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People regard my kind as creatures of prejudice because of the way that we treat people, but that is not prejudicial treatment because we regard everyone in an equal manner. We regard everyone that we engage with and interact with as an appliance, an appliance that has the function of providing us with fuel. If I stand in a crowded bar, I do not see a white lady, a black man, a fat man or a short-haired woman. I do not see a heavily tattooed man or a skimpily-dressed lady. Yes, I notice their physical appearance, I hear what is being said and how people behave, I have to do this in order to identify the traits (or their absence) in people in order to determine their suitability as a target, but ultimately what I regard all those people as, is their potential to be an appliance to me supplying fuel. Accordingly, the lady ordering a Cosmopolitan has the potential from how I see what she wears and the manner in which she is speaking, to be a high yielding appliance. The man sat to my right who is commandeering the conversation between him and a group of other people is likely to be a low yielding appliance. As I move through the bar, as I listen and as I engage, the status of those appliances can alter as I learn more about the person concerned. All I am interested in is the potential and the capacity that this person has to provide me with fuel. I regard each and every person in the same way. I assess their suitability. Some I soon realise will provide me with next to no fuel and therefore I have no further interest in them. I cannot dither and waste my time remaining in the presence of someone who can serve me with no purpose. That is a waste of my energies and furthermore risks losing the more productive appliances which may even now be heading for the exit before I have had the time to assess them and engage with them.

I do not care for your views other than whether they exhibit an alignment with the traits which I hold dear. Your outlook on life is irrelevant except where it demonstrates to me that you have certain characteristics which will make you an ideal source of fuel for me. I am only interested in those attributes which will serve a purpose for me. Will you be a good and faithful appliance or are you not worth bothering with? That is the primary concern. Yes, I have regard to whether you are someone who might supply certain characteristics which I can purloin for my own use as additions to my construct. Yes, I may consider the fact that you are particularly good at cooking as something that will benefit me, but these considerations always remain second to the issue of what fuel you can provide to me. If you happen to be wealthy but your capacity for the provision of fuel is miniscule then I will certainly not consider you for the position as my primary source. There may be a role for you as a tertiary source, possibly a secondary but not as my primary source. Fuel and your role in it is all that matters. I approach this assessment of your usefulness without bias or preconceptions. I apply an open mind to the consideration of whether someone will provide a useful role in the provision of fuel for me. Yet, for all of this demonstration of a fair-minded approach I am still regarded as somehow despicable. I must hunt down fuel and then consume it. Much like a lion on the plains, he must hunt down food and consume it. He is a carnivore and the other beasts that wander the plains are his prey and yet nobody criticises him as he stalks that buffalo and brings it down before devouring it. He knows no other way than to hunt in this manner and neither do we. We look on everyone in the same way. Irrespective of race, religion, nationality, gender or sexuality, we consider how you can provide fuel to us, whether it will be of the appropriate quality, how often you will do so and how reliable you will be in carrying out this function. This is what we think about when we see you. Yes, we may think that you are attractive but our attraction to you is not based on how beautiful or how handsome you may look. Instead, our attraction is based on whether your physical attractiveness will make us look good and whether you are compatible with us in terms of the provision of fuel. The somatic of our kin will ascribe such physical attractiveness to a potential for the provision of fuel whereas the victim narcissist is far less likely to do so. Our judgements are not based on how you look, how stunning you might be or that you may be regarded as unfortunately-faced, but instead we are much more concerned with whether that will confirm the existence of one or more of the criteria that means you will prove to be an excellent fuel source. That is what matters to us. Other people, not of our kind, make prejudicial judgements often about the people they deal with, much of it on a subconscious level. They may consider somebody who has a particular accent to be regarded as untrustworthy, or someone who hails from a particular country as having a leaning towards violence. They may judge an overweight person to be lazy and a very thin person to have issues concerning control. The human races capacity for judging people is legendary and has been the basis of much turmoil and conflict through the ages. We do not subscribe to such views. We judge you on one thing and one thing alone; how good an appliance you will make in the provision of fuel to us. In that respect we afford you all with an equal opportunity to become our primary source and in that regard we behave with a nobility that many others do not.

11 thoughts on “Equal Rights

  1. Noname says:

    “In that respect we afford you all with an equal opportunity to become our primary source and in that regard we behave with a nobility that many others do not”.

    Absolute truth.

  2. Maddie says:

    my ex narc back 12 y ago used to use me as a show girl..he said once to his friend that if I wasn’t that sexy (wtf?!) and gracious he wouldn’t take me anywhere as for hin I was his jewellery! I will never forget that… quick move out of the country, change of the phone number and problem was solved for me…but I didn’t know back then who he was… if I knew I was going to enter a relationship with Your kind then things would be different. .. recently 12y after I got a msg on FB asking me how I was and that I still shone as a diamond! omg … marvellous hoover . it would have worked only if I have choosen him…I haven’t.

  3. bethany7337 says:

    Every blog post you write has me within seconds making a correlation! Uncanny!

    Early in the relationship I asked if he had a type – and I remember how cooly he replied that he could be with any woman: black, white, Asian…didn’t really matter. LOL, my first thoughts to his reply were what a great appreciation and open mindedness about women he must have. Um, wrong…again!

    1. malignnarc says:

      Good point Bethany, we make you think it is a green light to the relationship but actually it is a red flag. This is something I will be writing more about.

  4. alexis2015s says:

    Wow HG, it sounds like you’re playing with action men and barbie dolls ! Is that what it feels like ? Do you feel as in control f other people’s lives as a child would when playing with their dolls ?

    What about when the dolls don’t do what you want ?

    And who would you judge to be low supply ? I need to be that, ‘grey rock it’ I find that so hard though hahah so maybe I’ll just try and do that in some situations

    1. malignnarc says:

      Exactly right Alexis, it is a game of chess where I play both the white and black pieces as I move them hither and zither across the board. When the pieces (or dolls) do not comply? Well, it is rare, but if that happens they are thrown away and a new one is found. There are always new ones.
      Low supply? My kind obviously, those who have our traits but may not be of our kind, people who cannot see beyond their noses. Donald Trump.

      1. alexis2015s says:

        Hahahha okay wow ! No wonder you feel so powerful HG !!

        I loved the last part of the reply – Donald Trump, so I either have to be more like one of you (faking it obviously) or like Donald Trump ! Who well let’s face it…… Ticks that box too 😉

        1. malignnarc says:

          Indeed. Just place some shredded wheat on your head as well.

          1. alexis2015s says:

            Hahha yes I saw that !!! Hmmm so shredded wheat for hair to accompany my garlic necklace !! No ones gonna eat this bitch !!

  5. nikitalondon says:

    Another great article!!!! Very good read to start the day.
    All over my comments in this blog I have highlighted how different all Ns are. All my 3 relationships although the praise, and devaluation cycle were common ground, they were so different. Except one thing and it is what HG mentions above. The open mindness that they have to include all kinds of people into their lives.
    If I analyze the women before and after me of my exes, they range in all positions, nationalities, income, sizes, social status, way of looking… All varities, older, younger.. All possible. Specially N2 he really went to all extremes.
    for example had a girlfriend from Ireland very very white, i think older than him, freckled, and a very very serious type. Introverted, etc. This woman has quiet a position in a public company in London nowadays.
    His current partner is a dark Italian bit younger than him, with long black curly hair, middle position, extroverted, used to beca very active person but it seems now pretty worn out… My impression.
    Two years ago he betrayed her ( i discovered him cheating) with a Chinese, hired as a temporary with the lowest wage, like 15 or even 20 years younger than him.
    No more than 1.60 cm, very open, charismatic, married !!!!! To a guy 30 years older than her, gold digger, short hair
    And like this in general with all Ns I know, no consistency.. From one extreme to the other.
    This article is fascinating HG. have found another answer to questions I had my whole life… I ❤️ To have answers 😃.
    We never stop learning with you.
    N3 the talking N, had studied philosophy and psychology, talked alot about life and NPD. He never told me NPD but “life demons that we all have to learn to live with in the best way. ”
    I remember once I asked him, that I did not umderstand why his last ex ( 14 year partner) and me were completely and totally different. Looking, profession, way of thinking etc. all!!! She had short hair, I have very long.. i mean really all different!!!
    He told me ” look Nikita, I never miss out on anybody, I never look on how the person looks etc and I dont have a type of woman, everybody is a universe to discover to see if they can provide me with something that is interesting for me. The clue is to be open minded” …
    And I really liked that, as I like open minded people.
    I would have never linked that conversation to getting fuel although I read fuel 3 times.
    Thanks for the article HG. very interesting.
    Have a nice day ☀️

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