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  1. sea Shell says:

    Ah yes, that makes sense but I guess I was just trying to avoid the overseas postage costs. I, too, look forward to further interactions as I would love to ask a few questions of you but I want to read through more of your informative articles first and hopefully even catch up to your current blogs. Thanks.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I appreciate you taking the time to undertake further reading before posing questions to me.

      Yes, i think if you want the PBs in Oz, you have to grin and bear it on postage costs.

  2. sea Shell says:

    Hello HG. Are your books only available via Kindle’s online or can you order a hard copy of them? Thanks.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Sea Shell, a number of them can be ordered as paperbacks from Amazon. The entry should show both kindle and paperback versions or search my name under ‘books’ and the available selection will come up.

      1. sea Shell says:

        Thanks HG but it looks as though the paperbacks are only available from Amazon UK. I am in Australia.

        I only discovered your blog a little less than a month ago and have found myself reading through them all in order from the very beginning whenever I get some time to spend online. I’m still at 2015 blog entries but am in no doubt I have finally found the explanation to what has never made sense to me my entire life!

        I also find myself listening to your YouTube videos (audios) at every opportunity, rather than watching TV, on my Smart TV.
        Let’s just say that I’m totally blown away! I love, love, love to make sense of things and if something or someone doesn’t seem/feel right it bothers me till I can work it/them out. These blogs and audios are a God send and I am consuming them with a voracious appetite.

        I was really hoping to be able to purchase a few books but I only like reading hard copies (I do EVERYTHING else online but I still prefer real books) and sadly Australia’s version of Amazon only provides Kindle products.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I do know Sea Shell that people in Australia have bought the paperbacks (they sent me pictures when they arrived) but they had to ship from UK or US as that is where they are printed. It is achievable.

          I am pleased you are devouring my work through the blog and on youtube. I look forward to your further interactions.

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