The Addiction : Triple Package




This Triple Package saves you money and allows you to deal with your addiction to the narcissist. Bought separately, this would cost US $ 110, but available as a package for just US$ 80.

Part One explains what is the foundation of your addiction to the narcissist, where it comes from and how it exists.

Part Two explains how your addiction operates through Emotional Thinking, what this is and what it does and why it is The Enemy Within.

Part Three provides you with unrivalled and highly effective practical advise so you can tackle the Emotional Thinking, so you avoid damaging the No Contact Regime and to enable you to rid yourself of unwanted emotions surrounding the narcissist.

Every victim of the narcissist should obtain and apply The Triple Package.

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One thought on “The Addiction : Triple Package

  1. A Victor says:

    Very valuable in understanding our empathic natures and our addiction to the narcissist. One that you will use throughout the learning process and get more from it each time as you gain more knowledge apart from it. When I first arrived here, the idea of being “addicted” to the narcissist was foreign and not comfortable at all, the idea of such almost made me leave actually. But, I have come to realize why this word is applicable and now see the reason for it’s use. This triple package helped in my understanding of it though I did have to choose to have an open mind as I listened the first time. If you are an empath you will benefit from this package.

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