Logic Bomb

logic bomb


Detonate a huge Logic Bomb and receive a wealth of knowledge from HG Tudor. This would usually cost you US $ 100, but get it all for the explosive price of just US $ 24.99

You will receive the following

Do Narcissists Have Any Empathy?

The Inside Track

The Empathy Cake

The World of the Narcissist

Achieving NoFuc

The Truth About Flying Monkeys

No Contact No Nos


The Unbelievable Behaviour of the Narcissist

The Trio Of Infatuation

The Narcissist Has Stopped Giving

Understanding Word Salad

5 False Promises

5 Shirks of Accountability

How and Why the Narcissist Lies

How the Matrinarc Sees a Child as An Extension

Extended Answers – Empath, Interactions, FTMO, FTM02

Incredible value!

Obtain here

Vent Your Spleen! (Please see the Rules in Formal Info)

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