The Truth About Flying Monkeys



Narcissists invariably use “Flying Monkeys” don’t they?

It is about time you learned the truth about them in this extensive breakdown which will leave you stunned by HG Tudor´s revelations about them.

A massive injection of logic which will leave you heartened and encouraged.

The material tackles the following topics amongst others :-

– Do Flying Monkeys actually exist?

– What are Lieutenants, how do narcissists use them and how are they influenced

– What is the Coterie, how the narcissist uses The Coterie and how it impacts on you as the victim

– The role of Emotional Thinking in affecting your perception of Flying Monkeys

– Information about this phenomenon to dispel myths and improve your state of well being

– The different forms of The Coterie so you are better able to recognise which one is being used against you

– Information which assists your No Contact Regime

– Who really relies on the term “Flying Monkeys” and why, the answer will surprise you.

Unrivalled information which has aided many already and to achieve freedom from the narcissist, a small price for valuable information.

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2 thoughts on “The Truth About Flying Monkeys

  1. vandenboss says:

    When two or more narcissist have a common enemy or some common goal they do team up then?

  2. witchybrat says:

    Thank you H.G. this helps a lot. Onward and upward from here.

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