The Covid-19 Soundbites (3)

“Welcome back views to Covid-19 Soundbites on Channel 19 News, with me, Seymour Storees. In part two we were exposed to the working mum grounded by the virus and that Lower Mid-Range Narcissist certainly ensured that we knew all about her views about the current situation whilst doing her best to avoid her actual parental […]

The Covid-19 Soundbites (2)

“Welcome back to part two of The Covid-19 Soundbites, with me, your host, Seymour Storees, Channel 19 News with more fascinating insights about planet earth’s denizens and their views about the Covid-19 Pandemic. In part one, we heard from a Lower Lesser who was dismissive and defiant about the virus. We met an interesting resident […]

The Narcissist’s Reality Gap

The Lesser Narcissist. Whether it is the out and out loser that is the Lower Lesser, the usually useless Middle Lesser or the successful but overbearing bully that is the Upper Lesser, the three have certain common traits. One of these traits is their delusional state. The Lesser exists in a bubble convinced of his […]

Why Won’t He Say What Is Wrong?

Something is wrong. The fact that something is wrong has many manifestations in the narcissistic dynamic. You may experience a sudden eruption of temper, the instigation of a silent treatment as you follow us around the house trying to draw from us what on earth is the matter. It might be that you plead with […]