Harry’s Wife : Uvalde Camera Count – Video Analysis

9 thoughts on “Harry’s Wife : Uvalde Camera Count – Video Analysis

  1. BC30 says:

    I went and watched some various videos of Princess Diana visiting the less fortunate and memorials. It’s clear what she was–everything about her and her demeanor was different to what we see here. What a loss for the world with her passing.

    1. Asp Emp says:

      Absolutely, BC30. Kate has far more in ‘common’ to Diana compared to Harry’s wife does.

  2. lickemtomorrow says:

    She’s a vulture!

    There to pick over the bodies of dead children as she meets her need for the Prime Aims.

    I despise this creature.

    It’s obvious she’s just putting in an appearance with little concern shown for the gravity of the situation, and it’s all for the benefit of the narrative she is trying to create around being a suitable candidate for political office. People will say it’s for Netflix. Netflix is for profile management as she is primped and propped for a future in politics. And what hotter ticket is there after this tragedy apart from that of gun control. I’m surprised she hasn’t put out another useless statement on their Archewell website, and just pretending to show up ‘incognito’ is purely that – pretense. Even the incognito aspect is her playing a part – of concerned citizen, caring parent, commisserating celebrity. There is no reason on God’s earth she needed to show up there except to heighten her profile in politics. The only other celebrity who showed up was one who had a direct connection to the community. His appearance seems much more genuine in the circumstances. He knows these people and has common experience with them. She just wants to be seen. Too bad she can’t be believed.

    1. WhoCares says:


      I enjoyed your comment.

      “There is no reason on God’s earth she needed to show up there except to heighten her profile in politics.”

      Yeah. Like holding and kissing a baby in public.

      1. lickemtomorrow says:


        Thanks, and it’s true. I handed my eldest over to a politician for a photo op many years ago (sigh).

  3. Samantha says:

    Most sickening thing I’ve seen her do.

    1. Viol. says:

      MM says: “hold my beer.”

      (Or oat latte.)

  4. WiserNow says:

    Harry’s wife just doesn’t get it. It’s astonishing that she doesn’t get it to such an extent.

    She has children of her own; she lives in a society where guns are sold like groceries and she and her children are also at risk; she has been in the public eye for many years and should at the very least see how this PR exercise will look. Even the clothes she’s wearing communicates that the 21 people who tragically died aren’t important to her.

    Nothing makes her ‘see’ that her appearance at this tragedy is not only inappropriate but self-centred and cold-hearted.

    It makes me think she is getting what she wants regardless of what is said or written about her. She is getting the attention whether it’s good or bad; there are security guards protecting her; there are photographers and assistants running around her; and she is being transported to and from the event in the lap of luxury. Meanwhile, she has a husband and staff at home minding the children and they are the ones making sure the kids are looked after.

    As Harry said, “what MeAgain wants, MeAgain gets.”

    For her to ‘change’ or to see that her appearance and behaviour is unwelcome, she would need to be restricted with no attention or notoriety given to her. For example, the security and photographers would need to answer to another independent authority. And an authoritative body in the town would have to organise to vet visitors and prevent open access to the area.

    Her appearance here taking the attention away from the victims and the tragic circumstances is a precursor to how she is likely to attract unwelcome attention at the Queen’s Jubilee. In that case, locking her in one of the 27,000 toilets at Monteshitshow until the celebrations are over may be the best way to handle the situation.

  5. Asp Emp says:

    “she went to the Amber Heard School of Acting” and passed with flying colours – the Amber Heard way on how to show all and sundry how well your narcissism evolved to the point where it is totally visible to those in the ‘know’ 😉 😉 as one ‘Smiling Assassin’ would write / say 😉

    HG….ah, no! HW shopping in Walmart?! Laughing…..

    This video really ‘bothered’ me. If I was present, I would have confronted her. But I would have had to get past her security guy. There would have been absolutely no point in “challenging” her in any case.

    I am glad that Harry did not attend. Whether he was looking after the children (they’d got baby-sitters in any case).

    I suspect, despite being so under the influence of his ‘warped’ ET / LT and his wife’s narcissism, he probably had a bit of ‘clarity’ on this particular occasion, he put his foot down because it was not ‘appropriate’. Her father was ill too.

    I also suspect, is this partly the ‘reason’ why HW was “quick” while attending this place of tragedy? Was it because Harry was not around to be her “cushion” (security / safety “blanket”), therefore she was actually more “vulnerable” (somewhat ‘exposed’) which added to her ‘discomfort’ to being in that environment (**LOCE) that her narcissism put her in.

    ** LOCE = sometimes, not always, the narcissist puts themselves in that position but they will always blame something, or someone else. Harry probably got his balls skinned when she got home after this ‘LOCE’.

    Having said that, I show understanding but have no empathy for her doing what she did here (or any for her at all).

    I wonder whether anyone in the Royal Family may enquire as to what HW was doing by acting the way she did while “attending” this memorial. I am sure there will be a number of Royals that have a number of “queries” to talk with HW about, including Sophie, Countess of Wessex. I am recalling a look from Sophie to HW when they were sat down and HW was getting fuel from Edward, before Sophie turns to give HW a quick ‘touch him, I’ll have you’ glare. I have a strong suspicion that HW will avoid Sophie, at all costs.

    Thank you for sharing the clip and producing this video, HG 🙂

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