100 K Interview Number Ten

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  1. WhoCares says:

    I just finished listening to your interview Kristin (sorry – slowly working my way through the wealth of new material and interviews that HG has made available) and it was a delight to hear your voice and to learn of your progress (I had gathered from Isabelle’s comments that you had escaped, before actually having listened to the interview and felt compelled to respond immediately).
    I agree with you that it would be beneficial to learn what recovery looks like from those who have escaped their narcissist. Because it can definitely be a different landscape when an individual has lived the majority of his or her life in the company of narcissists.
    I appreciate the support that HG’s blog and work brings to this process. But I also hope that HG considers this area of learning for the empath, because personally, I think it’s so important… it’s a bit like having to relearn your means of navigating your way through life…it can be a bit wobbly at times.
    Just my opinion.

    All the best to you, Kristin, in moving forward 💜.

  2. A Victor says:

    Kristin, congratulations on your progress. You are an icon here, in my mind, I did not realize things were difficult for you. So happy to hear you are finding your way out of your situation. Your interview was great!

    1. Kristin says:

      Thank you so much! All the best to you.

  3. Asp Emp says:

    Thank you, Kristin, it was a great interview. I hope it all works out well for you 🙂

  4. NarcAngel says:

    Hi Kristen

    When I heard the interview on YT I wondered if it might be you. I hadn’t seen your orange flower for some time on the blog and it is fantastic to hear that you are well and have been using your time working towards becoming free. All the very best to you moving forward Kristen. Well done.

  5. Isabelle says:

    Kristin, by the way I was Fiddleress before.
    Now that you have left your narcissist husband, I can tell you something: I had read here that you were in an abusive situation (both emotionally and physically). Now, have you read or seen the film Fried Green Tomatoes at the The Whistle Stop Café? Besides the story taking place in the south of the US (where you are from, I believe), there is a scene where Idgie goes to fetch her friend to take her away (by force) from her abusive husband, and I simply wished I could do the same for you. I am so happy I am for you that you are free now.

    1. Kristin says:

      Thank you for your kind words of support and for letting me know that you are now Isabelle! I have seen Fried Green Tomatoes and that is actually very close to where I live. I will not forget what you have said, it means a lot.
      I am close to the end. I will be filing in July and am preparing now with HG and my attorney. I no longer have the fear that paralyzed me for so long and am ready to move ahead. I know it will be challenging but I’ve survived this for 31 years next month and will finally have a light at the end of the tunnel.
      I have been working behind the scenes so it is great to reconnect again. I hope you are doing well!

      1. WhoCares says:


        You have escaped!!!
        This the best possible news I could have heard this weekend.

        I am so deeply happy for you.💓
        You’re in my thoughts.
        Big hugs to you.

      2. WhoCares says:

        Just replying again directly through WP this time.
        Kristin – I am so happy for you! I am celebrating 🥳 your success of escaping right now, with a bit of a beverage! To freedom! 🥂🍻

        1. Kristin says:

          I still have the comments you wrote to me when I first came here over two years ago! Have a few for me please. Cheers my friend!

          1. WhoCares says:

            Cheers, Kristin! 💜💜

      3. Isabelle says:

        I am pleased to hear that you’ve been working behind the scenes with HG, I have often thought of you, and I understand completely about the paralising fear.
        I am well, thank you. Making my best efforts to steer clear of narcissists and for that, I still turn to our expert, HG, as soon as I think I can spot red flags in a person I like, and while it is still easy to get out and stay out (I keep my distance until HG confirms what I am dealing with).
        Great to reconnect, Kristin. You are on the right track, and since HG is helping you, I do not have the slightest doubt that you will succeed. Please keep us up to date!

        1. Kristin says:

          Isabelle, I will definitely keep everyone up to date. I’ve wanted to for quite a while but was too overwhelmed. The 100K interviews provided me with the perfect opportunity.
          I love that you have HG to still help you, what a life saver. Thank you for all of your support, it always helps to talk with those post escape. 🙂

  6. Isabelle says:

    Kristin!!! Thank you so much for your answers. I am so, so glad to know that you have escaped that abusive relationship! Well done, from the bottom of my heart.
    Excellent question about what to learn more about. Sending you plenty of love.

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