Sex : How the Narcissist Views Sex and The Role It Plays In Your Entanglement

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The only unnatural sex act is that which you cannot perform

Read about how the narcissist views and uses sex and how you are central in that

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12 thoughts on “Sex : How the Narcissist Views Sex and The Role It Plays In Your Entanglement

  1. MommyPino says:

    Now that I’m learning more and more that world leaders and historical figures that I have admired most of my life are actually narcissists, I feel that their attitudes and views regarding their leadership roles are the same as their attitudes and views regarding sex. It’s just a tool to obtain power, control and harvest fuel. It’s very inorganic. And comparing an empath politician versus a narcissist politician is probably the same as comparing empaths versus narcissists having sex. The narcissist being more focused on the way they look while they perform and the way their performance draws awe and admiration from the sources of fuel. That’s probably why narcissistic politicians win more than empathic ones because they are often shinier.

    1. E&L says:

      I am writing you on this thread because, if I remember correctly, you had said you were unsubscribing to the “Dic Pics” thread.

      “You are no intellectual match for K or I”

      Lorelei’s grammatically incorrect, arrogant comment is her opinion, not fact. I hesitate to give you advice, but for the sake of your own feelings and well-being, do not take the bait from any of them. You are a good, kind, decent contributor on the blog. Also, Whitney wrote you a beautiful, supportive message on the “Dic Pics” post. I second her sentiments. Happy 2020 to you MP!

      1. MommyPino says:

        Thank you so much E&L ❤️. It’s very kind of you. I am not taking the bait, thank you for the reminder and reinforcement for me. I have seen L’s last response before I was able to hit unsubscribe. It honestly didn’t affect me. I have always strongly believed that there are different kinds of intelligence and we can all be more intelligent than each of us in different ways. Yes, K’s ability to find articles and comments that people wrote here is phenomenal. But she also takes the time to keep notes on them in alphabetical order which most of us will not have the time nor desire to do. Which is wonderful that she does it for the blog. But that doesn’t make her more intelligent than me who’s more busy with my young kids and other interests. L uses a lot of highfalutin words and they both seem to be interested in that but that doesn’t make her more intelligent than me. Even disabled people are more intelligent than us in ways that can surprise many. So thankfully that is what I have always believed so the punch that was thrown at me completely missed. Nobody can tell us that they know what we are going to do or how we are going to react or that our ET is too high (except maybe HG 🙃). We are the captains of our ships and the masters of our souls. I will check out what Whitney wrote. Thank you so much E&L and it really makes my heart swell that you believe that I am a decent contributor here. I don’t always have the time nor the presence of mind or awareness of people’s problems or situations but when I write a comment to someone I try to give my very best efforts to help comfort or guidance. It feels really nice to be appreciated. Thank you so much. You are so amazingly kind. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      2. MommyPino says:

        E&L, I can’t remember if I was able to greet you a Happy New Year in my earlier comment. Happy 2020 to you as well and may this year be a year full of blessings and healing and wonderful surprises for you❣️🥂🎆

    2. Alexissmith2016 says:

      That’s a really really good point MP. Yes that probably is one of the main reasons they win because their campaign is shinier! I suspect that many empaths would also be eaten up for breakfast before they reached a position of power too.

      1. MommyPino says:

        Hello AlexisS,

        Thank you. I agree with you. They are indeed shinier lol. They are so good at promoting themselves and a lot of empaths feel a slight guilt when it comes to self promotion unfortunately even if they have a lot of things that they can validly be proud of. A lot of empaths have false humility and self deprecate and wait for people to notice their good acts but unfortunately not everybody will notice and the media is so full of narcissists that even if they see an empath doing good deeds they will not acknowledge it because the E will not drive their agendas the same way as a narcissist would. Narcissists have black and white thinking and are excellent at compartmentalization which give them an advantage of getting things done. An empath would consider and hear different sides as they tend to see a lot of things as grey while a narcissist will push for the agenda that serves them (serves their supporters who keep them in power) and will not really consider the other side except for facade. And like you said, empaths would be totally eaten for breakfast before they reach that position of power. But maybe resilient Super Empaths who can last can make it. My home country had an empathic President (Cory Aquino) in the 80’s and I think that she was a Standard E because she was not narcissistic. She only got in power because her husband who was a Senator was killed by our dictator Marcos and people revolted and had put her who was just a housewife in power and ousted the dictator. I remember her being interviewed about her husband’s assassination and she stoped talking to stop herself from crying and then she tried to talk again and the tears just fell down and she looked down to hide her face from the camera and said “Excuse me.” Not a pity play at all but genuine emotions and she was even trying to hide it instead of using it. She always wore yellow and she dressed like a housewife as president and not in pant suits. But the narcissistic traditional politicians in her regime did a lot of corruption and she wasn’t effective at controlling it. I’m still researching on Abraham Lincoln but I will let you know what I think. He might be a Super Empath I think.

        1. alexissmith2016 says:

          INteresting points MP.

          I recall asking HG ages ago whether Arsene Wenger was an N (Wenger was a manager of a once successful soccer team here in the UK). HG wouldn’t say and I had hoped he was an empath but did not have anything to base this on – just ‘hope’ (Alexis turns her head and spits – filthy habit – at saying the word hope as HG has taught her hope is a bad word)

          Anyway, I was giving it some thought a couple of days ago, players always described him as calm and friendly, he was at the forefront of outing racism in British football, he purchased young players and developed them rather than purchasing big name players, he promoted healthy lifestyles and positive morals in his players (British footballers and fans had quite a reputation). He had much success early on which he never regained as other clubs took over with money being pumped into them. ll pretty positive.

          He was reported to have had an affair with a blonde bombshell and his refusal to change his methods or stand down for a very overdue time shows some highly narcy traits. Was he seduced? Was it N traits of an SE or someone narcissistic but not an N? or is he just another N?

          I thought I had come to a conclusion but now I have no idea? Some Ns are very obviously Ns, others I need to feel it and experience them in person, interact with them.

    3. Whitney says:

      You are amazing E&L 😍
      MommyPino I loved reading your comment about narcissists’ performance in politics versus sex. I screenshoted it so I can read it again. You are intelligent, interesting, and wise!

      1. MommyPino says:

        Whitney you are so amazingly kind. I have read what you posted in the other thread for me and I really appreciate it. I owe you twice already and I didn’t even do anything to deserve it from you. Thank you so much my fellow Geyser and INFP. My closest friends I believe have Geyser as well as they wear their hearts on their sleeves. They are both Standard Es. I wasn’t able to pick who was going to be my maid of honor so I had the two of them be my maids of honor. They were my best friends since 2nd year in high school. I believe it’s considered middle school here in the US. You are right about Geysers and NFPs. I mostly come out as ENFP but sometimes it becomes ENTP. It seems that according to Myers Briggs I am an extrovert but in real life I am not ‘miss popular’ and I can be reserved and most people who know me actually think I’m an Introvert. But I think the reason I come out as an Extrovert is because of the questions that are related to me not being shy in public or being on stage and actually enjoying it. I was very active in theater in school and always enjoy speaking in front of a crowd although currently with my life it only happens when I speak at church. I enjoy talking to people and visiting with them but sometimes I also have some unexplainable anxiety. So even though I am an Extrovert in the test, I am not the life of the party kind of extrovert but more like the geeky happy guest who laughs at every joke and enjoys watching people lol. Although I’m also very talkative in social functions. I bet many people in my life think that I’m an Introvert. So I think with the NFP, the INFP and the ENFP are not that different.

        1. Whitney says:

          Of course MP 💖 you don’t owe me. What happened was sickening. I wish I stuck up for you then. Anyway, you already wrote me an insightful and wise message that I loved reading in the other thread.
          That’s wonderful you have two ladies who are such great friends all the way from 2nd year highschool.
          Enfps are considered the most “introverted” of the extroverts. You are “Intuitive” and take in so much information, on a deep level, from your environment. You don’t just accept things at surface level, but you see patterns and nuisances, and this is energy intensive to process. Also, Intuitive people prefer deep conversation, and more typical shallow conversation feels draining.
          Enfps care a lot about their values and feelings and need alone time to process and understand their feelings.
          Mbti theory is convoluted and only theoretical, not scientific, but I enjoy it. HG’s personality classification is much better than mbti.

          1. MommyPino says:

            Thank you Whitney 💞

            I love being an ENFP and Geyser and I don’t think I would ever want to be something else. Which is why I understand HG why when he is asked if he wants to not be a narcissist and his answer is always that he wants to stay a narcissist even if he has a choice to not be one. This is who we are no matter what the advantages or disadvantages may be, we eventually learn to work with what we have.

            I agree with how MBTI theory is complicated. I have read that people actually have to study to be an expert on it. But I do enjoy it very much although I don’t expect it to be perfect. It is more scientific than horoscopes but I also enjoy horoscopes mostly as a form of entertainment. I enjoy HG’s empath classification and use it to analyze different people. I use it as a baseline regarding learning about myself. HG is the only person who was able to describe my tendency to feel like it’s the end of the world and then after I get my sleep I totally am fine again and wonder what was I thinking last night? Why was I that affected? I would still like to learn more about it and honestly there are still some aspects that I don’t fully understand but I understand that HG has just started writing all of this in 2017 or 2016 I think? And he has a full life with a beautiful woman and successful and busy career so I can totally wait for more materials to come out. Out of all the personality assessment tools, the horoscopes is what I understand the most since I have been reading about it since my childhood. I am a natural skeptic in everything and although I enjoy and welcome all of these with an open mind I also leave an allowance for things that might not necessarily apply to me. I think that’s where the little T that replaces the F sometimes happen. But I totally feel that reading about what my traits and tendencies are based on my cadres and schools are very helpful.

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