The Narcissistic Truths – No. 30



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  1. Is it alone or loneliness?
    For me I have felt lonely even with many, rarely do I feel alone.

  2. HG. I can be in a room with 1 to 100 people and feel alone. Does this ever happen to you? My guess is no. Thank you if you decide to respond.

    1. No it doesn’t 1jaded. I rarely ever feel alone, even when physically alone, but there are infrequent occasions when it happens and it is very unpleasant.

      1. Thank you. After reflecting on your response, I think the word more apt to describe my situation is lonely. I dont mind being alone. It sucks that this makes you feel unpleasant. Side note, you may want to avoid telling people to leave you alone (if you tell them). It’s akin to wishing for something and possibly baving it granted. Just a thought. Take care of you.

    1. He’s also had good ol’ dependable Clarece since 8/31/15.
      HG, even when alone and if fuel supply is low, do you not still feel your overpowering sense of superiority? Or is that one of the 1st things to start to fade?

      1. I do Clarece and it manifests more as a sense of how dare they be so treacherous to somebody of my calibre, so my innate sense of superiority actually drives the hatred, irritation and the paranoia.

      2. Right with you Clarence! Been with him from the beginning!! So wonderful to see you reach so many people HG! Here is to many many more successes in your life!!!🍻 Xxx

      3. Clarece happy belated 1 year anniversary. Funny I found Mr. Tudor in late August too. Of 2016 though. Cheers 🍸

      4. MLA, you are the #1 Fan. You have been nominated President of his FanClub.
        I hope I am not be on this blog for years, I do not believe I will be as when a good distraction comes along and my attention goes there….. a toy, something that rattles me.
        Hopefully HG will have written some fiction and start a new blog.

        Yes he is a Narc and he is letting the world know. I happen to think he is much more then this as a writer and I know everyone else thinks so too.
        HG! We are waiting.

      5. Thank you Ah Oh, the fiction will be written and you shall be amongst the first to be made aware of it. Who knows, maybe I will include you in it?!

      6. What I do know. I would your novel (fiction). I do not want to read anymore on Narcs. I do want to read your story of your childhood.
        I will want a signed copy too.

      7. That is a very nice compliment. I appreciate that. I wonder how HG feels about me running herd on the Fan Club?
        Love may be donning a tiara, but I’ll be wearing a crown!

      8. I kinda thought these were one in the same. My days of triangulation games are long over. Lol
        Pass on both then. You’ll be missing out on the best of the best.

      9. Clarece, You as President of the fan club would be awesome!!! There is not another person on here more suitable for the job!!! You go girl!!! Xx

      10. Mr. Tudor, since Clarece has been appointed as the President of your fan club, does that mean I can be your personal assistant???

      11. Woooo hoooo!! Thank you so much Mr. Tudor!!! I am honored and will work my hardest to please you!!! ❤💜💙💚💛💋

      12. Clarece honey, I’ve been thinking this is all fun and games. I’m sure you’d be amazing at not just one, but all 3 positions: IP, head of fans, and PA. 🌹

      1. Love It is yours for the wearing. Make sure it does not fall around your eyes and blind you. Also I do hear it becomes a heavy burden after a time.

  3. I am everything alone- alone is used constructively and alone is the time necessary for honing in and fine tuning our skills. Alone is a good place and we do alone far better than the narcissist and we do it with ease. Alone is where we create and recreate. Alone is where our best insights are founded. Alone is where we return to our centre. Alone is where we soar. Alone is where we energise and alone is where we make our peace.

    A little humour is intermingled in the vision building of alone, it is an opportunity to smile and feel peace in the stillness.

  4. Is this why narcs always need to be surrounded by people? Is it fear of being alone and realizing how dark they are?

  5. It’s so strange to me . You secretly hate people and want to hurt them and gain reactions from them . Yet you push them away and destroy your chances at a real love . I kept telling my ex that he is losing everyone who has ever loved him and is he is going to ruin his own life in his self destructive behavior . He is still having unprotected sex with different girls and drinking alcohol severely. If a narcissist or sociopath is so happy and content in their manipulations why do some over do the drinking and become borderline alcoholics?

    What is the point of large amount of alcohol intake ?

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