Very Limited Offer : Assistance Packages $35/$60

  The Assistance Packages provide you with unrivalled assistance in dealing with the narcissist where the Total No Contact Regime is impossible or very difficult. The Testimonials evidence how effective this material is. Owing to a very generous and substantial donation, a strictly limited number of the Assistance Packages are now available as follows Child […]

How to Manipulate : The Narcissist´s Understanding and Use of Tears – Part Four

  Understanding the use of tears is a part of enabling a narcissist to manipulate victims, by realising their use and what they signify. The production of tears and the emotion associated with such production has always been a source of fascination for me. I have shared with you my experiences and observations concerning pain, […]

The Creation of Narcissism : To Control is to Cope

  It is important to understand the creation of a narcissist. To deal with and to address the vagaries of life, human beings have developed coping mechanisms. These coping mechanisms vary in terms of the extent of their use, their impact on the user, the impact on others and the frequency of their deployment. Some […]

The Hoover : What Causes a Hoover?

 The hoover – what causes one to happen? There are numerous factors which govern whether we will attempt to hoover you post-escape or post-discard. Some of these factors determine the style of the hoover, whether it will be malign or benign and also how often the attempts will be made. There are several considerations which […]

Famous Empaths (includes Famous Narc and Empath Romantic Relationships)

    20 Famous Empaths with details of their schools and cadres. HG Tudor details for you following examination of each individual those who attain the status of being both famous and an empath. The school and cadre are also included, so you can find out whether your favourite film star is a super empath […]