Narc Detector

One of the most fundamental questions that must be answered is

“Is he or she a narcissist?”

You need to detect the narcissist and who better to do so on your behalf than me, with my extensive and unrivalled expertise.

Whether it is your husband, girlfriend, boss, brother, neighbour or best friend, ascertaining whether this person is a narcissist (or not) is crucial with regard to putting your mind at ease, formulating a plan to deal with the manipulations of the narcissist and to enabling you to secure freedom.

Knowing if the relevant person is a narcissist is the foundation stone of achieving understanding and freedom.

Submit to me information about the individual as per the guidance sheet which is provided once the consultation is booked and engage my narcissist detection expertise to confirm whether the person is a narcissist and if so, their school and cadre.

The process

  1. Effect payment.
  2. You will be e-mailed a common sense protocol governing the terms of the consultation.
  3. You will be e-mailed a guidance sheet assisting you with the type of information you should provide to maximise the accuracy of my assessment.
  4. You then submit upto 1200 words. If you exceed this then please purchase additional words at US $ 40 per 500 words, you may purchase as many additional bundles as you require.
  5. I will provide an audio file confirming whether the individual is a narcissist and if so, explaining why along with detail as to their school and cadre. This will be provided within 96 hours of submission of your information.

To effect payment, use the PayPal button(s) below and I shall be in touch  shortly thereafter.

(Please note if you experience a delay in hearing from me this is likely to be as a consequence of my absence owing to professional matters. Feel free to email me and if I am away, my out of office reply will give you the relevant details as to when you can expect to hear from me.)
Narc Detector

One thought on “Narc Detector

  1. 👠 yes I’m pretty ride on with the stuff now it’s just about ruled and controlled my whole life and I wake up thinking about it I go to sleep thinking about it I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it I’m thinking about it while I’m in the shower while I’m eating while I’m sick in the market whatever the hell I’m doing and I could smell out a narcissist A Million Miles Away now I hate it I really don’t want it around me but it’s a fact of life and the more compassionate you are , the more empathetic you are you seem to draw them closer to you . bad enough I was born to them ,I married one of them for 45 years and then I befriended one for the last few years and that was probably the hardest and now it’s like I play back the tapes in my head to every damn thing that I ever went through with all of them I should be one mean bastard right now but I’m not I forgive them I understand them I’m trying not to be hurt anymore but I still am .but yeah you get to smell them out and then you realize how much they hate you and here you want to help them do things for them buy them things and it goes on and on and on. thank God for HD thank you God thank you H.G. TUDOR ⚘

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