Your Fault



Why is it always your fault? Why does the narcissist never accept that he or she is to blame? How are they so adept at blaming others and especially you? Why do they do that? How do they achieve this blame evasion? What is behind their need to place the blame elsewhere? Why do narcissists create blame bombs and what do they do with them? These questions and more besides are posed and answered in the usual direct style, straight from the caustic tongue of the narcissist himself. Understand the reasons behind the narcissist’s relationship with blame and finally understand why it is always your fault.






12 thoughts on “Your Fault”

  1. Ugh! According to asswipe everything is my fault! Thanks to you for providing all of with this knowledge through your writings and our phone consultations I NOW know better! Thank you!!

      1. So then alot of the references are for fictional reasons and to paint the picture? Not all of the things you write about are about you per se but to createnthe back drop?

      2. What I write about is either what I have done or do, or what is done by my kind. For example, I may write about physical violence towards an IPPS. I do not engage in that behaviour, but many of my kind do, hence I do mention it. I hope that clarifies the position for you.

      3. yes it does. I began to realize at times you were talking about yourself and other times, it was a story. Have you ever threatened physical violence? My narc did in text and it was a shock. 30 years and that is who he is?!

  2. I am a quarter of the way through. You are talking about your pain. Yes, yours only, of course. So why does everyone say narcs feel no pain? Are they mixing it all together? No empathy = no ability to feel pain? I saw my narc in immense pain. About HIM of course. But pain is pain. It is a feeling. A sensation. He chain smoked trying to talk about the most basic of feelings and seemed absolutely terrified. Fear and pain. Why do online forums strong arm us to not see what some of us have seen? It feels lile another dose of CD. Yes, its only about your pain. I get that. And your pain doesn’t stop you from abusing others. But I know what I saw. A massive bundle of the most unimaginable pain. And forums/blogs denied me the reality of what I saw. And it only aggravated my CD.

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