The Seven Wounds of Cessation



1. After everything that I have done for you.

How can you leave me after everything that I have done for you? I gave you the world and now you have thrown back in my face. I of course only gave you everything because I wanted something from you. I did not give you my all because I loved you. I gave you so much because I wanted everything from you and I was so close to taking everything from you. Now that you are trying to escape me, you are suggesting that I have failed and that I am not brilliant nor magnificent and I cannot stand for that to be the case. I want to blackmail you into staying. All that I gave you were not gifts, they were bribes and now it is time for you to earn them, so you had better damn well stay.

2. But we belong together.

We do belong together because I own you. I bought you with my false affection and dishonest love. I attached you to me and bound you in chains that are long and think and you dare try to cast off those shackles. I do not know where you end and I begin. You thought that was romantic the first time I told it you but I was actually telling you a rare truth. You and I are one because you are subsumed into what I am, I consume you, I envelope you and I control you. You cannot walk away from me now because we are too enmeshed, too attached and too conjoined. You are tearing me in half. There is no you. You gave that up when you allowed yourself to be drawn towards me and bound so tight to me that you became part of me. What has been joined together can now not be undone.

3. I will die without you.

You cannot leave me because if you do you shall surely tear my poor heart from out of me. That is suitably dramatic and is designed to pull on your heartstrings even though I am telling you that this is how brutal and heartless you are in trying to end our relationship. I cannot allow this to happen because I have not finished my seduction of your replacement and if you go now you will take away my precious fuel before the new source has come online. This will leave me panicked, chaotic and driven into a frenzy in order to gather fuel from other sources, if I am able to that is. If I cannot I will no longer exist and it is all because of your selfish, wicked behaviour. How can you cut me down like this? How can you slay me in such a callous fashion? Heartless harpy, seditious slattern and callous crone that you are.

4. I cannot help what I do.

You cannot leave me just because of what I have done and what I have not done. How is that fair? I thought you were a fair person, open-minded and caring, are you not? I doubt it now as you are intent from getting away from me and all because of the way I have treated you. Look I am sorry, really I am, but I cannot help it. You make me that way with the things that you do. No, I am not trying to push the blame on to you, I am explaining it to you if you would at least listen to me. How can I explain that it is just something that happens when you are walking away from me? I never intend for it to happen you know, it just happens and you should be the one apologising to me because you make me lose my temper with your control and the games you play,you are doing it now you fucking bitch, I hate you, do you hear me? I hate you. It is your fault. Not mine. I can’t help it.

5. Why do you want to spoil everything?

I really do not understand you at times. I mean, what do you have to complain about? We live in a beautiful house, you have an expensive car, a platinum Amex and I let you do whatever you want but still it is never enough is it? Yes, I know I sometimes have to lay down the law but if I didn’t you would spend us out of existence. Do you know how hard I have had to work to build all of this? It doesn’t just spring up overnight and I did it for us. You have used me. I welcome you into my life and this is how you repay me by spoiling our idyllic life. You would be nothing without me, do you know that? You have a fantastic life, all provided by me, there are hundreds of other women who would give their right arm to be with someone like me and you are going to throw it all away and leave. I knew there was something not right with you, you need help,you are insane. Ask anyone and they will agree with me.

6. Who will help me now?

You cannot leave me, who else is going to help me? I have kept you here under figurative lock and key, a virtual prisoner in your own home because not only do I need you to fuel me but I need you to mother me. That was the agreement when we got together. I would feed you false love and fraudulent gratitude and in return you would cook for me, clean this house, wash my clothes, cut my toenails and wash my hair. You would wait on me hand and foot and be at my beck and call. I cannot do all of these things on my own and I haven’t got the energy to find someone at such notice with you leaving. You are such an awful person, to leave me like this, especially when I am ill. Who on earth does that to someone? You should think of others and not just yourself you selfish cow.

7. Don’t go, I will change. I promise.

You really are going to go aren’t you? Good Lord, I didn’t see that coming. I thought you were good for another six months of abuse and mistreatment before you somehow plucked up the courage to try and escape me. I don’t like to admit it but you have caught me out and now I am concerned, I can feel the control slipping away from me and I have to get it back, I have to stop you. A crack around the face has worked in the past but something in your eyes tells me that even giving you a good hiding won’t stop you going, even if you have to crawl out of that front door. I know, I will throw myself on your mercy. You will like that. You have always been trying to save me, well here is your chance. I will change. I will get help. Just please do not go. Of course I mean it. I will do anything to stop you going and taking my precious fuel away from me and making me look a fool in front of all my adoring admirers. I cannot have that happen so yes, I will get some treatment, I know I have done wrong and this time, more than ever, I will change. I swear it on the lives of anyone who springs to mind so it seems like I really mean it. Of course I don’t, why should I change? The only thing that will change is my primary source of fuel but that is not ready yet so you need to stay. Please. I will change. Don’t go.

12 thoughts on “The Seven Wounds of Cessation

  1. Forgotten says:

    Despite all that I won’t go… ever

  2. Lisa says:

    And thats pretty much how it went down….and then I escaped….all while his sorry ass back was turned. I did well. Until years later the rose coloured glasses went on. At least the next escape was less dramatic, to me. Him? Meltdown…again. Im out. Im done. Im free…..almost.

    1. Lynne says:

      Yes Lisa! And I STILL have moments (fleeting moments, but there, still) in which I think….”maybe this time”….I feel I’m as sick as he is, in many ways.

      1. Lisa says:

        Maybe its just your ‘conditioning’ kicking in. Dont be tempted Lynne! I have no more ‘what if’ moments. Except to think ‘what if I kicked his ass the very first time he put me to the test’ (I remember it well). And now its ‘maybe this time I will crush him’. Something tells me I probably wont though, although Im gunna give it a good shot! Lol.

  3. Lynne says:

    I was so sucked in by my narc that when he left me for his latest fuel source (who threw him out after five weeks) I actually moved back in with him!!!! When he was displeased with me, he would tell me how stupid I was and I should be ashamed of myself for thinking he ever wanted me back. I’ve fought my way back, but I have permanent scars….I trust no man who even tries to be nice to me.

    1. Lisa says:

      Lynne. I can remember that too. “You should be ashamed of yourself”. Pfft. Ahhhh pot to kettle, calling pot to kettle, hello?

  4. Donna says:

    Why do they choose one target to not let go of?? Even if he has other women to entertain him he always comes back, be it a month or two he finds himself begging back..what is it that we give some much of to make them have that one person they won’t leave alone even when they knw they have drained every ounce of us emotionally mentally to complete misery???

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Donna, to understand this, I recommend you read Sitting Target, Fuel and Black Hole. You will find the answers there. If after reading anything is not clear, please do ask.

  5. Yes, that picture is how I have felt about myself. Even catching him in lies about his woes I STILL second guessed myself. I’ve heard it all… I shall listen no more and thus he has been dubbed NO MORE.

  6. SII says:


    Heard them all in a song

  7. jane says:

    I was left by the narcissist. I rarely see an article about why they leave. Oh I kniw about the 3 phases with the ladt being discard, but I would like an article like 5 his ftom their point if view on why they leave us and are so insidious about it.

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