The Asylum of the Grotesque : Meet 3 Denizens


The Asylum of the Grotesque is where the secrets lie.

It is a work that will have you hooked, amazed, repulsed and engaged.

Most of all it will reveal.

Gain an early glimpse of 3 of the Asylum´s denizens below.

Here are the reactions of those who have read so far

“Wow. Wow. Wow. And wow! I’m giving you three woes for the shocking info we just got about your relationships, and an extra one for another piece of info I personally found extremely interesting. I won’t do any spoilers, so, people: go read it!!!! Totally worth it.”

– Sweetest Perfection

“Thank you for allowing me the privilege of reading (this). You are an amazing and gifted writer! This is definitely worth purchasing”

– FoolMe 1Time

Absolutely other Karen Questioners need to read this. I’ve often wondered what became of her and how she came to escape you. I imagined various scenarios but could never have guessed the actual case.”

– Jaya

“It was like watching the ending to a movie or series and being completely unsettled by the end and not being able to sleep.”

 – Gypsy Heart

“Wow. I just read the three that got away. Holy shit. Wasn’t expecting that. Very good read. I have so many questions.”


“Let’s just say it will be satisfying to any truth seekers that haven’t ordered it yet.”

– MB

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38 thoughts on “The Asylum of the Grotesque : Meet 3 Denizens

  1. Chantal says:

    admitting being a narcissist really admitting that you’re one of the weakest, least courageous people in society? Most people have gone through trauma in their lives and have managed to turn out to be functioning, loving, caring beings. In essence, you’re admitting that you’re weaker than the majority of the population by stating that you couldn’t deal with your inner demons and chose to wear a mask instead. To me that is not something to be proud of at all. Apologies if I’m being insulting. I’m trying to understand something about this madness. Thanks for your time.

    1. HG Tudor says:


      You are confusing me as an aware narcissist with the unaware Lesser and Mid Range. They will never admit what they are, because they do not know.
      I on the other hand can admit it (here but I would not do so in my real life) and I know that I am far more courageous than you because I am fearless. Indeed, it is because of someone like me, that you get to sleep easy at night. It is because of someone like me, that a lot of the filth and depravity in this world comes nowhere near you. You could never do what I do.
      It is not a case of “inner demons” that misunderstands what narcissism is. It is not about choosing to wear a mask either, that misunderstands what narcissism is.
      This is only madness because of your perspective. I assume you are here as a victim of narcissism and therefore what I write next is based on that situation – from my perspective as a victim who may well be bewildered, paralysed by fear, crying over the loss of a relationship, ill with worry, unable to function, curled up in the foetal position weeping, all of the things that I do not do, that is weakness.

      1. Pati says:

        Intelligent answer HG!

      2. Chantal Hubens says:

        Thanks for your reply. I guess I wasn’t clear in conveying that I meant all narcissists who admit to being a narcissist in general, not specifically you.
        I was raised by a father who raged 3 to 4 days of the week and was told I was stupid, ugly and worthless over and over and over for the first 15 years of my life. It’s taken a lot of inner work for me in the years after that experience to be a happy, confident, loving adult. I only just very recently discovered that my dad is a nasty narcissist. Living a life that I love and loving the people around me, and not living my life as a victim is what is courageous.
        I sleep well at night because of myself but I hugely appreciate you educating the masses. We need to know.
        My first boyfriend ever has hoover’ed me for 33 years. The stamina and determination is commendable. Unfortunately I broke no contact and paid the price. Thankfully it was very short lived. After the love bombing stage was over, he started saying and doing things that sparked off the red flags, as in…he was reminding me of my father – the seedy mannerisms, the dark moody undertones that seeped out of his being, the “everything was done to me” victimhood and the look in his eyes when he cut you down. That blew my mind let me tell you. As much as I didn’t want to believe it, there was no denying it, so I high tailed it out of that situation and went no contact.
        That is courage.
        Feeling emotion wether positive or negative is not weakness. We learn and grow from these sometimes uncomfortable experiences. It’s the good stuff in life, otherwise it would be boring.
        Since you mention “misunderstanding narcissism” can you please direct me to one of your articles that you feel gives the best understanding of it? You have a vast catalogue of information here and I’m not sure where to start.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You are welcome and thank you for expanding. In terms of understanding narcissism, Chantal, no one article will encapsulate the level of information and insight provided here. Instead, work your way through the articles and ensure you access my books (on Amazon), you should read Fuel, Fury, Sex, Manipulated and Ask to begin with.

      3. annaamel says:

        “a victim who may well be bewildered, paralysed by fear, crying over the loss of a relationship, ill with worry, unable to function, curled up in the foetal position weeping, all of the things that I do not do, that is weakness.”

        I can’t see how it’d be possible for a narcissist to see value in these kinds of responses. If narcissism is like psychological armour which works (at least in part) by suppressing feelings associated with vulnerability and magnifying feelings which lead to a sense of strength, power and control, if you were truly able to see value in those reactions, your narcissistic defence would be weakening.

        “I am far more courageous than you because I am fearless”

        I’d define courage as feeling fear and still proceeding. If you don’t experience fear (as you have explained) you may not be able to experience courage.

        “it is because of someone like me, that you get to sleep easy at night. It is because of someone like me, that a lot of the filth and depravity in this world comes nowhere near you. You could never do what I do.”

        I understand what you are referring to and I am sure I speak for many when I say we are fortunate you have chosen to apply your personal strengths to this task and take personal risks others would not be prepared to take. You most surely have all our respect and gratitude.

  2. Dorion says:

    Now I understand why none of them could identify you as HG Tudor, locked up in the Asylum forever.

    1. Chihuahuamum says:

      Hi dorion i wont comment to ruin the surprise but they could still identify HG based on voice and stories. Not all but some.

      1. Dorion says:

        Yeah I am sure, was joking. Unless the procedure to eventually land them in the Asylum involves removing their brain. I also don’t think that knowing the HG Tudor thing would hold too many back from engaging – just look at this blog!

        The Asylum of the Grotesque reminds me a bit of Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse… “Magic Theater, for madmen only.” And madwomen.

  3. Vera says:


  4. jessrnny says:

    This was posted on my birthday. Blew my mind. Want to reread it but don’t want to feel that again. Looking forward to the book.

  5. Pati says:

    HG will there be a to be continued ?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is called The Asylum of the Grotesque, Pati. This is a book which covers the various IPPSs that I have had.

      1. Pati says:

        Sorry HG is the book out yet or are you still in the process of writing?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          It is not out yet. There will be advertisements when it is available.

          1. Pati says:

            Wonderful thanks so much, I look forward to reading it as i find your books fascinating.

        2. Lorelei says:

          From what I hear it’s 20 volumes of 1000
          Pages which is why he’s been so slow to produce it!

          1. HG Tudor says:

            That’s the abridged version!

          2. Lorelei says:

            Smart ass. You deserve herpes. Haha

          3. HG Tudor says:

            No herpes here.

          4. Pati says:

            HG says no disease he is very clean!

          5. Lorelei says:

            I can’t make these things up but my first treat for the night was “tingling down there” and lo and behold.. Poor guy. He said it was the baby mama.

          6. Pati says:

            Will they be in hardcover ?

          7. HG Tudor says:


          8. Pati says:

            I am sure it will be harcore ! Is it rated x

          9. HG Tudor says:

            Rated Ex

          10. Pati says:

            I am sure it will Excellent ! Just like all your books HG!

          11. HG Tudor says:

            I agree.

          12. Pati says:

            You should be HG you really do alot and manage to keep your identity well hidden.

          13. Pati says:

            HG how many IPPS’s have you had?

          14. HG Tudor says:

            More than you Pati.

          15. Pati says:

            Of course more than me ! I cant believe my N has only had me in 23 years I am shocked .
            I am assuming that the book you are writing will be part 1 to part 100 lol

          16. Lorelei says:

            If Taylor Swift reads your piece on her—what would her first thought be?

          17. HG Tudor says:

            Fame, at last.

  6. jessrnny says:

    I didn’t know you dated Nicole Kidman!?


    1. HG Tudor says:

      I didn’t. I just shagged her.

      1. jessrnny says:

        Don’t even tease!! I’ll buy that via pay pal link.

      2. MB says:

        Better than “rooted”. Ugh! I just can’t get past that. Although Nicole is Australian…

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