Knowing the Narcisisst : Child Defender




You now have access to material to defend your child or children against the narcissist.

Using years of experience and insight combined with applied and effective advice given to those in consultation, HG Tudor has created the Child Defender Assistance Package. This unrivalled material is filled with information, insight, advice, analysis and practical steps to aid you in defending your child when you have been ensnared by the narcissist.

Whether you remain in the ensnarement, whether you have escaped or been disengaged from, whether there is an ongoing court battle, child arrangements or you want to know what to do if the narcissist returns, this is the most comprehensive assistance you can obtain.

Worth many times its cost, it will save you thousands in fees, hours of wasted time and energy and most importantly of all, it will give you the key to defend your child.

Delivered in SIX extensive audio files, each file covers the following:-

1. Introduction and Aims

2. What is the role of the child in the narcissistic dynamic?

3. How to protect your child from the narcissist (direct consequences and collateral consequences)

4. Do I tell my child that their parent is a narcissist?

5. How do I get the narcissist to leave my child and me alone.

6. Will my child become a narcissist too and what can I do to stop that?

The most effective tool available to defend your child from the narcissist, from the one who knows narcissists and their victims inside out.


Aid others who wish to defend their children

One thought on “Knowing the Narcisisst : Child Defender

  1. Jalleh Doty says:

    Hi Mr Tudor, just was writing today as I got story to tell after I saw your videos on narcissists and conspiracy theories. Oh man, when I first saw these videos in my you tube feed, I swear I was like ‘no way’ and was actually slack jawed and was laughing as you proverbially ‘went there’ with this subject. So ok, here’s my story. Last narcissist I was dealing with and thankful that I helped boot her out of my life once and for all because of your work was a middle, midrange narcissist with a victim mentality. She had this side to her of being a conspiracy theory nut. She was constantly glued to the computer and was literally watching every conspiracy feed being cranked out and literally took it as truth and some sort of gospel. She tried to get me on this and at the time I admit I was still in denial she was a narcissist, and I did indulge her a bit, so she started sending me stuff to look at. All I gotta say when that happened, I was like oh man, this is bonkers and then I realized something. Alot of these people were just spouting off nonsense and a lot of them never substantiated their information. I started laughing my ass of as some these videos sent to me were just absolutely ridiculous. So, I made a mention of this to said narcissist in my life and told her to stop sending me these videos and ‘tried’ to use logic in that a lot of these people were just spouting nonsense and not substantiating what they were saying. Told her this a few times. But in the end, she insisted on continuing this route and I started calling her chicken little and told her that if she continued to believe in these ideologies, she needed to fashion a tin foil hat and move into a cave in the desert. So, as she continued to send me these videos and started referred to her as chicken little, (which annoyed her) it did stop her from sending me these videos as she left me alone with that aspect of her narcissism.
    So, despite all the negativity that I got put through with her, the videos you put out made me think of her in just how ridiculous she had always been about that, and it made me laugh as to how my past narcissist was just so bonkers to the point of passion about this subject. Also, these videos kind of surprised me that some narcissists would go this route and don’t mind looking like people who are nuts. Always appreciate your videos as you do make some of us think, wonder etc. thanks again.

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