Understanding Changes to the Narcissist´s Fuel Matrix





You may understand what the various layers of the fuel matrix are, who sits in them and how they differ according to the different sub-school of narcissist (Pipelines) but do you understand what happens when the fuel matrix changes?

This Logic Bulletin addresses the following:-

How does the Fuel Matrix alter and what are the far-reaching and consequential impacts thereafter?

What is the role of the IPPS in the Fuel Matrix?

What happens if the narcissist starts cheating?

What has to happen to cause disengagement of the IPPS?

What happens to the Shelf IPPS/DLS in the fuel matrix?

What occurs within the Fuel Matrix to prompt shelving?

What happens when the IPPS escapes?

What occurs when the IPPS is subjected to the Initial Grand Hoover and why?

What happens if the Initial’s Grand Hoover Fails?

What happens with regards to Non Intimate Secondary and Tertiary Sources in the Fuel Matrix?

Why does Non Intimate Partner Primary Sources get chosen?

What causes a Panic Pick and what risks flow from that that?

How much at risk is the Former IPPS with regard to changes to the fuel matrix?

Why the narcissist hoovers certain appliances and not others and what governs those instinctive decisions.

When is the narcissist most at risk of a Fuel Crisis and what is the response?

How changes in the Fuel Matrix can impact on your No Contact Regime.

How your No Contact Regime impacts on the Narcissist´s Fuel Matrix.

This massively detailed Logic Bulletin addresses all of the above and more besides using HG Tudor´s unrivalled knowledge.

You need this understanding no matter where you are with regard to the narcissistic dynamic, so you understand and you are protected. You may even get some interesting satisfaction from it also.

Yours for the low cost of just US $ 19.99


7 thoughts on “Understanding Changes to the Narcissist´s Fuel Matrix

  1. A Victor says:

    I thought I saw at one point an opportunity to purchase information regarding where we were in the fuel matrix. Is something like this available and is it of value since we are moved around within the matrix at the narcissists whim? Would it be necessary/helpful to do a NDC on the narcissist in question before asking about where we were in their matrix?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You will find it in the Knowledge Vault, AV, here https://gum.co/XOuHQ but yes, you should use the NDC first.

      1. A Victor says:

        Thank you.

  2. Kiki says:

    Hi Hg I haven’t been on here for few months due to crazy busy schedules however I want to thank you .
    I had a consult with you by phone in August.
    You may not remember but I again found out Narc was on cheating sites .
    Anyways Your words were correct , AS ALWAYS.
    I am an appliance that has been picked up and put down over the years.
    Well I was busy making excuses for this behaviour but I knew I had the evidence.
    Anyway fast forward to three weeks ago and yes it was time for me to be DEVALUED again
    I’ve been through this cycle before and it nearly wrecked me .
    Now this is the interesting part the reason for the devaluation was WORD for WORD the same as the previous one .Like WTF , it was so scripted .
    I didn’t give him the chance to do this , I fled immediately into no contact and I’m feeling quite happy and strong .
    I honestly don’t think I care anymore which is amazing 😃😃.
    Without your help and insight here I would not have done that I would have been in round 2 of the cycle .

    Thank you

    Kiki 👍

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome. Do remember it is very early in your No Contact regime and whilst it is good to read that you are quite happy and strong, there are challenges ahead and therefore ensure this is a total no contact regime which keeps you out of arenas 1-5. Maintain vigilance and focus on the reduction of your ET as it will take time to come down. Good to see you dropping by.

      1. Kiki says:

        Thank you HG , it was being able to decipher the way the devaluation was scripted and didn’t add up that was the moment for me .
        I know it’s early days but in the past I would have crumbled by now .
        I’m not too bothered honestly.
        The capers with a Narc do get boring and predictable over time and I will never put myself through what I did before.
        Yes I love this blog , so may need to stay again for awhile just to make sure ET doesn’t take me by surprise.

        Much love and a massive thank you Kiki

  3. Asp Emp says:

    “You need this understanding no matter where you are with regard to the narcissistic dynamic, so you understand and you are protected. You may even get some interesting satisfaction from it also.”

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