The Narcissistic Truths – No. 63


141 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Truths – No. 63

  1. DFA says:

    TP i will have to agree, yet to see what he creates has me completely fascinated.

  2. DFA says:

    What HG has created here is very unique, the fact discussions can be done with out things getting to out of hand. Not like on the FB side. I was told I had no idea what it’s like being in a relationship with a narcissist with out anyone ever talking with me. It was then I came here to see what things were like.
    I was taken back especially when I started to see HG actually interacting in the most honest way for him. No sugar coating and brutal honesty to his perspective of life. I watched for a long time. Lol I had already read all his books at the time.
    I developed a respect for him and I do admire what he is doing.
    He made me comfortable when I first commented here cause I almost left due to a misunderstanding.
    I am glad I didn’t.

    1. Punisher says:

      Unique indeed! I must say reading his work has made me feel alive in some way. He’s gonna turn me into a little Hellraiser😜

  3. DFA says:

    Snow White Thank you for your kind words, I am far from strong, thou. stubborn is more like it.
    There are many more that are stronger. You, Indy, and Not So Sad Just to name a few. Your words hold hope. You all have a strength and beauty that shines brightly.

    Then there is HG, he is in a unique category of strength. HIS

    1. giving insight to how his mind works
    2. His books
    3. Empowering empaths

    This takes strength to show just how evil mans mind is, yet only one such as he could pull it off. This was not a job for just your ordinary man. What he had to go through in life takes strength, to bring the knowledge needed for empaths to understand.
    His strength is different because it had to be or his message would be the same as somebody/everyone else’s. BORING or the same over and over due to being from the empaths/co dependent etc view.

    1. Snow White says:

      Hi DFA,
      Thank you also! Those were very nice things to say. And you put me in a category with some very knowledgeable and smart women. I am honored. I have learned a lot here and do still have hope. I agree that HG is a special man and has a unique way of getting out some of the goodness he has buried somewhere. I believe it’s there even though he says it’s not.

      You have a strong will if you are stubborn. That can be an excellent trait. I am working on getting some more aggressive traits. Lol

      1. Alice says:

        You are badder than you think Snow! Anyone who had made it to this blog is a survivor!!

    2. Indy says:

      Aww DFA,
      That was so kind and sweet of you to say. Do not discredit your strength! You are here, fighting, laughing, shedding tears and getting pissed like the rest of us…it takes loads of strength to survive any time of abuse. We are a unique bunch here. I find strength and beauty here, every time I hop on. We all are able to talk about our past and current abuses, traumas, dramas, and still be civil, fairly level headed, and still have a strong need to learn and grow. One thing that really amazes me here, is that we all, people that are empaths, have been identified as having NPD, or BPD, or sociopathy, co-dependency and/or “normals” (what ever that is) can co-exist here, have respectful and admirable conversation with one another. We can learn and accept each other, fully and radically. That is beautiful and rare.

      1. NarcAngel says:

        C’mon dude! Cause its so fine it will bring tears to your eyes.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Very good, that made me laugh.

          I though it was because you kept it in a string bag.

          1. NarcAngel says:

            Its not a bloody ham!

        2. Indy says:

          Hahahha….yes, yes, yes….tears!!!

      2. Alice says:

        Well said, Indy!

  4. DFA says:

    Judy I am so sorry, to have a child disappear with no word. Its the wondering and worrying. Its a hard thing to bear.

    1. The Punisher says:

      Judy, no one should have to go through that. Hang in there, he will turn up and you will be there for him.

  5. Sail Away says:

    This is very sad HG 😘.

  6. Judy sanders says:

    My life has been a live nightmare from the start of my marriage to the lowest narcissistic son of bitch. B-4 our 3rd year of marriage . the narc drove our family off the side of a remote mountain killing our 15 month old daughter. Yet his 7 year old son survived. Still I stayed to rase that little boy and had 2 more sons with the narc. Now 25 years later my son my youngest is missing . no one know s where he is for the past 3days .

    1. NarcAngel says:

      I cant imagine your burden Judy and dont know what to say except that Im sorry you’re having to bear it.

    2. Love says:

      I’m so sorry Judy! Did the authorities not look into the accident? How was your narc not incarcerated? In regards to your missing son, have you filed a missing person report?

    3. 1jaded1 says:

      Judy, I hope he turns up alive and well.

    4. Judy, large wings of love your way and protection..

      1. Indy says:

        Oh Judy,
        I am so sorry your son is missing. I hope and pray he is safe and returns home. Is he a child or an adult now? You have had such a hard journey and I wish for more peace your way soon.

  7. DFA says:

    Thank you Love I asked for a few minutes and got them, it’s more then some get.
    I made a promise to a person long ago, I would never stay down but find beauty in everything.
    I have kept that promise to this day and will till my last breathe.

    1. Love says:

      So inspirational ❀

  8. DFA says:

    Snow White I to held on even thou I went silent. The day our little girl died I knew I had to let go. Maybe if this is by genetics she was saved from a life of always hunting. I really don’t know. I just know I don’t hold anger towards him.
    Now HG has cleared many whys for me, to which I am so very grateful for.

    1. Love says:

      I’m sorry DFA about the loss of your daughter. No mother should ever have to endure that pain. ❀

    2. Snow White says:

      Hi DFA,
      I am very sorry to hear about your little girl. I can’t even imagine the pain. It’s sounds like you were able to rise above everything and still have a positive outlook on life. You have are a very strong women.

  9. The Punisher says:

    I don’t want it to be my fault anymore. I never would have come this far without you, H.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome TP.

      1. The Punisher says:

        Thank you for protecting me and teaching me what to do.

  10. Matilda says:

    This is little HG reaching out to his father, only to be forsaken by him. Makes me livid that he did nothing to protect him…

  11. NarcAngel says:

    I am being completely genuine when I say that I don’t understand what you are all (well most) seeing when you look at that. I had no sadness whatsoever. At first I felt nothing, but the longer I looked at it the angrier I got. Are you seeing yourselves as the adult hand or the childs? Because that can change everything I think.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is for your to interpret NA.

    2. 1jaded1 says:

      With respect, NA, I didn’t see myself. I saw a child gripping a parent’s hand. The words were spoken by the parent. A cbild doesn’t deserve to hear that from a parent. I’m not a parent so what do I know?

      It did make ke angry.

      1. 1jaded1 says:


      2. NarcAngel says:

        I get that a lot from people 1jaded1. The ” you don’t know”. I have to remind them that although I am not a parent, I was a child and it may be easier for me to remember things from that point of view because I have never had to make the transition from thinking as one to thinking for one. And I am not a parent by choice. What I did see as a child told me that I had no point of reference to be a parent, I had nothing to offer them in the way of extended family as I would not expose them to mine, and no guarantee that history would not repeat itself. So the choice was no and I have no regret. I would say we know a lot if people who say that cared to stop feeling so superior and consider another side. If that picture represents anything for me it is my hand reaching for my Mother who was too preoccupied with trying to work/figure things out with the StepNarc to consider there were other victims. Victims she offered up to him by staying and providing more in hopes that she could SAVE him. Not sure who I blame more.

        1. The Punisher says:

          I agree with you, NA. I’ll never have children. I know I will fuck them up. The picture makes me feel nothing. It’s the words.

          1. NA and TP,
            I have 2 narc parents and I have a successful Son. I never thought I would have children. I was the complete opposite of my parents and my son and I have a great relationship. I do not meddle in his affairs. I support him when he needs it and I let him be his own person. He is one of the reasons I changed from being so self centered. So there is proof that children can change your perspective for the better. He sees my parents are messed up and has been able to refrain from becoming another extension of them. My brothers kids rarely see them either. Firstly, my mother only talks to others about the kids achievements or criticizes them as she is a jealous person. My father is involved in any activity that the grandkids are in such as sports, cheerleading or in my sons case career as well. He likes to brag and get attention from crowds or other parents over the kids being successful in these areas.
            So, it is possible not to mess them up.

          2. NarcAngel says:

            Hi ABB. Yes it’s possible and I applaud your success, but it’s a crapshoot at best and not a risk I was willing to take with someone elses life.

          3. The Punisher says:

            ABB, thank you for sharing your story. I appreciate where you are coming from, but as of right now this isn’t possible for me. You will read my story one day.

          4. NarcAngel says:

            TP. Are you going through some type of upheaval that you care to talk about? I sense something in your posts. If you’re not ready yet just know we’re here when “one day” comes.

          5. The Punisher says:

            Thank you, NA. I am more than ready. (I have the top teacher) All in good time my friend.

          6. NarcAngel says:

            Haha, HG calls that the promise of jam tomorrow but glad to know you’re alright.

            See HG? I really am paying attention! Will that save me from the naughty stool?

          7. HG Tudor says:

            So far…….

          8. 1jaded1 says:

            I’m glad your son isn’t messed up, ABB. I barely know how to take care of myself…let alone a kid or even a plant. When I was with N2, his mom pressured us to marry and have kids. She was so sure that I’d give her the twin redheaded grand daughters she desired (twins run in both families). At one point I almost asked her if I failed, would she insist that I return them?

  12. Viktoria says:

    Preslatka fotografija. I kratki komentar bi bio da po mom misljenju nije previse mudro traziti krivca, jer svaki KRIVAC ima svog krivca i sve do nedogled. Smatram da je puno produktivnije sagledati stvar iz drugog kuta. Jer samom cinjenicom da drugu osobu okrivim za to kako se osjecam znacilo bi da taj moj KRIVAC u potpunosti upravlja sa mnom i onda se zaista gubi moc i kontrola za kojom se toliko cezne. Smatram kako je prestrasno kako se ljudsko bice boji nesavrsenosti….

  13. DFA says:

    Wise words Indy.
    To stop or start anything starts with the children.

  14. Indy says:

    The image is heartbreaking and children deserve to be nurtured and deeply loved. Once we are adults, however, it is on us to stop the cycle of abuse and take ownership for our actions. I can feel compassion for my ex and those with NPD AND I do not excuse abusive behavior they engage in. Thus, I had to leave instead of trying to inappropriately attempt to heal the person that didn’t genuinely want healing. Wasn’t up to me. I had to heal me and doing it now. We all are ultimately responsible for ourselves and cannot rescue those that do not wish to be rescued….it’s not up to us.

    If you wish to help stop the cycle, help the children in this battle.

  15. DFA says:

    Snow White very true, I have watched this for so long in my family. This is why I could never be angry with him.
    Why I love unconditionally, and dont hold on to anger towards anyone. I dont know their story as to why they are where they are. I just have a choice to participate or not.

    1. Snow White says:

      Hi DFA,
      I don’t hate my ex or feel anger for her. My heart doesn’t work that way either. I have always believed what you said about someone’s story. You don’t know what people have been through. I don’t like to judge.
      Wise words about our choices. I was still holding on to a thread that I would able to be in her life somehow but the decision to go NC was the right choice.

      1. Not So Sad says:

        I wish I felt the same way Snow White .

        I’ll be two years NC next month & still hate him with a passion .
        I can’t wait for the day I just feel indifference .
        I suppose I’m more than half way there due to the fact that hate him more than I ever loved him … One day soon I hope . x

        1. Snow White says:

          But you have come so far and made so much progress Not So Sad!!!
          You should be very proud of yourself. Two years is incredible and an accomplishment. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
          The one thing that I have learned is that no one can rush your feelings.
          I talked about grieving in therapy yesterday and for me it’s still going on. I don’t know when indifference will come for me. I don’t see that in the near future but like you, maybe one day. I still cry.

          And I liked what you said about the slow dripping tap. That’s exactly how it was. I will use that to explain to others how it felt.

          I know out in the real world no one will understand but IT IS the hardest thing I have every done in my life just like you. Thank goodness for this blog and HG. I don’t now where I would be.
          Sending you lots of love today❀️🍎❀️

          1. Not So Sad says:

            Thanks Snow White )

            I cried for months and sometimes still do . I think grief plays a huge part in healing but given time the days you cry get less & less πŸ™‚ ..

            The analogy of a slowly dripping tap is the way I try to explain how insidious the abuse takes hold it’s nearly impossible unless you already know the signs .

            When I was with narc he controlled everything . The last time we had a holiday together will be this time two years ago. He spent much of his time with his mobile in his hand , disappearing frequently to the toilet with it & spending lots of time alone in our room . I now know it’s because he’d secured his new supply & I was days away from his discard .

            In a few days time I’m flying out of the UK for some winter sunshine just like we did , but this time I’m doing as a way of saying to myself.. LOOK AT YOU NSS. You don’t need him !!Just like you & every other person posting here. We are and always will be the better person . πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

            Much love Snow White . xx

          2. Indy says:

            Hi NSS,
            Yessss…that is a perfect way to describe the insidiousness of the abuse.

            Enjoy you flight to wherever you are going outside of the UK and may the sun warm your face and dry those tears, my dear!


          3. Not So Sad says:

            Aw Indy. Thank you . x

            It means a lot x

          4. Snow White says:

            Good for you NSS!!!!!
            I hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy every minute whether you want to relax or be on the go.
            How far do you have to travel over there to get some warmth this time of year?
            You deserve nothing but happiness.

          5. HG Tudor says:

            My golden periods are deliciously warm, NSS. No messing about at airports either.

          6. Not So Sad says:

            TY. Snow .
            Just over four hours .

            I’m flying out to the Canary Islands .x


          7. The Punisher says:

            I’m so jealous NSS! Can I come?!

          8. Not So Sad says:

            Yes ABSOLUTELY TP ! The more the merrier xx

          9. Not So Sad says:

            HG . I can Imagine your golden periods are deliciously warm, but I’ll stick with Thomas Cook if you don’t mind . πŸ™‚

            Can I just say albeit a little premature, because I leave tomorrow ..

            CONGRATULATIONS & well done,nearly there with two million hits .. !

            The blogs a phenomenal success as you always new it would be.. naturally πŸ™‚

            I’m glad to be part of it.

            And thank you for turning my life around Mr Tudor . It means a lot .

            Much love & I’ll toast you with several cocktails by the pool .

            Cheers !

            Not So Sad x

          10. HG Tudor says:

            Who is this Thomas Cook, the fiend?!

            Thank you for your well wishes and I am pleased you and all the other readers are a part of it as well. We should be beyond the two million in two or three days I suspect, quicker than I predicted a couple of weeks ago.

            Enjoy your cocktails by the pool and remember – that is a Somatic hunting ground. By the way, be careful if you are in Lanzarote, one of my Lieutenants is there at present.

          11. Snow White says:

            Sounds beautiful NSS!
            Enjoy some sun for me. Snow is headed our way.

          12. Indy says:

            Oh Snow, send some snow to us down here in the Peach State πŸ™‚ I miss snow sooo much.

          13. The Punisher says:

            Take it all, Indy!!!

          14. Indy says:

            Oh send send it all!! All I got is rain here. The only excitement is the occasional tornado watch. Had one touch down around here last week when a cold and warm front came back to back…where you from Punisher?

          15. HG Tudor says:

            Are you in Georgia Indy?

          16. Indy says:

            Yep, Atlanta area. Been here since the Olympics

          17. HG Tudor says:

            That made me picture you arriving for the Olympics and not being able to find your way out of the velodrome so you have stayed, just cycling round and round a track dispensing therapeutic advice through a megaphone.

          18. Indy says:

            Hahaha with my driving skills, it’s not too far from the truth. I do miss Boston and Vermont. However the therapy job market down here is far better. The autism work here is also quite exceptional. Ever been to the ATL?

          19. HG Tudor says:

            No I haven’t, I have passed through Georgia though. it’s a peachy place.

          20. Georgia is an ex girlfriend right?

          21. HG Tudor says:

            Of course, I usually triangulated her with Florida.

          22. Indy says:

            Sweet North Carolina resents it too! πŸ˜‰

          23. Indy says:

            Well, if you ever find yourself stuck at Hartsfield International, feel free to give me a shout πŸ™‚ These southerners like their tea sweet, their biscuits warm and their pralines glazed (yum!). We do have a highway section called “spaghetti junction”, it looks just like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. If you think getting out of a velodrome is hard..

          24. HG Tudor says:

            We also have a spaghetti junction near Birmingham. If I am in your part of the world I shall certainly free you from the velodrome.

            Interestingly you wrote biscuits and not cookies. Was that for my benefit or do you actually say biscuits.

          25. Indy says:

            Thank you! This velodrome is a bit exhausting.

            Not intentional. We do not call cookies biscuits. We call quick bread rolls that are made with yeast and soda powder biscuits. In the South, there is this traditional food combo that seduced me upon my first arrival here, Biscuits and gravy. It is like they put the souls of little babies in that gravy, it is soooo delicious and simple.

            Have you ever eaten traditional southern cuisine? When I lived in the North, I never was exposed to it and thought it would be too heavy. And, it is a bit heavy. But, when done well, it is like the definition of “home”.

          26. HG Tudor says:

            I heard of biscuits and gravy and I thought ‘Who the hell dunks a chocolate digestive in gravy? Are these people degenerates?’ I never realised that they were the bread rolls of which you write.
            No I haven’t eaten traditional southern cuisine, I shall add it to the list. It would be useful to do so should I ensnare anybody who likes their biscuits and gravy and since you mentioned that there appear to be souls placed in the gravy I am enthused.

          27. Indy says:

            a chocolate digestive, LOL
            Yes, baby souls! Thus, the term “soul” food. ***makes witchy motions with hands***
            Have you tried “disco fries”?

          28. HG Tudor says:

            Disco fries?

            I have had a few disco biscuits in my time – *throws shapes to the sound of a car alarm going off*

          29. Indy says:

            Oh, that was good. Totally see you at a rave…LOL
            Sir, would you please hold my biscuits and gravy, I need some Chablis.

          30. HG Tudor says:

            Great sound replication there Indy.

          31. NarcAngel says:

            Haha! Preposterous. Biscuits-gravy and Chablis! Love the beat box Indy.

          32. Indy says:

            NA, I mistyped, but this version is pretty silly. lol
            Though the moment has passed, I was envisioning HG walking into a rave club, trance music blaring and neon lit-gloved dancers…and he says, in his elegant English accent with an arrogant flair, “Sir, sir…hold my disco biscuits, I need some Chablis” chuckles

            Thanks, I practice rave beat boxing on the side, in between sessions. Oath of poverty, ya know. πŸ˜‰

          33. NarcAngel says:

            Quite a fantasy you had there right down to neon gloves. And btw fries with gravy and cheese is a Canadian thing. Poutine. Its white curded hard cheese melted with the gravy and fries. More popular in Quebec region. We also have Beavertails which is a flat fried dough adorned with various toppings, the more popular being dusted with icing sugar, chocolate, etc. I dont eat that stuff but it is delicious. Also I have never had biscuits and gravy and dont understand chicken fried steak. Is it chicken or steak? Why must it be so confusing? Theres no sugar in our ice tea here. I’ve seen many an Americans mouth ( and indeed I imagine their assholes) pucker up after a mouthful. So HG had better beware of the wild cuisine if he visits this part of the world and bring some freeze dried bangers and mash.

          34. Indy says:

            Girl! I know, chicken Fried steak is disgusting.Besides who in their right mind would deep fry a piece of steak. I grew up on unsweet tea too and so when I came to the south and ordered tea, it always was super sweet. However good home brewed cold tea with Honey is yummy to me. I’m not a big sugar fiend either. My teeth are quite nice and it’s too expensive to have bad teeth. I didn’t know disco fries were originally a Canadian thing. I came across disco fries moving down here and had a friend who used to be in the club scene and introduce them to me. Curd cheese sounds scary.
            Never tried bangers and mash, heard of them but I always wondered why the meat is called a bangerπŸ˜‚ Pun totally intended? I do love a good potato though.

          35. Punisher says:

            Hi Indy!! How did you know I love a good pun?! You always did make me laugh.. πŸ˜‚

          36. NarcAngel says:

            Cheese and gravy, biscuits and gravy, deep fried steak, sweet in your tea. Co-incidence that the worlds biggest gasbag is about to take the reins? Oh stop throwing stuff! I can only be good for so long…….

          37. Indy says:

            Hahahaha…No food throwing here, NA! Thus, we are flocking to the border!! Perhaps why I miss home so much these days. I mean, seriously, Vermont might as well be Canada. It did try to secede from the union once, had its own money and everything. I am surprised my home state isn’t declaring Bernie its own president. Sigh….home sweet home.

          38. 1jaded1 says:

            Unsweetened tea all the way, NA. Your thougjts around it made me LOL.

          39. 1jaded1 says:

            Thoughts even…

          40. Punisher says:

            NA, you are ruthless and I LOVE it!

          41. Indy says:

            Disco fries 🍟 Can sometimes be disgusting, though when done really well are delicious. Their fun after being out partying, drinking, etc. and it’s 2 AM and you want something to eat at the diner. It’s simply french fries with gravy on the side. It’s a a brown gravy. Some people also have cheese on them too though that’s just crazy…

          42. HG Tudor says:

            Wild cuisine !

          43. Alice says:

            Awe Indy you just took me back to my old greasy spoon! Now I just a grilled cheese to dunk in the rest of that gravy!

          44. Alice says:

            I’ve tasted that tea Indy! Waayyyy too sweet for my taste. I sweeten my tea with a splash of yours πŸ˜‰

          45. Indy says:

            Hi Alice πŸ™‚
            That is the way to do it! I usually combine un-sweet tea with lemonade. Glad I brought back old memories, LOL. Yeah, I have only eaten disco fries a couple of times, though never with the cheese. Just sounds too much.

          46. Alice says:

            Extra cheese please!

          47. The Punisher says:

            I live in Ohio near Pa Indy

          48. Snow White says:

            I will send you lots Indy. Last year we had a mild winter and it was wonderful.
            I only like snow when there is a SNOW day! That’s the best feeling in the world. Lol
            Come visit any time.

          49. Indy says:

            Totally, snow days are the best! I need to get up there sometime! Going to D.C. In January…come on down here anytime as well! Show you the southern charm 😊

          50. Snow White says:

            I might be flying into Florida in February. Sometimes we have a layover in Atlanta. I will be ready for lists of sun by then.

          51. The Punisher says:

            I may have to take you up on that! I don’t care much for cold weather.

          52. The Punisher says:

            Oops that was for snow not snow days lol Can I still come? I’ve lived down south and that southern charm is for real.

          53. Indy says:

            Yes, come on down! The southerners taught me well how to be sweet and welcoming. They took my northern edges and smoothed them a lil. πŸ˜‚ We should all have a gathering some time 😊 Ok, I’m off to order my book, made it home and got my cozy reading clothes on.

          54. Snow White says:

            Enjoy your cozy night Indy

          55. The Punisher says:

            Lol are you gonna smooth me out Indy? It’d be nice to take some of the edge off. You’re making me want to read Sex and the Narcissist now.

          56. The Punisher says:

            Aw man really Snow?! That means it’s hitting me as well. 😿

          57. Snow White says:

            It’s coming in Thursday according to the Cleveland forecast.

          58. The Punisher says:

            Well I guess I better get ready then.. Amd last winter was my second favorite of my life lol

          59. Snow White says:

            Me too!!! It was the best. I don’t mind the cold or some snow but hate driving in it.

          60. NarcAngel says:

            Snow White and TP:

            Cry me a river you two. I’m in the frozen tundra that is Canada. You just get our leftovers lol. Have either of you ever had to wear a fur-lined bra?

          61. The Punisher says:

            Is that a thing, NA? 😹😹

          62. NarcAngel says:

            Not yet TP but Im working on it. Tired of my nipples slashing all my shirts.

          63. The Punisher says:

            Lol NA 😹😹😹

          64. Indy says:

            Ok, one more comment lol. Fur lined bra? As a former Vermonter(almost Canada 😊, I have never worn a fur-lined bra but it sounds lovely and most cozy! LOL what part of Canada?

          65. NarcAngel says:

            I am in Ontario Indy. Born almost as far north as you can go in Ontario but in Southern Ontario for many years.

          66. Indy says:

            Near Toronto? Ontario is cold as it can get, especially the further north you go….beautiful, I can imagine. Ever been down in the states?

          67. NarcAngel says:

            Hi Indy. Yes very close to the border so trips over are common. Besides- I LOVE me some Vegas. Went 4 times in the last year ( by myself).

          68. Indy says:

            Very Cool, NA! I have been to Vegas once for a long layover. I am not much of a gambler, though I love the hotels there. I love the Venetian. People watching is the best there!

            I have been meaning to hit Canada, particularly Quebec/Montreal. My French needs some brushing up πŸ™‚

          69. NarcAngel says:

            Hey Indy. My last stay was at Palazzo (Venetians twin) and i’ll probably stay there again. Bellagio is nice also. Oh you gamble baby! Youre on this blog arent you? Teasing. I do gamble but I like to just hang out somewhere different with nobody I know and on no one elses schedule. No need to pack fur either.

          70. Indy says:

            Oh, you sound fun! And that hotel sounds lovely. I have a bit of “gamble” in my blood, but more with my heart, less with my wallet. LOL Yes, I too like the Bellagio. Shoot, I need to get away soon, somewhere fun. Washington DC is my next upcoming trip, and it just wont be as fun as Vegas or the Canary Islands.

          71. NarcAngel says:

            Im half French (the bottom half).

          72. HG Tudor says:

            So you say derriere rather than bottom?

          73. NarcAngel says:

            Nope. I say ass or onion.

          74. HG Tudor says:


          75. Indy says:

            I’m a portion French, a portion Irish, a portion Spanish and other portions that are just unspeakable πŸ˜‰

          76. HG Tudor says:

            No need to be like that about the Welsh, Indy.

          77. Indy says:

            That was funny!

            NA, LOL…onion? Is it so perky that it makes one cry? Do you sautΓ© le bootΓ©?

          78. The Punisher says:

            Now I’m just picturing you dressed like Mrs. Clause Indy lol

          79. Indy says:

            Hahahaha. I did have my red pom-pom socks on last night under my cozy white blanket. No fur bra, though. Gonna wait for NA to invent it πŸ˜‰

          80. Snow White says:

            Hi NC,
            I would never leave my house if I lived there. Lol
            Have you always lived there?
            I have never worn one but it sounds cute if it coordinates with some panties and boots.

          81. The Punisher says:

            Lol Snow! I love the boots idea!

  16. 1jaded1 says:

    I have so much anger reading this one, HG. Oh well…my problem.

  17. Not So Sad says:

    It was never my fault .
    You changed me.
    You used me, you abused me & tried to destroy me .

    You failed .

    1. Snow White says:

      Hi Not So Sad,
      I agree with your words and I feel the same way.
      It was never our faults.
      Unfortunately they sabotaged us from the beginning. When they have an agenda and we don’t it’s over at the beginning and we aren’t even aware that we are in their game.
      Hope you are doing well❀️❀️❀️

      1. Not So Sad says:

        Hi Snow White !

        It’s good to hear from you πŸ™‚

        Yes we were sabotaged on a magnificent scale . I think the thing that we need to remember is it was like a slow dripping tap.. subtle changes that we never saw or didn’t want to see.
        Golden periods followed the abuse and so on until our heads are filled with a mass of confusing emotions and no time to think .
        Although I don’t post as much I still read the blog everyday . I’m so happy that you’ve managed to stay NC Snow, it’s got to be one of the most difficult things we ever have to do .

        Well done . I’m kinda proud of you in my own little way xx

        Much love NNS xx

  18. I feel the same Snow White. Now I see my ex as a person who has been deeply hurt. I feel sorry for him. But I simply cannot let him hurt me again. I wish he could find peace of mind and not because I want him back; it’s because I believe everyone deserves to be loved and happy. It’s a shame indeed.

  19. Snow White says:

    That’s upsetting to look at. I’m sorry HG.
    I will never blame my ex. I will always have compassion for how she grew up. No child should grow up in a home without love or having to endure abuse. Then you start to look at where they learned it from and see how far back the behaviors, patterns, and their abuse started.

    1. 1jaded1 says:

      I agree 100%, Snow White. That tiny hand gripping one finger almost did me in.

      1. Snow White says:

        I know Jaded and Love, I opened that as I was laying in bed reading last night and it brought on a flood of emotions.
        I will give each one of my kids in class an extra hug tomorrow.

    2. Love says:

      Very true Snow. Its all in the genealogy. Go from mama narc to grampa narc and great aunty narc … All the way back to caveman narc.

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