The Narcissistic Truths – No. 155


15 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Truths – No. 155

  1. Braveheart says:

    Great comments from all of you … thank you!

  2. Entertainment says:

    He who knows others is learned;
    He who knows himself is wise. Lao Tzu

    Knowledge without integrity is dangerous.

    1. Susan says:


  3. Susan says:

    Ah but the prosperity is short-lived thus the cycle begins again and again. Don’t we all do that though? When is anyone really content with what they use to fill their emptiness? “If I make more money I’ll be happy” “If I could fall in love I’d be happy” “If I buy that pink dress I’d be happy” I’d be content… so on and so on…….. and yes! you will be,, but it doesn’t last…it’s fleeting…. If a person is honest with themselves, it doesn’t last….
    I think we are all guilty of this “WE REPEAT, WE PROSPER” it’s just that some REPEATS are more damaging than others.

  4. Flickatina: They have a system and if that system tricks people into loving them and gets that adoration that was not given to them (from their perception) in their developmental years, it makes alot of sense they must be repetitive. Repetition is boring as hell, so they are caught in their own web of deception, I agree. They don’t attempt to do it differently, for they live in more fear than we could imagine. They are what is known as anal! Due to their practices of same old same old’ each new shiny target becomes duller and duller, quicker and quicker. The devaluation stage is what I disagree with- The you don’t do what you are meant to be doing and were meant to keep up with our peeling off the layers and keep surprising us, theme. A little different, when they go beyond peeling back layers to completely stripping a woman, that is how pervasive their dysfunctional state is-

    At the outset there is intent and that is why the devaluation phase does not really exist months later, years later- how could it when the intent to do so is there from the moment they target us, lol.

    Their downfall is that they are not honest with themselves regardless of what school of narcissist they are. Part of the illusion to convince anyone that they malfunctioned when they were setting that person up for failure from the moment they set eyes on them and pursued (seduced them).

    They are trapped as you say and they are to scared to admit to any kind of feelings, for fear they might be looked at as the babies that they are. Cry babies that would rather grimace and make strange pulled faces and unhappy clown face than ever show their vulnerability (from their perception) yet it oozes out of them through the fake confident stride etc- lots of hand-talking, they take up alot of space and it is all an act to cover their true vulnerable self. We are free, we don’t have issues with being vulnerable, saying we are vulnerable or showing our vulnerable beings- the answer is YES that is why they want to destroy what they can’t have, envious little sods.

  5. Flickatina says:

    But do you really? It seems that you repeat the same thing but always get the same results – we can never live up to your expectations, probably because you don’t know what those expectations are yourself. You repeat the behaviour expecting a different outcome – isn’t that the definition of insanity?

    We are freer than you for the most part – you are driven by something you cannot change or even fully understand yourself. You are trapped in an endless cycle of disappointment and frustration. We, at least, can be different. We can choose our own path whilst you are doomed to yours. Is this why you must destroy us? Because we have what you cannot?

    1. Debbie says:

      Flickatina…great posted comment and question..thank you for putting into that words.

      1. Debbie says:


        What a really good reply to Flickatina’s post.. Thank you.
        There are some wonderful people on this blog.

        As I see it, it is definately the Narcs that have the jealously question about it.

        The more I see, hear and read ..the more I learn.. I see more and more of the true beauty of empathic people.

        In what I call ‘Odes to the Empaths’ HG points out so many wonderful qualities in us. Lets completely love ourselves and each other today and keep our bright and lovely glow safe.🌷

        What a beautiful group of stunners.
        As we see each other – we see ourselves too dont we?
        We should without question love ourselves first. Totally.

        We dont need pedestals because our ground is already to that height.
        And thats it right there.
        There isnt a pedestal high enough that they could build to match our true level.
        Do not forget.

        Lots of love always to all of you…
        May you find your new paths forward and that they be accelerated for the good.
        No tendrils for any of you..may you find the genuine warmth and care of real love, the settled peace of mind, the healing of heart and body as you flex the wings of your freedom.
        Most sincerely,
        Debbie ⚘⚘⚘

    2. Brian says:

      My opinion is that each partner is supposed to be the loving caring mother that the person never had.
      During the honeymoon period of the relationship a woman can exhibit mothering behaviour to her partner but this is not realistic in any long term situation.
      After a few months the woman is likely to want to be an equal partner in a relationship and is more likely to address her man in a more flat tone.
      So the narcissist feels let down by this, they are not being mothered anymore. So now the partner is more like the dreaded matrinarc and must be destroyed.

      1. Flickatina says:

        I seriously pity any relationships you have been in!

    3. Susan says:

      Very insightful…

    4. Susan says:

      Awesome Flickatina

    5. Brian says:

      I meant that ,in my opinion,the narcissist sees each new partner as a possible replacement for the parent they never had.
      After the honeymoon phase the partner addresses the other in a more neutral way so this disappoints the narcissist.

      1. Flickatina says:

        Oh ok. I see what you mean now! I thought you meant non-narcs as well. Thought you had a bit of an Oedipal complex for a minute 😮😂

        1. Brian says:

          Yeah, it was badly worded. I should read what I write a few times before posting 🙂

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