Escape : How to Beat the Narcissist


The inside track from the dark-hearted master

Includes techniques to counter the narcissist where No Contact is not an option

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  1. I have been 7 months no contact – I’ve lost all my friends – marc killed my dog and a week prior said he would kill me ‘in his sleep’ – he has a sleep issue at night where it appears he needs an exorcism – he bites kicks pulls hair and has hit – cusses uncontrollably – after the dog I had a nervous breakdown – where I was in treatment for 6 weeks trying to figure out what the hell just happened to me – I do not use facebook deleted the app – I’m doing ok because I walk I journal I meditate I do yoga and breath exercises for recovery – I read your no contact book its excellent – my narc has tried all those things strategies – after breakdown I had to file order to,protect me he was stalking me – he violated order and now there is a warrant – I am afraid he will kill me so I’m thinking of going to unknown location

    1. I just finished with a narcissist who killed his previous girlfriend’s dog i didn’t know this when i met him he threatened to kill me and poke my eyes out he was a total pathological liar i still look over my shoulder.

  2. I am in the same boat Lynn! bought a house and was lied to about everything totally blown out of the water it has only been months since we moved in and not sure what to do now with a huge loan and a house and someone who is gaslighting me at every turn

  3. I just finished reading Escape. Although it was extremely insightful, I found myself telling the narc off yesterday afternoon and then again this morning. I sent texts and called. Now I’ve been crying all afternoon and kicking myself in the ass. Its been 14 weeks. Last week he hoovered and my dumb ass actually spoke with him. Then he ignored me again over the weekend and yesterday and I completely lost control over it. I can’t believe how one week screwed up my whole healing process. How long before I break out of this habit of emotional thinking? I know I really should do a consult. It is something I’m definitely considering. I’m trying to work out the logistics now. I’ve read Exorcism & Escape. Are their any other books geared toward getting passed the emotional thinking?

  4. My narc and I bought a house we’ve been together since October … June 3 rd was closing not knowing that he was so twisted. I put down a large sum of money helped him move in he turned to me and suggested because we were arguing a lot mayb I should take my time in moving in !!! Begged him to work this out begged him to talk about it… all I got was arguing in circles over silly things. A week later found out he had been back with his ex since April. Asked her to put things behind them and got re engaged… two weeks after closing he tossed her and a week later brought his other girl he has been w since October and moved her into my house. Currently speaking w a therapist I am embarrassed how could this happen to me? I have been reading a lot and it started like all the blogs start w the lovebombing right down to no closure and tossed aside. I don’t know if I will ever recover my life’s savings. It’s all so surreal I wish everyone going through this … tons of love and hugs, breathe I know it’s the toughest thing to do. Thank you for reading ♥️

    1. Its extremely hard you will find that you have more strength then you recognize. Trust me this is possibly the hardest battle. One minute you feel rejected or like a fool to all who know you the next you find yourself missing him and feeling stupid about it then you find yourself wondering what if im wron what if id of hung in there emotional roller coaster

  5. Thank you for being so open about narcissists. It helped me to understand why I felt like I was going crazy -literally. We have only been married 3 years with one child and he served me with an emergency subpoena with divorce papers 5 days before Christmas. Pisses me off that I didn’t see him for who he was because of the whole charming stage before we got married. I got so tired of being his slave, mother, servant, minion and just had a child..I just couldn’t keep up with who I was before the baby. So he discarded me. We started a business together which is now thriving and he cut me out of it and pushed me and my son out out of the house. Hes so obsessed with me not getting part of our family business that he broke it off now before it got any bigger. He has his whole family/friends believing the business comes first and it makes me sick. I wish he would show his true colors to them. I wish everyone knew what really happened. Hes trying to contact me again and being so sweet. It’s like make a decision. Be a man and take care of the family you created or move on. But I cant imagine going back having to do everything he tells me to do and being controlled and not heard. Everyone came before me and my sons needs. This is the second narrsassit I married. I hope I can see them a mile away next time.

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