FINAL PACKAGES – OFFER ALMOST ENDED Very Limited Offer : Assistance Packages $35/$60


The Assistance Packages provide you with unrivalled assistance in dealing with the narcissist where the Total No Contact Regime is impossible or very difficult.

The Testimonials evidence how effective this material is.

Owing to a very generous and substantial donation, a strictly limited number of the Assistance Packages are now available as follows

Child Defender and Zero Impact ONLY US $ 60 each

Divorcing the Narcissist, How To Handle the Narcissist At Work, How to Co Parent With a Narcissist, How to Handle a Parental Narcissist  JUST US $ 35 each

There are only a very limited number of each assistance package available at these vastly reduced prices and once the allocated number, supported by the donation have been used up, the offer ends.

Do not delay.


5 thoughts on “FINAL PACKAGES – OFFER ALMOST ENDED Very Limited Offer : Assistance Packages $35/$60

  1. BBYCGN says:

    Sorry, WordPress will not allow me to alter my name. Whatever site I was on when I had wrote my initial comment allowed the changing of my name, but not this platform. I mean no harm.

  2. Mariska says:

    Please, when does this deal end?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Last few packages available, almost gone.

      1. BBYCGN says:

        I am searching for help and answers to questions concerning possible cognitive dissonance from which young adult children might suffer after living in an environment with a sociopathic male figure when they were young children.

      2. BBYCGN says:

        Thank you.

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