20 Narcissistic Social Media Commandments



Social media and the internet. When the Romans built those long, straight and effective roads they had no idea what was going to be using those roads in years to come. Similarly, those early pioneers – Tim Berners-Lee, Mark Zuckerberg, Noah Glass, Kevin Systrom et al could not have realised what their various creations might achieve and might still achieve. I daresay none of them realised what fantastic tools they had created for my kind and me. The advance of technology and the various forms of applications and social media have not only contributed to a growth in our numbers, those entitled millennials for example, but our reach has been massively extended beyond the use of the humble telephone. Whereas once my tendrils coiled from my person when I was physically proximate to you, through the use of Lieutenants, elegant hand-crafted letters and those whispered words from landlines and telephone booths, now my tendrils are multiplied a billion times over. They surge across the internet, striking from well-composed e-mails, appearing from the medley of text messages which race to and fro. I surf forums selecting those who are the most appropriate targets and victims and use the vast array of electronic media at my disposal to seduce and ensnare. Messages, photos, videos fly back and forth across the many outlets, across my many devices. In my bolthole the glow from multiple screens would allow you, if I ever admitted you across the threshold, to see my studious gaze and fuel-filled grin as my fingers dart and glide. Opening one application, closing another, composing a message, answering a query, laughing at a comment, reaching out, reeling in, seducing, devaluing, hoovering. Like some grand organist at a technological organ, the screens change and glow, from phone to phone, from PC to laptop, to tablet. The notifications pings and appear, each one the potential for fuel. Yes, the seemingly unstoppable advance of the availability of wireless communication and the many, many methods of connection that are available have been a playground for our kind. We can observe, learn, ply our trade as we cross jurisdictions, mountain ranges and oceans like never before. Once upon a time a bar or a club was a prime hunting ground for some of our kind. Now it invariably begins online and we can broadcast our love-bombs across a massive area, tweaking and adjusting until we refine matters so we can close in on those in a proximate area. The few hundred in a local bar become several million in a city who can then be met face to face and the most potent fuelling begins.

The use of social media and the internet is all pervading throughout your entanglement with our kind We seduce using it, we bombard and charm using it. We harness its formidable power to devalue, to smear, to disseminate the lies about you and then broadcast news of our newest conquest in order to further your misery. Pictures plastered across our timeline. Comments smeared across your own. Others piling into the frenzy of electronic barbs and hooks. The enticing hoover of a late night text message. The blocking, the deleting, the eradicating. The capacity to scour your online profile for information to commence your seduction. The ability to monitor where you are and who you are with as we ready a hoover. The game playing from knowing you can see I have read a message but I won’t respond, leaving you churning, anxious and on the edge of indecision as to whether you ought to try again or remain distant. The carousel of available targets, the endless permutations and possibilities for gathering fuel. Such potential and such excitement. The triangulation across the airwaves, the shuttling of similar messages back and forth to various recipients, a beauty parade where the most effective responders then are chosen for the next stage.

If all of this was taken away I can revert to old school methods. I have that skill set. The junior of our number would be in serious distress, thrashing around and unable to perform effectively as us great sharks cruise easily utilising the older methods to suck up all that fuel to leave the younger of our brethren starving and failing. Not that such an occurrence is likely to happen. No, instead it will only become more and more of a narcissist’s heaven as faster and more intuitive devices are created. How long before the “Find an Empath” application makes its presence known? Watch with glee as the radar sweeps around and notifies me that there are 42 empaths in a one-mile radius. Such sweet delight!

Of course with every new system, every new method of interaction there come rules, obligations, conventions, protocols and procedures. Many are informal, internationally recognised as the dos and don’ts of social media usage. Our kind, naturally, is not isolated from such a development and there is indeed an etiquette (which is just a euphemistic way of saying this is what you really should do) with regard to social media usage involving our kind and your kind. Accordingly, let me introduce you to twenty commandments of social media etiquette as decreed by the Council of Narcissists.


  1. You are never to tag us in any photographs without our prior permission which can be revoked at any time and without reason.


  1. Our relationship status is only updated when we deem it appropriate. Any insistence by you that we reflect your existence will meet with repercussions. Your relationship status? Nobody is interested.


  1. All photographs post discard will show us ecstatically happy and with ourselves draped around your replacement. You should make sure you look and do so regularly.


  1. All adverse comments about you are true and must never be removed, amended or diluted by you.


  1. We have a stock of unlimited likes which we can throw around over other people’s comments and pictures as often as we want and you have to deal with it.


  1. If messenger says I was active five minutes ago, it is lying.


  1. I can block, ban, unblock, revoke bans as and when required. You must facilitate access to all your social media at all times without condition or exclusion.


  1. My tweets are slices of intellectual brilliance. Nobody reads yours (unless they praise me).


  1. All electronic communications used by me never existed. You imagined them.


  1. My 1500 friends of the opposite sex are exactly that. Why else are they described as friends?


  1. All postings by you are subject to scrutiny and questioning as in, “Whose hand is that in the background?” and

“I see two glasses on the table. Who else was there?”


  1. Just because it shows I have read your message is not determinative proof that I have done so.



  1. It shows my message to you has been read. You have ten seconds to reply.


  1. You are duty bound post discard or escape to accept follower and friend requests from utter strangers with unusual profile pictures.


  1. Notifications do not appear on my lock screen to save battery power. Honest.


  1. All my postings must be liked and commented, re-tweeted etc. by you within one hour of their creation. All comments must reflect my brilliance and incisive insights on the topic du jour.


  1. The fact my device automatically logs in at a location is not evidence I have been before. It merely shows how welcome I am.


  1. You are not permitted to demonstrate favour to other posts, tweets, pictures etc. over mine.


  1. I filter everything that might appear on my timeline. Popularity requires such a step. No, I have not got anything to hide.


  1. If my response is a non-sequitur when we are messaging this does not mean I am messaging someone else at the same time. It means you are not keeping up with me.

36 thoughts on “20 Narcissistic Social Media Commandments

  1. Gina says:

    #10 yes this was the number one red flag of fallen in the trap of my most recent narc. I was too busy being love bombed to really start a fight over it. But, in his case, out of his 2,541 fb friends, 2,534 were females. All of which were “just friends.” Let’s go over to instagram. 931 people that he follows yet THREE. THREE are men! Ahhh but the magic love bomb carpet ride was fun at least. In the whole two months we’ve known each other, he proposed about five times. I actually find it extremely fascinating how Narcissists use social media to their advantage. Thousands of supply sources from all over the world readily willing to give it to them. He wasn’t my first so I knew what to pick up on as I read this article about a year ago! The block then unblock then he will like my pics then purposely like other women’s that were in question just to perform some triangulation action. From my snooping and investigations and reaching out to some suspicious female “friends” I found that he was in a relationship with eight other women as fact! Currently, he unblocked me on all social media and messages me daily like nothing happened with “I love yous and I miss yous” as he so eagerly wants to remain friends. So, I’m just another crazy ex that still is friends with him along with the hundreds of others. I’m a member of his harem. It’s fun I guess to see him work the crowd. To see him fabricate lies to win admiration. I do feel bad for him as he actually has no life besides his fake social media life. Knowing who he really is jobless, living off of an old lady (3o year difference) who thinks she’s dating him exclusively and he’s got not a dime to his name.

  2. Don’t know if I should laugh or cry while reading this post…
    After 2 1/2 years being tortured, devalued, discarded in several ways all matching with the different houses of discard described by H G, hoovered twice, triangulated numerous times, lovebombed numerous times, ignored daily, sexually abused, blocked, unblocked, woken up at night ALL ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY ON WHATSAPP…

    BUT: Remember, fellow empaths: social media and the internet are also weapons for us!
    We can blog our experience. We can connect. We can follow blogs. We can follow the blog of HG. We can do so many things online… can’t we???

    1. B says:

      Oh the blocking game has intensified since I wrote that comment. I’m sad to say that I have not learned. Block, unblock, block, unblock. I can’t even keep up with the amount of times it happens. The last few months have been torture. Not so much by him, but by myself for allowing it. The blocking doesn’t even phase me any more because I know the routine. We do not communicate through social media at all any more. When I’m blocked it’s from texting. I’m blocked then in a week or so I hear from him and I’m unblocked, then he starts ignoring me, to the point that I’ve had enough and pretty much tell him that I’m done, then I’m told that I’m crazy and blocked again. A week later I get a text “Are you done being crazy yet?” Then the same cycle starts again. I bring on the torture myself because when I’m blocked I’m actually happy. I’m a little angry at first because I fell for it again, but I get over it, just not long enough before comes back and I fall for it again and again. Every time I tell myself that this is going to be the last time, but it never is. I’m not blocked at the moment just on ignore. This last time that he unblocked me I was pretty short with my replies so he said “You sure have a lot to say when I have your messages going to spam, but now I give you the opportunity and you don’t say anything” Lol I knew he freaking read my “blocked” messages. So telling me I’m blocked means absolutely nothing other than the fact that I can tell him what I really think without being interrupted. So freaking childish, but so am I guess, since I keep falling for it. I will admit though, Im getting bored with him and it doesn’t really hurt like it use it. The day is coming when he will just be someone I use to know.

  3. Snow White says:

    Hi DC!! I have to give you a hug after that.
    I understand every word you said and agree. No one should have to go through that. All you did was love him. Care for him. Help him.
    You are a beautiful, strong, caring woman.

    You are so right about not being special. My ex at one point stated ” you think you’re special, don’t you” and of course I said “yes”
    I firmly believed my love could make a difference in her life. I thought I was the one who was different to her. Just like you said one in millions.
    I’m so happy for you that you got out. Hope your day was good. ❤️🍎❤️XXXx

    1. B says:

      Well it is a good thing that I am not a narc or you would be in big trouble Sarah, lol.
      It does not matter when you notice it. There is never an excuse not to reply immediately. You will be accused of all kinds of things if it goes unnoticed. Of course this rule does not apply to them. They reply when they feel like it… that is if you even get a reply.

      I did write more to you as promised. I’m not sure if it has been released and posted yet. Had a family emergency over the weekend so trying to get caught up.

  4. tcriggs says:

    You are doing a beautiful public service. I am going to share these with my kids… For some reason, I can tell them the same things all day long, but unless it’s posted on the internet somewhere, they don’t believe it. lol. (Yes, I’ve tried to lecture them on how to avoid these types…)

    Thank you for your perspective and taking the time to share it.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome TCR, thanks for getting in touch.

  5. So Sad says:

    Oh don’t get me started with social media .. !

    Our final holiday was completely ruined by it because the new target was being love bombed . Phone never out of his hand, long disappearances, & frequent visits to the toilet ( bathroom)

    Of course I had no idea at the time but less than a three weeks later I was jettisoned off for her.

    Fast forward & within hours I was Hoovered, triangulated , stalked, threatened and smeared by it .

    Of course I looked because that’s what you do when someone walks out of the door, kisses you bye & then uses social media to declare their undying love to some one else .. Isn’t it ?

    BUT & I’m going to take the credit for this 🙂 Despite everything he tried I never reacted ..
    All that HARD work for nothing . Shame Haha!

  6. Super Empath Fool says:

    Every time I did something “wrong”, what was perceived as wrong (and I was never able to figure out what that was), I would be “punished”: he would unfriend and block me, then unblock me; he would “like” photos of half-naked “friends”; post hints, indirect insults, which he knew I would decipher. He would be on FB at 3 or 4 AM. I was confused. Now I know. Knowing that all those poems, songs, beautiful words of love have been sent not exclusively to me, but simultaneously to God knows how many other women, hurts like hell.

    1. Sarah says:

      SEF, but if he wrote those passionate and scintillating words with you in mind, then you were the original Muse! Think not of what is not but of what is! The glass is half empty or full…it’s the choice of how you want to view it! Ok..ok…it is unfortunate that he sent them to a few hundred other girls – but they can bathe in words meant for you 😉 Naturally, this is not true love, but as HG reminds us…it is the closest it gets…it is a Narcissist …we can’t fault them or they fault us…we are who we are!!

      1. Super Empath Fool says:

        Oh, Sarah, you made me laugh, thank you! How can you tell I was the original Muse? I mean, which one is the original among many? :0) I also thought I was his Muse, he made me think and feel I was The One. He even said it in those exact words. But now I know all those beautiful words, poems and songs were just copy-paste, with some adjustments to fit my “profile”. I must admit he did a great job, but then, he knew me for more than a decade before he professed his undying love. So I guess I was more of Echo, than Muse :0)) And although he harmed me in many ways, I don’t fault him. I fault myself for falling for the game, for the illusion.

        1. Sarah says:

          SEF, beLIEf 😉 There is always a foundation of logic and truth but it seems all beliefs are infuses with lies to a certain extent – an agnostic friend I have pointed out that the GoSPELLS of the Bible were merely but spells (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John) – but that doesn’t change how many people in the world believe Jesus died for our sins despite a lot of factual contradictions – if you were with him for ten years, I am sure you were a special person in his life – and unless you repeated the same words back to him, you certainly were not an Echo…don’t be so hard on yourself! I can tell from your detailed response the last thing you are is a fool. Besides, every passing moment is a chance to turn it all around…while you may not be able to get those 10 years back, you ESCAPED and here NOW TODAY!

          One of my favorite books by HG is Chained: The Narcissist’s Co-Dependent – in this book, he goes over why Super Emapths, Empaths, and Codependents’ can often fall victim to the Narcissist – I provided the links for your below (I’m not affiliated AT ALL with HG, but am a fan of his work 🙂





  7. Hence why I still can’t seem to put this ridiculous phone down… I had to answer the first ring, text back immediately… I was a well trained fillie.

    1. Sarah says:

      DC, Don’t answer. Drives them nuts. Playing hard to get makes them want you more…although with a Narcissist does that differ? Like, will they rage? Can’t speak of that…? BTW, downloaded that song you posted called Illusion – listening to right now…I really like that song – I tried to find the original thread but couldn’t so thought I would tell you here…making a playlist…AH OH – DO NOT judge me!

      1. Yes, I know guys love to play hard to get… I am a master at that, mainly because if they don’t really peak my interest I do not care. You cannot play this game with a narcissist. I was in my last relationship for 8 years… I assure you that if I didn’t answer my phone on the first ring or respond to a text within that minute I was going to be in trouble. Every narcissist is different. Mine raged, mine accused me of cheating… His rage wasn’t just yelling and accusatory rants… I would try to defend myself and I was “lying”. He would toss my belongings, pull me by my hair, literally throw me around. I learned quickly that the phone had to be in my hand at all times… even if I was just at home cooking dinner for him so he could eat when he got home.

        If you think you are going to entangle with a narcissist and play that game you are sadly mistaken… you are not special, none of us are… we are just one in millions… if you want to be with your narcissist you will play by his rules and I can guarantee you that if you choose to stay with a physically abusive one… you will learn really quickly what his requirements are.

        At the same time, I do not need a lecture from anyone on why I stayed. I stayed because I loved him and he had been damaged, I stayed because he didn’t do it all of the time, I stayed because I never wanted to hurt him, I stayed because he said that he would never let me go, I stayed because I feared for my life… I left because he was becoming more violent with me and I finally feared for my life with him. Make no mistake, in a sense he still hasn’t let me go…

        1. Sarah says:

          DC…I am sorry you went through that 🙁 It takes a lot of guts to get through what you did and be here today – you have my respect that is for sure. I don’t want to be with a Narcissist – I am married…but I learn from different. I like your tattoo – I can’t really see it but is it a dragon or a zodiac symbol? I like astrology…are you a scorpio? I’m an Aquarius and have a Libra Antecedent and an unaspected Uranus – my planetary leader decided to go a-wall…go figure. I can’t tell if your tattoo is a zodiac sign but thought I would ask…?

  8. B says:

    I really have to force myself to read some of what you write, especially when you touch on loyalty. It is easier for me to stay in my own little world of the unknown, rather than be hit with the brutal reality of things. However, I do know that if I skip over this part, I will take him back. Just being honest here. I force myself to read these things because I would rather hear it from you than to learn it from him or witness it with my own eyes (yes, I know it would be just a matter of time). I will avoid that one heartache at all costs.

    I would also like to add that I missed the Breaking Benjamin concert last night in fear of receiving a silent treatment as I did the last time I attended a concert. Little did I know at the time that I would be suffering from the silent treatment regardless. There will always be a reason for him to hand one out. I really wanted to send this to him, but instead I will send it to you as an effort to control that urge I have to provide him with fuel.


  9. Snow White says:

    Wow! That was a lot to keep up with.
    More exhausting games.
    That’s why I also had my phone in hand. I had to respond to her quickly or she would follow up with:
    ” you must be busy, I’ll leave you alone”
    “I’ll talk to you tomorrow”
    I felt like I had to always be available. I even made sure I wore sweatpants at home with pockets so it was easier to keep my phone with me. That’s sad to admit all the changes I made in my life for her.
    I learned about blocking for the first time. Blocking was always a threat. It would make me cry to think that this is what she was doing. I searched the internet to see how I could tell if I was being blocked.
    I learned how to delete messages once the affair started.
    Then I learned how to communicate with her through Pinterest when I found out my husband was tracking my texts.
    I am ashamed of all of that.
    There is always more to learn from you. I was so far gone.
    Thanks for letting me confess.

    1. B says:

      SW, I know exactly what you are talking about! Mine would say the same thing if I didn’t reply fast enough “You must be too busy texting someone else”. He also was the one who introduced me to the blocking game. It was always a threat that most likely was carried out. It was complete torture. No way of reaching him, just sitting in misery waiting for him to release the block. Like you, I also searched the Internet on how to find out if I was blocked. I of course knew when I was blocked on messenger since you are informed when trying to send a message. I however never knew if my texts were actually blocked or if he was reading them. I also found other ways to communicate with him like Pinterest. All that did was just hand him another knife to use. I even downloaded a texting app since my number was blocked. I have never been one to not call someone out on what they have done or pretend that I don’t notice things. If I care than, Hell yeah I noticed you unfriended me, so what? I will admit that and have no problem asking why. I’m not going to sit around and worry about it. I’m going directly to the source of the problem and confront it. This is when I am warned to keep my mouth shut and then blocked. I admit that this is who I am, but never have I gone through such extremes to contact someone who clearly does not want to talk to me. He is the first. Maybe it is for the simple fact that he doesn’t stick to the blocking. I know it won’t last and he will back and that’s what makes it so hard. I hate this person I have become. That girl who just won’t go away. I know how annoying it is when someone won’t get the hint and refuses to leave you alone and how pathetic they look by acting this way. I turned into that annoying, pathetic person who won’t go away. If we weren’t crazy when they found us we most certainly will be by the time they leave us.

      1. Snow White says:

        Hello B,
        I understand every word you said. She turned me into someone that was at her beck and call every single minute.
        The blocking and then silent treatments were torture. I remember two separate weeks that I cried in bed because she wouldn’t talk to me. My daughter even texted her to get in touch with with because I was so distraught. I don’t know how I thought that was normal.
        I am thankful that I wasn’t on any other social media because that would have been extremely hard to refrain from stalking her everyday. It would have been another withdrawal from me. I did have problems with the phone being so quiet after the relationship because I was so used to and addicted to the constant messaging and phone calls.
        I does seem like we are crazy. Someone tells me I am everyday but I want you to know:
        Lots of love for you ❤️🍎❤️

        1. B says:

          Thank you SW. I do feel like I must be somewhat crazy. I mean who downloads a texting app just so they can text the person who has blocked them and clearly doesn’t want to talk to them. Oh that’s right… me, the crazy girl! Setting myself up for more rejection! I have been given the silent treatment and blocked so many times that I have lost count. I do have a feeling that it is over for good this time. I don’t have that feeling that he will come back like I did all the other times. I hope I’m right because I’m not sure if I’m strong enough yet to go no contact. I hate to admit that. I know that the longer he stays away the easier it will be and once I get to that point he won’t stand a chance. Somehow he always knows when I’m about to that point though and that’s when he shows up again. How did yours end? Were you able to tell her it was over on your terms or was it a silent treatment she never came back from?

          1. Snow White says:

            Hi B, i would have downloaded the same app if I would have known about it. Lol…no wonder they played so many games with us, we were the perfect mouse to their cat.
            They do know so much about us that’s why they know when to come back in with the knife. Then all the emotions come back.

            I ended it with her. It all happened quickly. I was in denial and brainwashed. I chose my marriage because I knew deep down things weren’t right. I was going to spend my future in isolation.
            I was still in contact with her for one month before we met for the last time. I told her that we could never see each again. NC has been the hardest and most emotional experience I have ever had in my life. She broke my heart and soul but I’m repairing it now. You do get stronger with each day that you are away from them. It’s been five months now and my mind is soo much clearer now. My emotions are still up and down but I’m healing at my own pace. You will get there. HG has been the best. ❤️❤️

          2. B says:

            Do you feel you got some closure by meeting with her that last time? How did she react? Has she tried contacting you since you went NC? Sorry for all the questions. I’m just trying to prepare myself. Although mine seems to be a little different in the fact that he doesn’t even pretend to care. If I were to tell him that we could never be together he would probably tell me to f* off and leave it at that. I really don’t know if I’m mad at him or mad at myself. I’m of course mad at him for all the horrible things he put me through, but I’m also mad at myself for giving him a part of me. But then I think maybe I didn’t give him enough of me and maybe I’m the one who is fucked up. I have a very hard time opening up about myself or showing certain emotions. When HG talks about the fuel going stale, I can totally get that. I make no effort with the lovey dovey stuff if it isn’t handed to me first or if I have already been or felt rejected. Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing these things. That’s when I need someone to take charge. Obviously that’s not going to happen with a narc since he feels the same way. I’m actually surprised he stayed with me as long as he did or that I as able to provide him any fuel at all. I remember him telling in the beginning that there was just something about me he couldn’t ignore. At the time I thought that was a really weird thing to say. I mean why would he want to ignore me? That was before I knew what I was getting myself into or before I knew what a silent treatment was. I do have so many questions I would like to ask HG, but I’m afraid of the answers. I think somethings are better left unknown. Thank you SW for your encouraging words and I admire you for being so strong and I am so happy you are getting your life back. Yes I do agree, HG is the best.

          3. Snow White says:

            I was advised by everyone not to meet her but it was my choice to. I am still glad I had that meeting with her. I knew she was a narcissist at that point. She used all of her ploys in that two hours. She used future faking, lies about her new life, called me a bitch, and used projection. She fake cried at the end and begged me not to leave. Prior to that I didn’t know anything about fuel. I am mad knowing now that’s what she got that day because I was upset and cried. If I would have had HG’s advice I would have went about it a different way but I did get some closure that day. I wanted to see in action what I had been reading about and she confirmed some of that for me.
            HG has been filling in everything else.
            You weren’t the one who fucked up, he did.
            I wanted to know all the answers but the truth sometimes hurts. I needed to hear his responses. Accepting them has helped me move forward. He is right when he says to keep reading and to write on this blog when you just need to vent or ask questions. Hope this helps a little. ❤️❤️❤️

          4. B says:

            Thank you SW. What you say is very helpful. I do find myself opening up a lot more on this blog. Almost have to force myself to do so. I have kept all of this to myself for so long. I keep my circle very small and even the one’s close to me don’t even know. I just don’t speak of him or bring him around. My mom and step dad met him once in the beginning, but it wasn’t something I planned. They of course was fooled by him and fell in love with him. After surviving the first silent I knew I had to keep him away from them. I told them to never speak of him again. That I needed to work on things without the outside influences and that I would bring him around when I felt the time was right. This was no surprise to them. They know that I am a very private person, especially when it comes to relationships. I only let him around my daughter a few times and that was just recently. I am very selective to whom I allow into her life. It’s one thing to break my heart, but I will not have her heart broken by my foolish mistakes. I only allowed these brief encounters to happen so I could see how he would interact with her. I’m not sure if I kept him quiet to protect myself to protect him, maybe a little of both. With my daughter it was for her protection only. At least I was smart enough to see that.

            In a lot of ways I was able to protect myself from the narc’s manipulations, not from knowledge, but because of who I am. I guess that’s why I haven’t experienced a lot of what HG talks about. I still don’t know if these traits of mine are what he liked about me or what he despised.

          5. Snow White says:

            I broke all of mine too B. I didn’t know it was a game to her. To me it wasn’t.

            It is hard to keep it all in. Four people know about my situation but they do not understand at all what happened to me. And they don’t want to hear about it. Feel free to keep asking questions to get the answers that you want. Hopefully you will feel relieved and it will bring you some peace. I’m glad your daughter wasn’t involved to the point where she was hurt too.

            I meant to tell you that her hoovers have been through her Facebook page, my Pinterest account and she mailed me a ring back.

      2. Snow White and B, I’m deeply touched by your descriptions. Believe me, I’ve been through all of this, identically, on Whatsapp for more than two years. It’s sheer torture. The agony of being threatened to be blocked… “I will block you when it’s necessary!!” “Today I will block you!” Pure Hell…
        Kisses! Hug. Heal…!!!!!

    2. Sarah says:

      Snow!!! Ok…I am going to give you the secret of all women because you are so sweet, but listen carefully: true love isn’t a game – when you meet that girl with sweat pants and pockets in the gym with her phone in there to answer – that is NOT one you use this strategy with – but for the untouchables – all you have to do is remember this: the the hotter she forget the pockets – don’t answer her calls…I know…I know…it won’t come naturally but girls need the challenge…naturally a game but works 99% of the time…like don’t treat them as nice or they will walk all over ou…until of course you meet the one…that is different!!

      Would you agree HG, master seducer superior?

      1. B says:

        Sarah, I do agree with you 100 percent, but that doesn’t always work in keeping the untouchables away, trust me! I am very much this way you describe, but he still got me! It was not long before he had me breaking my own rules!

        1. Sarah says:

          B…keeping them away often is often more complicated – from HG’s works, the Narcissist acts like it’s true love during the “ensnarement” stage, but through HG’s works we have the knowledge that we are in a game…that would be interesting post for HG – 5 Rules for Empaths…I wonder if HG could guess them?

          I bet HG never breaks his rules…ever…but watch Rule 5 Read: There is no rule that can’t be broken…I bet the Greater doesn’t have the cliche there is no rules that can be modified clause…now that I think of it…I’m sure not. Ugh…I hear Mark Twain in my head: “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

          1. B says:

            Sarah, I would love talk with you more on this topic and I certainly will as soon as I get home from my errands.

            *Above reply was one of my N’s rules that I learned. Never leave a text unanswered for long, even if you have to reply with why you can’t reply at that very second.

            I will get back to you soon! 😊

          2. Sarah says:

            B-I missed this on WP reader, but it appears I violated the first rule – wait – does it count when you first notice the message OR when it was sent?

          3. B says:

            Sarah, of course HG knows our rules, after all he wrote them. Our rules become his rules. We are not allowed to have them, we follow them and if we don’t there will be hell to pay.

            I appreciate your questions and admire your willingness to learn and understand what you have not encountered romantically (if that’s what you want to call it). I understand that your reason for being here is not the same as ours, but like HG has mentioned for most the knowledge will come after we have been infected by their venom and the damage has already been done. The knowledge you are receiving and what you learn from those who have been infected can give you the gift of understanding and with this gift you can help others before it’s too late or at least be a person they can turn to for guidance with out judgment. It is very rare that we will find someone who will listen and actually understand what we are telling them. I believe that is part of the reason we stay with the Narcissist as long as we do. We don’t talk about it because we feel no one understands and that only makes us feel worse. The number one thing to remember is NEVER talk bad about our Narcissist. We are very protective of them regardless of the hurtful things we mention. Talking bad about them will only makes us shut down and pull away. We are just as complicated as they are. Hope some of that made sense and thank you for taking the time to ask these type of questions. Most people don’t ask about things that don’t pertain to them. Says a lot about your character.

  10. Smoke says:

    HG!!! Number 1 happened I posted a picture of us on my birthday and he lost it! Used the exact same wording and revoked my privileges because I did not havehis permission. Although he had like 50 friends on Facebook and never posts or likes anything. Do you think he has another account? Number 6, 7& 15 constant and your description again spot on!!
    He also claims that he has no idea how Facebook messanger works and then later tells me he gets tons of messages. Sort of like he went into hiding and everyone wants to get with him again. I would believe for the sex;)

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Smoke. Yes he will have another account. You can bet your britches he has.

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