Chicken of Authenticity


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These are uncertain times of fraudulent behaviours and shattered dreams. You need to be that beacon of consistency, a bastion of credibility, someone who is prepared to rise above the charlatans piping their fake news and their puffed-up sense of importance.

It is a time for cutting through the keyboard warriors, slaying the internet trolls and making a stand for what is right, what is acceptable and declaring, “No! No longer will I accept the fakery, the fraudulent and the fabricated!”

This is the beginning of a new age, an age of truth, integrity and moral fibre so thick you could become lost in it.

To demonstrate that you are a solider of sanity, a trooper of truth and an instrument of integrity, you need to send a signal to the world at large. It needs to know who you are and there is now only one way to be.


Yes, authenticity IS the benchmark by which all are now judged.

Authenticity is the gold standard for living life as it is meant to be lived.

Authenticity encompassed an organic approach and will soon awaken the slumbering world to an age of authenticity.

Make sure the world knows you are authentic and shout it from the rooftops, holler it from the mountain top, yell it across social media by obtaining your Chicken of Authenticity and display your proud gravatar/symbol of gold seal authenticity with this simple yet striking design.

Be who you truly are.

Be authentic.

Be proud to display your Chicken of Authenticity in your gravatar and your profile so that others understand who you are and so they become similarly inspired.

Be authentic. All you have to do is say you are and, well, you are.

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101 thoughts on “Chicken of Authenticity

  1. Asp Emp says:

    A confused rooster? A Chicken of Authenticity? A coyote in disguise?

    The noises on this video alone had me crying laughter…..

  2. mollyb5 says:

    Hg …or others empaths should not waste sympathy on the royals ….don’t feel sorry for any of them. They have gobs and gobs of money . They can go wherever they want , They can take off to wherever . They can sneak around in disguise . Don’t feel sorry . They are completely comfortable .

    1. A Victor says:

      They can be hurt to though.

  3. mollyb5 says:

    HG giving them what they want … they would probably go for sheets sets too 🙂

    1. A Victor says:

      Mollyb5, you hit that on the head! Slipping between HG’s sheets…mmmm…

      Okay, that’s enough. From a business perspective though, could be a winner.

  4. CandaceMarie says:

    I got mine and I am proud, love it!

  5. WokeAF says:

    “ This is the beginning of a new age, an age of truth, integrity and moral fibre so thick you could become lost in it.”

    Truth. 2020 was only the beginning. If you’re not aligned w Truth in your life you’ll know it soon enough

    If anyone wondered where I’ve been (hey , it could happen) the kid issues lasted – oh where are we- 16 months . – straight- of crisis- with short respites.
    He’s on a good trajectory now but Ill be living on my own now. It’s ok he’s almost 18 and in good hands doing well.

    And the second half of my life is beginning so I’m pretty stoked , aside from PTSD from the horror of it all but I have help. Did I mention I lived with his LMR VICTIM dad for 8 months bc it took both of us to care for him?

    Don’t worry- I’m out. I made it. I set him up w all kinds of supports. All is well. I’m basically a superhero .

    Carry on

  6. December Infinity says:

    I got my chicken of authenticity. I feel more organic and authentic already. Yay for me!

  7. Asp Emp says:

    Ok, I know this is not necessarily the right place on the blog to state the following comment……

    Reading this video reminded me of a mother of two adult sons – the descriptions of the behaviours of a narcissist and Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy are eerily similar to how this ‘mother’ acted. From when her kids were very young, they were subject to numerous tests – more of the psychological type than any other ‘test’. She professed to love her boys very much. Yet when I knew her and heard all her ‘troubles’ with how she was not able to access assistance for her boys (and also help her in the process, as a mother). Yet, here she was, obtaining support from, a) me; b) my group that I was involved in; c) direct support from CCG; d) support group of CCG; e) her GP; f) specialist in the field of Autism; g) a psychologist and h) a mental health group. Apparently, none of them were giving the support. She had access to far, far more support than I ever did at one time.

    Like HG described in this video, “doctor shopping” where this mother was going from source to another when she was being informed of what she did not want to hear ie no medication required, etc.

    I am not saying she is a narcissist yet her actions towards her life-long friend are similar to those of a narcissist. This ‘mother’ also played ‘victim’ – big style – for her boys (and herself to a degree). It was more of an ‘avoidance’ rather than narcissism. There was financial, emotional and psychological abuse – towards her friend. The boys & husband were all diagnosed with the same ‘condition’. Apparently.

    I spoke personally (out of concern and the role I held at the time) with one of the above (high level authority person) and they were not aware that the mother was getting support from here, there and everywhere. After this meeting, I called the ‘mother out’ and pointed out that she was getting support from all these people, from different sources (work areas / backgrounds). I also pointed out that she was not permitting her boys to learn for themselves – she dictated, rather than supported them. After this, she never really spoke with me again.

    Another time, I spoke with a different person in relation to support I needed (one of the above as mentioned) – I was informed that I did not need the support!! I was informed that I can manage it by myself. My circumstances were completely different to those of the ‘mother’ who was getting all this support. This was 6 years ago.

    This led to me feeling & thinking that I had ‘hit a brick wall’ and felt I was not being ‘heard’ or ‘understood’. It was a very isolating time then I am invited by MRN to join to volunteer for them narcissists……… wrong decision on my part yet I was not to know (unaware, naivity & lack of knowledge).

    I get put off by experience (ie giving up), not by ‘denial’.

    Here, on KTN, I was given the opportunity to speak. And talk about my experiences, including about being ‘let down by the system’.

    Obviously, I am now aware that there will always be some people that get all the support they need yet deny that the support is actually available / being offered.

    This video ‘Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy : The Narcissist’, it is something new that I learned today and I am glad to have read it. How fascinating and, yet, not surprising to read, especially from the part where you talk about “doctor shopping” (a great way to word it). I really appreciate you giving your time on educating me and others, thank you, HG.

  8. fox says:

    Feeling authentic, might delete later.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You look most authentic from where I can see you. You are the fox that caught the chicken.

  9. Melmel says:

    I got mine, I’m so excited! I have always wanted chickens and authenticity! Such a deal to get a 2 for 1. Thanks HG!

    The part about PH setting off the alarm when he was banished from the bed and sent to sleep in the chicken coop almost made me pee my pants. It’s definitely a fad in Canada to have yard chickens, and when I saw the picture in some magazine of MM and Archie feeding the chickens (months before the Oprah interview) I had a big eye role. This was actually before I was enlightened to what she was, though I had my suspicions…

    Now if only I could get a goat of philanthropy I will be complete.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are most authentic, I can see that, Melmel.

  10. Violetta says:

    Aren’t pregnant women supposed to avoid handling live chickens because of toxoplasmosis?

  11. Alexander The Authentic says:

    Just obtained my Chicken of Authenticity! I am honored to stand alongside so many authentic individuals. Together we make an unstoppable Army! My sword and shield is at the ready!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Your authenticity shines like a beacon of organic chicked-based authenticity across the land Alexander the Authentic.

    2. A Victor says:

      Yes! The Authentic Empath Army! Defeating narcs near and far authentically!

      1. A Victor says:

        Defeating by GOSO and NC of course!

        1. Alexander the Authentic says:

          Love the name A Victor! Yes, winning the war without fighting a battle (no contact) lol!

          1. A Victor says:

            Thank you Alexander! I like your name as well, very authentic!! 🙂

            Yes, an easy way to win a war, right? I wish!

  12. BC30 says:

    I’m torn! I want a CoA for my avi, but she 🐥 is not a gorgeous woman… or is she? Someone help me convince myself to abandon my committment to stunning ladies. 🦢

    1. A Victor says:

      She is gorg…uh, authentic…😁

      You would wear her beautifully!!

      1. BC30 says:

        😗 hmm… IDK man…. my TDC has some Vanity and Showcasing weighing heavily in favor of my current avi, and I’ve got to remain authentic! 😆

        1. A Victor says:

          BC30, your current avi is authentically beautiful, no one would doubt your authenticity with either decision. 🙂

    2. Truthseeker6157 says:

      Authenticity is an organic kind of beauty BC30.

      1. BC30 says:

        TS 🤗

  13. lickemtomorrow says:

    Just as well this chicken’s cheap, as well as authentic … someone stole money on my credit card!

    1. A Victor says:

      LET, what did I tell you about HG coming up with fantastic new stuff when he’s away! I called it!!

      1. lickemtomorrow says:

        Indeed you did, AV, though thankfully he hadn’t gone far <3

        Unfortunately for me, the "Chicken of Authenticity is becoming a little disorienting 😛 I'm going to have to go back to being inauthentic for now and hope Meghan and the "woke" brigade can forgive me!

        1. A Victor says:

          Hahaha, you could never, ever be inauthentic LET!! Your new avi is very cool!

          1. lickemtomorrow says:

            So, so sweet, AV <3 Thank you and same xox

            I really appreciate your input and honesty.

            As to the new avi, it's a nod to BC30s comment on another thread comparing HG to a lion 😉 I thought it was another good reminder, like my last avatar, of what I need to keep in mind.

            The King of the Jungle is here!

          2. A Victor says:

            LET, just saw this, good point, thanks for sharing that! I know you didn’t ask but my avi is of the sail of a catamaran my oldest daughter and I went on when she and her husband lived in Hawaii and I visited them. It was one of the best days of my life, rating close behind children and grandchildren births. A group of humpback whales went past, about 20 feet off the side, dangerous but very exciting and I got to swim in the deep ocean, a lifelong dream fulfilled. I love to remember times like these, they keep me pressing ahead to the next adventure! I just have to take my new “Narc glasses” along to spot them as I go!

          3. lickemtomorrow says:

            Haha, AV, I’m always curious about avatars and I was also intrigued by yours, but am often reluctant to ask. It really is fascinating to know why people choose the avatars they do and why some keep the same and others like to change. I change mine here based on inspiration. Other times/places I like to keep the same one as my avatar becomes representative of me in that space. Here I am ever evolving 🙂

            I assumed yours had something to do with water, and thought it was water at first, but what a lovely story to go with it <3 Nature up close and personal is an amazing thing at times and I'm glad you got to fulfill one of your lifelong dreams. Remembering those times definitely can help push us on to our next adventure 🙂 And narc glasses are a must moving into the future!

          4. A Victor says:

            Most of my avatars I never change, only really here, and I do think it’s reflective of where I’m at. I think I’ll stick with my ‘happy day’ one for a while probably.

  14. Dave W says:

    I know its only $2 but do you have Volume discounts on quantities over 100…?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I am always open to proposals Dave, email me to discuss.

    2. Asp Emp says:


  15. NarcAngel says:

    There’s a peasant turned Duchess named Megs
    For whom the question of authenticity begs:
    Why in the dickens
    Her obsession with chickens?
    To maintain Royal cock ‘tween her legs!

    1. WhoCares says:

      Hahaha! Awesome, NA.

    2. A Victor says:

      Hahaha! Perfect!

      1. BC30 says:

        AV, out of all the available stickers available on House of Tudor and assuming there was no script on them, only an image, which of them would you be able to best and immediately identity as KTN/HG? I think it is Logic Defenses On.

      2. BC30 says:

        AV, I forgot to mention, can you please use the “Reply” button on one my comments so I am sure to see your opinion on the stickers.

    3. Violetta says:

      NA, you are insulting peasants.


    4. B🐔bles says:

      Dearest NarcAngel,
      🤣 Brilliant !!!!!
      Would that be because he’s a cock a doodle ‘do’ ….. ‘do’ as you’re told Harry ?
      Luv Bubbles xx 😘

  16. WiserNow says:

    I am now genuinely authentic – as shown by my own unique “Chicken of Authenticity”.

    All thanks to HG . . . and Meghan of course . . . the gift that keeps on giving.

    You are now up to Part 39 of the A Less Than Royal Narcissist series. How many parts do you think there will be? Will you keep on going until the whole world has their own “chicken of authenticity”? 😂 🤣

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You indeed are authentic through your chicken of authenticity.

      I will continue to analyse the dynamic as long as it provides opportunity to do so and people are interested in it, which shows no sigh of abating at all.

      1. WiserNow says:

        Your analysis is definitely interesting and educational. The relationship is a perfect real-life example.

        I sympathise with Harry. His ensnarement has turned his life upside down. On the other hand, this public mobbing of Meghan isn’t very reassuring either. I know you’re the messenger, so I’m not shooting the messenger here. However, the unrestrained hatred of her is a bit off-putting. She hasn’t done anything illegal, unlike some other members of the RF who are accused of much more heinous acts.

  17. leelasfuelstinks says:


    Tadaaaa! Am I pretty? 😉

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are authentically pretty. HG approves.

  18. WiserNow says:

    This is hilarious.

    Not having watched the full Oprah interview, at first I didn’t realise what the “chicken of authenticity” was about. I have seen comments referring to a chicken coop at the Sussex home in California, so I figured it out. It reminds me of the “bananas of empowerment”.

    Poor Megs, I think she means well, but her intention becomes twisted into something ridiculous in the cold light of reality.

    How big of her to ‘forgive’ the RF for the hyped up and sensationalised insult she herself made into a tabloid ‘scandal’. It’s all too familiar. The narc creates a drama out of nothing, then does a war dance around the fire they’ve stoked themselves. Then when the flames die down and they’re bored with that particular drama, they’ll close the book on it in some way that makes them look like the hero. Narcissists thrive on drama, accusations, smearing, etc. Generally, the dramas they create are negative and destructive too.

    Maybe it’s the empathic trait of justice in me, however, while HG was describing Meghan in scathing terms regarding the death of Prince Philip, I couldn’t help thinking that the RF itself is very narcissistic in the way it has *always* used public relations to portray itself in a very positive light. Meghan has her faults, but the RF isn’t spotless either. When I saw Prince Andrew speaking about the Duke in a solemn way, acknowledging the public’s grief, I couldn’t help groaning at the TV.

    My condolences go out to the RF on the passing of Prince Philip, especially to the Queen who has lost her life-long partner. It is a sad time for the whole family.

    1. JB says:

      I didn’t know what it referred to either, WN! Made me laugh though, just because it all sounded so bizarre!

    2. WiserNow says:

      In honour of my new chicken badge of authenticity, I went back to watch the ‘rescue chicken segment’ of the Oprah interview.

      Megs needs to be hooked up to a lie detector machine 24/7 in my opinion. She is an accomplished fib-teller. And the fibs aren’t just little white lies, they are big fat whoppers. She actually stated on worldwide television that there was a secret wedding with just the two of them and the Archbishop of Canterbury. Wow. How did she think she’d get away with telling that? As if it wouldn’t be fact-checked. As if the Archbishop of Canterbury would simply go along with it. That was a blatant, bald-faced lie.

      Meanwhile, Harry was sitting at the side, silent, only engaging with the chickens, looking contemplative and dejected. When Meghan said it was just the two of them with the Archbishop, Harry gave a chuckle. That chuckle was a reaction to the absurdity of the lie. Then he made a joke of it, singing, “just the three of us”. Harry knew there wasn’t any point in trying to establish the ‘facts’. He looked like a trapped man. It’s very sad.

      Harry’s little joke reminds me of my Dad. He would often make light of things by telling a one-liner or turning around a serious situation into something more lighthearted. It’s a non-confrontational or dismissive way of ‘de-activating’ or ‘re-directing’ a conversation. It’s a way of stopping her talking or changing the subject. He wants to refute the lie, but can’t do it outright.

      It’s interesting that earlier in the interview, Harry said Princes Charles and William were trapped and they couldn’t walk away from the monarchy. That sounded like projection on his part. He said it unconsciously and believed it about Charles and William, however, it actually defines his own situation.

      It’s a very sad situation for Harry. I still don’t think it helps to publicly vilify Meghan in a relentless and hateful way, though. That won’t help things overall. It will only confirm her claims about being persecuted by the media. It will play right into her hands and Harry will be the one to ‘defend’ her. Hatred and persecution doesn’t help anyone and it doesn’t lead to progress or better understanding of the situation.

      1. Asp Emp says:

        WN, thank you for sharing – broadcast TV programmes do not always record every word uttered via subtitling. Interesting about Harry singing those words & to read your interpretation on how he appears (to you).

        1. WiserNow says:

          You’re welcome Asp Emp.
          Yes, it is my interpretation and how it appears to me. I’m not writing my comment on behalf of anyone else 🙂

  19. MB says:

    I had two pet chickens several years back. I never thought it made me anything other than a crazy chicken lady. Bubbles, a hen that grew up to be a rooster with a gender appropriate name change to Bubba, and Buttercup. Shout out to my Powerpuff Girls! I’ve enjoyed the chicken theme immensely. Got my seal to prove my authenticity now. I’m bonafide!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are so authentic MB.

      1. MB says:

        Authenticity is like being a lady, if you have to say you are, then you are not. (Shoutout to Margaret Thatcher.)

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Wise words.

        2. Asp Emp says:

          MB, brilliant – made me giggle.

    2. Bubbles says:

      Dearest MB,
      Why do I feel I can somehow relate to your comment ? 🐔
      Luv Bubbles xx 😘

      1. MB says:

        Hi Bubbles! You’re a Powerpuff Girl! And maybe a crazy chicken lady too. 🐓Ha ha

    3. Violetta says:

      No Blossom?

  20. Truthseeker6157 says:



    1. Truthseeker6157 says:

      So, tell me, how do I look?

      1. HG Tudor says:

        HG approves. You are SO authentic.

        1. Truthseeker6157 says:

          Good. Think I’ll go plant a tree.

          1. WhoCares says:

            Haha, TS!

            This whole thread is cracking me up.

          2. A Victor says:

            WC, give the chicken her eggs back!!

          3. WhoCares says:


      2. leelasfuelstinks says:

        How dare you wearing the same dress like me? 😛 😉 😀

        1. Fiddleress says:

          Here’s more competition for you Leela!
          Hahaha, this si SO funny! I can just imagine the faces of new people taking a look at the blog and wondering what’s up with all of us.
          Well, darlings (that’s to the newbies), you are either authentic or you are not.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            Fiddleress, such authenticity, it positively pours from you.

          2. Fiddleress says:

            N’est-ce pas?!

          3. leelasfuelstinks says:

            Hahaha, Fidleress! 😀 😀

            We´re the authentic beauties 😉

          4. Violetta says:


            “Fiddleress, such authenticity, it positively pours from you.”

            Forgot to do her Kegels again, did she?

        2. Truthseeker6157 says:


          Double the impact xx

  21. lisk says:

    Looks like I need to listen to MM PT 39 pronto!

  22. JB says:

    Ha ha! Love this! 😂

  23. A Victor says:

    This is great! Is it new?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is, wear your Chicken of Authenticity, with er, authenticity.

      1. A Victor says:

        Aha, proof, I’m authentic…!

        (Now no one will know when I’m hogging 12 of the 15 recent comments….:))

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Proof indeed of your authenticity, A Victor.

        2. BC30 says:

          LMAO fly under the radar, AV 😏

          1. A Victor says:


        3. JB says:

          No, AV! Hog those comments with pride! 😇😁

          1. A Victor says:

            Haha, JB!

            😳 – old me

            😁 – new me

          2. JB says:

            Love the new you! 😁

          3. A Victor says:

            Hahaha, aw, thanks JB!

        4. BC30 says:

          Am I imagining things or did you recently say that you wish you had emojis? Was it you? Could be not.

          1. A Victor says:

            Haha, oh yes, it was. I don’t like to use them too often but here and there they come in handy.

          2. BC30 says:

            Great! I’m so glad you have emojis now. I’m a HUGE fan. 😁

          3. A Victor says:

            I do have them on my phone but I’m at my laptop a lot for work and sometimes use it for comments. If there’s an emoji besides the basic smiley face :), I’m on my phone.

  24. WhoCares says:


    1. WhoCares says:

      Brilliant, HG, just brilliant.
      And I thought the rubber chicken graphic on yellow, peeking out from behind the words “Meghan Markle” was hilarious.
      You just topped that.

  25. susano says:

    Okay, this could be a thing. Tee shirts, bumper stickers, coffee mugs, baseball caps, etc. Kind of a secret FU to wokeism. I would buy!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You can get the avatar already, there are other opportunities to be Authentic already being Authenticised.

      1. Witch says:

        I’ll get the t-shirt when it comes out.
        I like graphic t-shirts, plus it will be a funny to tell people what it means when they ask

        1. BC30 says:

          Me too, love graphic tees. Wear em all the time.

          1. A Victor says:

            Me too!! Can’t wait for this one!

          2. Violetta says:

            There’s a recurring gag on Svengooli involving the crew pelting him with rubber chickens I have puerile fantasies of greeting several prominent Wokies in just such a manner as they step out of their limos…or internationally air-shipped Range Rovers.

            I really need to grow up.

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