A Very Royal Narcissist 2


Over a year ago, Prince Harry married Meghan Markle who is now known as the Duchess of Sussex. Just prior to their wedding I wrote A Very Royal Narcissist which identified from the evidence available many determinative factors demonstrating that a narcissist was about to marry in to the Royal Family.

A year has passed since then and with such a prominent individual it is very worthwhile placing the Duchess under the TudorScope once more to ascertain whether the initial determination was incorrect or whether her behaviours underline and affirm the first determination. There is a plethora of information that can be utilised and in the interests of brevity and accessibility I have not used everything that available and therefore if certain examples and instances are not included, that is why.

Before we embark on the analysis let me make something clear for the Hard of Understanding. This is nothing to do with race. It is about narcissism. Not because the Duchess identifies as biracial through having black and white relatives. It is irrelevant whether she is white, black, yellow or a mixture. Narcissists are white, black, brown, yellow, male, female, transgender, straight, gay, bisexual, religious, not religious – we come in many different packages. This is focussed on narcissism and not race, so if you try and make it about race not only have you missed the point, you are also making yourself look stupid.

Furthermore I know there are other narcissists in the royal family (they will get their turn under the Tudorscope worry not) so you do not have to keep piping up about that. Miss Markle is prominent and therefore a very worthwhile subject to enable people to understand more about narcissism.

With those points established, let’s get down to some analysis. I would also recommend that you read The Empathy Cake because this will help you place the behaviours in a context viz a viz empaths, empathic people and normal people. Where narcissistic indicators are identified, they are listed after each example of behaviour.

Something Smells Off

The marriage ceremony (like may others before, along with funerals) took place at St George’s Chapel. Miss Markle requested that atomisers be used throughout the chapel for the purpose of removing the apparent musty (but not unpleasant) smell. It is an old building and therefore has such a smell. Her request was deemed inappropriate. Even when this was pointed out to her, she maintained that she wanted the atomisers placed there. One might overlook not realising it was inappropriate, but then the following insistence is an indicator of narcissistic behaviours.

Sense of Entitlement

Poor Boundary Recognition

Tiara Trouble

The Queen apparently had to have stern words with her grandson, Prince Harry in the lead-up to his wedding, after both he and Meghan were upset that she could not wear the tiara she initially picked out from the royal treasury. According to reports, Meghan wanted to wear a tiara studded with emeralds, but because the provenance was not known, the royal family refused. Such refusal is done with good purpose as if the provenance is not known this could cause potential future embarrassment to have jewels of dubious provenance paraded by a member of the Royal Family.

There was a very heated exchange that prompted the Queen to speak to Harry, as a consequence of this failure to follow Royal Protocol. Remember, Miss Markle was well aware that she was marrying into an established institution which has protocols, standards and responsibilities. It is the Queen who selects the tiara but both Miss Markle and Prince Harry tried to alter that. It is evident, from the first article, that Prince Harry’s demand arose from wanting to please Miss Markle given her evident influence over him.

The Queen stated ‘Meghan cannot have whatever she wants. She gets what tiara she’s given by me.’

The message from the Queen was very much Meghan needed to think about how she speaks to staff members and be careful to follow family protocols.

Sense of Entitlement


Poor Boundary Recognition


Staff Turnover and Operation

Problems have arisen with regard to the relationships with staff and the turnover of staff. Now there are always going to be changes in personnel and doubtless certain pressures associated with a demanding and high profile situation will also result in such changes, however, what is noteworthy are the number of resignations, the short period of time held by these people in their positions and the comment which has surround them. This evidences a pattern. Consider this, how often will a narcissist have a haphazard employment history and/or a string of failed relationships yet when this is pointed out, the narcissist will always declare that it was the fault of the others and not the narcissist. Such numbers however speak for themselves and even more so, with the comments allied to them.

 Meghan’s personal assistant resigned “suddenly” after just six months on the job. Other resignations within the Kensington Palace team include Samantha Cohen, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s private secretary, Edward Lane Fox, Prince Harry’s private secretary and Kensington Palace senior communications secretary Katrina McKeever, who left the team in September.

The Duchess has been known as the Duchess Difficult by the palace staff since she got married. It is well-known how her staff kept leaving due to her difficult behaviour (which is very unlikely for the members of the royal family). Four resignations in less than one year were no small thing.

Following such losses of staff, it is clear that Prince Harry and the Duchess were mindful of risking further losses in staffing (and the impression this creates) and therefore opted to manage matters more directly and did not hire a nanny right after the birth of their son..  Meghan Markle wanted to do everything by herself for her new born son. She would not even allow her mother Doria to hold the baby in her absence. Hence, appointing a nanny seemed out of question.

Following this period, Harry and the Duchess have now hired a nanny whose name has not been disclosed yet. Unlike Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis’ live-in nanny Maria Borrallo who is a graduate of the famous Norland College, Archie’s nanny does not have any such background. Maria Borrallo also travels with the royal family whenever they take children along. Also, this nanny will have a day job and leave in the evening. Weekends will also be days off for her.

As much as the press is eager to see Archie’s pictures, they are also curious to know about his nanny. Maria Borrallo is almost as famous as Prince George as she was always seen by his side. However, this time it will be different. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are very private when it comes to their new born Archie. His birth announcement was also not made in the traditional way. The nanny is not allowed to speak publicly about her role. According to the royal commentator and author Katie Nicholl, the nanny is also supposed to sign an extensive nondisclosure agreement.

It is interesting to see how the damaging impression that has arisen as a consequence of these losses in staff has then resulted in the exertion of greater control and the management of appearances through the differing approach with regards to the nanny to the Duke and Duchess’ son.

Haughty Behaviour

Lack of Empathy

Sense of Entitlement

Exertion of Control

Façade Management


Use and Dispose

The broadcaster Piers Morgan has criticised the Duchess of Sussex describing her as “a piece of work” and comparing her behaviour to that “of a Kardashian” as opposed to a member of the royal family. It is always entertaining to have one narcissist comment on another. We should not pay so much attention to the language used by Mr Morgan but rather the behaviour he described.

Morgan said he felt “conned by the Duchess, claiming that he was with her before she met the Prince Harry for the first time and never heard from her again because “she’d met someone more important”.

“I had a bad experience with Meghan Markle, I’ve talked about it a lot,” Morgan said.

“I’m afraid, she’s a bit of a piece of work,” he added, arguing that Markle “drops people as soon she gets someone more important in her life”.

Morgan went on to explain how he disapproves of the way the Duchess “treats her family”, pointing out that none of them, bar her mother, Doria Ragland, were present at her wedding.

“I was of use to her when it suited her,” he explained. “I was conned by her, I thought she was nice, I thought she was a nice person.

“I put her in the cab to meet Harry, never heard from her again, she met somebody more important and that was it, gone, bang, ghosted.”

Morgan, a narcissist himself, responds to this shelfing behaviour with a suitable provocative complaint and accompanying Pity Play. Nevertheless, just because he complains of the behaviour the fact of it occurring underlines that typical narcissistic behaviour of not showing accountability in a social relationship and using it as a means to an end, having no empathy for the feelings of the other person in that relationship.

Morgan is not the only person to complain of such treatment.

Following her split from former husband Trevor Engelson, Miss Markle became friendly with a television personality, Lizzie Cundy. Miss Markle wanted a new man and said that she had two firm conditions, firstly he had to be English and secondly he had to be famous, according to Cundy. Cundy explained that she assisted Markle with regard to potential involvement with football Ashley Cole and X-Factor Matt Cardle but once Miss Markle began dating Prince Harry, Cundy found she was dropped by Miss Markle and offered just comfort crumbs with regard to their supposed friendship.

Sense of Entitlement

Lack of Accountability


Lack of Empathy


Wimbledon Woe

Recently, the Duchess attended the tennis competition at Wimbledon and more evidence arose with regard to her behaviour and what it signifies.

In the photo below, a man who appears to be a royal bodyguard can been seen approaching a man holding his phone. The man holding the phone was 58-year-old Hasan Hasanov, who was accused of invading the Duchess of Sussex’s privacy when he took a selfie in front of the royal during the match.

Photo credit: Getty Images

Hasan insisted that he didn’t know Meghan was there when he stopped to take the selfie. “I honestly couldn’t really care less about taking a picture of Meghan, Harry or any of the royals—and, if I did, I’d ask first,” he said. “I was much more interested in getting a video of Roger Federer in action.” The fact that it was assumed that Mr Hasanov wanted to take a picture of the Duchess might be regarded as grandiosity, however being a public figure it is not unreasonable to expect this to happen and therefore it was an understandable mistake. The manner in which the bodyguard was dispatched and the Duchess’ failure to intervene (one can see how close she is to Mr Hasanov) demonstrates a degree of haughtiness and also the contradictory behaviour often evident with such figures ‘You must take pictures of me except when I decide you cannot.’

The Wimbledon woe did not end there. The Duchess created problems with regard to attending wearing jeans and failing to watch a Brit play tennis. There appears to be other unspecified behaviour which resulted in a Wimbledon official stating “It was a nightmare, she was a nightmare,” the Wimbledon official. While that official didn’t elaborate as to what was meant by that statement, another source reportedly claimed, “She wanted to come incognito but there were problems. They couldn’t invite her into the royal box because she was wearing jeans but that didn’t really matter because all she wanted to do was come and watch Serena Williams. Andy Murray was on Court 1 afterwards and it was a massive faux pas not to watch a Brit when she is signed up to the Royal Family.”

Sense of Entitlement

Poor Boundary Recognition

Contradictory Behaviour

The Bananas of Empowerment

Miss Markle visited One25, a Bristol, UK charity which supports female sex workers who are trapped in cycles of poverty, violence and addiction. Miss Markle assisted making packed lunches for the sex workers. Wearing an expensive Oscar De La Renta dress, Miss Markle wrote with a Sharpie on the bananas phrases such as “you are strong”, “you are brave”, “you are loved.”

A sex worker stated, “people out here struggle to eat and sleep and she gifts us some words on a piece of fruit”.

There is no doubting that the Duchess meant well through this gesture, but this is the instinctive and unaware behaviour associated with Mid Range Narcissists, namely they think they are doing something good but cannot actually see (because their narcissism blinds them) to how crass and unempathetic their behaviours are.

What drove this act of charity was the unconscious narcissism whereby it was predicated on a lofty position she sees herself as holding. Her words are special, motivating because after all, surely the sex worker could regard themselves as strong, brave, loved but that will not turn around matters for them. No, the words must come from a ‘higher power’ namely the Duchess because her words matter. The Duchess does not realise this manifestation of the narcissism.

She of course believes that her gesture was well-intentioned , but failed to realise how condescending and ultimately pointless her act was.

In addition, in the footage of this act, you can see Prince Harry immediately recognises this is a bad move but he does nothing other than look on as the crass moment unfolds. After all “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets” as his own words come back to haunt him. Her failure to pick up on his discomfort is a further indicator.


Magical Thinking

Lack of Emotional Empathy


MeAgain Label

Whilst the media relish giving people labels, this happens because there is a basis for them. There are plenty of examples of this Ralph ‘Five Times A Night’ Halpern, John’ two Jags’ Prescott,  Doris Day ‘The Professional Virgin’, Aretha Franklin ‘The Queen of Soul’, Madonna ‘The Queen of Pop’ and so on. The fact the Duchess is known as MeAgain demonstrates that there has been repeated recognition of self-absorbed behaviour and self promotion by many others.


Self Entitlement

Pregnancy Promenade

Naturally a mother to be is proud of the baby she is carrying, but the bump/pregnancy will be used by a narcissist for the purposes of gaining fuel and exerting control. The Duchess was repeatedly filmed and photographed touching her bump, cradling the bump, flicking her coat open to ‘reveal’ the bump and accentuating it. This exaggerated cradling and posing was witnessed many times including at the British Film Awards, the Mayhew Animal Home visit, Brinsworth Care Home and at Admiralty House in Sydney, to name but a few.

Not keeping the bump under flowing maternity dresses like previous royal mothers to be, but a parade of tight clothing allied with stances/gestures to highlight the bump and adopting entirely unnatural poses (contrast how Kate Middleton stood/presented) and this, taken in context with all of the other behaviours in this article and the previous one tell a further story of narcissistic behaviour.

Sense of Entitlement

Fuel Seeking


Changing of the Ring

Miss Markle received a stunning engagement ring from Prince Harry after he popped the question in November 2018. The Duchess of Sussex, showed off her huge sparkler in a BBC TV interview and for her official engagement photos. Since then the  piece of jewellery has been flashed by the duchess on numerous royal outings.

Meghan flaunted the ring at Trooping the Colour in June when she also showed off a new pavé diamond eternity ring, believed to be a present from her husband.

There has been a major change to her engagement ring less than two years after Meghan first slipped it onto her finger.

This is interesting as her original ring  was designed by Prince Harry himself and includes two diamonds from his late mother Princess Diana.

Editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine Ingrid Seward stated “I find it a bit odd Meghan would want to alter a ring that her husband had especially designed for her.

“A royal engagement ring is a piece of history not a bit of jewellery to be updated when it looks old fashioned.”

Meghan has altered the band despite Harry saying “yellow gold” was her favourite.

Speaking at the time of their engagement, Prince Harry said: “The ring is obviously yellow gold because that’s her favourite and the main stone itself I sourced from Botswana and the little diamonds either side are from my mother’s jewellery collection, to make sure she’s with us on this crazy journey together.”

Meghan added: “Everything about Harry’s thoughtfulness and the inclusion of Princess Diana’s stones and obviously not being able to meet his mum, it’s so important to me to know that she’s a part of this with us.”

Having played on such importance at the time (when of course it suited during the seduction period) the necessity to assert control through an alternative method has resulted in altering a ring (something which is highly unusual in itself – not including altering it so it fits) and trampling over the feelings of her husband. It is not a surprise to find Miss Markle previously looking to emulate Princess Diana and once embedded removing this particular trace of the deceased Princess.

Sense of Entitlement

Contradictory Behaviour

Exertion of Control

Lack of Emotional Empathy

There are plenty of other instances, including clashes with Kate Middleton, the refurbishment of Frogmore House and Harry’s failure to attend the memorial service to 11 marines (he is Colonel in Chief of the marines) and instead go to the Lion King Premiere instead with the Duchess. There is plenty more evidence available which contains similar instances of grandiosity, poor boundary recognition, haughtiness and a lack of emotional empathy. The gift keeps on giving.

It is evident based on the original article and the multitude of indicators highlighted from the above behaviours that the Duchess if very much A Very Royal Narcissist.



  1. Survivor X,
    I’m sorry. I had to post here because I was losing my patience in finding a “Reply” button on the comment string. I didn’t want to go narcissistic regarding the button so I here I am. I hope you find this comment.
    In regards to your last comment to me regarding Harry viewing people black/white and comparing war to video games.

    – Black/white (bad guy versus good guy). I need to ask have you served in a military or talked with people who have? Have you heard their thoughts on war? Many do not want war; many want leaders to figure their stuff out without going to war; but they are willing to lay their lives down for the protection of others and the protection of what their country stands for. With that said, war happens. How do people who don’t fantasize about killing, who don’t go around killing, who are only there to serve able to handle the reality that their actions take a life? Sometimes, in war, the way someone is is not the way they would be outside war. There are many veterans who do not kill or cause harm at home but killed in a war. What does it take for a person like that to rationalize their taking of that life. Maybe it isthe coping mechanism of good guys versus bad guys. “These people chop heads off of innocent people; these people take planes and kill thousands; these people killed millions in concentration camps.” Have you ever watched “Joyeux Noel?” It is a story based on the real life event of WWI’s Christmas Eve break. When they didn’t see the opposite side as people, they were able to fight. When they recognized the equivalent humanity, that ability to cope in killing the other was a struggle. Sometimes what others do do are so evil that it can be assessed, by the opposite side, to be bad. The Nazi uniform was a significant issue for you. Why? Probably because what some of the Nazis did was abhorrent. Would that not be categorized as “bad guys?”

    – Comparing war to video games
    Have you seen video games lately? It is horrific what they show and allow people to experience!! Video games have become so violent and graphic that they are truly too real. Apparently now you can have sex on video games with other characters. I am going to hold off on my dissertation of the impact to that kind of playing to a mind when people play from an hour to many hours a day. I don’t know the kind of equipment Harry used in war nor do I know what games he played. I will say that many games like to do a real war type situation (not all are stealing cars). As graphic as video games are and as computerized equipment in life are becoming, I wonder if that is not true what he said. Maybe that should be his next cause in that children experience graphic war like events at their home for hours and people think it will have no impact on them mentally or emotionally; while I will point out that adults who experience the real life experience may develop PTSD.

    1. To clarify my last line, there are other factors that occur in a real war setting that lends to possible PTSD that cannot be forgotten. With that said, video games are so graphic that it is not understandable how people think children, whose minds and decision making abilities are still forming, would not be impacted.

  2. Very entertaining, HG. I’ve no idea where you get all of these tidbits. The Daily Mirror? (Mail is too obvious.)

    Especially impressed with the royal baby bump analysis. I’d say it sure was some weird behavior.

    Why would they name their baby after a ginger American comic book character, with whom Harry was probably unfamiliar? Could MM be taking the piss out of Harry?

    1. Ha ha, neither of those ‘esteemed’ organs, a variety of courses, some personal to me.

      Who is the comic book character you are referring to SMH, I don’t think I am familiar with this.

      1. HG, Archie and the Gang was a popular American comic book in the 40s, then they made a TV cartoon out of the same characters. My husband’s mom kept a collection of many issues of this comic book (apart from her scary dolls). Because you and I are very young, we may not be that familiar with the comic but the cartoon was shown on TV in the early 80s in my country. I personally preferred another character in the same series, Sabrina the Teenage Witch. You may be more familiar with that one.

        1. I recall Sabrina, I recall Melissa Joan Hart was something of a tinker when it came to men. Thank you for explaining re Archie, I did not know about that.

          1. My pleasure, HG! Here’s a link to the opening song of the original Sabrina (1971, I wasn’t even born yet) it includes a cameo from other characters in Archie’s. Not the best animation but, what can one expect at that time?

          2. So, you are close to some royals, HG. You get curiouser and curiouser, though I did suspect you were a toff!

            Yes, it is the cartoon that I remember, though I believe the comic strip was also in the newspaper. Archie is probably the most famous ginger American, HG, and of course MM is American, so she would know, even if she is young (relatively speaking). I found it really weird that they picked that name. The fact that you did not know who Archie was makes me think that Harry doesn’t know either. Is everyone laughing at him behind his back? Hmmm.

      1. Re: what kind of Empath is Harry
        I’d go with Standard Empath, strong Co-Dependent Minority Element
        of the Magnet Cadre, strong Saviour Minority Element

        1. Desiree—you are way ahead on the learning curve because this is still baffling to me. It just sounds so altruistic and noble. Ugh

          1. Lorelei, you aren’t the only one who is baffled by the terminology but I’m interested to learn. Is this information we acquire from from reading HG’s books? Elsewhere? I have 3 on my Kindle that I haven’t read yet. I’ve been reading the emails when I can (they help so much). What is a good starting point? This is all holding me up from falling down, atm. It is so hard not to go and blow my narc’s world up every day (I could, severely) but I’d only be blowing my world up with it. Need to try to keep remaining calm.

          2. Lorelei, I can explain a little bit about how I went about this, if that’s helpful to you. Have you done the Empath detector test?
            I went through the different aspects of my test and thought about which elements come to the forefront in which situation, then thought about other people I know or celebrities that share my tendencies – trains you to recognize your own empathic behaviour in people outside of yourself
            After that, I read up on all the other schools and cadres and thought about examples for those – trains you to recognize empathic behaviour that might be different from yours in other people
            Finally, I looked at Harry and tried to determine both his majority AND minority element, together, at the same time.
            I do that to make sure I don’t fall into the trap of seeing the most notable traits and jump to the conclusion that they’re also the most dominant ones.
            Harry might have noticable co-dependent tendencies, but that does not make him a Co-Dependent. Most are Standart Empaths but they can have noticable traits of the SE or CoD, taking the minority element into consideration right away helps you differentiate.
            With the cadre however, the one that first jumps to mind is often the majority element. I think that is because most cadres such as Geyser, Magnet or Saviour are easy to observe and unlikely to be confused for one another. The Carrier can be harder to spot, but once you’ve determined that someone is indeed an Empath, you will have an easy time detecting a Carrier as well.
            I could also go through the exact examples I thought of in Harry’s case that let me come to my conclusion, but that might get really long and I should probably just draw a diagram.

          3. Excellent! I shall get my formal empath analysis done soon.
            “Harry might have noticable co-dependent tendencies, but that does not make him a Co-Dependent. Most are Standart Empaths but they can have noticable traits of the SE or CoD“
            This is what I thought if during the recent BLL discussions re: Celeste. I had voted standard bc while I see her as in a codependent relationship w Perry, I don’t see her as a codependent.
            Regardless, sounds like fascinating work which I shall take to shortly!
            Thanks for your input

          1. I hasn’t finished my reply as I lost Wi-fi so I hope it didn’t send.

            Apologies re the swearing, I hope I didn’t offend anyone!

            You took your time with your witty banter! I feel jimmy Carr would have been much quicker on that front – he is sooooo sharp!

            And as for James cordon ah so damn dreamy! It’s no wonder he’s writing another series of Gavin and Stacey – such talent! We all know it’s him and not Ruth Jones.

          2. I don’t believe HG has given his seal of approval but I strongly suspect he is and a greater

          3. Sweet! I haven’t watched his latest on Netflix and this makes it even better 😂

      2. @desiree

        You’re fab! Thank you! You’re good at this!

        I had the magnet and was thinking standard. I wouldn’t have got the CD or saviour bit but it all makes perfect sense!

        Well done, I feel incredibly satisfied now I know.
        You’re a clever lady!

  3. Hi HG,
    The Jeffrey Epstein fallout, decades in the making… Do you think Prince Andrew is capable of having slept with a teenage girl(s)? This video reveals the depth of the narcissistic component driving Mr. Epstein and his cronies, yet, per your observations, the concept of narcissism is never once mentioned. Crazy!


    1. Prince Andrew does exhibit a sense of entitlement and poor boundary recognition but whether that would take him into the realm of sleeping with teenage girls (who are below the age of consent I assume you mean?) is a different matter. Epstein is a narcissist.

      1. Great clarification! Steven Bauer (60), the actor from Scarface and Ray Donovan, began dating an 18 year old two or three years ago. A moment in time and a societal boundary can make all the difference in the world as to the legality of one’s action. Thank you.

  4. She’s worse than I thought. The ring change should have been an insult to Harry and it probably hurt. Hopefully that got the divorce wheels turning in his mind. What is always on my mind is this….did she purposefully change the ring to insult Harry OR was she obliviously MR. I do struggle with this…

    If she can wear jeans to Wimbledon she can wear jeans to pack lunches for the sex workers. For the love of fuck.. Again, it’s insulting.

    Whining over a tiara? Sending your husband to whine for you? Off with her head.

    1. Hi megan…i knew meghan would get pregnant as fast as she could bc in the back of her mind going by her track record and “possibly” her being aware of her npd would wonder if the marriage would last and she wants to secure her meal ticket. As far as her having more children im back and forth on that one. She would be competing with kate and want to prove how fertile she is and want more children than her. Then theres the attention from being pregnant and a new royal baby. On the flipside shes very much into her own goals and she doesnt strike me as the motherly type who would want many children or enjoy being pregnant in the physical sense. I could be wrong but it should be interesting to watch it unfold. One things for certain i dont think this marriage will last or even last long.

      1. Chihuahuamum, I agree the marriage won’t last, but I wonder if the marriage may last longer than expected because of how hard Harry will try. As HG said, he’s cunt struck and believes this is real. Harry knows how painful it is for children to endure a very public and bitter divorce between their parents. I suspect he would seek to protect his child from such a fate. Meghan could easily lap up positive fuel from secondary sources while devaluing Harry for years and years.

        I also cannot help but wonder if there are more far more manipulations for Meghan to unleash. In HG’s initial assessment (“A Very Royal Narcissist”), he discussed how damaged Harry was due to his childhood, including the speculation over the identity of his father. Undoubtedly Harry has confided in Meghan about that issue and narcissists are always listening when we give away our weaknesses/worst fears. I could foresee a scenario where Meghan becomes pregnant again and eventually the rumor mill starts about possible affairs/identity of the father. Can you imagine how devastating that would be for Harry to witness his child suffer the same rumors that he endured along with the fuel Meghan would obtain?

        1. An interesting and valid observation BCHG, it will be of value to look out for that as a potential manipulation.

          1. Linguistic curiosity: is cunt strucked akin to pussy whipped? Help me, English natives.

          2. No. Pussy whipped is under the thumb and therefore doing the will of the female because the man is browbeaten and has no backbone. Cunt struck is akin infatuation and is doing the will of the female because of the sex being provided.

            A man with a new lover tends to be cunt struck and then he gets married and becomes pussy whipped.

          3. Thank you, HG! It’s interesting to find out all of these subtle nuances in chauvinistic expressions.

          4. Surely there are some equal opportunity expressions, SP? I was hoping for some. I fear I’m not worldly nor urban enough to be of any use in this department.

          5. And if a woman is infatuated with her new male lover? What’s that called?

          6. I can certainly understand that. Olfactory stimulation. I think there’s a nerve somewhere that connects the nose to the naughty bits.