The Seven Sins of the Empath´s Self Doubt

  In the beginning you are resourceful, confident and independent. Those attributes are there with no need for brazen displays but rather they exist in an understated and quiet manner. Then we arrive. The imposition of our manipulations is designed to bring life to these seven sins in order to leave you susceptible to our […]

No Contact Mistakes : The Need to Sign Off

The most common conclusion to the romantic entanglement with our kind is for you to be discarded. Certainly this is what happens the first time around for most people. Later on, the likelihood of it ending because you escape increases as a consequence of either increased knowledge or awareness and/or being unwilling or unable to […]

No Contact Mistakes – Talking About Us

    “Fire and swords are slow engines of destruction compared to the tongue of a gossip.” – Richard Steele True words indeed. Gossip is a sure fire way to destroy your imposition of no contact. When you have implemented no contact you will have most likely have ensured that you stay out of our […]

You Hurt, The Narcissist is Happy – What is Going On?

  Following disengagement from a romantic entanglement with a narcissist the hurt is substantial. To make matters worse, the narcissist is swanning around happy. Or is he or she actually happy? What is going on? Understand how your hurt is more dangerous than you realise and what you can do about it? Find out what […]

Murdering Without Feeling

  Silence is golden. Or rather, it is a golden weapon when deployed by our kind. The use of silent treatment against our victims is a major part of our portfolio of abusive manipulations. Easy to implement, very low in terms of energy expended but capable of reaping such considerable rewards in terms of fuel, […]