How and Why The Narcissist Lies


Which narcissists lie?

Do they always lie? If not, why not.

Why do narcissists lie?

Do they know they are lying?

What does lying achieve for the narcissist?

What forms will these lies take?

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3 thoughts on “How and Why The Narcissist Lies

  1. Contagious says:

    I need to take narc test. But if my husband is a narc. He is mid ranger. The delusions fits. I can’t take him serious. For example this week his friend of 20 years is a lawyer outside UK but can’t practice there. I need someone to help with collections. He needs $ as a writer and asked me if he could do collections. Since it’s my husbands friend I said let me ask him. I asked My husband if his friend could help. He went ballistic accusing us of conspiring behind his back and stealing “ his money” of “ his company.” That I thought this man was “ better than him.” It’s my law firm. He isn’t even an attorney. He ended his friendship with His friend and says my betrayal has ruined the marriage and that he wanted to fix by agreeing to therapy. (We are separated and no reunion without therapy. He agreed but we now have immigration issues as I washed his passport with stickie he needs. Waiting in new one. My fault 100%. .) He also has this theory based on a mans rock group that I like that I am running off with this other man even want to marry him. I see and feel his despair. It is sadly madness. He withdraws from the world and isolated himself with these paranoid delusions that play again and again this in his head. He is not happy. He is his own worst enemy. Then slowly they fade and he is normal again and misses me. I don’t see any benefit to the lies. They don’t faze me ( oh boy his friend is furious at these accusations however.) They arise from despair I think. But not lies. Total delusion.

    1. Contagious says:

      And voila! I see it HG. His friend is repelled!” F off no one speaks to me that way”! This Is his friends reaction to the “lie.” My friend is disgusted and feels he is arrogant. “ yeah right his company his money. “ Me? Only I react oddly. I see the delusion. I first try logic. I Feel the panic in him, the shallow quick breathes, the eyes go down different, and my instinct is always to nurture. To love the soul struggling inside. I see it. I feel it. He believes his lies. He is sinking and creates this story to breathe. He is losing breath. But how does “ knowing” what’s going on in him help me overall? I struggle and can’t let go. It would be better to take the lie at its face value perhaps.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        By knowing you apply logic rather than be misled through emotional thinking. See the Addiction Triple Package in the Knowledge Vault.

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