What If You Have Children With a Narcissist?

One thought on “What If You Have Children With a Narcissist?

  1. Joa says:

    It was a very important recording for me.

    To be 95% sure means, to have 5% uncertainty.
    To be 100% sure means, not to be uncertain.
    It’s a big difference.
    This is very important to me in the context of any further moves.
    This makes it much easier.

    HG, thank you for the confirmation I needed.
    I shouldn’t have written this, but I want to. Thank you, it’s too little to express what I felt listening to this recording. The peak of emotions. I even wanted to tell you my love, ha ha ha 😊 Relax, it’s just an explosion of gratitude 😊
    Thank you – now this word more accurately reflects what I feel.

    PS I really like the statement about recharging the battery of emotions and feelings. Indeed, it is one of the two greatest dangers facing me. I am aware of this. I am sure of my spine and my interior. But with him… I’m not sure of my reactions. Despite knowing how irrational it is, something makes me skip it.
    However, I am not afraid of it. I know that even if this battery is fully charged, it will discharge very quickly. Long recharge with HIM is no longer possible. We can only cheat, play a little in the clouds.
    It makes no sense when I stop believing in IT.

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