and Dispose

The broadcaster Piers Morgan has criticised the Duchess of Sussex describing her as “a piece of work” and comparing her behaviour to that “of a Kardashian” as opposed to a member of the royal family. It is always entertaining to have one narcissist comment on another. We should not pay so much attention to the language used by Mr Morgan but rather the behaviour he described.

Morgan said he felt “conned by the Duchess, claiming that he was with her before she met the Prince Harry for the first time and never heard from her again because “she’d met someone more important”.

“I had a bad experience with Meghan Markle, I’ve talked about it a lot,” Morgan said.

“I’m afraid, she’s a bit of a piece of work,” he added, arguing that Markle “drops people as soon she gets someone more important in her life”.

Morgan went on to explain how he disapproves of the way the Duchess “treats her family”, pointing out that none of them, bar her mother, Doria Ragland, were present at her wedding.

“I was of use to her when it suited her,” he explained. “I was conned by her, I thought she was nice, I thought she was a nice person.

“I put her in the cab to meet Harry, never heard from her again, she met somebody more important and that was it, gone, bang, ghosted.”

Morgan, a narcissist himself, responds to this shelfing behaviour with a suitable provocative complaint and accompanying Pity Play. Nevertheless, just because he complains of the behaviour the fact of it occurring underlines that typical narcissistic behaviour of not showing accountability in a social relationship and using it as a means to an end, having no empathy for the feelings of the other person in that relationship.

Morgan is not the only person to complain of such treatment.

Following her split from former husband Trevor Engelson, Miss Markle became friendly with a television personality, Lizzie Cundy. Miss Markle wanted a new man and said that she had two firm conditions, firstly he had to be English and secondly he had to be famous, according to Cundy. Cundy explained that she assisted Markle with regard to potential involvement with football Ashley Cole and X-Factor Matt Cardle but once Miss Markle began dating Prince Harry, Cundy found she was dropped by Miss Markle and offered just comfort crumbs with regard to their supposed friendship.

Sense of Entitlement

Lack of Accountability


Lack of Empathy


Wimbledon Woe

Recently, the Duchess attended the tennis competition at Wimbledon and more evidence arose with regard to her behaviour and what it signifies.

In the photo below, a man who appears to be a royal bodyguard can been seen approaching a man holding his phone. The man holding the phone was 58-year-old Hasan Hasanov, who was accused of invading the Duchess of Sussex’s privacy when he took a selfie in front of the royal during the match.

Photo credit: Getty Images

Hasan insisted that he didn’t know Meghan was there when he stopped to take the selfie. “I honestly couldn’t really care less about taking a picture of Meghan, Harry or any of the royals—and, if I did, I’d ask first,” he said. “I was much more interested in getting a video of Roger Federer in action.” The fact that it was assumed that Mr Hasanov wanted to take a picture of the Duchess might be regarded as grandiosity, however being a public figure it is not unreasonable to expect this to happen and therefore it was an understandable mistake. The manner in which the bodyguard was dispatched and the Duchess’ failure to intervene (one can see how close she is to Mr Hasanov) demonstrates a degree of haughtiness and also the contradictory behaviour often evident with such figures ‘You must take pictures of me except when I decide you cannot.’

The Wimbledon woe did not end there. The Duchess created problems with regard to attending wearing jeans and failing to watch a Brit play tennis. There appears to be other unspecified behaviour which resulted in a Wimbledon official stating “It was a nightmare, she was a nightmare,” the Wimbledon official. While that official didn’t elaborate as to what was meant by that statement, another source reportedly claimed, “She wanted to come incognito but there were problems. They couldn’t invite her into the royal box because she was wearing jeans but that didn’t really matter because all she wanted to do was come and watch Serena Williams. Andy Murray was on Court 1 afterwards and it was a massive faux pas not to watch a Brit when she is signed up to the Royal Family.”

Sense of Entitlement

Poor Boundary Recognition

Contradictory Behaviour

The Bananas of Empowerment

Miss Markle visited One25, a Bristol, UK charity which supports female sex workers who are trapped in cycles of poverty, violence and addiction. Miss Markle assisted making packed lunches for the sex workers. Wearing an expensive Oscar De La Renta dress, Miss Markle wrote with a Sharpie on the bananas phrases such as “you are strong”, “you are brave”, “you are loved.”

A sex worker stated, “people out here struggle to eat and sleep and she gifts us some words on a piece of fruit”.

There is no doubting that the Duchess meant well through this gesture, but this is the instinctive and unaware behaviour associated with Mid Range Narcissists, namely they think they are doing something good but cannot actually see (because their narcissism blinds them) to how crass and unempathetic their behaviours are.

What drove this act of charity was the unconscious narcissism whereby it was predicated on a lofty position she sees herself as holding. Her words are special, motivating because after all, surely the sex worker could regard themselves as strong, brave, loved but that will not turn around matters for them. No, the words must come from a ‘higher power’ namely the Duchess because her words matter. The Duchess does not realise this manifestation of the narcissism.

She of course believes that her gesture was well-intentioned , but failed to realise how condescending and ultimately pointless her act was.

In addition, in the footage of this act, you can see Prince Harry immediately recognises this is a bad move but he does nothing other than look on as the crass moment unfolds. After all “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets” as his own words come back to haunt him. Her failure to pick up on his discomfort is a further indicator.


Magical Thinking

Lack of Emotional Empathy


MeAgain Label

Whilst the media relish giving people labels, this happens because there is a basis for them. There are plenty of examples of this Ralph ‘Five Times A Night’ Halpern, John’ two Jags’ Prescott,  Doris Day ‘The Professional Virgin’, Aretha Franklin ‘The Queen of Soul’, Madonna ‘The Queen of Pop’ and so on. The fact the Duchess is known as MeAgain demonstrates that there has been repeated recognition of self-absorbed behaviour and self promotion by many others.


Self Entitlement

Pregnancy Promenade

Naturally a mother to be is proud of the baby she is carrying, but the bump/pregnancy will be used by a narcissist for the purposes of gaining fuel and exerting control. The Duchess was repeatedly filmed and photographed touching her bump, cradling the bump, flicking her coat open to ‘reveal’ the bump and accentuating it. This exaggerated cradling and posing was witnessed many times including at the British Film Awards, the Mayhew Animal Home visit, Brinsworth Care Home and at Admiralty House in Sydney, to name but a few.

Not keeping the bump under flowing maternity dresses like previous royal mothers to be, but a parade of tight clothing allied with stances/gestures to highlight the bump and adopting entirely unnatural poses (contrast how Kate Middleton stood/presented) and this, taken in context with all of the other behaviours in this article and the previous one tell a further story of narcissistic behaviour.

Sense of Entitlement

Fuel Seeking


Changing of the Ring

Miss Markle received a stunning engagement ring from Prince Harry after he popped the question in November 2018. The Duchess of Sussex, showed off her huge sparkler in a BBC TV interview and for her official engagement photos. Since then the  piece of jewellery has been flashed by the duchess on numerous royal outings.

Meghan flaunted the ring at Trooping the Colour in June when she also showed off a new pavé diamond eternity ring, believed to be a present from her husband.

There has been a major change to her engagement ring less than two years after Meghan first slipped it onto her finger.

This is interesting as her original ring  was designed by Prince Harry himself and includes two diamonds from his late mother Princess Diana.

Editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine Ingrid Seward stated “I find it a bit odd Meghan would want to alter a ring that her husband had especially designed for her.

“A royal engagement ring is a piece of history not a bit of jewellery to be updated when it looks old fashioned.”

Meghan has altered the band despite Harry saying “yellow gold” was her favourite.

Speaking at the time of their engagement, Prince Harry said: “The ring is obviously yellow gold because that’s her favourite and the main stone itself I sourced from Botswana and the little diamonds either side are from my mother’s jewellery collection, to make sure she’s with us on this crazy journey together.”

Meghan added: “Everything about Harry’s thoughtfulness and the inclusion of Princess Diana’s stones and obviously not being able to meet his mum, it’s so important to me to know that she’s a part of this with us.”

Having played on such importance at the time (when of course it suited during the seduction period) the necessity to assert control through an alternative method has resulted in altering a ring (something which is highly unusual in itself – not including altering it so it fits) and trampling over the feelings of her husband. It is not a surprise to find Miss Markle previously looking to emulate Princess Diana and once embedded removing this particular trace of the deceased Princess.

Sense of Entitlement

Contradictory Behaviour

Exertion of Control

Lack of Emotional Empathy

There are plenty of other instances, including clashes with Kate Middleton, the refurbishment of Frogmore House and Harry’s failure to attend the memorial service to 11 marines (he is Colonel in Chief of the marines) and instead go to the Lion King Premiere instead with the Duchess. There is plenty more evidence available which contains similar instances of grandiosity, poor boundary recognition, haughtiness and a lack of emotional empathy. The gift keeps on giving.

It is evident based on the original article and the multitude of indicators highlighted from the above behaviours that the Duchess if very much A Very Royal Narcissist.



  1. Survivor X,
    I’m sorry. I had to post here because I was losing my patience in finding a “Reply” button on the comment string. I didn’t want to go narcissistic regarding the button so I here I am. I hope you find this comment.
    In regards to your last comment to me regarding Harry viewing people black/white and comparing war to video games.

    – Black/white (bad guy versus good guy). I need to ask have you served in a military or talked with people who have? Have you heard their thoughts on war? Many do not want war; many want leaders to figure their stuff out without going to war; but they are willing to lay their lives down for the protection of others and the protection of what their country stands for. With that said, war happens. How do people who don’t fantasize about killing, who don’t go around killing, who are only there to serve able to handle the reality that their actions take a life? Sometimes, in war, the way someone is is not the way they would be outside war. There are many veterans who do not kill or cause harm at home but killed in a war. What does it take for a person like that to rationalize their taking of that life. Maybe it isthe coping mechanism of good guys versus bad guys. “These people chop heads off of innocent people; these people take planes and kill thousands; these people killed millions in concentration camps.” Have you ever watched “Joyeux Noel?” It is a story based on the real life event of WWI’s Christmas Eve break. When they didn’t see the opposite side as people, they were able to fight. When they recognized the equivalent humanity, that ability to cope in killing the other was a struggle. Sometimes what others do do are so evil that it can be assessed, by the opposite side, to be bad. The Nazi uniform was a significant issue for you. Why? Probably because what some of the Nazis did was abhorrent. Would that not be categorized as “bad guys?”

    – Comparing war to video games
    Have you seen video games lately? It is horrific what they show and allow people to experience!! Video games have become so violent and graphic that they are truly too real. Apparently now you can have sex on video games with other characters. I am going to hold off on my dissertation of the impact to that kind of playing to a mind when people play from an hour to many hours a day. I don’t know the kind of equipment Harry used in war nor do I know what games he played. I will say that many games like to do a real war type situation (not all are stealing cars). As graphic as video games are and as computerized equipment in life are becoming, I wonder if that is not true what he said. Maybe that should be his next cause in that children experience graphic war like events at their home for hours and people think it will have no impact on them mentally or emotionally; while I will point out that adults who experience the real life experience may develop PTSD.

    1. To clarify my last line, there are other factors that occur in a real war setting that lends to possible PTSD that cannot be forgotten. With that said, video games are so graphic that it is not understandable how people think children, whose minds and decision making abilities are still forming, would not be impacted.

  2. Very entertaining, HG. I’ve no idea where you get all of these tidbits. The Daily Mirror? (Mail is too obvious.)

    Especially impressed with the royal baby bump analysis. I’d say it sure was some weird behavior.

    Why would they name their baby after a ginger American comic book character, with whom Harry was probably unfamiliar? Could MM be taking the piss out of Harry?

    1. Ha ha, neither of those ‘esteemed’ organs, a variety of courses, some personal to me.

      Who is the comic book character you are referring to SMH, I don’t think I am familiar with this.

      1. HG, Archie and the Gang was a popular American comic book in the 40s, then they made a TV cartoon out of the same characters. My husband’s mom kept a collection of many issues of this comic book (apart from her scary dolls). Because you and I are very young, we may not be that familiar with the comic but the cartoon was shown on TV in the early 80s in my country. I personally preferred another character in the same series, Sabrina the Teenage Witch. You may be more familiar with that one.

        1. I recall Sabrina, I recall Melissa Joan Hart was something of a tinker when it came to men. Thank you for explaining re Archie, I did not know about that.

          1. My pleasure, HG! Here’s a link to the opening song of the original Sabrina (1971, I wasn’t even born yet) it includes a cameo from other characters in Archie’s. Not the best animation but, what can one expect at that time?

          2. So, you are close to some royals, HG. You get curiouser and curiouser, though I did suspect you were a toff!

            Yes, it is the cartoon that I remember, though I believe the comic strip was also in the newspaper. Archie is probably the most famous ginger American, HG, and of course MM is American, so she would know, even if she is young (relatively speaking). I found it really weird that they picked that name. The fact that you did not know who Archie was makes me think that Harry doesn’t know either. Is everyone laughing at him behind his back? Hmmm.

      1. Re: what kind of Empath is Harry
        I’d go with Standard Empath, strong Co-Dependent Minority Element
        of the Magnet Cadre, strong Saviour Minority Element

        1. Desiree—you are way ahead on the learning curve because this is still baffling to me. It just sounds so altruistic and noble. Ugh

          1. Lorelei, you aren’t the only one who is baffled by the terminology but I’m interested to learn. Is this information we acquire from from reading HG’s books? Elsewhere? I have 3 on my Kindle that I haven’t read yet. I’ve been reading the emails when I can (they help so much). What is a good starting point? This is all holding me up from falling down, atm. It is so hard not to go and blow my narc’s world up every day (I could, severely) but I’d only be blowing my world up with it. Need to try to keep remaining calm.

          2. Lorelei, I can explain a little bit about how I went about this, if that’s helpful to you. Have you done the Empath detector test?
            I went through the different aspects of my test and thought about which elements come to the forefront in which situation, then thought about other people I know or celebrities that share my tendencies – trains you to recognize your own empathic behaviour in people outside of yourself
            After that, I read up on all the other schools and cadres and thought about examples for those – trains you to recognize empathic behaviour that might be different from yours in other people
            Finally, I looked at Harry and tried to determine both his majority AND minority element, together, at the same time.
            I do that to make sure I don’t fall into the trap of seeing the most notable traits and jump to the conclusion that they’re also the most dominant ones.
            Harry might have noticable co-dependent tendencies, but that does not make him a Co-Dependent. Most are Standart Empaths but they can have noticable traits of the SE or CoD, taking the minority element into consideration right away helps you differentiate.
            With the cadre however, the one that first jumps to mind is often the majority element. I think that is because most cadres such as Geyser, Magnet or Saviour are easy to observe and unlikely to be confused for one another. The Carrier can be harder to spot, but once you’ve determined that someone is indeed an Empath, you will have an easy time detecting a Carrier as well.
            I could also go through the exact examples I thought of in Harry’s case that let me come to my conclusion, but that might get really long and I should probably just draw a diagram.

          3. Excellent! I shall get my formal empath analysis done soon.
            “Harry might have noticable co-dependent tendencies, but that does not make him a Co-Dependent. Most are Standart Empaths but they can have noticable traits of the SE or CoD“
            This is what I thought if during the recent BLL discussions re: Celeste. I had voted standard bc while I see her as in a codependent relationship w Perry, I don’t see her as a codependent.
            Regardless, sounds like fascinating work which I shall take to shortly!
            Thanks for your input

          1. I hasn’t finished my reply as I lost Wi-fi so I hope it didn’t send.

            Apologies re the swearing, I hope I didn’t offend anyone!

            You took your time with your witty banter! I feel jimmy Carr would have been much quicker on that front – he is sooooo sharp!

            And as for James cordon ah so damn dreamy! It’s no wonder he’s writing another series of Gavin and Stacey – such talent! We all know it’s him and not Ruth Jones.

          2. I don’t believe HG has given his seal of approval but I strongly suspect he is and a greater

          3. Sweet! I haven’t watched his latest on Netflix and this makes it even better 😂

      2. @desiree

        You’re fab! Thank you! You’re good at this!

        I had the magnet and was thinking standard. I wouldn’t have got the CD or saviour bit but it all makes perfect sense!

        Well done, I feel incredibly satisfied now I know.
        You’re a clever lady!

  3. Hi HG,
    The Jeffrey Epstein fallout, decades in the making… Do you think Prince Andrew is capable of having slept with a teenage girl(s)? This video reveals the depth of the narcissistic component driving Mr. Epstein and his cronies, yet, per your observations, the concept of narcissism is never once mentioned. Crazy!


    1. Prince Andrew does exhibit a sense of entitlement and poor boundary recognition but whether that would take him into the realm of sleeping with teenage girls (who are below the age of consent I assume you mean?) is a different matter. Epstein is a narcissist.

      1. Great clarification! Steven Bauer (60), the actor from Scarface and Ray Donovan, began dating an 18 year old two or three years ago. A moment in time and a societal boundary can make all the difference in the world as to the legality of one’s action. Thank you.

  4. She’s worse than I thought. The ring change should have been an insult to Harry and it probably hurt. Hopefully that got the divorce wheels turning in his mind. What is always on my mind is this….did she purposefully change the ring to insult Harry OR was she obliviously MR. I do struggle with this…

    If she can wear jeans to Wimbledon she can wear jeans to pack lunches for the sex workers. For the love of fuck.. Again, it’s insulting.

    Whining over a tiara? Sending your husband to whine for you? Off with her head.

    1. Hi megan…i knew meghan would get pregnant as fast as she could bc in the back of her mind going by her track record and “possibly” her being aware of her npd would wonder if the marriage would last and she wants to secure her meal ticket. As far as her having more children im back and forth on that one. She would be competing with kate and want to prove how fertile she is and want more children than her. Then theres the attention from being pregnant and a new royal baby. On the flipside shes very much into her own goals and she doesnt strike me as the motherly type who would want many children or enjoy being pregnant in the physical sense. I could be wrong but it should be interesting to watch it unfold. One things for certain i dont think this marriage will last or even last long.

      1. Chihuahuamum, I agree the marriage won’t last, but I wonder if the marriage may last longer than expected because of how hard Harry will try. As HG said, he’s cunt struck and believes this is real. Harry knows how painful it is for children to endure a very public and bitter divorce between their parents. I suspect he would seek to protect his child from such a fate. Meghan could easily lap up positive fuel from secondary sources while devaluing Harry for years and years.

        I also cannot help but wonder if there are more far more manipulations for Meghan to unleash. In HG’s initial assessment (“A Very Royal Narcissist”), he discussed how damaged Harry was due to his childhood, including the speculation over the identity of his father. Undoubtedly Harry has confided in Meghan about that issue and narcissists are always listening when we give away our weaknesses/worst fears. I could foresee a scenario where Meghan becomes pregnant again and eventually the rumor mill starts about possible affairs/identity of the father. Can you imagine how devastating that would be for Harry to witness his child suffer the same rumors that he endured along with the fuel Meghan would obtain?

        1. An interesting and valid observation BCHG, it will be of value to look out for that as a potential manipulation.

          1. Linguistic curiosity: is cunt strucked akin to pussy whipped? Help me, English natives.

          2. No. Pussy whipped is under the thumb and therefore doing the will of the female because the man is browbeaten and has no backbone. Cunt struck is akin infatuation and is doing the will of the female because of the sex being provided.

            A man with a new lover tends to be cunt struck and then he gets married and becomes pussy whipped.

          3. Thank you, HG! It’s interesting to find out all of these subtle nuances in chauvinistic expressions.

          4. Surely there are some equal opportunity expressions, SP? I was hoping for some. I fear I’m not worldly nor urban enough to be of any use in this department.

          5. And if a woman is infatuated with her new male lover? What’s that called?

          6. I can certainly understand that. Olfactory stimulation. I think there’s a nerve somewhere that connects the nose to the naughty bits.

          7. I knew you’d know NA! I think we had a convo on here once where I said you knew all things sex. Ha Ha

            Oh, the stories I could tell about my ignorance or should I say innocence. I’ll save it for our slumber party sista!

          8. Thank you for asking that SP and to HG for explaining it. I thought it was the same as pussy whipped too. So pussy whipped is similar to hen pecked?

          9. Harry was said, by his mother, to be a future ladies man. I can’t imagine him being able to tolerate devaluation for very long. Plus, he knows the behavior from watching how his mother was treated. He’s gonna bounce…as we say here in the states.

            I used to work in Lakeville, CT at a fancy hotel. One summer we had many visitors from the UK who all woke up to find that Diana had died. They were all crying. It was a grievous sight. She was clearly loved by the people and she had empathy. I have faith in Harry.

  5. Hi Survivor X

    Having read your comments below I can see where you are coming from .
    The thing is most of us have narcissistic traits but don’t have NPD which is in another realm.
    We have to have some narc traits in order to survive in this world .
    None of us are saints here , but the difference is we are not narcissistic to the core .
    Many of us have been in affairs etc hardly saintly of us but we do not have NPD
    I get what you say about healthy scepticism but honestly if you want to trust anyone trust HG he is never wrong about these things. He really isn’t don’t ask me how he does it.


  6. Any chance you might do one one pierce morgan HG ?. Thats someone I would watch in the mornings , I like susannah but feel he just loves himself and the fact megan snubbed him is when I realized what he is..I saw he took selfie with Arianna grande ,he loves attention.

      1. HG I’m currently reading the new book by BTKs daughter
        I honestly cannot get my mind around it
        What is he a greater a total psychopath ?
        His self absorption from his letters is weird to read the way he was a doting dad for 30 odd years yet his crimes oh my god a sexual sadist and murderer
        His case is more weird than Ted Buddy


        1. Hello, Kiki.

          I haven’t read that book but followed that case a bit. I agree with you that it is more weird than Ted Bundy’s case.
          I agree that he is a psychopath. If he isn’t a Greater, then I need to rethink how I understand MRNs.

      2. What about George Clooney? The time when he flipped the bird in the background of the Fabio fan photo comes to mind, foremost, amongst so may other instances. He makes my skin crawl.

          1. E&L. Yes! His feigned humility drives me mad more than anything else. He’s creepy and I suspect he is just a bratty, narcissistic man-child when the lights are off. There have been hints if that over time. Once you see you can’t unsee.

          2. I have never liked George Clooney or found him attractive. And I think he is a terrible actor. I didn’t see him as a narcissist, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

          3. Both George and Amal are probably narcs

            And Prince Charles and Camilla

            Sometimes only another N can cut the mustard, so to speak.

          4. Simon Cowell I wonder is he a narc
            You either love or hate him
            I quite like him not sure why though.


          5. I like Simon Cowell, too… I do see some humanity in him. And *drum roll* I’ve also always had a bit of a crush on Piers Morgan as well. No accounting for taste, I know 🤦‍♀️

          6. Maria, I’m with you on Simon Cowell. It’s definitely not his looks or that horrible haircut, but he’s the kind of narc I like. Confident, charming and funny with a bit of a snarky edge. And since I’m putting my votes in, I like George Clooney too. But for him it IS about his looks. No way to get a read on him as he’s always acting so I don’t know if he’s my kind of narc or not.

          7. @MB, I’m not attracted to Simon Cowell at all but I’m with you… I would get a kick out of him if he were in my social circle. He would be entertaining and of course I would be too dumb to believe anyone could ever truly be that “mean”. I like to think of him as a “functioning narcissist” as he has learned how to channel his disorder and put it to good use and I do appreciate that what you see is what you get, for the most part, with him. With George Clooney, aside from his good looks, it’s all a facade. He is not a good person inside.

          8. HG, at what height does a man enter the realm of short? You’re correct about Clooney’s plastic surgery. What a shame. (You made me Google it!)

          9. I think I have misdiagnosed narcissists in the past with “short man syndrome”. They seem to be similar afflictions.

          10. Oh dear Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan lol

            As Ns go I can safely say I have never felt attracted to them. George Cloney can also be added to that list. And I do like to side with fellow empathy whenever I can.

            Boris, yes, how could you not, with his boyish charm and ruffled hair Hahahah. But Jimmy Carr is my ultimate narc crush! Oh god, he is totally in control, with so much stage presence and hes incredibly sharp. Aaaahhhhh please laugh at me like a seal jimmy.

            I have a male Narc friend with an SW postcode, well several, which he does like to repeatedly remind me of lol and he despises Boris with a passion. Oh how I love to triangulate him! It is fun.

          11. That’s funny Alexissmith2016 because I have a female narc friend with an SW postcode and she also despises Boris (she knows him too). Do all the narcs live in SW? Where do you live, HG? Just the first part of the postcode please. At one point I thought it was N or NW because we had a convo about Ray Davies or something like that, but N/NW doesn’t really sound like you. It’s more my sort of stomping ground.

          12. Erghhh…didn’t really think I would get that information. I don’t even know which country you are in.

          13. @cb

            Guilty as charged. I recognise why others might, but GC is just not for me!

            HG, can you do a poll on narcs we fancy?

            I’m guessing James Cordon would win it hands down, but I suspect you wouldn’t allow him on the list.

          14. Still waiting on your Ricky Gervais confirmation or denial speaking of funny fat cunts

          15. Alexis: if he’s doing a poll I vote Kelsey Grammer. Intelligent, hilarious, wide hairy chest and soooo pompous yum yum

          16. @SMH ah I believe HG lives in the LU1 area.

            I had heard talk of someone who lives there who can only be described as speaking with an incredibly sexy voice with received pronunciation who owns a large house with a bolthole and a dungeon.

            Yup LU1 is where he’s at.

          17. Yes SMH, Luton. I believe the residents of Luton get one day a year where they get to sit in the cockpit of a plane. It’s so they don’t complain about all the overhead noise.

            It’s all starting to add up now isn’t it.

            Always present evidence, not emotion isn’t that right HG?

          18. I have never even been to the Luton airport. Can it be worse than Stansted? No, nothing is worse than Stansted. My idea of hell. Maybe HG lives in Milton Keynes? 🙂

          19. You can shove the concrete cows where the sun doesn’t shine. The Mk Dons stadium is impressive though and there are some pleasant villages around MK. Bletchley Of course is an interesting place.

          20. Haha. I actually do not know the area. I have never ventured north of Watford (several times) or St Albans (once) in GL.

          21. HG is the best person to ask re the Luton airport as he’s been behind the scenes. Oooh MK, liking your style SMH, he’s become upwardly mobile!

          22. hmmmm now I’m thinking Lorelei may have a point! Perhaps HG isn’t a narc at all.
            HG is displaying copious amounts of emotion here with regards to not living in Luton or MK.
            He is also faltering on the witness stand by using credible evidence against himself. Knowledge of the area… only a true Lutonion or thieving plastic cow jockey would know all of this!
            Could be using twin lines of defense I suppose?

          23. George Clooney I bet is a Mid-Ranger. Acting so self righteous with his political advocacies but it looks like he was just using them for attention and facade.

          1. HG, I love your blog because you can learn so much here. We are just so lucky!
            Just looked up Bletchley on Wikipedia. It really is an interesting place. I
            had no idea that “Ultra” was the designation adopted by British military intelligence for wartime signals obtained by “breaking high-level encrypted enemy communications”. Also, according to the same source: “Many observers, at the time and later, regarded Ultra as immensely valuable”.
            So do we, so do we.

        1. Did some mention Clooney? He is a defective man. Ugly. He only married Anal for her legal accomplishments because they may become useful to him when he will run for the US presidency.

  7. What is up w the Megan Markle crazies? I posted the link to this article in a narc support group and got attacked. I remember the same thing happened w part one too. Flying monkeys who refuse to hear the truth. Hands down my favorite series. Can’t wait to read the new ones.

          1. HG
            Haha. Fuckwit Friday and now Selfless Sunday. I shall watch for the other days of the week.

            Also, a serious moment to thank you for all that you do. You are appreciated more than I indicate. Especially your humour. Thank you.

          2. Terrifying Tudor Tuesday!

            I quite fancy a Tantalizing Thursday

            Not sure I’m so keen on the Murky Monday or Satanic Saturday. Witch hunt Wednesday could be of interest

      1. She said that the whole article was a smear campaign and only based on tabloid gossip and irresponsible journalism. Why – when it is broken down so clearly – do they deny even the possibility of NPD? Narcissistic herself? Even after she was warned to move along, she continued to post abrasive/aggressive comments. How often are flying monkeys narcs themselves?

        1. More often narcissists than not (often Mid Range). Some people will like an individual and do not like it when their belief is shown to be misplaced. Rather than admit it, they just go on the attack instead.

          1. I don’t seem to be able to ‘like’ your comments on my phone, but thank you for the clarification HG!

    1. LL a lot of those other forums are full of lunatics
      They can be very vicious
      Some of the psychopaths ? (I actually don’t believe they are )just want a go at HG that’s all they want
      Best stay off those forums but that of course is your choice

        1. What exactly do you believe makes a narcissist a “psychopath” HG? What does that terminology apply to exactly?

      1. Kiki

        I’m sorry about the dead end. Support Forum Fraud narcs are a dime a dozen. They prey on the empaths there. Every time I tried to discuss narcissism or share HG’s writings I was labeled “negative.” So many people there in need and spinning with confusion.

        “Support Forum Fraud”
        “Empaths are supposed to be light and love….there’s no place for that here.”

        Ummm pardon? Narcissism is a world wide epidemic.

        The people on the forums are battle weary and confused. If I can’t share info and discuss narcissism on a forum, I leave instantly.

  8. HG what is MM’s thinking behind not insisting on a Royal title for Archie?
    I thought the title would be important as part of her sense of entitlement/superiority & being parent to a ‘Royal’ child. It’s reported that they want to give him as ‘normal’ life as possible then I assume she could claim pity plays when that is not respected but it seems to be backfiring somewhat at the moment.

    1. It’s triangulation by being different and this gaining fuel both positive and negative.

      1. Just looked it up, how is he not in constant pain? Both their feet remind me of those of the Great Crested Grebe. A rare sight, but always horrifying.

        1. I had to look up that bird, aaawh. They can’t help being born that way😊😉
          Meghan on the other hand (foot)…I also looked it up, and what surprised me most was how ill-kept her heels are. How is that even possible? How can you spent millions on a wedding, fashion and your home, and not take time to at least apply some cream. The girl needs Prolinc, yikes!

          1. Rachel,
            I remember seeing that bird first when I was a child, thinking they where mesmerizing and beautiful. Then, one stepped out of the water and I was about to die of pediatric cardiac arrest. It was horrifying. But I agree, they can’t help how they look. Markles feet, at least with regards to the bunions, are certainly the result of overuse of high heels….I have to be careful, don’t I?

        2. Wonder what is wrong with STs feet? That looks very painful! I learn something new here everyday.

          On a similar note…HG, does SM have arthritis in her hands? The way she is gripping her wine glass in the picture you posted is odd. Sometimes we are just caught in strange poses when pics are taken, but it made me wonder.

          1. MB, I grab wine glasses like that sometimes too because sometimes they are heavy, I am super clumsy, and I refuse to hold a glass of wine from the bowl (unless it is a stemless glass). But yes I have some pics where my hand looks strange because I’m trying not to cause a catastrophe.

        1. I should NA! It’s terrible. I’m a twice a month pedicure girl. In fact, even at my lowest I always had a fresh pedicure in life. Even when drunk and despondent from living with a Chinese water torturer.. True story. I haven’t had my toes painted in a month of Sundays due to such a depressing state. Now I have to have numbing needles plunged all around the toe and be stuck in a post op shoe, etc.. A discount is warranted.

          1. I love how Lord Tudor has to moderate all these comments about pedicures, candles, watches and stuff. 😉

  9. Well written. She is a disgrace to the Royal family. I also think she has tried to flirt with Prince William and she hates walking behind William and Catherine. The question is how long will the RF allow this behaviour to continue before they give her some etiquette training or banish them out do the country. There is another nickname people use for her and Harry – Ginge & Cringe! Haha 🤣

    1. I thought HM going to The Lion King premier was almost sending a message about one brother removing another from his throne ie. Scar kills Mufasa..

        1. So HG. I wasn’t too far off about The Lion King notion. If you look at the IG Kensingtonpalace birthday message to George they used 3 Lion emojis. That is the Cambridge sending a message to the Sussexes who couldn’t even type the words “Prince George” in their own birthday message. Sussexes are passive aggressive.

          1. Very original. Lol Jealous I made that observation and not you, Mr. NG?

        1. Hi SP haha … While watching the movie MM surely thought about it.
          In any event when she introduced Archie to the world she said something to the effect of “…I have the two best guys in the world..” that was no coincidence. I suspect that was quite the opposite to what she was/is thinking and she felt the need to defend herself for something that was done privately to her. Hence she chose to send a cunning public message aimed at the Cambridges.

  10. Wow! It’s more of a revelation here about Piers Morgan! I did not realise he was a narcissist! I rather enjoy his wit and frankness..

  11. Prince harry, meghan and the queen remind me of HG narc fairytale story with the buzzing dildo 🤣 except in this case meghan’s a narcissist not a super empath.
    I think the queen finds her challenging but i also wonder if the queen secretly respects her. The queen is a greater narcissist like meghan.

      1. Hi HG…which are incorrect? I know youve said harry isnt a narc. The queen a narc and secretly respects meghan? Im speculating but just some media coverage of the two i cant help but wonder.

          1. Meghan is a Mid-Range Narcissist…I would go with Upper Mid-Ranger Somatic. Used to think Elite but in light of recent events, I’m taking that back. And the Queen…is she even a narcissist or “normal”? I find it almost impossible to distinguish between the woman and the role. The role itself is quite narcisstic in nature.

          2. Hi HG …the queen i cant see how she wouldnt be a narcissist. I cant see her being a midranger she doesnt seem the type to play the victim. The queen comes across very strong. Being queen i wouldve thought greater.
            As far as meghan she seems very conniving and aware of her manipulations. Shes climbed the career ladder and has achieved entering into the royal family.

  12. I gave her the benefit of the doubt at first. I wanted to believe that she is a Cinderella not a narcissist .
    Time showed that I was wrong. Unfortunately.

    1. And that is the observation of someone applying the evidence ABW. You gave the benefit of the doubt to begin with and as the evidence mounted you see how doing so was wrong but you are neither blinded (narcissist) or too proud (narcissistic) to admit that. This is something that the Mid Range narcissists that appear here from time to time are unable to do, and such behaviour demonstrates what they are.

  13. Great article HG! I dont follow closely the royal family so a lot of this i did not know about. I had read about the staff turnover and the clashes between kate and meagain. Kate comes off very charming and follows protocal but she is also from an aristocratic family and was already inside the inner circles before meeting prince william. She was groomed for this type of lifestyle meghan was from a whole other universe. Meghan is a narcissist and an extreme feminist. I know HG youve said harry isnt a narc and you would know but i still feel hes an upper midranger. Time will definitely tell. I think when the novelty wears off and shes pushed her control too much he will stray. I do suspect this marriage wont last long. I think he is infatuated with her right now. She signifies something the women in his inner world havent and thats her independance. Many of the aristocratic women are not in the same way independant. They are very much locked up in rules and protocals. Prince harry i feel wanted to set himself apart and be “noticed”. He is very much in the shadows of his brother and he wants to be the one to rock the royal boat. Hes always been in the media doing outlandish unroyal behaviours. He chose…a divorced woman, african american, actress, ….im sure theres many more examples of why meghan represented everything you can think of that would break the royal mould wide open. Oh yes her family background as well. She comes from common stock as the royals would put it. Something that very much goes against the royal code of ethics. I equate it to two people with very different religions getting together. Their belief system is so different it is destined to fail. Itd be like a catholic marrying a satanist thats how different harry and meghans backgrounds are. I do feel he purposely chose her bc of this. He wanted to be the first to choose a partner who didnt abide by royal protocal. I suspect harry has resentments where his royal family is concerned. Deep resentments and pain over his parents divorce and everything surrounding it. He definitely wouldve been affected by his parents unhappy marriage AND would want to avoid it at all costs yet he walked into the lions den. I do feel he is a midranger but i will say i could be wrong. Time will tell. I think he will eventually cheat on meghan and tire of her. Her being different which hes infatuated with will turn to distaste and disdain. He will find her more trouble than he anticipated. I think he fell for her bc she is so very different from the women hes been attuned to but he also failed to recognize how she will make him look in the long run. He will be made to look weak and foolish instead of the first royal to break free of the royal mould. I dont think hes looked that far ahead.
    As far as meghan she is set even after the marriage dissolves and it will! She has her meathooks so deep into the family now that they share a child she will walk away unscathed. I dont think shes overly concerned with how the public sees her bc shes too wrapped up in herself to care. She cares more how it can affect her financially and professionally but she will land on her feet like the sneaky cat she is.
    She definitely is a narcissist! They use and throw away like a dirty tissue. Her family most of which are also narcissists.
    As far as the selfie i can see how thatd be a definite no no. It apparently was an accident and not a deliberate selfie. I had to chuckle at the snap of this incident lol meghan is so cold and removed. Princess diana would be charming and say no its ok i understand but meghan sits there a statue mind you thats one media snap and youd have to have been there to witness the whole incident.
    As far as the ring i find that very sad 🙁

    1. Catherine did not come from an aristocratic family.
      Her mother was a air line attendant.
      However, she did go to the same schools William attended and was around his circle.

      Lady Diana Spencer did come from an aristocratic family.
      In her wedding day she wore a family tiara ‘ The Spencer Tiara’.

      1. Hi rainy nights…i didnt realise i thought she was in an aristocratic family but i think her being in his inner circle she would understand royal protocal moreso than someone outside of that circle like meghan.
        Homework today…go watch documentaries on the royal family lol i have watched a few. Kates a bit of a sore spot for me but i do find her interesting. I dont know a whole lot about her. She seems to fit in wondetfully with the royal family and has charm.

    2. Chi’mum,

      You make some good points. When you compare Meghan with Diana (and some of the other royal brides), Meghan represents the opposite in many ways and yes, her personal traits and the culture she grew up with are very different from what the royal family represents. I also think Harry harbours a lot of pain and resentment based on the way his mother was treated and on how he was treated as well, following his mother’s death.

      And yes, now they have a child together, Meghan has got her ‘meathooks’ into the family and she’ll be set for life, which was probably her goal all along. She has fulfilled all the prime aims – fuel (fame and attention), character traits (being known and referred to as a royal family member), and residual benefits (financial, professional and ongoing ‘legacy’). It will be interesting to see how things unfold in the next decade or so.

  14. The announcement of the pregnancy on International Miscarriage Awareness Day was particularly bad taste and was upsetting to many grieving families. The fact that there was no royal response to the upset left many feeling particularly angry. I don’t know if Meghan had anything to do with what happened but I’m sure Kate M would’ve handled it differently.

  15. HG,

    This is brilliant! I was also thinking of Meghan at the Trooping of the colours’ this year. Prince Harry allegedly saying to her ‘turn around’ just as God Save the Queen was about to start. She was chatting to him, facing away from the crowd. No one else does that I’m sure.

    Meghan is very disrespectful of royal protocols and we all know she’s been well versed in how the rule book reads. It’s becoming tiresome, and clearly she adores the limelight, and particularly doing things her way.

    The engagement ring business is strange. I agree with all your points and I worry about her son growing up with her influence. Poor Prince Harry. She looks at him with such love in public outings, I’m really hoping it’s like that at home but as time progresses, I’m increasingly doubtful.

    I can’t wait to read about the other royal narcissists!!
    Now, speaking of ‘royalty’ – what about Trump?? ( tongue in cheek here lol) Is he going to be getting the HG treatment?

    Thank you for this!

    1. Oh!! I dint know how I missed the Trump article – I am subscribed to you. It might have been when I was swamped at work because not much goes past me with your emails. Found it though!!! It’s telling, indeed!

  16. I know people aren’t going to like this and get mad at me for fat shaming a new mom, but I think her keeping on the baby weight is a calculated move on her part. Since when has any celebrity taken long to bounce right back. It’s almost as if she relishes in her new mom body. She was bone thin before and could easy go back to starving herself yet she hasn’t.

    1. Rebecca, I’ve wondered exactly the same thing! There’s obviously a calculated reason, I’m just curious as to what it is. Is she waiting for the media to attack her slowness at “bouncing back” so she can play the victim? Is she trying to “punish” Harry and make herself unattractive to him? So many possible reasons….

      1. I don’t see any fat or babyweight on her, I actually think she looks better now. But I understand what you’re saying, because she seems to be a calculative person.

        I think she knew Lion King première was coming up, so she had to mirror Beyoncés curvy figure. (Maybe Harry once made the mistake to say Beyoncé looked nice, haha!)

      2. Oh no

        She looks way better right now with a softer face many of those celebrities who are skinny have long faces like a horse really not very attractive and they think they look great .Kate has aged dramatically and has lost all freshness in her looks.
        The only ones who look ok at such low weights are well muscled athletes and dancers etc and that is very controlled by making sure they increase body fat weight during rest and training months otherwise muscle can’t develop
        Maybe she doesn’t want to look bone thin and fair play to her for that


          1. I’m going with: heavier people age better! Being filled out is good. Kate is a beautiful woman. I only hope she is happy as well.

          2. HG Tudor,

            I love the art of calligraphy. I have admired it greatly since I can remember and have seen real calligraphers at work; therefore I know what real calligraphy looks like. Rachel’s ‘calligraphy’ is absolutely NOT calligraphy.
            From far, it looks like it is, because of the swirls on the letters.
            At a closer inspection one realizes one has been duped!

            Her handwriting has the same exact one single swirl on the letters.
            I call Rachel’s calligraphy ‘counterfeit calligraphy’.
            Has any calligrapher publicly pointed this flagrant deceit out?

            What IS real about this woman?
            Thank you.

          3. You are welcome. Why do you refer to her by her middle name by the way?

        1. Hi kiki…i do wonder if kate is anorexic much like princess di. I dont think her marriage is doing so well. She looks stressed and not happy.

          1. I don’t know but my guess is yes
            The social pressure to look gaunt most be overwhelming
            Especially having cameras zooming in on them all the time
            I think any sane woman could succumb to this
            She does look unhappy also
            I think Kate is very pretty but she looks so painfully frail not in a fit toned way .
            I cannot blame her though it must be very very difficult to be scrutinised by the press every inch of flesh will be analysed .
            It is a form of abuse I think and in this day and age it should no longer be allowed
            Pity she would look so much fresher with 7 or 8 pounds more

            It’s not an easy life I imagine for any woman


        2. Kiki: Haha! Horse faces, made me laugh. Fat shaming nor skinny shaming are nice, but I personally prefer a softer, more feminine look. The fat naturally fills up wrinkles. Kate indeed has a very ‘strict’ look.

          Meghan is a narcissist, so she knows her shit. And although her style is often going against the royal protocol, I prefer her casual, modern look over the old-fashioned style. I’ve seen articles about Meghan copying Kate’s style, and I always thought Meghan wore it better. So instead of copying, it was more like dissing, haha.

          1. My favorite style for royals is the 1789 trend. I despise the concept of monarchy in general, and I am incapable of justifying their continuance in the 21st century.

          2. I think you mean the 1789 French trend as there were plenty of other royals around in 1789. Interestingly enough, when the French empire crumbled in the early 19th century this resulted in a resurgence of monarchies in Erupe with around 17 or so appearing. It was World Wars One and Two that put paid to most monarchies around Europe.

          3. Yes I meant the French Rev. and I know Napoleon came right after, but it gave way to the ideas of “liberté, égalité, fraternité” that later on inspired many other revolutionary movements, such as the independence of the Spanish colonies in America. I don’t understand what the monarchy as an institution contributes to society other than having a bunch of people living out of the public money for life without having to do anything but behave well and attend public events dressed elegantly.

          4. WWI is my favorite historic period, so chaotic and dehumanizing, such a ridiculous domino effect that caused the conflict. So fabulous for the arts though.

          5. @SP, that’s a difficult one for me, as I do agree with you because I think it’s ridiculous that we (people of the Netherlands 😊) have to pay for renovating their homes, boats etc. etc. But, I do like how the royals represent the country. We have a very cool queen. 😁

          6. Rachel, I still do not believe a country should be represented by royals, they already have a political system with a Prime Minister for that. I like your country, I lived in Amsterdam for a while and wanted desperately to learn Dutch but my boyfriend at that time said it wasn’t necessary since everyone spoke English. I thought that was a lame excuse to avoid teaching me.

          7. I’d rather have royals than Donald Trump. Goodness it’s embarrassing. It’s like having Al Bundy caliber intellect running the most powerful country in the world.

          8. I’m headed to a fundraiser/dinner/cabaret. I’ve been saving calories all day:)

          9. SP, yes, Maxima is the daughter of Jorge Zorreguieta, who wasn’t allowed to attend at her wedding. But that’s another story.
            Yes, people here speak English, but not as good as they think. I am horrified by Dutch universities teaching in English. And it’s not native English speakers, but Dutch professors with an embarrassing accent, and an embarrassing limited vocabulary. To really go in-depth on a topic, I believe you have to be a native speaker. And I hate language deterioration. We have such a beautiful language! It’s a shame your boyfriend didn’t put some effort in teaching you. Was he a narcissist too? 😁

          10. Rachel, the only thing I cannot justify is having a poor vocabulary, that’s a symptom of not reading enough and, to be honest, not a flaw a teacher should have. My ex… yes now that you mention he was probably a narc. At the beginning of our relationship he accosted me non-stop, I was not even interested in him but in a French friend he had. He invited me to dinner, bought me a ticket to fly to Holland with him (I refused to go because we had been seeing each other for only one week and I thought, what if he’s a psychopath? -no offense, HG-). But then it got more and more serious and I stayed with him in Amsterdam for a while. He asked me to move to Holland with him. I went back to my country but eventually managed to get a job in Holland. When I called him to share the good news, he said that would be too much pressure for the relationship (you asked me to move there in the first place?). He had to travel to Mexico to shoot some stupid show (he was a TV producer) so he said he would call me when he came back to arrange the trip details. Two months later he went back to Europe and called me to find out when I was arriving so that he could pick me up at the airport. I said: we need to talk. During that time he was in Mexico, I had gotten a better offer in the USA and I decided to take it and move to the US instead of to the Netherlands. He contacted me 10 years later, so I guess he was trying to hoover? I don’t know and I don’t care.

          11. Also, his family is French although he was born in Holland so he spoke fluent Dutch, French, and English. We communicated in English all the time and in French with his family so I guess he didn’t see the point, but I wanted to learn. I just learned how to say “Dat is lekker!” 😊

          12. Well at least you learned something, SP.
            And a hoover after 10 years isn’t rare. After all, you’ll be his posession forever. How romantic 😁 If he ever tries to get back in touch, just say: “Rot op, narcist”.

          13. I’m property of no one. He can reappear all he wants, I don’t care. Thanks for the sentence, I have copied it in case that happens and he pretends to not get my message in the other languages.

          14. Sweet P and Rachel
            At least we can always resort to sign language with Ns, predominantly involving one finger……

            That message is universally recognised….!

          15. Sweet P and Rachel

            Forget my sign language remark.
            That equates to fuel.

            Ignoring Ns is so much sweeter, and is full of fuel-free goodness…

          16. Caroline R, exactly. Silence is also universal and much more effective, in both directions. Narcs use it by so can we.

  17. Very interesting article. Well no matter all the self importance and grandiosity that MM displays, I find her quite uninteresting. 😂 It takes one to know one so I totally believe it!

  18. Writing on bannas how shocking. Was that some kind of joke. And with the ring up sizing it. It was part of Harry’s mothers. Her behavior is tackey and embarrassing to the royal family. Poor Harry and its only the beginning of the torment.

  19. On deeper reflection about Harry and Meghan, their relationship is a fascinating example of the empath/narcissist dynamic.

    As HG delicately stated, Harry was ‘cunt struck’ (smh HG!), however, on a deeper psychological and unconscious level, it’s possible (with compassion) to see how the character traits of each of them brought them together.

    Meghan was born into a bi-racial, dysfunctional family in the USA. I would say she was the golden child and my guess is that her mother is empathic and her father is narcissistic. Her father was a lighting director and worked in entertainment. Growing up bi-racial, with illusions of grandeur (as a golden child) and a lack of empathy could have given Meghan ambitions for success that – in her mind – would elevate her above the culturally negative aspects of racism, therefore her insistence of a ‘famous British’ husband.

    For the ‘hard of understanding’ my point is NOT about race as such, but more about the effects of living in an overtly racist culture and how these effects ‘may’ manifest in the mind of a socially ambitious golden child.

    Growing up with divorced parents and a ‘dysfunctional’ family could have emphasised a need for external attention and that, together with her father’s involvement in entertainment, was a springboard for her own career in entertainment and eventual job as an actor. In her mind, as a golden child, she is superior and omnipotent, so being watched on TV by millions is proof of that. Further proof would be to marry a man who would give her the socially superior status that she has a personal drive to achieve.

    Now that she has achieved royal status with a British husband and a royal family of her own, she has achieved that which she didn’t have and believes she is entitled to.

    Harry also grew up in a dysfunctional family and lost his mother tragically when he was still a growing boy. Growing up on the empathic end of the spectrum in a privileged fish-bowl at the top of the social structure may have blinded him in truly understanding first-hand the ways he was prone to be manipulated and seduced by opportunistic women.

    Add to that the emotional thinking developed in his psyche from his upbringing and emotional impact of the loss of his mother and he probably instinctively adopts a protective and supportive stance towards a woman who he is intimately involved with and is inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt.

    Also, Harry was at an age when he was probably ready (and maybe even eager) to marry and start a family when he met Meghan, so he could have been more open personally to ‘wanting’ to be seduced or to turning an initial seduction into a more serious commitment.

    If you put the girl and the boy together, perhaps their entanglement was a collision just waiting to happen.

  20. Excellent article HG! Not surprised at all- she oozes fake.
    What’s the royal view on divorce?
    I was so very disappointed to see the royal family allow her in when trashy social climbing gold digger narc simply oozes from her. It’s kind of akin to trump being allowed into the White House and the role of President of the United States. It Debases tradition and ugh-drama and so damn trashy.
    I can’t believe he chose her…She won’t go quietly—

    Thx HG-

    1. I have to admit the banana thing was so bad I was stunned.
      How humiliating to those poor women trapped in the sex trade due to drugs and other issues.
      She may as well have written the notes on the John’s dicks
      Very bad form

  21. Very interesting article HG! You have pointed out some examples of Meghan’s narcissist behaviours that are very telling and also some I had no knowledge of at all.

    I wonder what school and cadre you’d put Meghan in? I’d say she’s somatic, but the school is a little harder to guess. I’d say mid-range (either mid-mid or upper-mid) however, she doesn’t look like she has a victim mentality or plays the sympathy card, so those typical ‘cowardly’ mid-range behaviours appear to be missing.

    The British media’s nickname “MeAgain” made me laugh. The British media can be savage, but they do sometimes have a good sense of humour.

    Meghan seems to have very little regard and reverence for history, tradition and protocols (atomisers in a historical cathedral?!? and wearing jeans to Wimbledon?). That makes me think she’s not very careful or diplomatic with her facade. In her mind, I think she wants to out-Royal the Royals and believes she is entitled and capable in doing so. It’s quite comical when you think about it.

    The same can be said about her altering the royal engagement ring, although that has a deeper personal element to it as well, which makes me feel sad for Harry. She obviously couldn’t care less about his emotional attachment to his mother and his sentiment about wanting his mother to be present in some way in their lives. She would have said anything during the seduction to make it look like she cared, but the truth is coming out now. She probably wants an engagement ring that is only about her without anyone else crowding her limelight.

    Thanks for a great article HG. It was both entertaining and educational. Well done!

      1. Thank you HG.

        By the way, after re-reading, I can now answer my own question… As you point out in the ‘banana blunder’ section, Meghan’s behaviour fits into the mid-range school of narcissist.

        So, I’d say Meghan is a somatic, middle mid-ranger. I was distracted the first time by all the juicy details in the article.

        Dear Professor Tudor, thank you. That’ll teach me to be more focused, observant and to have better control of my own thoughts/actions.

    1. I’m glad Kate has Diana’s ring. Can you imagine MM altering THAT?

      I think MM will always triangulate her celeb friends with the Royal family.
      It is the -one upance – she has/had ..but now there is Archie to use both as a shield and a weapon.

      1. Kensey,

        I know what you mean about Diana’s ring. In terms of the historical significance, heirloom element and just sheer value of it, I’m surprised that Meghan was allowed to alter her engagement ring. Although some would say she has a personal right to do whatever she wants with her own things, I would have thought it would be a royal protocol to leave it in its original state due to historical significance.

        It makes me think that’s another way Meghan is a narcissist. She probably resents being told what to do or how to behave and needs to put herself ‘above’ those kinds of restrictions. Narcissists need to have control and by needing to follow royal rules or being told what she can and can’t do, Meghan probably feels personally resentful or sees it as a put-down of her.

        If she really did have love and genuine consideration for Harry as her new husband, she would be willing to put aside any personal resentments she feels due to his position and his obligations. As it is, she may even see it as a way to get fuel from him if she ‘triangulates’ him by placing him in the position of having to choose between pleasing her or following royal traditions.

        Meghan may even ‘devalue’ Harry (and others in the royal family) by purposely causing drama and being contrary to royal ‘rules’. At first, I thought she was not very careful with her facade, but on further thought, she may be deliberately controversial because the attention is fuel and it’s a form of devaluation of royal tradition and underscores her power and control.

      2. Kensey,

        …sorry, I went on a tangent thinking about Meghan altering the ring and her other royal slip-ups. About her celeb friends, I think she will always be someone who is ‘outside’ the royal establishment and that’s something she can’t change, so I can see that it will be a constant ‘wedge’ between her and Harry and his family. When the royal demands get too difficult, she’ll have her celeb friends to fall back on.

        I hope Archie is shielded from any manipulative goings-on and triangulation, although with a narc for a mother, he is at quite a high risk. I hope he has a good nanny who has his best interests at heart. He has Harry, who I think will teach him some well-grounded values. I hope so anyway, as well-grounded as royalty can be, anyway.

  22. Anyone can get caught up in the whirlwind of a N. So privileged or not, I do have empathy for Harry and hope he can GOSO soon. I feel sorry for their son. Long before Harry met MM, I felt MM was inauthentic and in love with herself (not in a good way), based on her vibe on “Suits”. I don’t follow the royals, so I didn’t know the sad story about the MM’s engagement ring. I wonder how long Harry will try to please someone who can never be pleased (always in pursuit of fuel, always needing more)? The banana blunder is so very telling (and reminds me of a N I once knew). MM seems like a modern Wallis Simpson–super manipulative for her own aims. Maybe Harry will visit KTN soon, if he hasn’t already.

      1. I think Narcsite was famous for being really good already before that Royal wedding, and some of Harry’s friends found out already on the day before wedding, when A Very Royal Narcissist was first published.
        I assume prince Harry knows about HG’s post.

          1. Oh I don’t know just speculating.
            Friends around a royalty or superstar usually enjoy excitement and like to keep it up.

            So I wouldn t be surprised if any Bad info about Harry’s fiance/wife reached him very very quickly.

            People are like that. They love to spread dramatic info.

          2. cb, I understand. From what I’ve heard regarding his own brother, those that are negative about M skate on thin ice with Harry. Now that the golden goggles have come off, maybe he will be more open to criticism of her.

            The golden period IS over? Correct HG?

          3. Ah, I see! The section regarding the ring. So much of the article was about her treatment of people other than Harry. I took the ring bit as an affront to royal tradition as opposed to a hurtful act toward Harry. It will only go downhill from here.

            A good teacher makes the pupil answer their own question. Thank you Prof Tudor.

      2. He’ll end up here eventually when ready! Sounds like MM is the new definition of a royal pain.

  23. Amazing analysis! Makes me feel really sad for Harry though.

    What sort of empath is the Queen?

      1. What oh? I thought I’d read in a comment somewhere that one of your readers stated you’d said she was.

        Ah okay. That makes sense. Bugar!

        @K – any links to comments around this? You know where everything is and I’m really keen to find or what she is now

        1. Alexissmith2016
          Here you go!

          HG Tudor says:
          May 17, 2018 at 17:39
          But it is not about the entire monarchy. I commented the other day that Henry VIII was a narcissist. I have stated in the past that Prince Charles is a narcissist. Most kings and queens are (Queen Elizabeth II is not) and it is clear to see why that is.
          So what if she is the first person who is non-white to be included in the royal family? The article has nothing to with that issue.


          1. @K

            Thank you so much for find this for me! You’re a true genius! I only just found it as I’d dorgotton where I wrote the question.

            Really interesting. She’s a strong lady that’s for sure!

          2. My pleasure Alexissmith2016!
            To be honest, I never got the warm and fuzzies from the Queen.

    1. He has said some narcissistic things at times, but it doesn’t sound ‘weird’ like when narcs do it.

  24. ” to make sure she’s with us on this crazy journey together” Prince Harry

    Harry (Empath), Meghan (Narcissist) Diana (Borderline per HG(?) if I remember correctly).
    Crazy journey is quite accurate! Or, better yet, the unbelievable journey…

    Also, I hate to say this but I believe my CoD behavior is quite similar to the narcissist: 1) Poor Boundary Recognition 2) Contradictory Behavior (not wanting to do something but being unable to say NO) 3) Exertion of Control (things having to be just right so as to not rock the boat) 4) Façade Management (not acknowledging that this or that is not OK, or pretending I am more capable than I really feel) 5) Lack of Accountability (blaming the narcissist for my participation in the dynamic) 6) Fuel Seeking (looking for the narcissists approval).

  25. Wow, what an in-depth analysis! I love the bananas of empowerment BS, it’s the typical thing my narc does: “they think they are doing something good but cannot actually see (because their narcissism blinds them) to how crass and unempathetic their behaviours are.” My narc in particular would pretend to be fighting noble causes ONLY to make sure he is featured in some news about the subject or he himself posts it on Facebook for everyone to admire him. He couldn’t care less about the cause he’s supposed to be fighting for and his deeds don’t help make any significant changes, they are just acts of self-publicity. And like in this example of the banana messages, his fake acts look completely void and ridiculous. Of course only I can see that, everyone thinks he’s so caring… and yes, HG, narcs come in many shapes and colors.

    1. And bananas nonetheless!! Why not throw in some zucchini and cucumbers while you’re at it! It’s so crude and distasteful. How could she not have picked up on that?

          1. But it really is a part of our culture.

            People go up to someone unprivileged or discriminated, like someone in a wheelchair, someone unemployed, someone black, someone with a very high BMI, etc, and scream something outoftheblue to them, like:

            – You’re AMAZING!

            Then they walk away and do nothing more.

            Then they write a social media post: “Today I walked up to an old lady in a wheelchair and I told her she is amazing”. Gets thousands of likes.

      1. Hahaha. Well, if you think about it most fruits have that connotation: papayas, mangos, figs, cherries.,. She would have to use durian fruit to play it safe and I heard it stinks. I guess in that case HG could move the anecdote to the “Something Smells Off” section.

      2. Because she wouldn’t sully her Royal Pout with penis and the innuendo would go completely over her “head”!!! Kidding!

    2. Don’t even get me started. My former colleague is a narcissist and she would wear these goofy t-shirts that would say stuff like ‘LOVE PEOPLE’ and ‘BE KIND’, in addition to posting similar memes along with plenty of selfies on fb. I got a very strange vibe from her from day 1, so I would avoid her as much as I could.
      Meanwhile, she was a seriously awful individual who resembled Cruella D’Ville in word and deed. Bullied students, teachers, even the head of the school. All of my work friends from my former employer would hang out with her, only to complain about how toxic she was and how she would pressure them to drink more than they could handle the following day.

      1. Survivor X, yes, mine was posting long dissertations on feminism at the same time he was fucking with my head, cheating on his wife, and seducing the new victim. Repulsive.

        1. I’m so sorry that you went through that nightmare, SP. *BIG HUG* It’s the absolute worst when they pretend to be good people. Also it’s as if because your experience with them was negative, that it is irrelevant, and ultimately you don’t matter. Then you get the brunt of the abuse and you’re like wtf why me?! That cognitive dissonance is a killer. I learned about it in sociology classes, but it’s been dogging me my entire life.

          1. Don’t worry, Survivor X, I deactivated my account so that I didn’t have to witness all of his BS. I also suspect he is talking shit about me behind my back, but fortunately for me, he doesn’t really know my supporting system because they all live in different countries so he cannot reach the ones that really matter: family and friends. As for his friends, I have never really liked them anyway. It hurts me that others don’t see through his lies but I’m not gonna play the Joan of Arc role and start a campaign to instruct them on narcissism. I am pretty “waterproof” in the sense that I have become BS repellent. But thanks for the hug 😘

          2. Good for you! Yea I did the whole Joan of Arc thing. It did work to a degree, but it was certainly painful. I didn’t want the facts to be the facts even at that point.. almost wished that I was the crazy one and then I would be the only one effected, rather than scores of women he continually treats in this way.

          3. Survivor X

            I realise you prob won’t read this or come back to blog
            I just want to say if you want please come back on here
            I hate to see this happen
            Yes everything got a bit out of hand but look it happens , it’s all forgotten
            Strong opinions will always be met with opposite strong opinions
            People fall out all the time over discussing Politics and Religion .
            HG s articles can be very emotive for us I get that I do .
            You do seem like an intelligent interesting person and head strong which isn’t a bad thing by the way
            It could be the Irish genes ,I’m Irish too .

        2. Sweetest—they can absolutely call out others behavior but are blinded to their own. It’s insanity. He was teaching about feminism and devaluating his wife at the same time. A lack of consistency re, his stated value system vs. his actions. “What you do speaks so loud I cannot hear what you say.”

    3. Yes x100 on “fighting” noble causes (on FB only of course 🙄, not actually doing anything about them).

  26. Dearest HG: Darn!!! I did not expect the article today. I plan to mull over it later, with a glass of wine perhaps and also read all the interesting comments. One thing that I can say immediately: I absolutely HATED that brown hat since the moment I first saw it on her. Otherwise, I do find her to be stylish.

  27. Idk…I’m still like on the fence about Markle. Is she any more self-absorbed than the rest of them? I’m not so sure. The examples you’re providing, HG seems to make her look like a typical bride-to-be. Typical meaning, lol, not really me..but I’m not sure it’s typical to buy a sundress at Target for cheap and go to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast on our deck after the courthouse. But my sisters, many friends, they acted similarly as above with budgetary restrictions, of course. They can’t all be narcissists…oh crap. LMAO

      1. Yes! Of course. I just don’t know if the behavior of Markle is all that unusual for a bride-to-be, sadly. I don’t know what that says about society, but if this behavior is fairly common, I’m not entirely sure if it can make someone a narcissist. Is it narcissistic to be a bridezilla and have the audacity to hope that they are the wife of a royal person. She wanted to use what she wanted for her big day.. what’s so strange about this? I guess she is viewing herself to be on equal footing as the royals. Is that narcissistic? Maybe it’s just a pesky American concept that everyone is created equal and no person is above another.
        Markle is in a really wacky situation now and enduring more scrutiny that I could handle, personally. It would be difficult to know how she really is without knowing her. Yes, her sister says she is a narcissist. I am sure many of us on here had siblings and parents who called us all sorts of unpleasant names, but it doesn’t make us what we are labeled. Maybe her sister is jealous that her sister is a duchess? Only they know really and their PR machine is working overtime. None of us truly knows what is really going on with those yahoos, only what is manicured magazine articles or tabloids.

      2. The only thing that I regarded with suspicion is her treatment of staff, but Diana acted similarly, no? She would fire nannies left and right because she was jealous of her kids’ affection towards them. This made their lives chronically unstable. What’s the difference between them? I don’t see a lot, apart from Diana was a blue-eyed blonde and white people with a British accent often get a pass when they behave poorly. 🤷🏻‍♀️

        1. So all the other observations in both articles you don’t regard as applicable? Is that correct, if so, why?

          1. I guess I agree that she is doing narcissistic things, but I wonder if this is more a sign of the times with regard to making a huge deal out of engagements and weddings and showers, all that. Also, society makes a huge deal out of being royal, also My friend, for instance had like 6 wedding showers. Was she being ridiculous and narcissistic at times? Hell yes, but it seems as if this is a some sort of societally condoned narcissism. This is something other than pathological narcissism, I feel. It’s also problematic no question, but it might be something else. Harry’s friends don’t like her, apparently. Harry’s friends are likely not as progressive as she is in their belief systems. There’s two sides to every story though. Idk I’m not saying your consensus is incorrect, I just believe there are too many holes in our understanding of the situation.. the royals are too secretive, their PR machine too expert to assume anything. People are exceedingly racist, also, and I feel that is primarily why they are taking issue with her being with Harry, and with her usurping their “rightful” position next to him.

          2. It is doubtless some people do not like her because she is ‘not Establishment’. However my analysis is nothing to do with her social standing, race, gender etc, it is based on behaviour. Not fancy terms bandied around by people who do not understand but her behaviour. Look at the behaviour, not the gloss. Let me help you :-

            The ring. She had an expensive ring and showed it off. Is that narcissistic, yes, but does not make you a narcissist. Note the article does not focus on that because that is not the relevant behaviour to assess. It focussed on what she said about the engagement ring, hr contradictory behaviour thereafter and her failure to demonstrate emotional empathy concerning the significance of the original ring to Harry. If the original ring cost £25 or £ 250 000 that is not relevant to the analysis. It is the behaviour surrounding the ring that is.

          3. Yes, I’ll acknowledge that the ring behavior was suspicious. Might she be jealous of his inappropriate partner relationship between he and his mother? It seems so. That is one instance, then. One example. Also, all this talk of rings makes me want to buy one for some reason, and I normally can’t wear much jewelry to begin with without feeling uncomfortable.. wait, am I becoming more narcissistic as a result of this exchange? 🤓

          4. Noted. There is more than one example, but I am not going back through an article I have already written which sets it out plainly. I recommend you apply the even further-tuned example I just have to the article and ascertain it for yourself. You will find it a useful exercise, rather than having me spoon feed you.

          5. I understand that was your most compelling example. I’m aware of and read the others. Oh here’s Harry as a Nazi (Not an empath)https://www.sbs.com.au/guide/node/10197

          6. You secretly fancy Harry in his Nazi fancy dress don’t you Survivor X?!

          7. 🤣no, but no empath is ever going to just wear one at a costume party.

          8. Wrong. Read again what I have explained with regard to the application of an external agent which causes a temporary and aberrant response. This is why empaths can lash out, say things they regret, drink drive, get in a fight, be unfaithful. Empaths are not saints and they are susceptible to the reduction of their empathy as a consequence of an external agent.

            You may notice that I am explaining the behaviour by reference to evidence. You keep stating a proposition without supporting it with anything.

          9. I think that there are lines that Empaths, as boorish and low-down as we can get, wouldn’t dream of wearing a Nazi costume.

          10. That is just one manifestation of am aberrant behaviour as explained. You keep missing the point.

          11. Yes, but it’s like saying someone who tortured animals isn’t a psychopath.. There are levels of sensitivity that dark triaded individuals cannot reach and therefore they do things that no empath would do, however depraved. The wearing of a costume like that is a clear of someone behaving with extreme entitlement and privilege. He has likely has done worse overseas where no one is around to witness his depravity ie when he was shipped off to the army in Afghanistan because he couldn’t act like a decent civilian without mortifying his family.

          12. I shouldn’t dignify this statement with a response as it is extremely rude, but here goes. In my personal and professional life, most find me to be a ethical individual who most often will not toot their own horn, but who has made a great many difficult decisions and has chosen wisely. From a very young age, I was looked to by dysfunctional family members to make decisions far beyond appropriate for my age range so that these decisions could be blamed on me if they weren’t approved of or if they didn’t like them. Also, these family members had difficulty making decisions, so I was unwillingly enlisted to do so. More often than not, as I’m imperfect and prone to many mistakes as are anyone else, I made the right and albeit difficult decision(s), and always tries to do the right thing by people. I make good decisions due to my ability to experience all range of emotions. I make great decisions, H.G. because I genuinely care about people.

          13. I don’t know if this helps, but the eyes usually give them away.

            If you run a Google Images on Prince Harry
            you can see that on some photos he looks a bit nervous, and he is also seen dwelling and pondering.

            Harry isn’t constantly concerned about his own facial expression, not as tense as narcs.

          14. Survivor X
            Aberrant behaviour wasn’t uncommon during my childhood and I am an empath.

          15. I can’t speak for your personal journey, K, and I’m not putting your individual consult to question, but with Markle and Harry I have my doubts. I do think HG and many others on the thread make intriguing arguments.

          16. Although we disagree Survivor X, you have stated your position in a constructive and respectful fashion and that should be acknowledged.

          17. Sorry to interrupt! I just got a last-minute WhatsApp message from Harry; he begs us to stop recalling that incident when it was already proven that he was actually dressed up as Charles Chaplin in The Great Dictator, and the media manipulated the info. Ah, poor Harry, so misunderstood!

          18. Thanks, HG. I don’t consider it as an invalidation of you as an individual if you’re wrong about two personality profiles. For someone with limited access, it’s a very intriguing argument presented. I’m not even a fan of Markle’s. I just think that the media has unduly critical of her like many others in the public eye. Do I think she should run for mayor? No. I think she was a meh actress and Harry’s a whatever prince. The match makes sense.

          19. Hello Lorelei
            Ha ha ha….I know, right. Thankfully, our empathy tempers our depravity.

          20. Tbh I couldn’t give a rat’s bottom about any of this but it momentarily keeps me from thinking about him. Thank you for that respite.

          21. You are welcome SX, any distraction should be utilised in your march towards freedom.

          22. Yes, Hg element of mercury, I shall squabble with you about the personalities of the ridiculous as I claw my way towards freedom. I will also order a coffee.

          23. “No, she insists the ring calls her finger ‘My Precious’.”

            Hahaha, HG, no doubt

  28. I wish the queen would read this, and it would be lovely to see her reaction. Probably a nod of approval. 🧐

      1. 🗡Lord Tudor of the realm of weaponized empaths.
        I always sensed a certain Game Of Thrones vibe here. 😉

        1. Game of Thrones?
          My throne is a naughty stool in the dungeon. I need an upgrade in seating.

          1. Rachel
            Haha. I had forgotten that scene. At my chair hearing with Lord Tudor, I might do a lap around the table first before settling (right before he orders me thrown in the moat).

        2. And here I thought Megs wrote the messages on bananas because her handwriting would decompose and therefore give them nothing to hold onto for proof of having met her or for possible future sale. Who is going to believe a hooker who says I met a Princess?

        3. HG
          I’m not even a royal enthusiast, but this update and breakdown was a treat to read. Thank you.

          1. Thank you NA. It entertained me that within two minutes of it appearing on Twitter, a Hard Of Understanding announced she was unfollowing me. Obviously didn’t even read it. What an epsilon semi moron

          2. HG
            Re: Hard of Understanding (gracious of you I thought).

            Just as well. We wouldn’t want to interfere with their lifelong goal of remaining ignorant.

          3. ‘Epsilon semi moron’ – I think I love you 😂😂

            HoU – I think this should be added to the acronym glossary.

          4. Hard Of Understanding?

            To quote Meghan on the night she and Harry made Archie, ‘Please fill me in.’

            Ok, that was bad. But so worth it.

  29. HG – thank you. This article with its breaking down of the behavior and the Empathy Cake article have really helped me put some things together that still troubled me. I will review them frequently, as I’m sure there are more insights to be gleaned. Thank you again

  30. Well done once again HG. Your first article and video “A very royal narcissist” cemented your authority.

    Please don’t come for my head but I have no pity for Harry. He’s not a 12-year-old boy he’s a worldly aristocrat from a 1,000 year old monarchy. Hundreds of relatives hundreds of friends the queen as his grandmother why the royal family allowed this travesty of a marriage to happen I cannot imagine.

    Seems to me the two of them would be happier living a private life.

  31. It is fun to watch this unfold on the educated side for once. If she were a greater like you, HG, I’d be worried for the royal family. As she is not, I’m sure the Queen will have her in hand ere long.

  32. “Everything about Harry’s thoughtfulness and the inclusion of Princess Diana’s stones and obviously not being able to meet his mum, it’s so important to me to know that she’s a part of this with us.”

    I have read this statement multiple times and it makes no sense. She even speaks like a Kardashian.

    HG or anyone else, I don’t know much of Morgan other than he has interviewed people. In a very shortened down version, what are some indicators of his narcissism? Just curious.

    1. There’s lots to write about Piers Morgan. British readers will know him as grandiose, opinionated , hypocritical, pompous, haughty and full of false empathy

      1. Thanks for the info, HG. I’ve only seen him interview a few people like Michael Moore or some various celebs so I’ve not gotten the full picture. He always came off as fluff anyway.

      2. HG,
        For a second, I had to do a double-take to confirm who you were describing with those adjectives…

        Those words could easily be used to describe most of the royal family…

        The more I think about it, they could also be used to describe many of the British traditions of pomp and ceremony…

        I have to stop thinking about this…

        PS. I just want to make absolutely clear that I am NOT saying this to defend Piers Morgan. I agree with HG’s description of him.

      1. Yeah, poor, privileged little Princes Harry. He may very well be an empath but he’s full blown dimwit into the bargain. Even his own brother is embarrassed by him, to say nothing of the queen.
        As for the Royal Marine memorial service – opting for the Lion King premier – he deserves everything he gets in my opinion.
        Great article btw and well done on calling out that reprobate Morgan x

        1. A383
          Hahaha. Do you mean just since Harry has been under the influence of the Golden Clam? Or always?

          1. I have a dear friend in my life—a male.. He is extremely empathic, amazing.. It’s clear to me he is involved with a narcissist. How do you say this?? Their blinders are on and how would Harry’s friends help? How do I help my friend? It’s going to come up again and again—I see the source of confusion and upset but I feel stuck because I don’t want to tell my story because my own boundaries are forming/improving..

          2. You do not start by using the N word, you explain how the BEHAVIOUR is a problem and then see how receptive the individual is.

          3. This is what I’ve done because I didn’t want to say anything unusual. Interestingly, it occurred to me that it isn’t just about the narcissist. It’s about my/his propensity to keep engaging. So, yes, he recognizes she treats him in a manner that causes confusion and drama—but he keeps going back and I understand more of my behaviors by seeing another person do it. His girlfriend even sent me a friend request despite having never met me—it was uncomfortable because I’m his client. Lack of boundaries? Jealousy? Wanting to know more about me? All of these things.

          4. Cunt Struck!!!!
            Wowie HG! Those are some choice words! I will be using that one for sure! 🤣

          5. Harry has totally been SC or PW. How long will it take Harry to snap out of it? He is so gullible. I think William noticed very early that there was a problem.

        2. A383, great insights. But, yea imho….I don’t think Harry is an empath. I feel that the royal family are all overprivileged narcissists.

          1. Survivor X, if HG says he’s an empath and Meghan is a narcissist then they are. End of.

            However, for me personally as far as narcissism goes, she’s played an absolute blinder.

            Let’s not forget it’s childhood abuse that causes narcissism and she was innocent child herself once (just like HG) and as she is not a greater she will have absolutely no idea what she is doing really because they truly believe that everyone thinks like them, that they are normal and it’s simply as case of survival of the fitness. Is that not right HG?

            So at the end of the day, we now have a divorced, 30 something, not very good American actress who is the most talked about member of the British royal family.
            We have a winner!

            However, due to Harry’s privileged position, he won’t have to trawl through the internet asking the questions we all did i.e. ‘why won’t she answer my text messages’ he’ll be able to simply lift the phone and speak with someone in HG’s office (MI6) and they will either have her ‘taken out’ or at best she’ll be sent back to the states but well warned to keep her mouth shut ….or else.

            She may very well have bitten off more than she can chew when it comes to preserving the British royal family and the establishment in general here in the UK but if she plays her cards right, and she’s doing okay so far, she’ll be set for life.

            I don’t agree with any of it but that’s the facts. x

          2. Lol ok, are they? HG is the self-proclaimed expert, yes, Idk A383 it’s all relative. I kinda think they are all shitty and not worth any of our time, tbh Happy Saturday! 🤗🌟

          3. Not self-proclaimed. There is plenty of evidence which demonstrates others regard me as an expert.

          4. Yes of course but it disturbs me at times that people on here seem to accept your professional opinion, opinion being the operative term, as fact. I’m not questioning your professional opinion in the least.

          5. Why when I base it on evidence? Further if my opinion is professional, why doubt it? Do you doubt doctors, lawyers, architects etc? If you do, based on what?

          6. Actually, yes, lol, sometimes I do. I doubt them all as I know personally that there are the inept professionals and just plain fallible among them.

          7. Ah well, I daresay you write your own will, carry out your own conveyancing, somehow write your own prescriptions, carry our all your own plumbing and electrical work, perform surgery on yourself when required, design your own house and build it yourself.

          8. That is merely an exaggeration of what I’ve stated, but duly noted H.G. To take experts as face value, “because I said so and I’m the expert” in my experience is a dangerous practice.

          9. You do not have to post it twice, your earlier comment was awaiting moderation, like anybody else’s.

            Empaths are not saints. He was 20 years old when this happened and remember what he has to endure beforehand. I am sure many empaths here will point to their own behaviours at certain times which they look back on and regard as bad judgement, embarrassing, foolish or a strong reaction. This happens because the natural empathy is reduced as a consequence of an external agent, for example stress, bereavement, abuse, pressure etc and reveals certain narcissistic traits. Thus the tired empath who snaps at their partner, the bereaved empath that goes on several benders and so forth.

            The article is about Meghan Markle incidentally, not whether Harry is an empath. I know you do not like the Royal Family, you have made that plain already.

          10. My bad, HG. I didn’t realize I commented on the ridiculous personalities of the royal family twice. We endured a heat wave yest, and it went to my head, sadly.

          11. He was 20, and my sympathies to what he went through however as much as any of us has been you I’d like to bet you a lot of money that none of us has donned a Nazi costume out of grief.

          12. Probably not, but as I pointed out in my comment (which you conveniently ignore) there are lots of other manifestations of aberrant behaviour that can manifest.

          13. Yes, sure but then it begs the question what’s the difference then between a narcissists duck-ups and empath duck-ups? What’s the difference between Markle not allowing photos taken of her and isolating herself at Wimbledon, and an Empath going awol at a football match? I think sometimes some actions are so bizarre and so disturbing that they cannot be done by an empathetic person. It’s impossible. Hanging out with friends in a Nazi costume I think is one of those things.

          14. I think that Harry found his niche in sanctioned killing environment that is the military. He found an outlet for his aggression in Afghanistan where he could operate with total impunity. He likened killing in the military to playing a video game. He has been known to hunt down and kill endangered birds. I think that it’s very interesting that he chose a biracial woman to marry after his Nazi wearing debacle. That would assist in remaking his image as the former bad boy now tolerant and empathic fellow.

          15. I didn’t ignore that comment… I saw it. I read it. Like I said many times however there are some actions that are really truly psychopathic, and Nazi solider reenactments with friends are one.

          16. SX
            I’m an empath and I’ve said and done some pretty horrible things. Especially while young and for a laugh. I think it’s not so much the act but the intention behind it that needs more focus.

          17. But have you hung out with your pals in Nazi costume? I think a lot of us are taking my healthy doubt of a human beings’ expert opinion about the royal family to mean that I doubt HG’s expertise entirely, that I doubt for example HG’s personal assessment following consultation with you. I think that is why there is this reaction on here by not just you but others. We are all wrong from time to time, and I feel that it is unhealthy to blindly accept what any human being says, even if it is HG, even me, even you. He could have been more aware of your given situation, etc. Also, when filling out consult, we are already narrowing ourselves down as respective empath or narc. I wonder what would happen if I filled out the narc detector on myself. Would I become a narc overnight? Is it at times a matter of perspective, especially with so little option for follow-up? A questionnaire and word limits don’t always allow for the whole story. We humans muddle through as best as we can, even experts, and humans make mistakes, even narcissistic ones. Even “champions” don’t always win. Even experts of their field are blinded by their own hubris and fan base.

          18. 1. You cannot complete the questionnaire for yourself, it does not work that way.
            2. Both questionnaires have been formulated to avoid second-guessing.

          19. I think we are misunderstanding me. No one test is good on its own. A set of tests that approach the issue in different ways is far more valid, especially when you are studying the ever-evolving personality of a human being. And making an assessment when the subject is personally unavailable or unwilling to complete it is highly problematic as much as I would like all of your assessments to be correct. You mentioned would I question the veracity of a Doctor, a lawyer, a shaman, a narcissist expert, of course because all of these individuals are human beings and I would definitely obtain a set of expert opinions and use my own noggen rather than rely on the all mighty authority of one individual that can make mistakes, especially when they have the propensity to never acknowledge them.

          20. The test is a collection of questions designed to assess behaviour across a wide range of activities and time period. I agree with you that a narrow field is not helpful, that would be like, for example, stating someone is a psychopath because they wore a Nazi costume. Basing it on just one item would not be sensible would it? I am sure you agree.

          21. No, but also the likening to killing ppl in Afghanistan to playing a video game is a red flag, too, as is paying a bunch of strippers and waitresses to play strip poker with his friends is kinda douchey , also.

          22. Survivor X
            During war many people are able to compartmentalize and detach. Strip poker, titty bars and XXX flicks are normal activities for young men and women.

          23. Sure, but what’s the difference between his actions and hers? I feel that we are giving Harry a pass for poor behavior. Also, I don’t believe in war. It’s sanctioned killing and enables people like Harry to do whatever they like overseas, rape, murder, etc. especially if they are a prince.

          24. Survivor X
            Goofing off and having fun with friends is normal; we all do it. Drinking, gambling, strip clubs, bumping lines, toking, dirty jokes and casual sex are all part of life.

            The difference is that empaths and normals do not need fuel and do not engage in these behaviors to the extreme. We are tempered by decency, conscience and empathy. Narcissists are not.

            I do not like war either, however, it’s here to stay and there isn’t much we can do to change that.

          25. K

            Yes agree. It then naturally follows how he has had these pictures taken of him in the first place?

            There is a mole. Somewhere.

          26. I think I know what you’re driving at: HG, I’m saying that had I sent to you a narc detector questionnaire with my answers where I would be the test subject, then I could be labeled a narcissist rather than an empath, because I’ve done me some narcissistic thangs.

          27. Not necessarily. As usual you make assumptions rather than actually forming a considered view based on evidence.

          28. What we are all doing here is educated speculation, H.G. It is fun though.

          29. Survivor
            I understand your point and it’s healthy to have a certain amount of skepticism. I do as well about some things. I don’t follow blindly or accept anything that is offered to me. I assess the information that I have and pair it with any that is offered to me and that I come across. Then I decide. I have not worn a Nazi costume no, but that’s not to say that I wouldn’t for example if there was a private joke amongst friends about me being one (I have been called one) and it was a private party. It may be in bad taste as many things are, but it wouldn’t make me a narcissist. HG gives his opinion, he has not asked you to accept it. He has asked you what you have based your decision that Harry is not one on. Big difference. There are certainly people who can be easily led, I just don’t think you’re giving people enough credit for deciding for themselves just because their opinion happens to align with his.

          30. NA being called a Nazi and wearing a Nazi costume are totally different things. I think that our empathic nature is projecting our inherent decency onto Harry. I am not saying that people on here are easily led. Rather, I’m saying that their inherent empathic nature is to be open-minded, and open-mindedness although generally a great trait, it can backfire with dealing even with a “greater” narcissist. In addition, I think there is too much emotionally at stake for each person who has consulted with HG to doubt his assessments, especially if his assessments reflect what they wish to see.

          31. You are wrong again.

            1. People do doubt them from time to time because of their emotional thinking.
            2. I take them through the evidence (not assumptions, not blurred thinking) but the evidence of the behaviour (not their labels, the evidence) and that demonstrates the findings are sound.
            You also have ignored what I have explained earlier about how the questionnaires have been formulated, although that does not surprise me.

          32. Lol why? I haven’t ignored you.. I guess I’m a little dubious because by whom have they been formulated? An impartial entity that tests the validity of research questionnaires? It’s by you, no doubt but I don’t know the mechanism by which you do it, so yes being a chronic agnostic, I doubt. So what?

          33. Also, I meant to say, too I find the argument HG is making that Harry is an empath to be very intriguing. Ultimately it’s where I’m at, but I don’t have the personality where I’ll accept expert opinion as fact. I also think there is evidence that points to Harry being the opposite of an empath. I also find that intriguing. I’m not sure if any of us will know for certain either way, and personally I don’t care. I can let one of those mysteries of the universe and investigate other things. The notion that HG can analyze personalities from so great a distance leaves a lot of room for error.

          34. I am not analysing him from a great distance. You see once again this is where your argument founders because you make too many assumptions.

          35. What, are we besties with the royals now? HG, I misjudged your closeness to the crown. My apologies.

          36. I would not say besties but it is closer than you would know. No need to apologise.

          37. Well if you’re close without providing any evidence show how your close I’d say that’s totally credible! Congratulations!

          38. Apparently A Knighthood or a Damehood is awarded for having a major contribution in any activity, usually at national level. Other people working in the nominee’s area will see their contribution as inspirational and significant, requiring commitment over a long period of time.

            Or a major donation to the relevant political party.

          39. Thank you for the information, HG. A culture different from my own, but as ever, subject to corruption.

            So, can I nominate you or not? Ha ha

          40. MB

            You talk about honours being bought? Quite so, they are. Was it now Harold Wilson who as Labour PM suddenly ‘retired’ mid term citing ‘ill health’.

            Didn’t he have his ‘little lavender list’ HG?

            The fact it was written on lavender paper now worries me…

          41. Well said, NA. And anyone can act out for different times at different reasons. A single act, or even a collection of actions, does not define a person, nor their degree of empathy. It is always wise to weigh all contributing factors and evidence. It is also wise to consider one’s own biases and resulting faulty logic before jumping to conclusions.

            For all we know, Harry may have been rebelliously mocking his family’s supposed ties to the nazis (in effect flipping the proverbial bird to the royal institution). We do not know the context and therefore cannot judge his overall character nor degree of resident empathy by this one act of total lapse in judgement. If a pattern were established (as is the case that HG build regarding MM) speaking to his character repeatedly, we might have something to talk about.

          42. I have had appallingly bad behavior in my life and HG has said twenty times I am not a narcissist. (Probably because I’ve asked twenty times) I’ve had an affair with a women’s boyfriend and had her to my home. (Felt horrible) I’ve had numerous affairs in fact. I could really go on and on and on. I’ve behaved ridiculously at times, especially around the age he was when he wore the costume. If HG says he is not a narcissist I bet money on it.

          43. Lorelei, you are very sweet and empathic to feel for a prince, however none of your 20something shenanigans, or mine, or any of ours would ever come close to donning a Nazi costume. We wouldn’t know where to procure one, much less to wear one.

          44. If you read the facts, the Nazi attire was makeshift, it was not a hired costume. As I keep explaining, base it on evidence – that is what I do.

          45. Wait, HG…an empath isn’t going to buy a Nazi costume but he’s going to make a Nazi costume? Empaths are crafty! 😂🤣

          46. He didn’t make it. Interesting how you miss the point of the article repeatedly.

          47. The point is that Markle is a narcissist, yes? I’m not saying you’re wrong. I’m just not entirely convinced that you’re right, either. It’s an interesting argument what your positing. I take it as that.

          48. You are entitled to state an opinion but it is not well-founded as has been repeatedly demonstrated with regard to this issue and furthermore your general approach to presenting a proposition.

          49. Just because I don’t agree entirely with your assessment doesn’t make it incorrect. As I said before, none of us really knows anything as we are not close enough to the royal family to make any statements beyond entertaining and highly intriguing conjecture.

          50. Survivor X, I think the point here is to stop thinking Empaths are perfect models of beatitude. One thing is being a narcissist because you have a personality disorder, and the other is being a spoilt asshole who thinks he’s funny among his privileged white friendship by wearing a nazi custom. Moral of the story: you can be an Empath and fuck it up.

          51. Absolutely, I agree, and I’m a little bewildered as I wasn’t suggesting that empathic people are saints, I’m only stating that extremely callous behavior is a HUGE red flag, and examples abound in the life of Prince Harry. I do not believe in saints, either.

          52. Survivor X, I hope you don’t leave. I like your comments though I must confess I haven’t followed up on this Harry debacle because I simply don’t give a shit whether he is a narc, an Empath, or a muppet. Sometimes emotions get high in the blog (duh, that’s what we do best) especially if you call people flying monkeys. I have been accused of worse here so to be called a flying monkey is not big deal, but I suggest putting Harry aside and returning to our regular funny convos. Fuck the monarchy anyway!

          53. SP, A British colleague once told me that I was an anarchist because I won’t follow the rules. I said it was more that I was American and Americans do not follow rules. I think this is part of the reason why Brits do not like MM, narcissism aside. There are a lot of rules, even if you are not a Royal. There are rules about rules – yesterday I asked at a cafe for a knife or scissors to open little plastic packets. The guy behind the counter said he couldn’t give me one for ‘health and safety’ reasons – Brits will know what I mean – and then we laughed that if he gave me a knife I might kill myself in the middle of the cafe and he would have to clean up the blood. He had to open the packets for me.

          54. My mind thought “friends,” my fingers typed “friends,” but my phone decided “friendship.” Entitled stupid appliance…

          55. I do not doubt the veracity of the evidence. I doubt that we are close enough to the situation to penetrate through the BS PR machine that the rich and influential have around them at all times.

          56. I’m not sure what we mean, but perhaps we misunderstood me. Let me clarify. I think that you, H.G. has drafted a pretty extensive report of your opinion of Megan Markle as narcissist is an intriguing one. Do I think that it is correct? I am not entirely convinced at this time. I think that we don’t have enough to prove it one way or the other, as the evidence is provided through a carefully monitored and filtered link between the royal family and the public.

          57. Survivor—Donning a Nazi costume is a an example of youthful idiocy indicating a total lack of foresight. It’s a really dumb blunder but not an independent dead ringer for narcissism. Some things are indeed. (Raping a child absolutely for instance should land there—not a costume even if abhorrent)
            Expressions of anti-Semitic behavior is a very emotive subject so I respect your position. I do have to say that several behaviors of mine (several isolated incidents) in my life exceed this behavior—absolutely. This affords me some compassion for poor judgement at times.

          58. Lorelei, with all due respect Harry also has been recorded as saying that killing people in the army felt like killing people in a video game for him. He has also been known to hunt endangered birds. I haven’t done a ton of research, but I would say there is a body of evidence that would contradict his being an “empath”

          59. “I haven’t done a ton of research but I would say there is a body of evidence.”

            Your argument founders there.

          60. Just because I haven’t done a ton of research doesn’t mean that I don’t make valid points. That quote you selected, too, is merely an example of self-deprecation. I am flattered however that you have taken the time to quote me, H.G.

          61. I just feel like if you’re wearing the costume additionally with full knowledge that you’re in the public eye and it inevitably will get out that you did this, then yes I think you have graduated from general asshole anti Semite to psychopath or sociopath.

          62. 1. He was at a private party and did not apprehend that it would get out. Remember he is young and trusting.
            2. The wearing of a Nazi costume does not make you a psychopath or a sociopath. That would be akin to me reading two of your posts and labelling you an idiot. I would form a view based on evidence accumulated over a period of time.

          63. He also has been recorded to have stated that killing people is like playing a video game. Additionally he had hunted endangered birds for sport. What do you make of that? I’m not saying that wearing the costume, but doing so at all shows a great deal of entitlement and your defense of his actions is a commonplace event when one is discussing and absolving of any wrong-doing the foibles of The White Man.

          64. I have compassion for poor judgment, Lorelai, but I find it is often afforded too generously to some darn awful people.

          65. That would be correct Survivor X, that is the impact of emotional thinking hijacking the trait of emotional thinking.

          66. I even have compassion for horrible people Survivor. My dad, the men I’ve had in my life.. I could expand but it’s not the point. There are awful behaviors and then there are awful people. At the end of the day if you don’t have the bandwidth for certain things people do then discredit their influence from your life. This is the big take away.

          67. Sure, but, surely you recognize the imbalanced nature of this and the possibility that your invaluable sympathy could be used by an opportunistic greater narcissist to twist your thinking and belief system?

          68. Oh Survivor—I’m sorry for the following mini dissertation if it hits as caustic. Here it goes. I feel enormously blessed to have stumbled upon HG’s work. (I’m not religious but you get the point.) Why? Is a greater narcissist twisting my mind? No—he’s untwisting my mind. Not one person on this planet produces the work, truth and insight HG does. I’m not an idiot, I have the capacity to pursue anything reasonably interesting academically in terms of aptitude. I’m not dim-witted. I’m also not one to subscribe to a religion, a deodorant or even a perfume for too long so there is no tendency to worship a man, a woman, a church or a God. Take my belief system—I know precisely what values I have. When entangled with narcissists my innate propensity to have certain attributes was obliterated for instance. I was a shit mom, a disengaged (at times) employee, was engaging in many dalliances of no decorum, drank too much, on and on. My belief system was cast aside because of a need to “get by” in my state of bewilderment. So I’m pretty untwisted in comparison to nine months ago.. Why? Just today—my “handyman” is not really a “handyman.” I would be all over a man with his academic credentials and earning power nine months ago. Today, I am able to sit and view his behaviors forensically in a pretty astute manner. I’m able to set boundaries and when he said, “We should have wine” I was able to manage the conquest he has instinctively illustrated and mitigated it while maintaining a “professional” alliance. Nine months ago.. We would already be twisting about in the sheets. I am weaponized just enough at this juncture to handle some situations including my children’s father. You will not get this degree of weaponization from other narcissist recovery forums. Yes, there is great stuff here and there—but do you want average to good or pristine when it comes to your life? I’ll take the five star approach. If I had diabetes I’d probably do generally ok with some teaching yes.. I’ll do far better when I understand more than the basics. HG offers the mental pathophysiology of abusive people and teaches all elements of their tactics and what they look like in a tangible way. You can disagree with his assessments—I just busted on him last week for suggesting his healthcare would be best served by a narcissist. It’s ok! Just don’t propose my mind is being twisted though. You have no idea what benefit he offers me, my family, my close friends—even my mom likes him. He’s pleasant, jovial, professional, and more informative than anyone on this topic. So it’s ok to disagree and it’s ok to have productive discussion but I won’t accept the notion my mind is being twisted when it’s unraveling at exponential speed. I have no where but up to go really—if that is truly potentially twisted in your opinion then just keep reading.

          69. Renarde—I’m headed into another week of a potentially a clear head. It’s genius hanging around narc site!

          70. Yes Renarde—the prosperity associated with peace is priceless. Without “all of this” I’d never have left a state of bewilderment. I’d have more energy yes, I’d have regained some functionality yes. Would I likely be re-entangled or on the brink of it? Yes. Would I be heavily engaged in playing emotional ping pong with the children’s father? Yes. Would I be baffled by co-workers confusing shenanigans—absolutely. The list is endless. It’s becoming relatively manageable and increasingly simple but I’ll admit that any challenging academic study was far easier to decipher. 💕💕

          71. I’ve done terrible things. Wearing a nazi costume once wouldn’t even begin to cover it. I won’t start a list, it would be humiliating and take way too long.

          72. How about comparing killing people to playing a video game. Have we done this? I think my healthy doubt towards H.G.’s insights has made a lot of those who have received his consults question their own results. Perhaps we aren’t the empath we thought we were, but it was good to feel as if it were true.

          73. Survivor X, with all due respect but I don’t merely accept everything HG says as fact.

            However, when it comes to determining who is an empath and who is a narcissist then based on the fact that HG is a self aware narcissist (very rare), has published thousands of articles on the subject, written countless books as well as consulted with hundreds of people advising them on the subject of narcissism, surely it is only right that he be considered an expert, that his opinion is sound and is to be respected.

            I, like you, have strong opinions on the royal family but this is probably not the best forum to debate the ins and outs of the monarchy.

            That said, I stand by my opinion that Harry is a privileged dim wit albeit an emphatic one – privileged as he is a member of the royal family, a dim wit, oh where to begin – okay his teacher at Eton College sat his exams for him and an empath because HG says he is.


          74. Hello, Survivor X.
            A few thoughts on your thoughts:
            – Meghan acting like a typical bride mixed with being an American and not knowing protocol:
            Unfortunately there are women who act like “Bridezillas” when planning their weddings. There was once a reality show about that. I watched it when I was engaged and contacted my family and friends letting them know that they had the right kick my butt if I started to act like that. That behavior is unbelievable and, yes, there are some women like that. I have known many women who have planned their weddings and have yet to experience a “Bridezilla” in real life. Yes, many Americans don’t understand the protocol when it comes to the Royal Family. Here’s where I see things differently than what you have shared. A “normal” person or empath would hear “we appreciate you want that tiara but per protocol that cannot be” and move on to the next detail. What happened that led to the Queen having to have a talk with her grandson? I doubt that she would have made the determination to have a “come to Jesus” discussion with him at initial rejection. Accidentally overstepping protocol you are still learning is not the same as individuals fighting against the protocol. Secondly, the behavior of “Bridezilla” didn’t end after the wedding. I know many women who do not have the same engagement rings. Those are women who became engaged over 25 years before and with a ring that the man could afford at that time. Personally, I wouldn’t “upgrade” but assume that they maintain the original ring somehow. Maybe it is the belief that an engagement ring doesn’t mean to society what it once did when men picked it out and surprised their soon to be fiancee. Regardless, Harry put himself into designing that ring and change to it occured just one year later. The first year should be honeymoon period where changes to the ring are the last thing on the mind, and possibly bathroom etiquette being a bit ahead in priority for changes.

            – Harry:
            The Nazi costume was horrific! It was an insult on all the survivors and a ridiculous choice considering the family connection to his great uncle to Hitler’s belief. It was a narcissistic step for sure! I don’t care about his past and the issue with drinking at the time. One act though doesn’t a narcissist make. He served overseas. They didn’t advertise it due to safety reasons but he hasn’t been the type to say “how amazing am I that I served.” No, when he talks about it, he talks about those with whom he served. When he helped in Africa (I think), he didn’t advertise and make sure all his steps were caught on camera. He started the athletic competition for injured veterans. Yes it makes him look good but he turns the image around on those participating every chance he gets. He knows his image will help move a cause, but he doesn’t make it about his image.

            – Things people believe because we are told:
            There may be individuals who blindly listen, but that doesn’t mean all are like that. I consider HG an initial step. He provides information but it is my ability to consider the information. Let’s say HG was wrong and I am not an empath but a Greater narcissist (why not?). What has it changed? Have I become more empathic because someone said I am one? Has my belief in me being an empath done good or harm?
            As for the narcissist consultation. I have, too, thought of doing one on myself. Let’s pretend I did and HG said that “the person is a MRN (should be Greater but we won’t go there).” Ok, so now I feel bad for the narcissistic crud I have done and try to change myself for a better. We all act narcissistic. I can be the bitchiest bitch anyone has met. I have been selfish and hurt others with my words and actions. Even saints weren’t always saints.

          75. GT excellent insights here. I agree that saints aren’t saints (Frankly, I do not believe in saints, but that is for another conversation.). I think we are saying the similar things—YES her behavior is narcissistic, but is it pathological? I’m not so sure of that.

          76. Apologies for the dyslexic writing: “for different times at different reasons,” should have said “for different reasons at different times”. Also s/b “HG built”, not “build” (auto correct struck on that one and almost happened again!.)

          77. I prefer not to perpetuate certain stereotypes, so I have never been seen in a Nazi costume. But if it comes to all the awful things I’ve done and feel could guilty about, this one would not even make the list. I think you would be surprised as to all the things empaths are capable of and have done under certain circumstances, as HG has already so eloquently alluded to. That does not make them any less of an empath, it is entirely situational. The fact that you keep insiting on Prince Harry in a Nazi Costume already states as such. What else is there to indicate he might be anything less than an empath? Nothing.

          78. I would be inclined to agree with you if that’s all there was, Desiree. There is quite a bit, Ie likening the killing of people to playing a video game in the army, routinely hunting endangered animals for sport.. I don’t doubt that empaths do terrible things, but there’s doing bad things beyond the boundaries that we could even fathom as empaths, and that is where people like prince harry dwell.

          79. In the interest of accuracy, Harry was quoted as saying using console used to fire the hell fire missiles aboard the Apache helicopter was similar to Playstation. He said he is good a video games. When asked about the missiles killing people he replied that he had to “take a life to save a life” and if bad people were going to do bad things and kill people he would have no problem taking them out.

            He did not say killing people is like playing video game.