A Very Royal Narcissist


On Saturday 19th May, Rachel Meghan Markle (“RMM”) will marry Prince Harry and this forthcoming union is attracting just as much attention for the debacle surrounding the bride’s family as the event itself. I will be far more interested in the FA Cup which takes place on the same day, but one cannot avoid the repeated mention of the forthcoming royal nuptials and thus Miss Markle comes under scrutiny.

Is she a narcissist? Her half-sister, Samantha Markle certainly thinks so as she has been particularly outspoken about RMM calling her

a narcissist, a shallow, social climber”

She has also criticised RMM for failing to provide any emotional or financial support to her and RMM’s father once RMM became famous. Others have described Samantha Markle as being jealous and exhibiting a sense of entitlement. Are Samantha’s remarks accurate and demonstrate what RMM is and those attacking Samantha are the coterie and Lieutenants of RMM, as they attempt to limit any damage and discredit Samantha or are they the remarks  and the ramblings of a jealous sibling? It is difficult to assess in isolation. However, it is interesting that Samantha chose such a description. If she wanted to insult RMM she might have chosen other unpleasant descriptions such as branding her a whore, a gold-digger, stand-offish and such like. Thus, might there be some grain of truth (when viewed cynically) in what Samantha Markle has said?

Samantha Markle also commented that RMM watched the royals on television when young (hardly anything unique in that) and that RMM preferred Harry as she has a soft spot for gingers and it was always her ambition to be a princess. It is hardly a revelation that a young girl wants to be a princess, many do aspire to that dream as part of their childhood and drop such a notion as they grow older.

Other family members have not been shy at expressing their opinion about RMM. Her Uncle Michael Markle stated

I’m upset and surprised about not being selected but if they don’t want me there, then I don’t want to go.”

Half-brother Tom Markle Jnr remarked

She’s torn our entire family apart. She’s clearly forgotten her roots.” 

He claims he sent her a congratulatory letter on her engagement which was not replied to.

Two other uncles have been snubbed, one a bishop (admittedly of his own church) and the other a retired US diplomat. It appears only two family members of RMM have actually been invited and the farce surrounding her father’s attendance/non-attendance on her wedding day has clogged-up many a newsfeed. It transpires that it is her mother Doria Ragland who will attend and give RMM away. Her mother has only arrived in the UK three days ago where one might have expected a longer attendance given the high-profile nature of the wedding. Did she not want to come sooner or was she not permitted to do so?

Is it the case that RMM is surrounded by a dysfunctional family and thinks it better that they should not attend or is it the case that whilst her family may have their issues they wish to share in RMM’s happy wedding day and would do so without complication, but RMM sees their attendance and involvement as embarrassing, a reminder of where she came from (which she wants to forget now she is in the rarified atmosphere of royal life) and thus is most content to keep them an ocean away and uninvited? A caring individual would most likely invite family because, well, they are family. Yes, the odd relative may not be invited for cogent reasons but to only have two family members attend does smack of a calculated decision to keep them away because they no longer serve any purpose and would damage RMM’s image. If so, such behaviour is in line with the narcissistic behaviour of maintaining a particular appearance and cutting people off quite readily.

Such a conclusion gains credence with the revelations from former friend Ninaki Priddy who was friends with RMM for thirty of RMM’s 36 years on the planet. Miss Priddy commented

Meghan was calculated, very calculated in the way she handled people and relationships. She is very strategic in the way she cultivates circles of friends. Once she decides you’re not part of her life, she can be very cold. It’s this shutdown mechanism she has.”

Miss Priddy’s observation, if accurate, paints a picture of significant narcissistic behaviour by demonstrating

  • calculated behaviour to achieve an aim
  • friendship is developed for ulterior gain, not for the friendship in itself
  • the switching behaviour – white to black
  • the swift execution of such behaviour evidencing a lack of empathy

Having been a friend for such an extensive time period Miss Priddy must have some basis for the remarks. Might she however be a jealous friend? Her friendship ended with RMM owing to the way RMM treated her first husband, Trevor Engleton. A disapproval of such behaviour does demonstrate empathy on the part of Miss Priddy and lends credence to her credibility with regard to her observations.

RMM and Mr Engleton were together for six years and married in 2011. Soon after, RMM achieved her breakthrough role as an actress in the series ‘Suits’ and moved to Toronto. Mr Engleton was the one who travelled back and forth from California to Toronto to support his wife. He put in the miles as he shuttled to and from RMM with no suggestion she reciprocated. Not withstanding his dedication, the marriage did not last long and they split and divorced in 2013. Mr Engleton commented that the split “came out of the blue” and that RMM posted the engagement and wedding rings back to him to show it was over. Did RMM disengage from Mr Engleton without explanation, just relying on the symbolic act of returning the rings? If so, such haughty and dismissive behaviour would accord with the behaviour of a narcissist.

Miss Priddy explained that once the nuptials had been secured between the two, RMM behaved “like a light switched off”. This is further indicative behaviour demonstrating that once RMM felt her relationship with Mr Engleton was secured through marriage, she had control and therefore need not behave towards him in a favourable way, in other words, the golden period came to an end. Apparently, RMM had commented about Mr Engleton previously

“if anything were to happen to [Mr Engleton] she wouldn’t be able to go on”

Yet, RMM ended the marriage. Of course people’s feelings can change, but there was no suggestion that Mr Engleton did anything to invite such treatment, on the contrary he remained a faithful and devoted husband, but it appeared he had outlived his usefulness and with RMM’s career rising and in the ascendancy he was no longer required and thus jettisoned with familiar callousness and swiftness which is the preserve of the narcissist.

During her time in Toronto, there were suggestions that whilst married she became close to a Michael Del Zolte, whether there is any substance in this is unknown. It was also rumoured she had a fling with the golfer Rory McIlroy but again this is unconfirmed. If those suggestions were true then this would accord with the behaviour of a narcissist who has no concern with regard to infidelity and serving a sense of entitlement. Indeed, if this was the case then with Mr Engleton secured by marriage and ensconced in California, he would be in devaluation as the Intimate Partner Primary Source and it would not be a surprise for Mr Del Zolte and Mr McIlroy to become ensnared also as Intimate Partner Secondary Sources. However, the extent of any veracity with regard to these rumoured extra-marital relationships remains unconfirmed.

It is however confirmed that following the end of her marriage, RMM moved on to Canadian Chef Cory Vitiello and the pair dated through 2014 to 2016. Further comment has arisen that her relationship with Prince Harry arose whilst she was still with Mr Vitiello and she then ended the relationship with him because Prince Harry was in the picture. If accurate, such a shift from one person to another, especially one which would be regarded as a ‘trade-up’ in terms of wealth, status and position would appeal to a narcissist. Of course, people do move from one relationship to another with some overlap and this is not in itself determinative of that person as begin a narcissist, but such behaviour, which is ultimately self-serving and selfish whichever way it is looked at, is not flattering and when added to other indicative factors, then the evidence begins to mount up.

RMM and Prince’s Harry’s relationship has naturally been well-documented and they became engaged after just 18 months of meeting. Some may see that as rather quick, but it is not unduly hasty and certainly many narcissists would outstrip that time period with room to spare.

A number of RMM’s behaviours certainly weigh against her in terms of narcissism –

  • She was a stripper ( a role, as with being an actress that appeals to someone with high narcissistic traits even if it does not make them a narcissist)
  • She stated she was a stripper on her CV, clearly unconcerned about how that would appear – evidencing a sense of entitlement and lack of accountability
  • The reference to her being a stripper was then later removed from her CV as she began to move in more refined circles – facade management
  • Her body language in interviews and engagements with Harry has shown her to stare at him for an overly long time, clasp his hand and place her hand repeatedly on Harry’s back (the Trump power pat) all of which denotes a desire to dominate and signal that she is in charge whilst no doubt using plausible deniability to reject such an accusation by claiming that she is being supportive
  • There have been suggestions that she has not actually graduated from North West University although claiming to do so – if so, this is the grandiosity, telling of lies and stage management that narcissists engage in
  • Mirroring – she wore a blue bracelet identical to Harry’s and has repeatedly worn outfits and also adopted poses mirroring Kate Middleton (the Duchess of Cambridge), Princess Diana and Pippa Middleton. The photographs and footage show this repeated narcissistic trait.
  • Allegations that her wealth is over-stated. She is said to be worth US $ 5 million yet was living in a poor area of Toronto in property apparently paid for by the studio responsible for suits – if this is correct this show grandiosity and facade management
  • Touts herself as a feminist and taking up progressive causes, caring about mental health however was content to wear a £ 56 000 engagement dress (so much for being a humanitarian), has apparently done nothing to assist her own father who has health issues and as for her commitment to progressive causes so far this appears to have been writing a letter aged 11 or thereabouts to a soap company complaining about a sexist add and writing a piece for Elle magazine about her struggle concerning her racial identity. Hardly a litany of fire-brand commitment and therefore evidence the hypocrisy, facade management and fake empathy of the narcissist.
  • She has expensive tastes and likes to show off her connections as evidenced by the list of famous friends and high end products which existed on her Instagram account before it was closed down – again grandiosity
  • Prince Harry has never met her father which seems a very strange step given he is the father of the bride and Prince Harry has no difficulty in travelling around the world. Does RMM want to keep those troublesome facade damaging relatives away from her target perhaps? The typical narcissistic behaviour of compartmentalising their lives and isolating perceived troublemakers.
  • Many of Prince Harry’s childhood friends have not been invited to the wedding but many celebrities have. One doubts this is Prince Harry’s doing but rather the actions of a controlling and calculating mind who does not want reminders of a world she did not occupy and instead prefers to fill it with vacuous status-boosintg celebrities who are only really there to say ‘look at me’ anyway.

The cumulative effect of these behaviours, the treatment of family, the intimate relationship pattern (especially towards her ex-husband) and the observations of a longstanding former friend do cause the conclusion that RMM is a narcissist, to be reached. All of the above, some of which are confirmed and others remain speculative as stated, if all taken to be accurate demonstrate

  • A sense of entitlement
  • A lack of empathy
  • A lack of accountability
  • Black and white thinking
  • Use of inter-personal relationships as devices for self-gain
  • Lying
  • Grandiosity
  • Haughty behaviour
  • A manufactured version of self
  • Facade management
  • A desire for recognition and response (fuel)
  • Switching
  • Compartmentalisation
  • Isolation

All of which support RMM being a narcissist.

This conclusion is also heavily supported by Prince Harry himself. This is a man who lost his mother in tragic circumstances and at a very young age followed his mother’s hearse with the eyes of the world on him. He has faced repeated rumours about his real father not being Prince Charles but James Hewitt. It is clear that these experiences have had a significant impact on him and would suggest he has suffered some form of damage, a trait which is attractive to the narcissist.

Prince Harry no doubt has a significant extrovert streak. He is not academic but is industrious, well-liked and enjoyed something of a reputation as a party prince. However, be under no illusion that those in the upper echelons of society have always enjoyed a good knees-up and engaged in substantial bacchanalian excess – the difference then was the world’s media and social media was nowhere near as brazen and intrusive. Furthermore, those around the royals were far more discrete. Prince Harry is no different to many of his family and ancestors – he has just been seen enjoying himself raucously rather than it be hidden.

Prince Harry is an empathic individual. He has inherited Princess Diana’s caring and empathic traits. He has evidenced this through his career in the army, his establishment of the Invictus Games and charity work such as his trek to the south pole. He admires Kate and William’s settled and stable family life – contrast this to his own childhood – and it is patently clear that this vivacious man is one of empathy who craves the establishment of his own settled life and his various traits are a magnet to the narcissist.

The traits and behaviours of RMM, coupled with her selection of Prince Harry and his own traits confirms that come Saturday 19th May, the Very Suited Narcissist will achieve her childhood ambition and become a royal and so with it the creation of a Very Royal Narcissist.


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  1. /iroll says:

    This is like HG writing for Marie Claire

    (my comments are getting lost in the ether)

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Well those readers need educating too rather than being soft-soaped with idiotic euphemistic terms.

    2. Clarece says:

      When HG finally makes it in Marie Claire, we will have lost him to the world then, Ladies! There better be a Tudor Summit in Vegas for us!

  2. MB says:

    Sneaky HG! Being all coy and stuff with this up your sleeve. As ever, written with style and grace. Love it.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Great article HG! I have a question. Do you think she is in love with him? Or is she just taking step by step plan with cold head?

    I know you state that narcissists really feel “in love” in the beginning. But is this “omg I am so in love, I would do anything for him, I love him so much!!!” type of feeling or “omgg I’m dating a prince!!! I am sooo excited, if I play my cards right I can be a part of royal family!! Dreams may come true!”?

    Maybe you won’t agree but I don’t think narcissists are in love the way we are. Because you can switch to devaluation “I’m not in love any longer” after a month just because a victim did something wrong. Normal people idealize their partner much longer and to the point that they don’t see any flaws and that’s why we are here – because we are still in love at some point.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is not love, no.

      1. Clarece says:

        But being in her golden period with him too, and being unaware, she thinks it’s love even if it is only strong infatuation and lust at the moment, right?

        1. HG Tudor says:


  4. mspumblechook says:

    Brilliant critique. Do you think Harry’s family history leaves him vulnerable to trauma bond? It appears she may use this as part of her toolkit.

    1. HG Tudor says:


      1. /iroll says:

        So – after reading about how Meg treated her ex, that’s definately intimacy-repulsion / avoidant behaviour.

        Harry could be a bit submissive because of trauma bonding, which is why he’s fallen for her charisma as opposed to going for someone with more sincerity.

  5. narc affair says:

    Theres so much to consider in this blog which definitely points to meghans being a narcissist but to be a narcissist you have to lack real empathy or at least thats what is part of the diagnosis and without knowing meghan personally i couldnt say she is or isnt but one can possess a high amount of narc traits and be just as destructive. Without a doubt i think meghan is a career orientated individual who likes to climb the social ladder and weve seen proof of that.
    What also makes it hard to definitively say she is a narc is the fact some non narcs will mirror as well. Say you really admire someone you may start to dress like them or even catch yourself saying something or doing something they do.
    I think what makes a narc a narc is lack of empathy, setting out to prey on people delivetately, wanting to use them up and throw them away and the biggest red flag …the narc cycle. The idolization, devalue and disengagement. With the cycle comes all the tactics of gaslighting, word salad, projection etc.
    Meghan possibly engaged in these behaviours but without being there its really hard to say.
    As far as her family goes i cant say i blame her one iota for not inviting them!! First off those siblings are half siblings. Not everyone is close to their half siblings and in this case my gawd you couldnt keep me far enough away from those people. Can you say “dysfunction”. So much about them reeks of narcissism. She probably is very embaressed to invite them and with good reason! Theyre leeches. She does not owe them anything since becoming famous. Theres the sense of entitlement coming into play.
    I find it funny samantha has colored her hair recently a dark shade…mirror much??
    When looking at a potential narcissist i look at the parents. In this case i dont know much about her father or mother but based on the half sibs and his taking money from the poppa id venture to say hes a narc. Doria seems the sensible one.
    Its hard to say if meghan too after one or a little of both.
    As far as her infidelity she could be a dirty highly narc traited normal but speculation bc we dont know if she cheated on her hubby.
    The entertainment biz is very hard on a marriage and possibly it was too much living long distance.
    I do think meghan aspired for fame, wealth and to be successful in life but did she prey on harry?
    Im still not completely convinced harry isnt a narc himself. I find things hes done in the past suspicious and narcs from different schools can and do attract one another. I find it interesting he chose a woman that goes against so much of what a royal would choose. Hes always wanted to break out of the royal mode and be noticed for that. Is it from a place of narcissism or being an empath? As far as his invictis games i dont know enough about them to say but it wouldnt be the first time thatd be part of the grand facade.
    All in all i cant say for certain if meghans a narcissist or not. There is a huge amount of compelling evidence in tgis blog that she is. As with every narc time is our friend. Eventually you see the true colors emerge.
    18 months is a short amount of time to date before engagement and id be interested to know if there was some pressure placed on harry to hurry up and propose.
    Being a royal youd think he wouldve taken more time to be sure unless…he was under the narcissistic spell?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Harry is smitten, he’s under the spell.

      1. narc affair says:

        Lol harry does look smitten but so does she 😄 must be that ginger hair!

    2. narc affair says:

      Im not sure abourlt harrys childhood friends being invited but his ex cressida bonas has been invited. Shes from an aristocratic family tho so possibly bc of family connections. Shes also close friends with princesses eugenie and beatrice. Not sure if chelsea is invited…doubtful.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Look into her eyes. I see deceit.

  6. Em says:

    Not to mention the suggestion she is pregnant already-more binding -great article.

  7. Spiritual Warrior says:

    Who Cares…Has anyone looked into the relationship that was going on with her and her half siblings before she was dating the prince to get a look at the Family Pathology… A VERY GOOD WORD TO KNOW AND RESEARCH FAMILY PATHOLOGY 🙂 NARCISSIST….Look at the Assholes Narc. we have leading United States. Every Morning he is sitting on the White house toilet His Shithole and tweeting ranting crying boating his unfiltered thoughts. Where does this man go to get guidance inside of himself when The Shits of our world is hitting the fan? I think the only time he is talking to God as he says he is a Christian is OHHHH God OHHHH Jesus is when he is about to let loose having a sexual experience. The word Gaslighting has been out there in the media…Never have I heard of Gaslighting out there on CNN, internet reports or magazines , ONLY of the RED flags of knowing a Narc. Yes, an Old movie of the word……So Who Cares of Megan hear says….Poor Diana was in a loveless marriage and look where that got her dead……YOU know I am so looking forward to see if Harry and Megan may have a biracial baby. A little black prince or princess That would be such a blessing for the world to see. My ranting thoughts for today…tootles S W ~

    1. Moira says:

      This is not exactly in response to you NYKEYPAD but a general response to people who have commented upon her biracial baby. Meghean is bi-racial and she will marry a man that she may or may not have children with, who is not bi-racial. That means their child will be biracial too. And in America the definition of bi-racial kind of goes on indefinitely.. Meaning if the offspring of these two marries another white person and has a baby that baby is still bi-racial. It is what is known in the US as the One Drop Rule. Who is Black changes throughout the world as is who is white. Any said baby will be bi-racial because the mother is bi-racial. If you further look, in American historical segregation laws, you will understand why race, and miscegenation laws always deemed that the children of bi-racial unions ALWAYS stay with the mother. During American slavery and segregation the impregnating of a female slave insured that any such child would remain black and therefore property. It has only been recently in the US that the census allowed for people to identify as bi-racial and for the most part, all children born to white women up until around the 70’s all had to be identified as black which was simply old segregation laws lingering about. Bi-racial individuals who successfully identify themselves as such, are often at an advantages in many aspects of their lives in comparison to those who are do not have bi-racial features. This is for a multitude of reasons, most being that often people associate blackness with looking in a stereotypical way, and when people who are not of color, they often point to bi-racial people and declare them not black, like other types of blacks – whatever that might mean. The bi-racial lives in a unique world that most of us do not understand.

      1. Jess says:

        What on this Earth…is your point? This just sounds like a racist rant, honestly. This comment hurts my brain. You have no clue.

        1. 69Revolver says:

          Jess, I second that.

      2. MaliceInWonderland says:

        Moira… Wow! “Bi-racial people” are NOT perpetually falling down the Spiral Staircase of Racial Identity. And what the hell is “blackness”?

        Your ironic and self-defeating caterwaul of racism and stereotypes is the literal equivalent of a wolf in a blender. Naps help.


        A “Bi-Racial Person”…

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Naps help – priceless.

        2. NarcAngel says:


          Perfect! Thank you.

      3. Anonymous says:

        Barack Obama is good example, but his ‘whiteness’ rarely mentioned thus his identity fell under the old segregation law as was a benefit to him politically.

      4. E. B. says:

        I enjoy reading other people’s comments but yours is humiliating and unwelcome. You are hurting people with your nonsensical racist rant.

      5. Lori says:

        Total racist rant and excuse me? I believe it was British Colonists that widely used slavery. I mean holy crap there’s always someone ranting about the evil American slave owners America used slavery for the least amount of compared with other slave nations. It’s always anti American ba blah blah blah yet people continue to try to get into the evil America by whatever means possible including illegally. They must not be that evil

        1. NarcAngel says:

          Or they are and everyone wants a piece of that lol.

        2. SN says:

          And, Lori, you’d not be alone poking fun at Colonial history. Eddie Lizzard rocks at it, with his “cunning use of flags”

      6. Lori says:

        And before any one thinks I’m coming down on the Brits I’m not at all I ‘m the child of a Brit and an American and the descendant of British Colonists.

        1. SN says:

          It’s alright Lori, I’m a Pole and I fo down on us all the time;) And love us. So there is a right balance.

      7. Quasi says:


        You absolutely correct re – British slave trade.
        To be fair slavery has been in existence for centuries, although the development of the British empire and movement of slaves was a particularly atrocious part of our history. We can all think of something in our countries history that we are ashamed of, this is certainly one that I would highlight. However the Britain did start legislation processes for abolition earlier in 1807, although it took time to pass formally in 1833. A lot of work was completed by our navy in that time to arrest slaving vessels and fine captains caught out.
        It just took America a bit longer to abolish it throughout the states in 1865, Lincoln was a pretty epic president..

        My history is rusty so apologies in advance for possible inaccuracies.

        I don’t think your bashing the brits at all, to be quite honest as far as this subject is concerned the bashing would be warranted in my opinion.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Pah! Rorke’s Drift. Unbeatable.

      8. Quasi says:

        I’m not sure what you mean by referencing Rorke’s Drift to my comment, unless you were responding to someone else…

        I do not know enough about the British empire history to enter a fuller discussion in this regard.
        I understood that this was a small garrison which successfully defended against an attack from a much larger Zulu force.
        I guess that is why you have referenced them being undefeatable.

        The opinion that I was expressing on my comment was my personal point of view; that I am ashamed of that part of our history. The very active role we had in the slave trade, my view is that there is no redemption to be found in this regard … but I suppose that this is just my empathy/ stupidity! Or simply my simple opinion…

        If we are honest the British empire was collapsing in the 60’s and pretty much done by the late 90’s … does that mean we are defeatable? Or do we only reference our grand successes against the odds…

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I will help you out Quasi. Rorke’s Drift was the heroic and successful defence by the British Army against a Zulu army and portrayed on the silver screen in the film ‘Zulu’. It is a sterling film and was Michael Caine’s first major role incidentally. The action at Rorke’s Drift embodies grit, mental toughness, discipline and heroism – the backbone of Britain’s dominance which led to it being the world’s policeman for over a century. Not bad for a small island off the north-west of Europe eh?

          1. Kate says:

            Thanks for the lesson on some of Britain’s history, HG! I have never known about that battle and should do some reading on world history.

            Very cool!!!

          2. HG Tudor says:

            You are welcome.

      9. Quasi says:

        I thank you for taking the time to educate me on the matter, I love history and like to learn.
        I was aware of the situation and film, I have watched Zulu. And I agree on all of your points you have made in relation to this significant victory/point in our countries history.

        I remember Caine stating “stop throwing those bloody spears at me”, comical value but also representative of the difference between the forces also re – lack of fire power. Numbers speak for themselves though re- what the British soliders were facing, and I would never discount that.

        However much I like a dialogue referencing history, I’m still at a loss as to the link between my personal opinion of being ashamed about “one” part of the British empires history- re the slave trade, and this particular British empire victory.

        Is the implication that I should not be feeling ashamed of our involvement in the slave trade because we kicked ass against the zulu’s ?

        I am incredibly proud of Britain and love being British, however I can also demonstrate a humility about the unforgivable acts committed by our ancestors that I will never be ok with.

        The British empire was not defending themselves when they took people as slaves and sold them as such. They were showing dominance yes! But the two demonstrations of dominance are in a dialect of context.

        I will take heed and refrain from expressing my opinions in such a manner.

        Besides this thread is linked to the royal wedding so I should return to it ..
        Just to join that convo I think harry is much better looking then William !

        1. HG Tudor says:

          First of all, Michael Caine never said that sentence in Zulu. (Nor could he because the Zulus used assegai). It has become an urban myth.
          Secondly, the Zulus did not have a lack of firepower, they had stolen rifles from the battle at Isandlwana). They however lacked using the rifles in a cohesive unit and were not as well-trained as the British in their use.
          Fair enough with regard to observations concerning the slave trade. Yes, my comment about Rorke’s drift was highlighting a positive element from Britain’s colonial past.

      10. Quasi says:

        Thank you,

        I absolutely take your point in regards to my misquote error.. my memory of this was of my older brother saying this line and finding it amusing, he is also The one who said Jesus wept a lot! So clearly ingrained in my mind.

        I appreciate you correcting me on this point, I did not have time to check my referencing and this was my error.

        Thank you also for highlighting the fire power issue as one of lack of training/ knowledge rather then the arms themselves.

        I have quite enjoyed the lecture, and have an urge to refer to you as professor now !

        Although I should probably not do this, as I do not want to solidify the addiction to the “idea of a narcissist”, by adding intellectual stimulus to the mix …. nope I think it’s just time for me to shut up….

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Quasi, you are not the first (nor will you be the last) on the misquote, it is really common. It wasn’t a lecture by the way but as ever here, it is all about the learning.

          1. quasi7 says:

            Well I just thank you for teaching me then sir… I did enjoy the ping pong !

          2. HG Tudor says:

            You are most welcome.

    2. Anonymous says:

      I like the idea of a biracial baby. The browning of the royal family . . . I wonder what the narcisstic Queen Mother thinks . . . poor Harry, I do believe he deserves much better. I didn’t know he knocked her up. That’s the oldest entrapment trick by a woman.

      I really liked HG’s article on Donald Trump. Spot on. I don’t like the man but what remains in my memory from HG’s article is that Trump sees the American people as an extension of himself, which is our saving grace.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        The Queen Mother won’t be thinking anything, she is dead.

        1. MB says:

          I don’t know how much thinking she’ll be doing, but she will definitely be in attendance amongst all the other uninvited guests that roam the corridors of 1000 year old castles looking for hot water.

  8. Rob says:

    My first thoughts with this article; you’re devalueing her. Sure there are no other interests writing this piece? In the UK people call you ‘sir’, you’ve got a lot of dinner parties to attend, you’re a person with a very high status and it wouldn’t supprise me if you are invited to the wedding… Maybe some conflicts with this person?
    Second thought reading the comments; how conveniant somebody is playing the racial card. A cotery backing you up and pherhaps it takes away the focus from other reasons why you are writing this. Never saw you reacting like this in the comments before and I choose to take sides on that with Moire.
    Third thought; guess I will never know. But I keep studying your writings to see things more clear.
    At least I doubt to believe everything a narcissist says is true and his behaviour is realy showing itself on this one.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Rob, thank you for your input.

      1. I am not devaluing Miss Markle. I have no relationship with her. Is the article negative about her? If reaching the conclusion based on information provided from a variety of sources (not me – it is not my personal experiences which one might argue could be biased) that she is a narcissist is negative, then yes it is negative. However, it was not written to smear Miss Markle but to highlight points about narcissism which, oddly enough, this blog is all about.
      2. Do I have other interests in writing this piece? The only interest is to demonstrate to readers (who also wanted to know about this too) the indicators that in aggregate form the conclusion as detailed. Readers wanted to know about Miss Markle and they also find real-life examples very helpful in increasing their understanding.
      3. People may call me sir, but I am not a knight. I am not Sir Hg Tudor! Yes, I attend dinner parties, yes I know people in various high places but no, I am not going to the wedding. No I have no conflict with Miss Markle. It is written from a dispassionate and objective perspective. Do you not see this by the concessions and caveats made?
      4. Re the racial card. I am not sure what your point is here. Are you suggesting that someone has purposefully played the race card to deflect from the real reason it is written. Are you suggesting that the allegation of racism (which as can be seen is pathetic) acts as a smoke screen for some other reason, e.g. I just do not like Miss Markle because she is not from the Establishment? If you are, then you are writing nonsense.
      5. There is no coterie here. You will see readers disagree with me and agree with me. They have their own minds and to suggest otherwise is insulting to both them and me.
      6. You have not seen me reacting like this before? I do not know how long you have been reading here Rob but you have not commented much at all, which possibly suggests you have not been on the blog for a long time or you have not read extensively. You should be aware that I regularly come down on inaccuracy in whatever form it appears, so your statement about not reacting this way before is incorrect. Indeed, your own comment is full of inaccuracies, hence this reply.
      7. You take sides with Moria. That is your choice although it is not a well-reasoned one.

      1. MB says:

        You are my hero, Sir. Perfect response. I think I am smitten as well!

      2. Moira says:

        Neither of you spell my name right but hey… It’s OK. And it is OK to disagree with me, or agree. But I find it interesting that you, a man, get bulleted points and I, get screeched at…I think Mr. Tudor has some issues with women that have other idea than his own. I did flesh out my reasons for bringing race into it elsewhere because the post produced an avalanche of responses which I couldn’t sort through. But in a nutshell the reasons that Mr. Tudor gave as indicators of Narcissism I thought where indicators of how bi-racial people navigate the world. He sees one thing I see another. To those that are NOT specifically bi-racial who attempt to look in from the outside they are often failing to recognize the duality that is present in the bi-racial life. From the outside we say: She’s black (or whatever) and whatever the outside person thinks being black means they place that projection on the bi-racial person. And if the Bi-racial person fails to live up to those notions, consciously or not, the person projecting often misreads what they are seeing. My initial statement posted here may have not been fleshed out properly as I was running out the door. My point is that I think Mr.Tudor has misread Meaghean, placed her in a box called narcissism and just like the box Bi-racial people get put in which always demands they say they are black, he put her in a box which has dreadful ramifications. And if Mr. Tudor has no space in himself to consider another thing, another approach, another perspective, then his issues are with me personally or that I remind him of someone. My visceral reaction to this article came from defending a biracial woman who has reached a place that many of us would wish to be in and through no fault of her own she gets labeled as something that has no cure for and which most people abhor. Mr. Tudor is a diagnosed, self admitted narcissist. Meaghean is just some chick in the news who made it big and who because of her race, some people, I don’t know it Mr. Tudor feels this way, but because of her race, some people are seething and would do anything to see her suffer. And I think Mr. Tudor should get back to serious work rather than writing articles for people who want to know his take on people they already want to kick around. He stooped to tabloid journalism. His previous articles on Stacey and the other bunch or Perps he remained in character, gave astute insight to somatic narcissists and shed light during a time when a Me Too revolution had begun and his words where added and needed at the discussion table. No one needs to know his opinions on who Prince so and s is marrying. But if Meaghean starts divorcing and wedding her way through Buckingham palace, then I think he just might have something to say.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You have still failed to answer the questions. However, your proposition is this – Miss Markle’s behaviours are not narcissism, they are the product of how a bi-racial person navigates the world.
          You are certainly entitled to your opinion but I do not see how this proposition applies to each and every point I have detailed in the article, I find that lacking credibility.
          You should also note that my assessment is not based on ‘is Miss Markle a good or bad person’ (I accept that people may see someone who is a narcissist then that means they are a ‘bad’ person – but that is their interpretation – not mine. I provided an assessment with regard to narcissism – nothing more.
          I note you now resile (to some extent) from suggesting that my article was racially motivated by stating “Meaghean is just some chick in the news who made it big and who because of her race, some people, I don’t know it Mr. Tudor feels this way, but because of her race, some people are seething and would do anything to see her suffer. ” I have no interest in whether Miss Markle is black, white, bi-racial, yellow, brown or whatever – this is not a piece about race.
          I also find it interesting that you state if Miss Markle starts divorcing and wedding her way through Buckingham Palace I can then comment. I can comment now and have done – there is plenty of material to do so.

        2. NarcAngel says:


          Well neither of them spelled it Moron ……so theres that.

          1. K says:

            Ha ha ha…..

      3. Ugotit says:

        First I want to say in case this gets posted twice I can’t find the first reply do I don’t know if hg deleted it or if after typing the whole thing out I failed to actually hit send either way I can’t find it ,it’s gone so I’ll try again Moira my maternal grandfathers mom.is from Mozambique my ancestry on both sides of my mother’s side both her mom and dad are from the axores and Mozambique so I have African dna on one side of my ancestry but also Portuguese my father’s side is french and Scottish I grew up knowing I had black dna but I never knew what to think.of it because my race is listed as caucasian and I look caucasain I grew up in a Portuguese neighborhood and went to a Portuguese school where most people didn’t believe I was Portuguese never mind I don’t know what percentage black but the fact still remains I have relatives in Mozambique to this day so I understand there is a different perspective that comes from being biracial in my case many generation s removed , but in this particular case it has nothing to do with wether she’s a narcissist or not, it’s a different topic for a different blog

      4. Lori says:

        And by the one drop definition that would classify most Americans as African. If you have done a DNA test on ancestry its very common for white Americans to come back at least 2% African that’s more than a drop

        1. Kate says:

          No one I know has seen that.

    2. Omj says:

      Rob … we all go through after thoughts about HG especially because what he is bringing forward about Narcs makes it hard to reconcile whith what he does here and the fact that he is a true Narc which is highly incompatible.

      Sometimes I think we are part of a big experience lead by searchers and psychiatrists , sometimes that HG is in reality a psychiatrist and that he is developing a leading edge therapy approach and many other fantasies of mine about this singular blog.

      No offense HG but one can become very creative on the motivations, rationales and double thinking . Helping and not being capable of true empathy and all the rest.

      At the end of the day … I am better than I was when I got here ? Yes
      I am better tooled ? Yes
      Am I more at peace ? Yes
      And so many more yes to so many questions.

      Is it the answer to all my troubles with Narcs and other relationships in my life or even with me ?

      Is it an article that could bring him more visibility and a good coup ? Yes and what if?

      I would be happy more people would know and learn about narcissistic abuse and would be better tooled to identify it and overcome it.


    3. Spiritual Warrior says:

      Rob do you think HG has met Sam Vaknin or has had an interaction of some kind? He says he does not know him….lol… As he is the other known Narcissist to the world of teaching us how upsetting naughty these creatures are. I know they are choosing to, I guess be of service to Victims. BUT They are still getting FUEL from US interacting with them. Praises and Negative comments. It is still fuel. Does HG Main Supply know of him as Sam Vaknin Wife? Just my thoughts here.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        No I have not met him, of course I know who he is, as I stated in an earlier post.

      2. Bibi says:

        I happened to see that someone linked HG’s article to Ol’ Sammy in the FB comments. His nose hairs are likely flailing right about now with all the attention this article is getting.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Ha ha, yes I saw that.

    4. E. B. says:


      This article belongs to the ‘A Very […] Narcissist’ series, which is about well-known people or celebrities.

      A Very Hollywood Narcissist
      A Very POTUS Narcissist
      A Very Deflecting Narcissist
      A Very Murderous Narcissist

  9. 69Revolver says:

    I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! (stomping my feet in justification)
    I knew something was off about this chick. No one around sees it but me.
    They’ll have babies straight away and he’ll be tied to HRN (Her Royal Narc) forEVER.
    Run Harry. It’s not too late. You can still return the china.

    HG, will your IPPS be watching the wedding then?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No, she is not that interested.

      1. Catherine Parr R says:

        What does your IPPS think of this article?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          She doesn’t know about it.

      2. Your girlfriend is at a disadvantage not witnessing your fine work. She would be proud of you.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Well she does witness my work first hand in a different way!

        2. 69Revolver says:

          Yes, but we all know what is about to happen to her. Soon she’ll also wish she knew better.

  10. Mona says:

    This time I agree with you, HG. There is no racism in your post about Meghan. And yes, I had the same suspicion, that Diana has been a borderline.(It could be, that I have read about it somewhere) And the other ones of the Royal family? I do not want to have close contact to them. Some seem to be very cold.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Mona. I think it is only right to point out that you often challenge my comments and views (which of course you are entitled to do so) but you also are not adverse to agreeing with me and I acknowledge your refusal to hold to a steadfast agenda like some may do. Perhaps Rob might do a little more reading to remove his incorrect perception of a coterie.

      1. Mona says:

        HG, no, I am really no coterie. Never ever!!!
        But nevertheless it is very interesting, how emotional people react, when it is about the British Royal family. Rob, Moira, they both read actually things into your post, which are not written. That shows clearly how emotions/feelings distort our perception.
        Feelings and emotions control much more of our behaviour and thoughts than we all want to know.
        I am not always of your opinion (politely said), but the truth must be the truth. And there was no racism at all!!!
        (And- not to forget- I am no coterie!)

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Indeed and the responses you have referred to show useful examples of emotional thinking

      2. narc affair says:

        I have to say i absolutely didnt see anything racial in this blog. I was surprised by that and if i sensed it wouldve commented on it. I guess people read differently into it.

      3. Bibi says:

        Great article, HG. This paints a very objective view of this shallow woman. Not that I care a whit about the Royals but Kate at least seems genuine (for whatever that is worth).

        I don’t like this chick. Makes me wonder how long this marriage will last, as I don’t believe it will. Poor Harry. He seems to always get shafted.

      4. KL says:


  11. abrokenwing says:

    As RMM is well known from ‘ Suits ‘ i would say that
    – although largely based on circumstantial evidence ( and includes some speculations) this is a strong case where circumstances are consistent with guilt and inconsistent with innocence which beyond a reasonable doubt may lead to the only rational inference.


  12. 12345 says:

    HG, is Prince Charles a narcissist? I’m thinking that he is. It’s interesting that Diana (the empath) married Charles (the narc) and now Harry (the empath) is marrying Meghan (the narc. Seems William is the only one that has come out unscathed.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      He is.

      1. 12345 says:

        Just saw that Prince Charles will walk Meghan down part of the aisle. I wonder if they’ll get in some sort of narc oneupmanship on the way to the alter. Probably not. Charles will use this as an opportunity to appear gracious and humble.

        1. windstorm says:

          Seemed to me Prince Charles and Megan laughed and joked as they walked down the aisle. Reminded me of my family narcs!

    2. Very interesting ! 12345 .

  13. Quasi says:

    Jesus wept!! I just read the comments… ping pong points ! I think I need to lie down !!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I would say an ace rather than ping pong!

      1. NNH says:

        Yes, you aced it, but Narc Angel won the match. Her comment was epic. “ you could confirm yourself you making the numbers drop by one. Just saying.” BOOM!!!!

        This was a good article. Well researched, well organized, no wasted words. Your long response to Moira was eloquent as well. In some ways no ET is an asset I assume. There is no way I would’ve been able to pull that off. At least not as fast. I would’ve needed a bit be rational.

      2. NNH says:

        *damnit, stupid phone

        …. more time to be rational.

      3. Quasi says:

        Wow, I missed all the action while I was out!!
        HG, the ping pong reference was purely the “back and forth “ aspect of that thread of conversation.. I do not believe your opponent had any validity in their claims. It seemed like a reactive comment and then an “oh shit I better see this one through” kind of thing!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Yes, I understood, hence my reference to acing it. I understand what you mean.

      4. Quasi says:

        Just reading this again, oh my! is this my ET at work?

        Over explaining because I did not want you to think, that by me saying it was like ping pong back and forth, that I thought you didn’t win the argument ( or ace it ) as it were.
        I knew that to ace means that the other person doesn’t even touch the ball. But I thought she did as there were multiple exchanges with lots of points being made, evoking responses between you both, keeping it going … I felt the need to advise my view that the points she made were not overly valid and seemed reactive, to highlight my belief that you did
        “win” the debate!

        I felt the need to explain myself to you!! And in doing so, I felt stupid! This need to explain is definitely from ET right? I’m genuinely intrigued about this. Can you see ET clearly in my comments ?

        I think I have quite a bit of work to do still… I thought that I had achieved more balance with my emotional mind and rational mind. Nevermind …

        1. K says:

          Don’t feel stupid, I struggle with ET too, and I am as intrigued as you are. In your comment, I saw a bit of The Seven Sins of the Empath’s Self doubt mixed with # 10 from The 10 Obligations of the Empath. You are doing fine and, remember, it takes time to get our ET under control. It will always be a work in progress.

      5. Quasi says:

        Hello K,

        Thank you for your comment, I was not expecting a response to my rambling brain trying to make sense of things. It was very kind of you to read and respond. I appreciate your insights.

        Your also spot on regarding the empath sins that I have, self doubt has always been a big one for me.

        It is worse in relation to people I attribute a greater value to ( re – their opinion of me). Or who I just value / respect.

        I experienced this for the time in which I held a great value for the man I was interacting with. But I worked hard to reduce this as I learned more about who he was.

        I guess the main point is to keep learning, and the need for desensitisation to the effect that a narcissist has on me. Increasing my resilience. Sharing on the blog has helped me very much in this regard.

        I feel that another key fact is that it is ridiculous asking a narcissist what their opinion is of me, because it will always likely be –

        “pathetic/ weak / too emotional/ subservient/ nothing/ stupid. !
        Or just completely indifferent so not worth even stating!

        I need to practice what I preach more! Validate myself and know what I mean, without feeling I need to explain myself. Just leave it be. If I’m understood I am, if I’m misinterpreted or not understood then that is not my problem ! ( I think I need to work harder on that last bit .. lol)

        Thank you again K, it always gives me a warming feeling, to know that I have been heard .. x

        1. K says:

          You are quite welcome, Quasi
          I hear you and don’t worry too much about what others think and, please, disregard the opinions of your IRL narcs, because of their sense of superiority anything you say has no value or, if it does, it will be taken and used for character traits anyway. Keep sharing on the blog because that is how I made sense of things and it worked really well for me.

          It is ok to admire and value others, however, do not allow that diminish you or your attributes. Remember, you have value, too.

      6. Quasi says:

        Thank you K,

        Your kindness has been very well received and appreciated.. your all kinds of wonderful!
        I’m sure I will continue to comment on the blog from time to time.. x

        1. NarcAngel says:

          Comment away. Thats the beauty of this place- you get to let it all out. Not everyone will agree, but isnt that the point? The exchange of opinions and views that help us to understand others a little bit better and in doing so-ourselves?

          Intimidating my ass (I believe that was your previously admitted view of me lol) Im a creampuff as you can see.

          P.S Stop apologizing for things you say. That pisses me off.
          See? Creampuff.


      7. Quasi says:

        Hello Narc Angel,

        Ha ha….thank you for that..
        Honesty is one of my normal traits, so I did honestly answer your comment and give an opinion yes.

        When I first started reading the blog I was intimidated by what I viewed as your status on the blog. This intimidation was not indicative of any negativity, I didn’t not view you in a negative way at all. The intimidation was in relation to respect! and the position you have due to this.
        I could sense the respect others had for you and I could see why this was so.. hence my reference to you having a power, whether you wanted it or not.
        I like what you say and the way you say it …..

        Cream puff lol…. are they all soft in the middle? I am yet to known this delicacy.

        Re- apologising ! I’m British dude ! Sorry is in every fucking second sentence !!! But I know it’s annoying! I annoy myself tbh … lol

        Sorry …….. hahahaha

    2. NNH says:

      Jesus didn’t weep, he probably laughed! Kidding! Everyone calm yourselves, I was kidding. Thank goodness I am Episcopalian, otherwise I would have to go to confession immediately. Lol.
      How did this get turned into a race issue? Then it just got more ridiculous.

      1. Quasi says:

        Hi NNH,

        Apologies for my British humour, well actually it’s probably just my family humour ( it is meant in good nature).
        I thought after I made the comment that I should have used different terminology so as not to offend. I do need to be more mindful of this especially in a public forum like this. Thank you for such a good natured response, and keeping it light hearted.

        1. NNH says:

          Hey! Why are you apologizing? I thought it was hilarious!! Mine was much worse.😂

        2. NNH says:

          Also, please never apologize for British humor. I love it. Y’all spell and pronounce things properly as well. The way we pronounce things over here makes no sense whatsoever. Just saying.

      2. Quasi says:

        Ha ha NNH,

        Apologising is quite a British thing too, imagine walking down the street here ….. oh sorry ,,bump ,, sorry old chum ..bump … sorry.

        Clearly depends on the region for accent ( and chum is not often used , just added for comical value, and I think this is represented in the states for Brit’s as a stereotype) but you get the gist….

        I’m not sure my spelling and pronunciation is that great but I thank you for the compliment..
        I am glad you like our humour also, I’m a fan of it too…

        1. NNH says:

          I live in the South. We apologize all the time as well. Manners are very important down here. I realize you would shudder I offered you a glass of sweet tea though! That is why I wouldn’t do it. I would invite you for a Southern dinner party. Those are much more entertaining . Trust me. 🙂

      3. Quasi says:

        You would be right ….. urgh ….sweet tea … shudder .. oh no!
        But a Southern dinner party sounds bloody marvellous!
        I’m in x

        1. NNH says:

          Lol. Excellent!

  14. Quasi says:

    This is so well constructed, well researched, and has a great flow to it. Very relevant!!
    It’s very clear you put a lot of time and work into this article.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Quasi.

  15. Eloise says:

    wonderfully written, clarification of what’s known, what’s speculative

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

  16. Lori says:

    Time will tell soon enough

    1. narc affair says:

      Time always tells which is why 18 mos is way too fast.

  17. Beverly says:

    Thank you for writing such a timely piece HG! I am from America and it is nice to hear about the royal wedding from an actual British person and not just American news. This might be a silly question but what is a CV? Is that a british term?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Curriculum Vitae – resume as you will know it. I am pleased you found it of interest.

    2. windstorm says:

      It’s an abbreviation for curriculum vitae. Seems to be the equivalent of what we’d call a resumé.

  18. Ugotit says:

    Moira do you actually believe hg would risk his reputation by calling someone a narcissist because he secretly hates blacks of course there’s still tons of prejudice and bias against blacks and you are in fact mocking the real bias that blacks endure by claiming this is a case of racism while real racism is running rampant

  19. WiserNow says:

    Wow! What a brave post HG! It’s very interesting and you do raise some valid points.

    I noticed RMM’s over-exaggerated flattery of Harry in interviews and her long stares at him too. The whole relationship seems a little strange to me seeing that she appeared to come out of the blue with such a different background, and all of a sudden, they’re now engaged to be married.

    Also, it struck me that she is nothing like previous well-publicised girlfriends Harry dated in the past. Not that all men have a “type”, but she seems to be quite different to the blonde, more reserved girls he had relationships with.

    The next few years will be interesting, to say the least. Narcissists are not very good at creating stable marriages, especially when they’re plastered all over the tabloids and other media. The impending nuptials have already become something of a farce with the publicity surrounding her father and other family members.

    I can’t help feeling sorry for Harry. His young life was difficult and it probably won’t be smooth-sailing from now on either.

    Thanks for your observations and research HG, and I hope you enjoy the football 🙂

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you. With regard to the issue of appearing out of the blue, my research pulled up some very unsavoury comments about how RMM met and was introduced to Prince Harry but I did not see them as relevant to the issue of narcissism so they were not included.

      1. WiserNow says:

        ..hmm…that’s intriguing. Well, seeing that she was a stripper and not shy about adding it to her CV, I can only imagine that she wasn’t backward in coming forward…

        …but as you say, by itself, that doesn’t mean that she’s a narcissist, but it is interesting.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Indeed, I always make it clear that you cannot see one thing in isolation and make a determination, you have to look at the aggregate.

  20. Twilight says:

    Insightful HG.
    My heat breaks for Harry thou.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Twilight.

  21. K says:

    Excellent work, HG! I really love these ones and I learn a tremendous amount from them each time. The cadre is definitely somatic and I am confident that she is a midranger (school). She may be an UMRN. I am a bit ambivalent on the level. Looking forward to see what you think re: school and cadre.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you K.

  22. narc affair says:

    Im going to leave my comment later today but i wanted to mention something id read yesterday that wasnt mentioned and you sure did your research HG!! Lol impressive!
    I wanted to mention samanthas daughter does not have anything to do with her mother. She supports meghan and has said for years even before prince harry came into the picture her mum was always envious and jealous of meghan to the point it consumed her! She doesnt have anything to do with her mum bc shes controlling and has been toxic in her life. These are hallmarks of a narcissist!
    Anything that comes out of samanthas mouth or she writes i dont give and credit or take as the truth. Actions speak louder than words and her and her brother have gone back in for and done some wonky things the letter to prince harry being the main one.
    That all being said its hard to say if meghans a product of this environment or going no contact. Going to comment more.
    Loved this and has me thinking about a few things i hadnt before.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Yes fair point NA, it may be the case that Samantha Markle is a narcissist herself – it is not beyond the realms of possibility, but of course that wasn’t the central issue of the article. As you will have seen, I did not make any determination on SM’s comment in isolation to cater for that possibility, or that she is motivated by something else to lie about RRM and therefore only gave it a degree of weight as part of looking at matters in aggregate.

      1. narc affair says:

        Ty for your reply HG and i agree your blog wasnt just taking from samanthas viewpoint but from an array of facts.
        I look at it a bit like a trial and if a person seems an unreliable witness they are not admissible in court and what they have to say has no merit.
        What she says could be true or it could be projection. Combined with the rest of the facts it does look like meghan could very well be a narcissist.

        1. HG Tudor says:


  23. Trixie says:

    You certainly write a compelling argument for RMM’s likelihood of being a narc, and I defer to your expertise. But, what of her family? From the father being chummy with TMZ and “not wanting to embarrass” his daughter, to the half sister who can’t shut up, and the half brother writing a warning letter to the intended groom… media whoredom and narcissism seem to be the family cottage industry. Perhaps the apple doesn’t fall far from the rotted tree. If that’s the case, the royal family is truly going to regret not meeting the family before the marriage proposal was initiated. My heart goes out to Harry. 🙁

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Trixie, I have addressed the point re the half sister in my reply to Narc Affair. Her father’s behaviour is far from being a pinnacle of excellence, I agree and perhaps he is a narcissist as well. Of course it may be the case of people who are victims lashing out because they are hurt by the behaviour of a narcissist but they then end up being portrayed as narcissists themselves, something you all know does happen and indeed many of you will have experienced. That is why i made no determination on one piece of information alone, but took an aggregate of different sources about different aspects of the various behaviours re family, friendships, romantic relationships, Harry’s traits, public portrayal, interaction with the new extended family etc.

      1. Trixie says:

        Point well taken, Mr. Tudor! I didn’t see the family as victims retaliating to the wedding snub because, in my mind, true victims wouldn’t counterattack in such a public and hurtful manner. I saw the family’s ploy as narcissistic, and coincidentally, RMM as the primary victim (!). But, thanks to you, Mr. Tudor, the shades have been lifted and I’m seeing the light. I appreciate your adding insight to this fascinating rags to riches story.

  24. Ugotit says:

    Is it safe to assume he wouldn’t be devalued or discarded due to her literally needing him for her facade as a princess how would this play out she can’t devalue or discard him

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Well one can readily devalue behind closed doors.

      1. MH says:

        I can confirm that- didn’t even realize it was happening.

    2. narc affair says:

      She definitely could devalue him over time and to control him. Itll be interesting to see if she is a narc if shes able to isolate him from family. I could see her and camilla locking horns.

  25. Jess says:

    Over 50,000 followers.🎉 Much deserved.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Jess.

  26. MH says:

    Damn, HG! Keep telling it like it is.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

  27. Sunniva says:

    Solid and logical argumentation all through the article.
    I have always liked Prince Harry. It is easy to tell that he is a good guy!
    You should send this to him✔️

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Sunniva. Prince Harry is somewhat smitten at present and therefore would not be open to its content.

      1. Insatiable Learner says:

        Blind is more like it! By the way, HG, this is a very unflattering pic of her.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Do you think so, she is physically attractive.

  28. Julie Petkovska says:

    I think her narcissism is a non issue with regards to this marriage.
    Yes she is a narcissist she will actually go out and do the work, she is driven, she is strong and possibly calculated. For me to dislike her for these qualities I would have to dislike you HG ..wouldn’t that make me a hypocrite..and of myself….they both also live under rules so she will be put in line when needed.
    Harry is a grown man, you assume harry is not articulate enough to understand the life he leads.
    She has not hurt anyone and her ex husband is piloting a show about a divorced man who’s ex marries a prince. Seems he too wants to cash in.HG I would not assume he is a victim of hers.

    She is my royal too, I welcome it.

    1. Twilight says:

      Julie Petkovska

      You have made a point,
      She has now attained that which has has desired to be a princess. She may very well do a good job in maintaining the facade publicly. Privately I believe things will be different,

    2. Catherine Parr R says:

      Julie, this article was not written to encourage people to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ narcissists. It was written objectively. The subject matter was been analyzed to make a point that the likelihood of RMM having high narcissistic traits is high and the opinion was backed up with information from investigative reporting available in the public domain.

      1. Julie Petkovska says:

        Really Catherine, because many readers seem to follow HG and make their minds up about a woman, who is in a very spectacular position.
        He has swayed some to dislike her, but I bet these same people secretly wish they were her. When Meghan was a young girl she wrote a letter to a dish washing detergent company and complained about how sexist the commercial was, she wrote to her leaders and they responded. The company pulled the commercial off air.
        I have also watched suits for the last 5 seasons, I admire her work. She works hard and I whether her intentions are good or selfish. I don’t believe she deserved this article right now.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          It is not a question of whether she deserved it or not. It is not a question of like her or not like her. That is not what the article is about. I do not write the article from a position based on whether I like that person or not, for instance I have never watched Suits but I know of it and it appears her character was relatively popular, but I write it applying my expertise to the information available. It is not a case of liking or hating the narcissist – we all know one can do both. It is not about whether she is an admirable person or not – comments appertaining to a judgement in those terms or similar miss the point of the article.

          It is interesting because when I wrote about President Trump there were a handful of people who could not see past their own views about him (for and against) and kept missing the point and analysis of that article too.

          1. Julie Petkovska says:

            I am not arguing your article, I would be doing exactly what Meghan is doing now if I wasnt who I am, having had many opportunities to climb the social ladder, to be famous. And Its sad that this would be the response by the collective. But why am i surprised : )

        2. NarcAngel says:

          Julie P
          Intelligent people are not swayed-they look at all of the available information, form their own opinion, and decide for themselves. People here are more intelligent than you give them credit for. Sure, there are the odd ones that come skidding in sideways, their fascinators two sizes too small and allowing only their myopic view, but we let them rant until the swelling goes down. We are not only intellgent-we are empaths after all.

          1. 69Revolver says:

            Touché NA. Excellent points you made.

      2. K says:

        Julie Petkovska

        I had suspected that RMM may be a narcissist before HG wrote this article and I do not know her, therefore, I do not dislike her nor do I secretly wish to be her. The article is completely appropriate and was delivered with perfect timing.

      3. Morning sun says:

        I neither like nor dislike RMM per se, I have just always felt something was off about her… she doesn’t seem authentic to me, somehow I think ‘imposter’ when I see her.

      4. Catherine Parr R says:

        You JP admire someone you have never met and has done nothing significant or noteworthy other than land on a prince or under. She has however contributed to my confidence greatly and propelled me to greater heights in search of my very own – eggthotic prince. Commoners move sideways – no more CPR for y’all.

  29. SuperXena says:

    This post is an excellent forensic analysis of a narcissist . It is a perfect invaluable an extremely educational example for the purpose of this blog: acquiring knowledge.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you SX.

    2. Omj says:

      SX you stole my words !!! You and I are aligned today :))

      1. SuperXena says:

        Thank you Omj . Oh yes it seems we are indeed!

  30. NarcAngel says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed your analysis. I appreciate having your take to compare notes of my own with when observing public figures. Of course we are not privy to all of the details of their lives, but it is good to be able to practice what we have learned here to identify things we may miss in preparation for dealing with people closer to us that may pose a problem.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

  31. narc affair says:

    Woohoo cant wait to dive into this one! 🤗

  32. William says:

    Damn hg very good bro. I was thinking something wasn’t right about that and like you said before the mask always slips… The mask slipping to me is when her brother mailed a letter to prince harry telling him not marry her for such reasons…then he made a statement and said he was jealous that he hasn’t gotten an invite I was like no she probably is a narc and provided everything that you have said if it talks like a narc walks like a narc smiles like a narc flips her hair like a narc 9/10 she a narc is there a way you can elaborate on the power pat like trump that you previously stated?

    1. Restored Heart says:

      Hi William.

      Just wondering if you’re a NZ’er calling HG ‘bro’? A very NZ’er thing. Just curious. No racism involved. After all, my child is a bi-racial Aussie/Maori & the Maori father is a narcissist.

      Sorry, I know the bi-racial thing happening here has nothing to do with you. Just feeling mischievous & had to throw it in…


  33. Fool Me 1 time says:

    I’ve been waiting for this one HG! I was worried you might be to busy with football to write anything. I also seen the red flags from just reading about her, not knowing her personally though I wasn’t sure if a lot of what has been written was jealousy. Thank you HG! You never disappoint!! Enjoy your soccer! Ha ha, Football! Xxx

    1. Moira says:

      What? She’s a narcissist but the royal family whom are all raised to believe they have inalienable rights over all… Yeah, right!

      1. HG Tudor says:

        And what is the relevance of that comment? You are letting your emotive response to my objective piece cloud your judgement. There are narcissists in the royal family too, never denied it.

        1. NarcAngel says:

          Royal narcissists.

          It looks like there may be one right here. Besides yourself lol.

        2. Moira says:

          But you don’t write about it from the context of why two narcissists may have joined at the hip. You wrote about it dragging her life apart. You are an expert in Narcissism. Perhaps you may receive an honorary doctorate on your work therein, I study racism and have real degrees on the subject. All I am trying to say, whether you like it or not, is racism is not racism because one utters something obscene or joins a far right group. Racism is usually talked about in such a way that no one even notices, (except those being talked about or those of a similar identity). You never mentioned her race, but the piece comes across as tabloid fodder, and the research you claim to have put in… where are your footnotes? Did you talk to friends and family or read the same crap we have to read? You are an expert on narcissism, with a specific focus on yourself. Your understanding of the sexual scandals within Hollywood were astute and insightful. But let’s not get carried away Mr. Tudor. You are not an expert of everything even if everything in you wants to believe otherwise. I think your narcissism got the best of you here and I stand by what I say in the same way you stand by this piece. You don’t have to mention her race to be yelling about anyway.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            I am well aware of how people are prejudiced without knowing they are, the unconscious bias that occurs. So was my article about Spacey anti-gay then? Was my article about Weinstein fat-shaming then? By your logic, they must be.
            To try to make an article about narcissism (which it clearly is) to really be one about race is ridiculous.
            I am an expert on narcissism – which is precisely what I wrote about and if you managed to clear your own prejudgement whilst reading it you would have seen that I made allowance for unconfirmed material as explained in more depth in another reply. Instead, you are determined to see this as a race issue and you cannot see beyond it.

        3. Moira says:

          That sounds like the kind of reply a lesser gives when confronted.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            Utter rubbish.

          2. nikitalondon says:

            Does it even makes sense to answer her ???? Utter Bull Shit

          3. HG Tudor says:

            To the point Nikita!

          4. windstorm says:

            Calm, well-reasoned and free of personal insults? Doesn’t sound like a lesser to me. Plus there are way too many long words.

            You may totally disagree with him, but that doesn’t make him less intelligent. He definitely argues like a greater.

          5. HG Tudor says:

            Thank you WS.

          6. Twilight says:


            I could not agree more with you on that.

            Lessors get worked up quickly, Greaters do not.

  34. Moira says:

    Wow! I think you lost the plot on this one. You are the one that sounds a bit petty and jealous? Who are you to make comments about other peoples relationships? How do you, a Brit, feel about your royals marrying a person of color? What do you know about getting ahead in show business? Wow! Wow! Wow! Was there really a need to chime in on this topic on this website? Are your numbers dropping? Thought you’d get in on the bandwagon. This post makes you…

    1. HG Tudor says:

      What utter nonsense. I make comments about people’s relationships every day (including my own) it’s what I do.
      Why are you bringing colour into it? It is irrelevant or are you trying to create an issue? This is a blog about narcissist – NOT race.
      Why are you asking what I think of “my royals” ? That’s irrelevant. It is not an opinion piece on a royal marrying a non-royal who is divorced and of mixed-race, it is about narcissism.
      Why are you bringing up getting ahead in show business? You didn’t raise this with Weinstein or Spacey, I notice. Did you tout this defence in the Me Too article? No. Speaks volumes.
      No, numbers are not dropping, they are increasing.
      I sound a bit petty and jealous? Of what? It is a balanced observation about an individual – one I am entitled to make. I have done so, as always, from an objective and dispassionate point of view.
      It is clear to me precisely where you are coming from and it is not one of dispassionate observation, as the content of your comment demonstrates.

      1. Moira says:

        Because you fail to include information about what the royals believe in historically. They they are a sovereign of people who self declared themselves above all. Thats why. And I am bringing in race because for the most part she is the first to be included in this family. You do yourself and this blog a disservice by attacking her without attacking the entire monarchy.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          But it is not about the entire monarchy. I commented the other day that Henry VIII was a narcissist. I have stated in the past that Prince Charles is a narcissist. Most kings and queens are (Queen Elizabeth II is not) and it is clear to see why that is.
          So what if she is the first person who is non-white to be included in the royal family? The article has nothing to with that issue.

      2. Moira says:

        You are a narcissist and by default, you can not be balanced. I on the other hand, have an opinion about what you write. The fact that you can remember, or even keep tabs on me or anyone’s past comments suggest to me that what is at play here is that you are arguing like a lesser; dragging in irrelevant past things to support yourself erroneously. Go ahead. If you would like me to pull apart the Space article and compare it to this one, I will gladly oblige and show you were you were right on before and here fall short.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you for prejudging.
          1. You expressed an opinion but predicated on irrelevant material. I asked you the relevance. I note you have completely failed to respond to those questions although what you have done is respond by suggesting I am an arguing like a lesser rather than answering the questions.
          2. I checked the comments on the relevant articles before I made that assertion. You see I did so based on fact. However, you have overlooked this in your desire to assume I had not done so. Again, rather than answer the question by accepting the point I made, you made an incorrect assumption to deflect from your own failure.
          3. I did not invite you to ‘pull apart’ the Spacey article – again you have shifted position and not answered the question. I pointed out that you did not make similar comments about Weinstein and Spacey as you have done so with regard to Markle.
          4. What you have done is respond in a knee-jerk fashion by thinking my objective assessment is an attack on Miss Markle based on her mixed race, not being a member of the British aristocracy and because she is an actress. Anybody reading the article can see that my article is not an attack on any those grounds. However, rather than you admit this (and see the contrast between your response here compared to the Spacey and Weinstein articles) you keep dodging the point and dodging the questions I have posed. Your expressed opinion has no basis, if it has then answer these questions
          (a) where in the article is Miss Markle attacked in any way on the basis of her being of mixed race?
          (b) where in the article is Miss Markle attacked because she is not an existing member of the British aristocracy?
          (c) where in the article is Miss Markle attacked because she is an actress?

          5. Did you miss the point that I repeatedly caveat certain points based on the fact that those points are unconfirmed or were you too busy getting on your high horse to notice this balance?
          6. Did you miss the points I made about how a point in isolation is not determinative?
          7. Did you miss the point that I made about how certain comments may be biased owing to motive and perspective of the individual and how I assessed that?
          8. Did you miss the point I made with regard to the time between meeting and their engagement?
          9. Did you miss the point I made about the remarks about always wanting to be a princess?
          10. Did you miss the point I made about the overlap of relationships?

          You see, those points are what balance is. Well done on the blanketing statement “you are a narcissist so you cannot be balanced.” yet the article is a balanced assessment. I have no agenda regarding Miss Markle – I provided my assessment and as you can see from the comments a lot of people agree with what I have written.

          If you can engage in a constructive manner, answering the points I made without throwing up irrelevant points as you have done so, then I am content to engage but I am not wasting my time responding to points any further having already done so (even though they are irrelevant points) and also when you fail to substantiate your comments and answer the valid questions I have already raised.

      3. Catherine Parr R says:

        By the way, how does one edit posts on this site?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I am not sure you can, I can do so if there is something problematic you need to change (such as a name which shouldn’t be mentioned).

      4. nfl3 says:

        No need to defend these ridiculous accusations, HG. I found your writing insightful. Not even once did I believe this was about race.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you. Indeed I have no need, I was providing Moira with an opportunity to recognise her error or at least assert her own opinion on something credible.

          1. NarcAngel says:

            Re: Providing people an opportunity to recognise their error or assert something credible.

            And you say you dont believe in hope. Haha.

          2. HG Tudor says:

            Ha ha there’s a difference between offering the opportunity and thinking they’ll take it. I knew it wouldn’t happen.

      5. Catherine Parr R says:

        Badum tish 😉 re: edit

      6. purpleinnature says:

        Personally, I am offended that you make no mention of Harry being a ginger. A much more relevant issue here. Do gingers have souls? You seem to be implying they do, but you conveniently skirt around the issue. Please address the historical attitude of royals and their prejudice against gingers. Harry was born second and he’s the ginger. Happenstance? I think not!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Look, he could have ended up in the Orphanage For Unwanted Ginger Children, so as it has turned out, the boy done good.

          1. Miranda Black says:

            All of the handsome genes were used up on William. I had forgotten how gorgeous he is. Didn’t leave much for poor Harry of unfortunate face. I’m also not sure what the ladies see in David Beckham. Clooney upstaged them all in the yummy department 😍

          2. windstorm says:

            Am I the only one to find red hair and red beards handsome? What have you all got against Viking genes? The culture I can understand, but not the physiology.

          3. SuperXena says:

            Hi Windstorm!
            You are not the only one! I like them as well. Very much…
            I hope you are fine!

          4. windstorm says:

            I’m doing well. Better than I was, which is always good! Hope you’re doing well also.

          5. SuperXena says:

            Hi Windstorm,

            I did not know you were not feeling good but I am glad you are feeling better. I hope it is nothing serious.

            All is good with me. Thank you for asking. I have been away for some days and catching up with the blog.
            I am amazed too see the way this post has evolved. Being initially aimed to be an excellent example of a narcissist- empath dynamic for educational purposes has turned to be educational for me in other ways . Many other examples *have been presented before but this one in particular had quite an impact.
            *A Very Murderous narcissist ( Pistorius ) https://narcsite.com/?s=Pistorius+
            A Very POTUS Narcissist ( Donald Trump) https://narcsite.com/?s=POTUS+
            A Very Deflecting Narcissist ( Kevin Spacey) https://narcsite.com/?s=A+very+deflecting+
            A Very Hollywood Narcissist ( Weinstein)

            I am personally not interested on the topic but it seems it has touched many!

            Reading the comments, this post adds for me a lesson to be learned : the importance of learning which battles are worth to struggle, understanding who one’s opponent is before engaging in a battle (specially in this context of NPD) and if one engages in such a battle, when is time to step out before it bounces back to oneself with an extraordinary force.
            Hard to read the tone of some comments but any way educational.

            I wish you a prompt full recovery …

          6. MB says:

            Windstorm, There is someone for everyone! A lot of people think Ed Sheeran is a doll. IMO he’s uglier than a mud fence. I enjoy most of his music, but he’s NOT easy on the eyes. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is certainly true. The world would be a boring place if everybody looked like George Clooney anyway!

          7. SN says:

            Oh yes, then he’d suddenly be the ugliest person in the world;)

          8. Omj says:

            Disna’s Brother is reddish too- I find he looks like him . I prefer Harry – will seems boring – Kate is perfectly fitted for the role and boy I am jaelous I wanted to marry a prince, instead I married a narcissist !

          9. SN says:

            Haha, OMJ! This made me laugh. Many narcissits seem to think they are the crown jewel of their life networks! Or better yet – even the Sun!

          10. SN says:


            do you say in English “Ginger is mean”? We have a saying like this, very popular, so the poor children are usually harassed from day 1.

            I once knew a Ginger guy whose mother would call him “Ginger” since his childhood – for him to be resistant to all those smart kiddos, who wanted to bully him.

            It would make them stupified when they called out to him, “Ginger!” and he was like, “Yes?”

          11. windstorm says:

            We don’t use the term “ginger” at all in the US. We say redhead. Ginger is a spice that’s not red at all, so your all’s calling redheads ginger never made sense to me.

            Mean? No. Hotheaded, yes. Redheads have the reputation of being quick to anger. My mother was fond of the expression, “as unwanted as a red headed step child” when someone was really unwanted.

          12. SN says:

            Sorry, Miranda, but I’d have to diasgree with you – both of the brothers look the way they look and they would appeal to different tastes.

            William’s face is, in my opinion, more up to the current marketing trends. That’s all.

            What matters more, to me, is his or others’ sincere smile.

          13. MB says:

            SN It’s what’s on the inside that matters the most. That is most definitely true. I think the gene pool decides what each woman/man finds attractive on a subconscious level. The almighty universe makes sure we don’t inbreed! Ha ha

          14. Clarece says:

            Omg! I think Prince Harry is an absolute perfect specimen of the Male race. As in call the Fire Dept., hot. I’d pick Harry over William in a heartbeat. Lol

          15. Kate says:

            Red hair and blue eyes is the rarest combination – only about 1% of the world’s population has it. Harry is a rare gem.

          16. Clarece says:

            Indeed he is!! #swoon

      7. narc affair says:

        I was never attracted to gingers but i find prince harry adorable. I seen a pic of james hewitt(dianas lover) and i must admit he looks an awful lot like him. Apparently the timing of when they knew each other was supposedly after she had harry and a dna test was done as well but anything can be lied about. I do think he looks like his gr gr grandma queen mary. I can see prince charles side in him.

      8. narc affair says:

        I can honestly say id never want to be married to any celeb or royalty or anyone in the spotlight. The stress would be out of this world! Walking on eggshells and constantly criticized for even looking a certain way. You have very little freedom. Having people around all the time doing everything. People see all the money and lavish homes etc but id trade that in a heartbeat for a life of happiness in privacy. I can see a narcissist loving that lifestyle as its never dull in their eyes and a constant audience is at hand.

        1. windstorm says:

          Narc Affair
          I totally agree

          1. Twilight says:


            I am definitely in agreement with you. Being under the microscope with one is all I can handle forget the world.

      9. narc affair says:

        Princess charlotte is a splitting image of queen elizabeth!

    2. Jess says:

      As the Brits would say “utter rubbish.”

    3. NarcAngel says:

      If you are so unsatisfied with the content of the blog thats climbing numbers and subscriptions negate what you wrote, you could confirm yourself to be right by making the numbers drop by one. Just sayin.

      1. Bibi says:

        Ah, Moira is the one who complained about the tedium in HG’s articles, meanwhile has only straw-manning and logorrhea to offer in return. Projection much?

    4. Lilly says:


      Usually I do not respond on comments if they are not directed to me, nor does HG needs me to defend him, he does this well on his own. But your comment about this article just irked something in me. I wonder why you keep reading HG’s work if you don’t like what he writes. I saw a few comments that are similar to this one and you still keep on reading and responding, that is what I don’t get. Many readers asked HG about he’s opinion on RMM and are interested in he’s view on this, me including. This article was well written, accurate, provided with (known)sources, but also mentioned if it’s speculative. I can only imagine how much time HG invested to write this. I enjoyed very much reading this and I appreciate that HG provided us with this information. If you don’t like he’s blog, you can always start your own.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Thank you Lilly. I spent probably about 20 hours (over a number of days) researching the subject and it took me about three hours to write.

      2. Nuit Étoilée says:

        I just wondered, Hg, if the topic of her (RMM) behaviour has come up in your private life & if you or someone else mentioned narcissism?

        If so – I’d love to know if you pointed out the observations here.

        Btw, i thought your article did a great job of listing your observations, & w your insight – thank you!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          No it hasn’t come up as a topic.

      3. Somewhere over the rainbow says:

        I appreciate all your work (your time spent) and your commitment to it and to those needing your answers and opinion.

        I don’t know about RMM but it seems likely for her to be a narcissist at least following her behavior with her ex husband. I still wish her and Prince Harry all the best because today is their wedding day (no, I didn’t watched it, just some images in the news but I found the wedding simple, less stiff – I hope that’s the best word – and out of the monarchy box) but from one of your comments above I found my confirmation that the Queen is not a narcissist – I thought so because among many reasons: 1. She married out of love and 2. She gracefully aged, her eyes and those colorful outfits manage to make me smile whenever I see her on TV. I wear all colors and I told my husband that I’ll continue to wear them as long as I live because here when aging you should wear dark colors. I see her more like a Super Empath and I see those narcissistic traits coming from her duty as a Queen and morals and it’s not easy to have a son like Charles (I think she wished it worked between Charles and Diana and that she was relieved believing it was the best for them to divorce and go separate but happier ways). Meeting so many people and cultures around the world must be hard but awesome at the same time. I see her as open minded as possible. And I think Queen Mother was also an empath, am I right?

        I still don’t like Churchill thou. He was a narcissist (thanks to his ambitious mother)…

    5. Catherine Parr R says:

      This is an excellently written piece of work by Mr. Tudor.

      Moira’s victim mentality and the use of the race card is a dishonest conversational point. This is what people like her do without explanation or relevancy to the subject matter. The conversation is about narcissism not RMM’s skin colour Moira.

      Do you know Mr. Tudor wrote about Speacy, Weinstein, MeToo and POTUS narcissists.

      You brought up colour, should Harry have chosen an English Rose instead of a mulatto to avoid these one sided racial conversations from people like you? Moira you are dishonest conversationally and a racist person who comes across jealous of RMM wishing you were the royal bride.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Thank you Catherine.

      2. Insatiable Learner says:

        Did anyone ever look at the restrictions and all the do’s and don’t’s placed on the princess? If not, take a look. It’s like living in a gilded cage under a microscope. Not worth it!

      3. Moira says:

        I have responded to this elsewhere. And I think Mr. Tudor is more upset than I am. But thanks for your feedback.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          No, not upset, just correcting inaccuracies which you should be aware is what I address.

    6. Ugotit says:

      Your way off nobody gives a damn about her being mixed race I wanted for a while to ask about if she’s a narc from the minute her brother wrote the letter to Harry not about show business either this piece is one of my favorites ever because its so much easier to understand when actual real.people are used as examples of narcissism

    7. somebody says:

      HG, I liked your article and your response, but due to your ridigity, your narcissm was touché by Moira.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Do expand.

    8. Catherine Parr R says:

      Moira we would not be having this race card conversation had RMM targeted a black prince instead of a white prince. There are no photos of RMM dating black men. Only white men. Is RMM racist? Do explain.

      1. Moira says:

        You (and Mr. Tudor who uses a nom de plume relating to the Royal dynasty of Henry Vlll in case no one noticed) have leapt on the wrong bandwagon of what I am trying to point out. Why and how people link things within the context of racism is rarely arbitrary or willy-nilly. To be a member of the royals, and to carry on as such in this day and age, means you believe in a system, a way of being that believes you are richer, nobler and more entitled that the rest of us serbs. Can we agree on that? Can we further agree, that no matter how much sweetness, empathy any royal has they are still people who believe, not unlike a narcissist, not unlike Mr. Tudor, that they somehow deserve something just because they exists. Can we agree on that? Can we also agree that Mr. Tudor, though an expert of sorts on Narcissism, is a narcissist and may not see things as clearly as he would like to and falls prey to the same pattern of behavior s he spells out for you and me? He’s a narcissist: why in the world would anyone think that means he doesn’t conduct himself in the same way he warns us of? Some of his responses to me seem hell bent on just getting me to shut up (a recent post of his). He has more studied replies herein to others who have raised similar positions as myself which only further makes me wonder if a woman with a big mouth annoys Mr. Tudor more than a man with one.

        Now let me address the race issue, which is not a ‘card’ I throw onto the table but one in which I look at from perhaps a different perspective that you. Let’s address your question about who she dates and why? She is bi-racial. This means she is racially (a false construction) black but was exposed on some great level to white culture. You, and I do not mean you specifically, but many may simply see a black woman or maybe you see a bi-racial woman, but what does that mean? It means like a bilingual person, she operates in two worlds and speaks two languages. I do not know where Mr. Tudors readers live, but I have lived in The United States and Canada, amongst other places. I do not know where RMM was born, but she has lived in both the US and Canada which present two different experiences for a person of color. An American relates to the British monarchy like I might relate to car mechanics – not at all, whereas a Canadian would be familiar with seeing the Queen’s picture on their classroom wall. What people really and truly fail to understand about being bi-racial, is that you, others want to put you in a box. The concept of being two different things is alien to people who feel secure thinking they are one thing. The tragedy of the mulatto is not that they exist but that they exist in a world where people can’t see them for what they are.

        Mr. Tudor quotes someone as saying she failed to support her father. So what? Would you support someone if they were an asshole? I know nothing about her parents or her family but why she chose to not support family members is a big fat: Who Knows Why? rather than an indication of narcissism. What can often happen in divorces that resulted in bi-racial children is that a parent, usually the one with custody, often bad-mouths the other parent in a very appalling manner sometimes talking about the other parent’s race. How children internalize what their parents are doing is always an unknown but for a biracial child the stakes are higher. A bi-racial child NEVER looks at his/her father or mother and says: they look like me or I look like them. They don’t. And you will never forget the eyes of a bi-racial child who suddenly does see a person who looks like them. They can’t stop staring because they know they are finally looking at someone who looks like they do. The other issue is that the parent that receives custody or the children will then immerse that child in that culture. Mr. Tudor is looking at these two people through the eyes of a narcissist which are the only eyes he can look through. By all appearances, RMM is culturally white. Her experiences, her education her opportunities she has had are all culturally white so for me why does she only date white men seem obvious. If you can only see her as a black woman then her choices seem wrong to you. Because she is marrying into the Royal family it would make perfect sense that no everyone is invited. They don’t want Trump there either and no one for one moment has to scratch their head on that choice. But every has an idiot uncle named Bob who ruins everything and with such a dignified wedding approaching I would imagine choices had to be made.

        Mr. Tudor suggests that by not inviting certain people she is trying to deny or perhaps erase her past. If you past is filled with lunatics why would anyone want to drag them into your new life. She is also going to be expected to a certain extent, to be royal in her behavior so all ties to Jerry Springer will need to be cut. A sane thing if you ask me. Then Mr. Tudor terns to her being calculated. Jesus, who doesn’t have to be calculated in a cut throat industry such as she has chosen? But is she calculated or extremely focused? If my friend of 36 years suddenly said all of that I would guess hurt that the relationship needed and a big chunk of jealousy as well. Let me return to her race again. Not everyone, but too many white people go absolutely mental when they learn that a person of color has more, is more, is better educated, went to finer schools than a white person or achieves a success that people often feel is designated for white people only. Look at Barack Obama. People thought he was going to BBQ on the lawn of the white House and have Barry White blaring from every window. Based upon what? Based upon nothing other than the fear and rage that he achieved something they did not.

        Mr. Tudor inserts that a former husband, Mr. Eagleton had to schlep back and forth and that she didn’t do as much schlepping… Jeez, maybe he likes to schlep, maybe he had more money, maybe she did the laundry more… I personally have never been under the impression that is was by business as to why marriages end ESPECIALLY when it is not my own. All I can say about their marriage, which is nothing, is that how people figure things out to keep being friends, not being friends, etc, is really none of my business. There are also rumors that I had a sexual relationship with Herbert Khaury but I swear I didn’t, we were only just friends…

        The label of narcissism is a big one. It is a heavy one, it is one that the knowledgeable know has no treatment. And for Mr. Tudor to throw such a word onto someone who has really shown no real indication to be such a thing is irresponsible.

        Mr. Tudor has asked me in a another comment why I had nothing to say about a previous post he made regarding Kevin Spacey and his take on his narcissism. I think first and foremost because Mr. Spacey acknowledged and went off for treatment to address his issues. I tend to agree with Mr. Tudor’s assessment because actors such as Spacey have to go to places within themselves to find characters such as the ones he plays and for the most part, he plays narcissists to a science with his earlier roles being ones where there was still something likable about him (the narcissist in their youth) to the malignant ones he plays now that his own looks have faded. There is a correlation between what Mr. Tudor writes and the (lucky for us) body of work people have whereby one can look back and have evidence.

        She was a stripper? An Wallace Simpson was said to be able to outdo a hoover and that marriage lasted forever. She wears a similar outfit or piece of jewelry that her boyfriend wears. You did too when you were young, dumb and full of cum. And then when we are in our senior years it seems we do it all over again thinking it is cute. All this suggests to me is cutsey-ness and eventually bad taste.

        Harry never met her father… Well Mr. Tudor, if you ever propose to me and ask to meet my mother I will say the following to you: If this is important to you, then I encourage you to do so. I will provide you will her address and even drive you there, But for me, my mother is a crazy, hurtful, mean person and you will be visiting her on your own. If you would like to call off the wedding and see this as a deal breaker then so be it. But if you do, know what I will eventually come to realize that I was better off without you.

        Everyone, including you Mr. Tudor uses personal relationships for further gain. I once had sex and got a really good job lead out of it. I once had dinner with Robert DeNiro secretly hoping he would dump his girlfriend for me. I still am hoping Sidney Pinter will come to his senses.

        All I wanted was someone to take in the psychology of the bi-racial person from their perspective, and not yours. To simply label her as one of your kind is unfair and in my eyes, is an insult on an already bruised life.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I have laboured through this and my earlier comments still stand.

          1. WiserNow says:

            You have more patience and energy than me HG, for labouring through all of Moira’s post.

            Dear Moira,
            I’m sorry, but my train of thought was derailed when you wanted us to agree that we readers are “serbs” instead of “plebs”. Lol. Unfortunately, my train of thought rolled down a green hill of giggles and I couldn’t get it back on the right track to follow your argument. Which is probably just as well, because it would only have ended up at a dead end, called “What The Hell Station”!! Toot Toot!

            Seriously though, you are reading far more into this post than what’s actually there. You’re not doing yourself any favours as your comments are causing a backlash against you. Also, you’re hampering the ability of others to learn about and discuss the subject of narcissism, which is what this post is about.

          2. HG Tudor says:

            Labour is the right word, WN.

        2. Ugotit says:

          Moira I don’t agree with your statement that being royalty means you are complicent in the belief that you are better than others if I had happened to be born into a royal family should I denounce my family to prove that I don’t agree with the superiority of the monarchy , when in fact they are still my family.
          As far as being biracial I’m not technically biracial but I have black blood running through my veins and I’ve known this all my life on my maternal grandfathers side his grandmother and ancestors are from Mozambique and the Azores combined my maternal grandmother is also from the Azores which of course is Portuguese but she also has African lineage in her ancestry as well . race and identity is an important topic , however I maintain this particular article was not race related

        3. NarcAngel says:

          What. In. The. Actual. Fuck.

          Its evident someone has dropped their meds tray.

        4. nikitalondon says:

          I also think you are narcissistic Moira

      2. Jess says:

        NarcAngel….I’m dying 😂..
        bahahahhahaha. I’m all for listening and respecting opinions but I can’t even make sense of this.

        1. NarcAngel says:

          I read every word. She states that she ONCE had sex, and I thought: well now we’re getting somewhere…this could be the actual cause of her frustration and not the article at all……

          1. HG Tudor says:

            Entertaining as ever NA.

      3. Catherine Parr R says:

        Hypocrisy is so common with many, it’s hardly worth mentioning anymore. But every so often, you see an example of it that’s so staggering, where the person exhibiting it is so blind to what she’s actually revealing about herself, that it should send even the most humorless person into hysterical laughter. We now have an example, courtesy of Moira the mouthpiece and hopefully temporary fixture here.

        Moira, who has been waging a crusade against a well-argued article about RMM’s narcissism (a large majority of readers found it insightful, interesting, well researched on facts to back it up) is calling the writer irresponsible because he is freely expressing his own opinion on a matter which he has every right to do so on his own blog. Moira is simultaneously using this very website to air her own opinion on the matter against that very freedom of expression exercised by her.

        Have you stopped laughing yet? I will continue.

        Moira’s arguments are many and questionable. I was hoping they would be more on point about the subject of narcissism. They weren’t. She brought up the good old race card. Quite embarrassing for the racists using the race card. Those should be brought up only if true and in good faith. So I asked Moira a very simple question re: RMM and race dating and she could not answer in a straight forward manner, let alone provide credible answers to HG Tudor’s previous questions and other commentators. Instead, she’s gone on and on, and gotten louder and louder. I will not say much about it because we all know the usual race spill and drill. The tone of her comments sparked more of her howls of outrage and feigned being offended that anybody could be discussing RMM’s possible narcissistic traits because she was bi-racial. So fucking what if she is bi-racial?! Where I come from that is irrelevant and stays that way. Firstly, the article had nothing to do with race. Secondly, when has it become a rule that a bi-racial or coloured person is exempt from being criticised and having an opinion about? Let me clarify. Everybody will be criticised in this world no matter the race, creed or color. Moira – are you reading this. Get used to it. Pronto! RMM is a public figure and people will have an opinion and you cannot stop that. Moving on…

        You are also a bully. Just because you happen to disagree with a point of view your own tolerance of others fails as a virtue. Re-read your arguments and notice how ineffective they are because you have gone into character assassination. You were not interested in debating narcissism. You are interested in castigating people here on this site as nasty human beings because you happen to disagree.
        You talk about royalty as a belief of being richer, nobler and more entitled and yet your whole argument rests on the premise how you have a sense of superiority ‘just because’ over everybody else here, albeit unearned. You are nothing special. You have failed to impress me.

        All of your arguments thrown around like confetti have hardly touched on the issue of narcissism and your allegations are baseless. Your buzzwords and comments have brought you toward an unwinnable position because you make absolutely no sense and are inconsistent on every single paragraph. Calling others’ on some fake race issue may give you a sense of satisfaction within the status of the universe even if you never helped a single being.

        By the way, what exactly is the problem using a nom de plume? Many writers do. Your point is? Don’t bother. That is just a rhetorical question. You don’t have a point to make.

        You kept asking numerous times “Can we agree…?”
        NO, Moira. I agree with NOTHING you have stated.

        (I am tired, not enough sleep and I should charge you £700 an hour for wasting my time reading your bullshit.) Be gone.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Ka-boom. I always enjoy a forensic takedown.

          1. Clarece says:

            Shit is lit at narcsite.com this Friday!

          2. NarcAngel says:


          3. SUSAN says:

            True dat!! 😎

        2. Narc Angel says:

          Now THAT made sense and was worth the time spent reading. Thank you.

        3. Twilight says:

          Catherine Parr

          Well said.

    9. /iroll says:


      Just want to help out here (i’m not reading this entry, it’s not relevant to my interests).

      It’s Ok to feel repulsed and triggered + many things – by this blog, but HG is rational (not the same as being ‘wise’) – and telling him you think this was all in poor taste because of the whole political context, doesn’t mean you have to go all the way into abelism and state he can’t Brain because he’s some kind of retard. “Adaptation” is now the less stigmatised term.

      I think he belongs to a subset of people who are dangerous because of their underlying condition, but HG would not for example, be let off in court on an insanity plea – if that went down.

      Also, neurotypicals do gaslighting and other bad stuff too.

      Trump and the alt-right backlash is more worrying than a symbolic imperialist relic, in terms of oppressing the masses, tbh.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        HG wouldn’t be in court in the first place.

      2. Jess says:

        HG you are the epitome of patience…

      3. Bibi says:

        Markle is fair game. HG doesn’t have to defend his right to discuss her to anyone.

        Ever hear of brevity? My God. My eyes went into skim mode upon sight of that long comment.

        There are people living in an overcrowded hell in the Gaza Strip and have no clean water and electricity for only 4 hrs per day and are under the constant risk of being blown up.

        So I have always found these weddings ostentatious, shallow and trite. Let’s get a perspective on what is important. But then again, I don’t care about them.

        The last Royal Wedding Bin Laden went down. Talk about being upstaged.

        I suggested a future article on Bill Cosby. I suppose I know where Moira will take that one too.

        1. NarcAngel says:

          Im with you. I wouldnt open my blinds Saturday if the wedding was across the street.

          1. MB says:

            NarcAngel and Bibi
            I will be getting up early and watching. But not because I care about the happenings within the royal family. It’s the same reason I watch the Super Bowl every year having not watched a single regular season game. Admittedly, I don’t even have a solid grasp of the rules of how the game is played. Obviously, not a fan!

            It is an important part of our pop culture, it will be a topic of conversation and I don’t want to be left out. Like discussing the commercials during the super bowl on Monday morning after the game, there will be similar commentary about this wedding for some time.

            Maybe it’s also a little nostalgic. I clearly remember watching the wedding of Charles and Diana with my mother when I was a child. The image of Diana’s wedding dress train forever emblazoned in my brain. I didn’t even know who they were at the time, but I was still “there”.

          2. windstorm says:

            I understand what you mean. I try to never miss out on large televised spectacles, especially if they take place in other countries. Studying and comparing cultures is always interesting to me. I also even watch the Super Bowl – but only the commercials. Lol!

            As an American, the whole idea of the royal family has always been a conundrum to me and therefore of much interest. It is also very divisive and seems to appeal to or disgust people in different ways. I’ll be up at 3 in the morning carefully watching all the coverage, too. 😊

      4. Bibi says:

        I have to just make my comment on this royal shit. Sorry if I offend anyone but feel free to keep scrolling.

        I am not British, but these people don’t do anything. They are famous for their bloodlines and are a yawnfest at that.

        This chick is just some stripper/actress who so desperately wants fame she will shit on whomever she wants to get it.

        I had no idea she was even bi-racial, as that is how little a fuck I give. I would not piss on her if she were on fire.

        I need one of those Julie Andrews memes about now.

        ‘Behold! All the fucks I give!’

        That’s what I say to the royal wedding. And again, poor Harry. He will never be King. Not even in his marriage. 🙁

      5. abrokenwing says:

        I am also not British but I like the royal family and especially for the Queen I have a huge respect and admiration due to her commitment and dedication. I am fascinated by their traditions, values and history.
        To say that this people don’t do anything is far from truth and very unfair. They attend thousands of engagements a year and apart of official royal duties they support over 3000 charities, travel the globe to strengthen diplomatic relationships, some of them have long military careers and many royals also have 9-5 day jobs.

        I watched the wedding and it was a splendid , joyful experience , a healthy escape from our daily routine. It doesn’t make one insensitive or less caring about inhumanity in the world. We all need moments of joy. There is no harm in it at all.

        It’s a real life fairytale ( for now) and define me as being naive but I want to believe in fairytales. It a tale about love that prevails over class and status. Harry found his princess as Eddie Murphy in ‘Coming to America ‘ and I wish them both a happy life together. ‘There is power, power in love ‘.
        ( Shall I cancel my Netflix subscription ?😉)

        1. Clarece says:

          Agreed ABW! The wedding was a joyous, happy celebration that united people on different continents. I still naively hope some fairy tales can exist.

    10. SUSAN says:

      I find it interesting that you can accuse HG of writing an article with racist undertones (which is accusing him of being a racist) yet you have no issue lumping all Royal as bigots and racists? Not only that, but you are labelling all Brit’s as racists by asking HG how he feels about His royals marrying a person of color. THAT IS DISCRIMINATION! You made a comment wondering if HG got his information from Tabloids. Do you know the Royals on a personal level? Do you know any of their friends or family? No you don’t, you went by what you read. You make many Discriminatory and judgmental statements. You suggest that the Royals should have been “attacked” by HG in his article. I understand what you were saying but it still proves that you are still discriminating. You accuse HG of doing exactly what you are yourself doing. To me you are a hypocrite and your ramblings are null and void. You argue for the sake of arguing, it’s rather immature.

      “What? She’s a narcissist but the royal family whom are all raised to believe they have inalienable rights over all”
      “ How do you, a Brit, feel about your royals marrying a person of color?”
      “You do yourself and this blog a disservice by attacking her without attacking the entire monarchy.”

      1. Bibi says:

        I have written articles for blogs years ago wherein I would be emailed comments from those responding.

        I’d occasionally get a Moira type who felt the need to insult, strawman, take everything personally and out of context.

        Then when I’d call them out on their shit they play the victim. As example, I once had this nasty twit who would not stop insulting me, so my narcissist side came out so I quickly cut her down.

        She tried to insult me by implying I have ‘no life’ because I must be ‘obsessively checking’ my article’s stats, as indicated by the speed with which I responded.

        ‘Seriously, that’s the best you got?’ I asked.

        I mentioned how it was my article and comments were emailed to me and then noted that the time stamp of her own comments were even briefer. So who is the obsessed one now?

        When I shoved this back in her face, she claimed I was bullying her.

        I don’t know what is worse or more boring–arguing with trolls or royal weddings.

      2. SUSAN says:

        Ha Bibi!
        There is always one in the bunch trying to get recognition…It’s like watching a cat chase it’s tail…. they get nowhere… She’s gets high on going up against HG. Hilarious! Sounds like she needs a lolly pop or something.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Well that high soon came crashing down Susan!

          1. NarcAngel says:


            Well there was nose bleed, but not from any dizzying heights attained from those who failed to even launch. In the end, I want to thank you for delivering yet again, a timely, insightful, and interesting article on a topic that was requested and enjoyed by your audience, in addition to all of the time you spend on our regular education, moderating, and answering our questions. May you enjoy a well deserved weekend of football enjoyment. Cheers.


          2. Kate says:

            Agreed, Narc Angel – HG deserves a lot of thanks for all of his time and effort in educating us on this and other subjects. There was A LOT of information contained in this article and it was very well written. I guess we all have come to expect this, making it is easy to take HG for granted.

            Thank you, HG.

          3. HG Tudor says:

            You are welcome.

          4. SN says:

            I wouldn’t advize taking HG for granted to anyone!;)

      3. Bibi says:

        LOL Susan!

        HG, if you give her a lollipop as Susan suggests, be sure to leave the fuzzy on it. Haha!

        (A reference to one of HG’s articles albeit I forget which one.)

        1. Clarece says:

          Hi Bibi,

          The lollipop fuzzy reference was from his May 8th YouTube Q&A audio. Lol

          1. Miranda Black says:

            Clarence I loved that reference. I was hoping for some expansion from HG on that but was disappointed. The only time I’ve ever had to pick fuzz from a lollipop is when my children were small. Of all the examples of ways to be nice and he picked that? Must be some significance. Your fans want to know HG.

          2. Clarece says:

            And you know what MB…if I ever get to interview HG, I will specifically ask him that on your behalf. Lol Maybe he did it for his sister’s kids when they were little?
            Maybe there is the battle for title of Funcle (Fun Uncle) between him and Lennox…

          3. windstorm says:

            More likely he rolled them on a fuzzy cloth! No, he wouldn’t have stooped to that, but I can’t imagine any narc I know washing the fuss off a lollipop for someone else!

          4. Clarece says:

            If it won him Favorite Uncle title and made Sis dole out the admiration, oh yes he would…lol
            If it were random kids annoying him, then it’s up for grabs.
            But you are right if a Narc goes out of their way to assist or help with something you’ll still hear about it a decade later. Lol

          5. Omj says:

            Yep ! Mine asked me to send him a letter with all the great things he has done for me .. that was his passport to treat me badly and lie and manipulate etc

          6. MB says:

            Thank you Clarece. I am looking forward to the interview, although I have no idea how he will fit it into his schedule! HG, what’s the limit on the number of comments on a post if any? You may have to draw a line under this one!

          7. HG Tudor says:

            There are no limits

          8. Clarece says:

            I think his other record breakers were POTUS and Classroom Narcissist. What’s been your all time highest article with comments, HG?

          9. HG Tudor says:

            Top Five

            1. Poll : What Are You?
            2. Kiss Me
            3. The Support Forum Fraud
            4. A Very Royal Narcissist
            5. A Very POTUS Narcissist

          10. MB says:

            Can you give the link to that popular poll? I used the search feature, but did not find it.

          11. MB says:

            Yes. Thank you K. The word poll in my search was causing it to be excluded in the results oddly enough.

          12. K says:

            Any time, MB!

          13. NarcAngel says:

            In case K is out crime fighting: Search under: What are you?
            Leave the poll part off.

          14. MB says:

            Thank you NA! That did the trick.

          15. K says:

            Ha ha ha…Sunday is my day of rest, catch up on narcsite and eat Chinese take out.

          16. Clarece says:

            Now watch those numbers climb some more…

          17. NarcAngel says:

            If you want to blow up the internet, title the next one: Heres my photo.

          18. HG Tudor says:

            Ha ha, good idea.

          19. Omj says:

            Oprah will capture him and will have on a 3 days interview – with a anti-Narc booth camp !!

      4. SUSAN says:

        What I meant was that I think it’s hilarious how she tries to go up against HG. Tries being the key word. Not that she succeeds. But I think she gets off on trying.
        I wanted to clarify because I wasn’t sure how you thought I meant it HG.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          It’s okay, I understood.

      5. Jess says:


        Thank you for your question. I never read through the comments on the Poll: What are you? I learned much about all of you and there were some gems in there from HG as well.

        Side note. I read “From the Mouth of a Narcissist” today. There’s an amazing amount of hard and dirty truth in that book. This is one of many.

        “I will sift through your childhood and find that one thing that takes you back to being a needy child. It is massively powerful.”

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you for reading.

    11. nikitalondon says:

      Thumbs down for you 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

      1. nikitalondon says:

        This was for Moira 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

    12. SUSAN says:

      Will is definitely the better looking, but then again I never was into the snaps.

  35. NNH says:

    That is disappointing. Prince Harry has done a lot of good with the Invictus Games Foundation. His actions during his time in the military speak very highly of him as well. . Just my opinion, of course. This isn’t going to go well for him, is it HG?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      There could be trouble ahead.

      1. Moira says:

        You see what I’m trying to say… You are a narcissist who is now a marriage counselor and has prescience abilities.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          A marriage counsellor? How? I am not counselling anybody.
          Prescience abilities? I make no prediction about what will happen, I have assessed on information currently available.
          I am afraid you are now making yourself look stupid with these comments. If you disagree with my assessment based on a different interpretation, then do so. Another reader has provided her interpretation welcoming RMM as a royal and has explained why – that is fair enough. That reader hasn’t launched into comments which are nothing to do with what I have written.

      2. K says:

        I foresee trouble ahead for Prince Harry, as well. I am not a marriage
        counselor but the writing is on the wall and any half-wit can see that.
        I read the article again and couldn’t find racism or rigidity in it either.

  36. Blondie says:

    Excellent well said …!

  37. Dear H G, are you serious in classifying Princess Diana as an empathic and caring individual? Wasn’t she a person who made use of the media and instrumentalised them in oder to cultivate her FACADE of being a caring woman?
    Weren’t the photographs taken of her while caressing a mutilated Child (landmine’s victim) highly narcissistic?
    Didn’t she portray a multifaceted picture of herself – “people’s princess” on the one hand, fashion victim, socialite on the other?
    Didn’t she flirt with her own diagnosis of eating disorder, mental health problems and so forth? Didn’t she have multiple partners and parallel relationships? Didn’t she idealize Prince Charles in the beginning just to devalue him completely after only two years of marriage?
    I always thought her to be one of the great narcissistic personalities among the Windsors!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are correct in the comments you have made Ursula and I agree that Princess Diana was narcissistic, however

      1. She did have emotional empathy. Yes, she used this fact in a narcissistic way (at times) but this was a response to the way she was being treated. She did not park the tanks on the lawn first, but when someone parked theirs on hers, she reacted in this way.
      2. She was a borderline – thus she had empathy, she was manipulative, she was narcissistic.
      3. She did not devalue Charles, he did it to her.

      1. Anonymous says:

        For what its worth, I always thought Diana a victim, ensnared by a narc Prince. I think Diana a Super empath.

      2. narc affair says:

        Hi anonymous…when i read one of dianas biographies i thought she was a complete victim but back then i had no idea about narcissism or bpd etc i do think she was a victim of a situation. The two prince charles and her were pushed together in marriage. He was in love or at least it looks that way with camilla. They shouldve never married from the start. Camilla even pushed charles to marry diana but him and camilla never parted and theres where diana became a victim sadly. She married a man who didnt love her and had been in love with someone else. I dont know much about her upbringing but the anorexia and other bpd traits point to someone who had no control and a lot of anxiety. Uncertainty and abandonment issues. A need for love and acceptance. You could see it in her eyes. I do think the pain was very real and not from a victim narcissist standpoint. She really was a candle in the wind clinging onto where she could find stability and assurance.

      3. narc affair says:

        Speaking about prince charles and camilla i do wonder if it is love they share how is that possible with charles being a narc? Possibly they really compliment each other and that has been their version of love.
        I recently found out camillas my 8th cousin and what is interesting is her great grandmother who was a countess was canadian and lived in ontario. She was from a prominent family and married a lord from london. They moved back to london and that is how camilla came to be in britian.
        I didnt know diddly bow about camilla before finding out my ancestry connection to her lol 8th is a pretty distant cousin but still it took me by surprise 😄

      4. Lori says:

        I saw Princess Di as more of a Borderline or possibly a Codepebdent with the eating disorder and all.

  38. Ugotit says:

    One of her half brothers supposedly wrote a letter to Harry telling him not to marry her. I adore Harry always have I hope she’s not a narcissist but she reminds me of my sister man jumping and treating her family like shit if she is a narcissist I hope she doesn’t hurt him too much thanks for this article I wanted to ask u about them this is one of my faves

  39. merrymagenta says:

    Very informative post, HG. Poor guy, he’s like a lamb to the slaughter. I’m surprised HRH Queenie’s narcdar hasn’t gone off. Still, no doubt there’s already a plan in the offing to dispatch yet another Royal Princess should she become ‘troublesome’ at a later date. Pity they’re not allowed to just chop heads off on a whim these days haha.

    I read one of your previous posts in which you alluded to the fact that a narcissist had already breached the inner circle of the Royal Family through marriage 30 years ago. Who were you referring to and what information is it based on?

  40. Lilly says:

    Such a brilliant, detailed and accurate article HG. I share your views about RMM. Many people feel there is something off about her, if you read comments left on articles about her. People can not put a name to it, but recognise that she seems fake. Which school/cadre do you think she belongs to? I am too going to watch FA cup instead of this charade. Thank you for this article.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome. I shall leave the issue of school and cadre until later.

      1. NNH says:

        I almost asked you about that in my comment, then I realized it was pointless. You knew people were going to go nuts over this article , and that would be the perfect follow up. That is good business sense. Lol.

      2. W says:

        I’m going with upper mid range somatic!

  41. Ugotit says:

    OMG I swear last night I was thinking of asking you what u thought of her thanks thanks thanks for this post kudos I love it

  42. Rose says:

    Harry will rue the day…

  43. As always, excellent article.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

  44. Tiddlywink says:

    Fantastic piece of writing HG.. and might I say, I do agree with you. Even though of course I do not know RMM, something about her has always screamed “fake” to me. Indeed she seems like a social climber and the way she stares at Prince Harry, who is obviously smitten by her “attention and love”, is really off putting for those watching them because it all seems like an such an act in order to snare him, which she has succeeded to do..Poor sweet Prince Harry.. we know who will wear the pants in this relationship…

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you and yes.

    2. Jess says:

      I totally agree. After reading this I watched some of their interviews. She stares at him for an uncomfortably long period of time, interupts him every chance she gets, is wrapped around him and mirrors his sense of humor. Harry is clearly annoyed by her constantly speaking and even correcting him! He’s a royal and she is an actress for goodness sake. I love this post. It says what we are all thinking. Harry is in trouble.

  45. Jess says:

    I haven’t even read this yet…. but OH SNAP!

    1. Jess says:

      That was so cool. You’ve got a large pair on you HG<3

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Ha ha true.

      2. Hopefully proportional.

  46. E. B. says:

    Excellent. Thank you very much.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

  47. Omj says:

    WoW !!! HG … do you do all the researches yourself ???? This needs to be published beyond those walls . That is a great piece – like a short story novel.
    I will never see it the same way and if this is all true – poor kids to come.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I used a variety of sources for my research yes. I have caveated where certain matters are unconfirmed and speculation as that is only correct in the interests of balance.

      1. Omj says:

        The cautiousness makes it very credible and novel like at the same time – very well done ! You would be excellent at writing bios … The encyclopedia of Narcs in History and how they fucked up this world and their lineage !!!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you OMJ, pleased you noticed the allowance made for the provenance of material.

          1. Omj says:

            More than about Her , I saw the article as a tool for our own assement of narcs around us.

            There are assessment of credibility of whom are criticizing or encensons and also about what is not known for a fact and what has a lot of probability.

            What I saw is : there are many pointers that make you conclude she is most likely a narc but she does exhibits narc’s Behaviours and added they make a most likely narc Polaroid .

            Only a psychiatrist – not even a psychologist – could affirm that for sure.

            This article can really serve as a tool to assess narcs around us – observing behaviours, weeding what is being reported to us etc

            Frankly I don’t give a shit she is a narc or not but I enjoyed the way it was written.

      2. Clarece says:

        It’s a great article and you definitely put effort to meet the demand from readers asking you about the upcoming nuptials and your thoughts about Meghan and Harry with a quick turnaround time. At first I only had time to read the article at work and not the comments. Walking away from that first read, my perception of what you wrote was you included characteristics from different sources that portray narcissistic traits. Race never even entered into my head.
        Because we are all still learning about her, I feel you leave this open with we shall wait and see how this unfolds for Harry. There is potential for this to get messy down the road. We will all hear about it eventually in the tabloids. If that happens, we’ll be able to say we read it here first!!
        All in all, these articles are very popular because it gives the readers a point of reference with the types of narcissists that we are walking around with everyday.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you Clarece.

        2. nikitalondon says:

          Agree with you Clarence it’s excellent!

  48. nykeypad says:


  49. windstorm says:

    Sad. Shows that money and status is no protection from becoming the victim of a narcissist.

  50. nykeypad says:

    You’ve written an interesting analyses of RMM; I was intrigued reading it. RMM certainly will not be able to deny her roots if she and Prince Harry conceive a child of color. I wish him the best and remember when Princess Diana died.

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