The Ten Laws of Narcissistic Possession


1. You belong to me.

I own you. From the moment I first engaged with you, you became mine. That is the unwritten contract that forms between you and me. I engulf you, I possess you and I subsume your identity into mine. I do not recognise you as someone who is separate and distinct from me, with your own hopes, fears and desires. You have been plugged into me from the start, my appliance which is there to provide me with fuel, obey me and accede to my commands. This mind set is what governs the entirety of our relationship and is what is behind so much of what I do and say to you. By understanding that this is how I view you in relation to me you will realise that once I have begun to entangle you, the concept of you evaporates and you become part of me.

2. What is yours is mine

As part of this unwritten contract I immediately take power, custody and control of everything which you own. Your money is mine to spend. Your friends become my friends and ripe for recruitment into the ranks of my lieutenants. Your house is my house where I shall install myself before you know it, using your utilities freely although never paying for them. It is not your car, it is my car now. I recognise no boundaries and therefore you will find that your possessions will always be sequestrated for my use. You are not allowed to own anything in your own right. From the cake you have saved for later to your shower gel, I will take it and use it. This sense of entitlement extends beyond the material. I will take your dignity, your sanity and your self-esteem too. I have no use for those things, they cannot serve me in any way but I will take them all the same. I am an asset stripper and you will be stripped.

3. Blame belongs to you

I am never at fault. I am never responsible and I am never accountable. Culpability and I are not bedfellows. I escape liability for anything and everything that I do and instead the blame will always rest with you. Even if you have done nothing wrong I will pin the blame on you as this serves my purposes to draw fuel from you, control you and denigrate you. If I forget to remove something from the cooker, it is your fault. If I forget to pay a parking ticket on time, it is your fault. If I forget an anniversary, it is your fault. Each and every mishap, failure and problem which arises will always be attributed to you because I cannot be held to account.

4. I take what I want from whomsoever that I choose

I walk this world as a colossus and it is my right  to do as I please. I will take whatever my eye rests on as I am entitled to do so. I will steal because I can. If I want something then I will take it. I will take the credit for achievements when they belong to someone else. I will pinch the partner of a friend because I want her in my bed and not his. I will park my car where I like and I am not to suffer any consequence. I will borrow from neighbours and never return anything. It is my right to take and you must never challenge or criticise me as I exercise this right.

6. What is mine stays mine

All resources that are mine remain mine and are for my exclusive use. I will not lend anything to anybody, they should go and buy their own. I will not share. I will stockpile money secretly, notwithstanding that we apparently have a joint account. I have my own shelf inside the fridge for my food which nobody else is to touch. Nobody is allowed to sit in my favourite chair, not even when I am not there. Nobody is to play my CDs or read my books. They are not for you, they are for me. My friends are my friends, yes they will pretend to like you, purely for the sake of appearance but they will never actually be your friends. Anything that is mine remains as mine.

7. I go where I please

I own the right to go anywhere that I like. I am not to be stopped or questioned as to where I am going or where I have been. I move in between and through, an unstoppable force in light of my vast sense of entitlement. I walk through doorways marked private, I attend meetings to which I have not been invited, I will turn up at your social occasions even though I was not asked to attend. I will step over the threshold, vault the red rope and penetrate all areas because I must always know what is going on. Besides, my presence is such that I am always welcome, who would not want someone as brilliant as I with them? I am access all areas.

8. I own the spotlight

The spotlight must be trained on me at all times as it belongs to me. It is for my use to highlight how interesting, witty and successful I am. It lights up my podium where I stand elevated and superior and woe betide you should you try to point it anywhere else. You must never interfere with my ownership of the spotlight for to do so will invite my fury at your transgression. It is a device that must be aimed at me so that the world is always to see me, so that I can receive the adoration which I am entitled to.

9. I owe you nothing

I owe you nothing because in the beginning I gave you everything. It does not matter that since then you have given me your all, your love, your affection, your time, your money, your dignity and your will to live. You can festoon me with gifts, run around after me, nurse me, pleasure me, support and soothe me but this is what you ought to be doing as I am entitled to be treated in this manner. I have no sense of needing to reciprocate, someone as high born as me need not deign to fawn over you, not any more, not once I have captured you and bound you tight to me. You are nothing without me, worthless and pathetic and therefore I owe you nothing, despite the fact you gave me everything.

10. You belong to me.

I thought I would remind you of this fact. It would not do to forget that now, would it?

Number 5? Of course there is a fifth rule – You are imagining things. Again.

170 thoughts on “The Ten Laws of Narcissistic Possession

  1. L says:

    Damn, you’re boring.

  2. Star says:

    Indy and Narc Angel, I stand humbled before you both. You two are warriors fighting against injustice and corruption:) both of you deserve an HG golden badge of honour, or at the very least a lifetime “golden period” lol. Nice work both of you:)

  3. C★ says:

    seems i missed a boat load of drama…

  4. Star says:

    Great job Narc Angel:) I must say I am truly surprised at all the blog wars as to whom will go down in history as the Narcissist guru. HG obviously you have them beat! But wow some of those people need to get a life.

  5. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD says:

    Rinda and Mark are such peasants. At least the situation has been taken care of. They are truly pathetic.

    I hope their clients are informed what frauds they both are.

  6. NarcAngel says:

    Vids are down. I went to youtube and entered Rinda Hall only to get a bunch of vids about E.D. What a fuckfest.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello NarcAngel,, by way of update to you and other readers, which is only right given people’s assistance in this matter, please see the following:-

      1. After being kindly alerted to this infringement I sent an e-mail identifying the infringement and stating that it was a requirement that the videos be removed, an undertaking given that there would be no further infringements of my work (in whole or in part), an apology and proposals re damages. I stipulated a reply within 24 hours.

      2. This is the first response I received
      “I by no means intended on purposely doing anything against your work. I honestly don’t remember the video. I have taken them off of YouTube. 

      I may have read your work along they way and done a spin off (As many do) but I by not means meant it in a form of disrespect. ”

      The explanation is both laughable and without credibility.

      3. I responded pointing out the reply was risible and that the apology and undertaking were extant and there was a small window of reasonableness on my part before the matter escalated.

      4. The following response was received :-
      “I understan.  I saw your email and took immediate action and removed the videos as I have not had time to review. I am not currently in a place (physically, at the moment) to address your further request. 

      As I stated I meant no disrespect towards d you or your work.”

      One hour later came this follow-up

      5. “It has been awhile since the creation of the videos in question however, I do recall finding  some of the information on the internet and thought it was spot on and great information to reach existing clients. Unfortunately, what I had found on the internet did not have an author attached to the information. 

      I truly apologize, as I have always given credit where credit is due. Please accept my sincere apologies. I have reviewed other videos to ensure this mistake is not duplicated. 

      You have my assurance that this honest mistake will not be repeated. 

      In addition I have reviewed the two videos statistics and will gladly forward you the $0.33 that these videos have generated in revenue. 


      I have not yet responded as I was at a dinner last night. The explanation again lacks credibility and is clearly a lie. Unless she can point to somewhere else on the internet where someone else has used this material of mine without credit, the only place one would get it from would be my blog (and then my video) where it is clear who the author is.

      Knowing what I do about the individual and her affiliates does not surprise me at all. There is, as you have touched on, an ongoing spat between certain individuals which I have no interest in becoming involved in, although where any of the participants pedal inaccuracies (about me, my work or my sensible readers) or engage in stealing my work, they will be dealt with. Thank you all for your vigilance and comments. The videos as you note have been removed and the HG Blacklist just got a little longer. 

      1. AH OH says:

        Your lawyer should handle this from now on.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          It’s dealt with. If there is a repeat, it goes straight to the lawyers.

      2. Narc affair says:

        This is so sad 🙁 i really love u tube and luckily have not come across anything like this. In reference to this lady saying she mightve used information but forgot where she got it i can say any time ive brought up somone elses u tubes or books etc ive always mentioned who they are especially if it were word for word. The fact the image from the pet article was used is a dead giveaway.
        Glad its getting resolved. When someone puts their heart, soul and creativity into something its very sacred and belongs to them. It is a terrible type of theft to take what youve not created.

  7. HG,
    It is my busy season as you are aware. Just thought I’d give you a bit of thought fuel during this attempt at treachery. I see what has happened with your copyright infringement. I don’t like it. I did get a tweet a few days ago and I was very confused and did not know the sender. I see now that it has something to do with your situation and I see that the tweet is from someone here on your blog whom I don’t recall interacting with. I didn’t understand that video on narcopigs but did see that emotion detective was somehow involved. I’m sorry to learn of someone doing this to you but I know you will right the matter in a way that the criminal will wish they were never born. In the meantime it was nice to see the marcher aka Chief Justice Indy do her thing and bring the infringement to light. Hope you are having a lovely time with your clients and that this incident will be behind you swiftly.
    Wishing you all my very Best,
    ABB 💙

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No problem. Just so you have clarity, your comment on the blog re ED was screenshot and posted on Twitter by ED as she clearly painted you ‘black’ as a consequence of your comment. The person who sent you the other tweet has been involved in a long-standing YouTube/Twitter/blog battle with ED (and some other individuals) after having identified what they are and how they have behaved towards that person’s friend. The person who sent you the tweet was trying to bring to your attention the behaviour of ED et al. The whole narcopig/s and g/ed/serena nightshade matter is extensive and as Gene Antonio identified in a comment, I know what is going on but have no interest in being involved in it, save where any inaccuracies are pedalled about me, my work or my sensible readers. If so, that will be dealt with. I have far more important matters to attend to, but if someone is so foolish as to do as described above, then they will have committed a grave mistake. The person sending you the tweet was trying to assist you in alerting you to the background behaviours of the individuals involved.

      1. MLA - Clarece says:

        What is escalating on Twitter is really unfortunate as it is still focusing on a few of your readers.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          It is understandable that people will be curious about it and if people have some time to waste, they can indulge themselves, but ultimately it is far more effective, as I always explain, to ignore. I don’t bother looking, I neither have the time nor the interest and only know from what people have reported to me.

          1. NarcAngel says:


            According to certain delusional Tweets, I am 2IC and we will have to discuss my pay lol.
            (On the bright side, we’ve made headway and are no longer the same person)


            Haha. Back off and get your own sandwich! -this position is taken, but do continue on with your potions, tinctures, and gluten free spells. Great job on the youtube catch!

            Besides-we all know Starr is the favourite, what with her extra special long and HG personally appointed nickname. (Mimicking with Marcia Marcia Marcia!)

            All is well in the impenetrable House of Tudor.

          2. Indy says:

            Hahaha, in gluten and dairy free, take that sandwich…wait, just a nibble? 😉Well, I am jealous. At least you were accused of being the great HG himself….I only got garden variety Narc….then down graded to his supply and then….gasp…a normal. How will I ever show my face again lmao.

            Oh no! ….my golden period is fading….fading…fading…..before you know it, I will have the shortest name…like a soundless symbol like Prince. (Glad you have the longest Starr 😊

            Yes, all tucked in a safe in the House of Tude! Story time!!!!

        2. NarcAngel says:

          I dont do FB and Twitter (although I have a profile for both), so I dont understand how Twitter works. I see the comments made by the person but cant see what they are in response or relation to.

          1. MLA - Clarece says:

            They are not in response to anything. They are their own, stand-alone comments. You didn’t miss anything.

          2. NarcAngel says:

            Thanks. I wasnt sure as the comments seemed odd when not attached to anything. As I mentioned, I have profile if needed, but do not actively use FB and Twitter. Youtube for music, the odd home repair, and now HGs Livestream. This blog and the wonderfully diverse and intelligent people on it are pretty much the only conversations I am interested in online. Why would I bother with the rantings and show and tell elsewhere? Yawn.

            What are you wearing to bingo?

          3. Love says:

            Fishnets and stilettos. What? Too casual for bingo? Ok, then let me borrow your catsuit.

          4. Indy says:

            Ladies, drag Bingo time!
            Pasties, hot shorts and thigh high boots! Glitter! Lots of cash!
            No fake lashes though, would not want to over do it! The queens get catty. Lol

          5. MLA - Clarece says:

            Jesus, I’m going to look like Rebecca from Sunnybrook Farms next to you ladies!

          6. Love says:

            It’s on! 💅 lol Indy that one was especially for you. 😛

          7. NarcAngel says:


            Great idea! You can be a little mini-me. Now practice not smiling and giving a sardonic meow to those catty Queens.

          8. Love says:

            Oooh that’s a big challenge Narc Angel! Can I hiss and show claws?

          9. NarcAngel says:


            Well you can try Love, but we all know that it will be short lived and you will end up rubbing yourself up against their leg while purring, so it will be more believable if you leave the leave the hissing to me. I should do the calling. Everytime the letter O comes up I shall call it out in a long and protracted fake orgasm and follow up by producing the ball with the number on it from my mouth. Such fun.

          10. Love says:

            Lolol! You’re absolutely right. I will purrrr. F*ck bingo Narc Angel. Make a YouTube video of your magic trick. Hopefully the “narc coach” doesn’t attempt to copy you too. 😉

          11. MLA - Clarece says:

            I plan to shine and sparkle at Bingo!

          12. NarcAngel says:


            Yes but what are you going to wear darling?

        3. NarcAngel says:

          Interestingly, there was a live stream July 18 on youtube: Livestream with Mark and Rinda Smith where I commented that she had plageurized the work of others word for word and why bother with frauds when you can get the real info on Narcissism at

          1. HG Tudor says:

            Narc Angel I salute you! You gain the HG Tudor Order of the Garter for services to the Tudor Empire. The net is closing in there for a whole host of reasons.

          2. NarcAngel says:

            Pleasure. I also posted on Family Brand Life Coaches (their ‘business’) video under 15 traits you must have to be a Family Brand Life Coach the following:

            You forgot the trait of plagiarism Mark, as your wife Rinda Smith aka Rinda Hall has been identified as stealing material from another site, presenting it as her own, and been forced to remove it. Not a trait you highlight here but apparently endorse. You will not find that kind of deception at where the information is first hand and accurate-not appropriated by someone else without consent or credit where due.

          3. HG Tudor says:

            If I did not know you cared so much NA, you would be a member of Narc Club!

          4. NarcAngel says:

            I have had credit taken for my work/ideas and it is not something I take lightly. And yes, of course (such is my sickness), I also address it for those around me when I see it has been done to them (no matter my personal feeling or association to them). Not always immediately but always, and usually publicly. THAT is a sport I relish.

            However ……….The irony of this all happening to one who steals souls and traits faster than you can pass a bad burrito has not been lost on me and has amused me greatly this morning.

          5. HG Tudor says:

            Indeed, but you cannot copyright a character trait so the law’s with me!

          6. NarcAngel says:


            Oh!!! I DO love a well constructed members only jacket.

          7. MLA - Clarece says:

            Very nice NA! I rarely am on YouTube so those individuals would have never blipped on my radar had I not read about the trouble they were causing through here, yesterday.

          8. Clarece,
            I’m not a big you tuber either so this was new to me too. I can barely keep up with HG’S blog at this point. I can consume a lot but there is so much to read :). Don’t know how he does it!

          9. MLA - Clarece says:

            I know, right!? I can multi-task, but not that well!

          10. Indy says:

            Nice work!!! Love it!
            (I had my stuff stolen as well, a presentation I did on training professionals in DBT. Most of my presentation was used without credit. Contacted them immediately and got an apology. Doesn’t sit well with me at all when I see it. In college now they require kids to submit their papers through a program that detects plagerism and lack of cited work. You get disciplined if you get over 15% similarities in your paper or greater. While in grad school I had to submit my work through that system as well.
            Serious business.
            I’m disgusted by some people.
            Indy the Publication Police

          11. NarcAngel says:


            Haha. Clever. You think we wouldnt notice you making yourself I.P.P ?

          12. Indy says:

            Ha! NA,

            Shoot, nothing gets by you! Give me back my sandwich!

            (Don’t worry, I’ll only nibble)
            *flirty wink*

            You know our love affair will make social media drool, in a dissociative catatonic state.


      2. Thank you for clarifying that. I did not know that she screenshot that comment and she stopped following me on twitter, which I could care less. Thank you Gene Antonio for your attempt to alert me. HG, I too have no interest in the persons involved in an ongoing drama but respect the fact that the attempt to protect me was made. Carry on my good man.

        1. Indy says:

          Agreed ABB!
          Thank you Gene, for giving a heads up to HG and his readers! You seem to really care for your friend. Good luck! It’s a jungle out there in the YouTube world in the Narc Abuse Awareness community. It’s unfortunate. Glad you are getting the word out to warn folks.

      3. Twilight says:


        How are things up North?

        It has been awhile sense I have listen to anyone other then HG on YT. It will be interesting thou how all of this is unfolds on them. Seriously with all of those here understanding the truth of things and very familiar with HGs work, stupid is as stupid does. It is believeing no one will recognize his work I find extremely amusing.

        It does anger me thou that they are misleading so many with “expertise”
        advice, hopefully people will realize they are thieves and come here and find truth and accuracy of what they are dealing with.

        Then a certain individual comments I have seen elsewhere (twitter), She flys her colors brightly!!

    2. Indy says:

      Hey ABB,
      Thanks for the new title 😂 . You know I got this blog’s back, girl! And our main man, HG! As Ah Oh said, they pissed the hive off!

      Hope you are well Agent ABB!

      1. All is not well in ABB Land. Where is a narcissist when you need one? Oh yeah, out colluding with someone else. *sighs*

        1. Indy says:

          Oh no, ABB,

          What’s wrong? Home front?

          1. Thx for checking on me. It’s all good now Indy. I pay my shrink to tell me I’m okay lol! I should be paying HG to tell me that. He charges less and has the whole mysterious vibe NILF thing going on. My doctor doesn’t have that. *sips kool-aid from Tudor Bar* In fact, why don’t I give HG all my money?

  8. Ali says:

    well there is one in every crowd, isn’t there…

    I’ve not seen the videos as they were removed by the time I peeked back in, but I will say

    1. I have a feeling HG could find every single one of us if he cared to dig long enough.

    If he felt he gained something from doing so.

    2. stealing someone else’s work is completely wrong. I’m sure she’ll get what she deserves.

    I guess we know she wasn’t an empath…

    and 3. I almost pity anyone who tries to rip off HG in any way shape or form… then again, they are doing it to themselves… it’s a new height level in blind stupidity…

    1. HG Tudor says:

      1. Correct, but I will only do this where necessary.

      2. Correct. I would rather the person own up to it rather than try and assume I am stupid as well by come out with piss poor excuses.

      3. Indeed.

  9. AH OH says:

    I would expect nothing less from one such as HG. The big take down.

    She is obviously ignorant. Poor women.

    HG you must start writing novels too.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I shall be doing so Ah Oh. The first one is set in Las Vegas.

      1. AH OH says:

        You are such a flirt. But to use LV as a back drop location could be beneficial. The city is full of Narcs. It seems to be a breeding ground for them. I should know, my light saber is constantly on.

  10. DebbieWolf says:

    It says “video no longer available”.
    Job done.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      In part DW, there’s further action to take.

      1. DebbieWolf says:

        Absolutely HG.

      2. ballerina9 says:

        Hi HG & Tudor Police Squadron!

        HG, Rinda Hall also used your PET artwork (B&W photo with dog collar around the female’s neck). I e-mailed you.

        She reminds me a of dumb criminal who attacks a Police Station to steal drugs and weapons! Idiot! She knows YOU are a N/Sociopath of the worst kind (I mean it as a “compliment” HG!) and that doesn’t stop her? Hahah.

        Anything we can do, just say the word.

        HG, glad you have internet access during
        your travels. Be safe. 

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thanks Ballerina9, I have your e-mail.

  11. AH OH says:

    I made a comment on her you tube video. Do not let her get away with it.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Oh I won’t and thank you Ah Oh.

      1. Indy says:

        Glad to see it was quickly taken down, HG! 👊🏼🎉

        Now, I have become aware of this micro smear campaign directed at me on twitter by a certain annoying entity. I do find it funny, though.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          And that is the way to regard it Indy, amusing and completely indicative of what we have stated.

  12. superxena says:

    Hello HG!
    This is certainly outrageous and a major infringement to your work! I tried to find the video on You Tube to highlight that it is your work but I couldn’t find it. Perhaps it has been removed already…? Is it on You tube?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hi SuperXena, indeed it is low. I’m just getting ready for dinner so I’ve not had chance to check if it has been removed yet.

      1. superxena says:

        Hello HG!
        I found the video on You tube and wrote a comment that it is your work! She is in big trouble…

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you SX.

      2. Love says:

        Great job! The YouTube videos are down! Woo hoo! 🎉✨🎊

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Indeed they are. I’ve received a response from the offender. I’m with clients at present so I will post an update for you good people later on the response received and next steps.

      3. Twilight says:


        I will probably hear an answer from you quicker then from Gene. Was he speaking about ED being involved with stealing from you to?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I’m not sure. I do know that ED and RH have a connection but I have seen no evidence that ED was involved in this infringement.

      4. Been busy at a conference the last couple of days. Looks like I missed the copyright infringement saga…!

    2. AH OH says:

      Link from what the video HG has posted above.

  13. Indy says:

    If we see your work used, word for word, but not give you credit, how would you like to know about it? (Email or here?) I ran across a video that uses your work (and has it in print below it, word for word) with no reference that you wrote it. It’s this work you wrote in this article.


    1. HG Tudor says:

      Please email me Indy and I will address it. Thank you for your vigilance and letting me know.

      1. Indy says:

        You’re welcome. Just sent you an email. It is infuriating to see. We know you are the source of top info and I recognized your writing style immediately. She read it in her video and said she came up with it. The person in the video is not a reputable anyway, but it’s just low. Just ridiculous. Another example of always check sources of info and that any idiot can post videos, claiming to be an expert in anything. This was s mental health person and it pussed me off.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you Indy.

      2. Love says:

        Low down dirty shame.

      3. Twilight says:


        Apparently my devices are against me today, awesome job!!!
        When I first read your comment, I just shook my head in astonishment at someone doing such a thing, when asking permission is so easy.
        Then many reasons as to why someone would, lol ya stupid is as stupid does. Yet it shows what one would do to “appear” to be an expert on this subject.
        If they don’t listen to sound advice in removing they deserve all that is coming to them.

        1. Indy says:

          Yes, agreed. It’s appalling. I’ve seen people ask to even forward HGs work on here and he always has allowed it with appropriate citations/credit given.

      4. Gene Antonio says:

        So the S&G is stealing your work whilst she clams it’s her own, no surprise there since I’ve been exposing her, I again call her the S&G and narcopig for a while now. ED is also stealing pieces of work here and there from not only you, but also from other ppl, like my friend. so watch out for ED doing more stealing. I’d guess especially if she ever tries to actually write that supposed book of hers.

      5. Anonymous says:

        I’ve never heard of this Rinda Hall and Mark Smith before, so I went ahead and watched a few seconds of one of his videos and I’m literally never judgmental (this is an outrageous lie) but he gives me the creeps. Anyway, I hope you submitted a copyright complaint, HG.

        As for those wondering why people steal: lack of creativity, fame, money. I’ve had really mediocre writings of mine plagiarised. People are strange.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I did Anonymous, although my direct e-mail resolved the matter faster than YouTube.

          Yes, interesting yet unsurprising observation you make.

      6. Anonymous says:

        Next time this happens (if it does), I’d get in touch with YouTube first and not even bother to ask her to take it down. That way she might have her channel shut down which would be more…amusing/satisfying.

        I also read her “explanation” to you claiming she found the information elsewhere on the internet. I watched the first couple of minutes of said video yesterday and I do have a pretty good memory sometimes and she CLEARLY stated these were HER ideas that she thought of. So if she remembers now, supposedly, that she found it somewhere, then it’s a bit strange she didn’t remember that at the time and presented the things as her own. I hate when people think we’re as stupid as they look.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you Anon. That point has been kept in hand should the need arise. My response of today has resulted in silence, as expected, but if there is a repeat, the response will not come from me, it will come from my lawyers and they already have a submission to YouTube prepared should the need arise.

    2. Love says:

      Oooooo! Sh!t is about to go down!

      1. MLA - Clarece says:

        For realz Love! Good job Indy! Gold star for you!

        1. Love says:

          Lol I want to see what happens!

        2. Indy says:

          Love and MLA,

          I know, there is a piece in me that wants to see a smack down or know what the follow up is 😂 Don’t mess with the Tude!

          I fear saying who as I do not wish to be slanderous. I’ll let HG share if he desires.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            I am perfectly happy to identify the individual. The individual is called Rinda Hall – I know who she is. Entertainingly she has infringed my copyright twice

            The first time here (as spotted by Indy)

            and here

            where someone has actually commented a week ago that it is my work.

            An e-mail noting the copyright infringement of my written work (which clearly precedes both of this videos) (and also my YouTube video where I narrate the article) has been sent to the infringer stipulating the removal of the videos, the provisions of written undertakings and proposals concerning damages. YouTube are also aware. If it is not done, matters will escalate.

            I would also appreciate it if my readers could find the time to add their comments on the infringing videos pointing out that this is my work. It needs to be highlighted.
            She has done something very stupid, not only with regard to infringing my copyright but because I know more about this individual and her affiliations. Thank you Indy for brining this to my attention. People will confirm that if they ask to use my material and attribute it to me, I am content to do so. If any of you do see infringements, please let me know.

      2. Twilight says:

        Why would someone just use your work and not just ask you? I am guessing they see it as a form of entitlement.
        Your unique style thou does stand out!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Correct and because this individual has no real observations or credibility of her own.

          1. MLA - Clarece says:

            I just clicked on one of the links you provided to see this Rinda’s video. My jaw is still on the floor. I cannot believe the brass balls some people have thinking they won’t get caught. Plus you can tell she must have someone holding cue cards for her to read off of. You’re going to have to beef up the retainer with the attorney for all the crazies out there.

          2. HG Tudor says:

            It’s in hand.

          3. Indy says:

            Yeah, when I listened to it, I thought ….she’s reading HGs work!! I kept waiting for her to cite him. Never does. In fact she said she came up with it herself. Ha!
            Then I looked and compared the two and it was word for word….not even an attempt to make it her own wording. Not a smart woman. And to use HGs work in addition, haha…dumb.

          4. MLA - Clarece says:

            Indy, how did you even stumble on those videos? She has no presence and was butchering HG’s words. Her home page (for life coaching) is so cluttered and all over the place. I’d rather listen to Sam Vaknin and his wife over her which is saying a lot. At least he is a legit source and credible.

          5. Indy says:

            Hi MLA,

            Top secret mission *winks*

            I’m doing some deeper research on what is out there for support for targets of Narcissism Abuse. Inspired by World Narcissism Abuse Awareness Day. Some good stuff by a few, lots of fluff and of course the unsuitable ones (i.e. too wounded to heal, frauds, incompetents, cons, and predators). Nothing compared to HG out there, of course.

            Im also angry. Angry with the cons and incompetence that undermine the field I love, hurt survivors and victimizes them further. We should not have to be afraid of healers and yet we do have to be cautious and do our own research. This is an example of that need of caution. Just a small one.

            Many underestimate the warrioress in me, especially those that think they know me as some softy. Sometimes empaths have teeth well hidden and use them selectively as needed. People that disgrace the mental health field are on my radar.

            Hoping you are well, my Sunny Brook Super Tanker friend 😊

            Ninja Cougar Indy

          6. MLA - Clarece says:

            That’s great you are researching that Indy. When I was in therapy for a year prompted by my interactions with JN, although my therapist was not intentionally harmful, she actually perpetuated me having hope that something could be resolved at some point with JN and encouraged that he had to have felt a connection and bond with me to keep resurfacing. When I stopped going to her and focused more on what I was learning here and then finding resources to read in conjunction with HG’s information, that is when a positive transformation came around and true healing. Indirectly my therapist was trying to guide me to eventual no contact, but at that time, I was not having it and still feeling encouraged I could “fix” the dynamic. But these other people on YouTube faking and undermining it is scary, especially getting followers who are so fragile and in a fog and making plenty of decisions all based on the emotion of the moment. There are 3 other people that I check out and read because it’s good to balance the perspective. If I started with an empty mason jar, HG filled it with lots of rocks and pebbles so it is nearly full. There is one other person I follow her information pretty close now and it’s like layering the jar with sand so everything I’m learning is becoming airtight.
            About a year ago, I went back and re-read a lot of HG’s initial blogs with the comments from the beginning to evaluate where my head was at over that year’s time. Now going on two years, I tried that at the beginning of summer and I can’t go back. It’s like I’m split off and it just infuriates me seeing the state I was in and it could lead me to pop off and lash out at JN and I’m doing really good right now at about 3 weeks of no contact.

          7. Indy says:

            Wow MLA! That’s big news coming from the official super tanker of the blog!!!! Congratulations on 3 weeks!!!!

            Yes, some therapists (many sadly) do not understand this narcissistic dynamic at all.
            Many have no clue how to do trauma work either and poke around to what they intuit is “best”. Others, are just too focused on their own pain and too connected to it to sufficiently separate themselves from it. They get burned out, cross boundaries and unwittingly harm clients too. Then there are the frauds that want money. The good ones are overshadowed by this and that is sad.

            My first therapist I ever went to (when I was 22, for depression), a psychodynamic type, had me recall traumatic childhood events repetitively. The same event over and over. It started as a dream and ended up a severe event. She knew the red flags of abuse and was trying to help me, I believe this. In truth, I was abused but the specific event I have no idea what is real now. She ended up creating false memories in me to the point that I do not know what was real in a specific past memory. Only one of many dangers of working with trauma survivors without excellent skills in how to do work on the past. And knowing that other work needs to be done first before digging up the past. To this day, I don’t know what happened in that event and had to let the memory fade and go.

            I ended up seeing a variety of therapists over the years of differing orientations. The ones that helped the most were grounded, well trained, relatable and combined theories seamlessly.

            I like the visual of the Mason jar, MLA. Having that strong base and adding to it. Very nice approach.

          8. MLA - Clarece says:

            Hi Indy!
            Let’s just be cautiously optimistic today about 3 weeks NC. I’ll feel like celebrating if I make it to 3 months, which has never happened yet. JN’s birthday is this weekend. I don’t plan on caving but last year I avoided contact on his birthday and he emailed me the next day wondering why after a 2 or 3 week silent period.
            That seems like adding trauma on top of trauma having a therapist alter a memory (not intentionally) but nonetheless so that you were unable to determine what was real or not to navigate from. Although that then gives you the added dimension on working with your patients on knowing when to push, when to pull back and when they’ve had enough.
            I’m glad you like the mason jar analogy. HG remains my rock!!

          9. Indy says:

            Hi MLA,
            Still, it’s a great start and I’m giving you props!! Let’s plan to pop the virtual bubbly each month!!! I need an excuse to sip some fizz!


          10. MLA - Clarece says:

            OK then, it’ll be the 5th of every month!
            Hugs back!! ❤❤

          11. I’ve been no contact for about 9 months. When can I start dating….?

          12. HG Tudor says:

            Now, I will pick you up at 8pm!

          13. Ha ha! Would that be GMT or PST…? Just kidding 🙂

          14. Twilight says:

            Thank you HG
            I do hope they listen to your recommendations of removal.

          15. Twilight says:

            I am curious thou, one of your kind? Or just a trait?

          16. HG Tudor says:

            Trait I suspect but I have not applied my mind to it extensively.

          17. Twilight says:

            Thank you HG

            I watched a little bit, work obligations have been keeping me busy recently.
            I am glad to see the video is gone, yet the apology was lacking. Not that hard to say yes I used your material I apologize it was a stupid mistake, maybe some repercussions with this admittance yet shifting things only brings more, IMO.

          18. HG Tudor says:


          19. Twilight says:

            I am sure you will take care of things accordingly!
            You deserve a sincere apology thou just for starters

          20. Indy says:

            Agreed Twilight. A sincere apology. From a liar 😂Maybe she can copy someone else’s sincere apology.

          21. Twilight says:


            That made me laugh, I would go with more crossing boundaries and stealing another’s work, if a sincere apology came.

          22. Gene Antonio says:

            HG Tudor this Rinda Hall is narcopig Mark Smith’s now wife. I’ve got lots of vids about her. She is a perp, a loser, liar, con.I was unaware that she was also stealing your work, but I’m not in shock because she, Rinda, the S&G as I call her, is a con artist and perp who has no mind of her own worth noting, shall we say.

          23. HG Tudor says:

            I know who she is thank you Gene, I have plenty of information.

      3. Love says:

        Yuk. I detest copy catters! I gave her a thumbs down and referenced your video and blog.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you Love.

        2. Indy says:

          Yay Love,
          you figured out who it was?
          I gave a thumbs down as well.
          Pathetic really.

          1. Love says:

            I don’t know her. Is it ED?

          2. HG Tudor says:

            No it is not ED.

      4. Narc affair says:

        It amazes what people think they can get away with smh. Why steal someone elses work like that so silly and so illegal.

      5. Kim says:

        The 2 video links appear as “private video(s)” with no linkage now. I’m really surprised a person “educated” in Narcissism would publicly insult and challenge a Cerebral Narcissist! It certainly indicates her lack of understanding of Narcissism and who she is challenging!

        I’m glad Indy spotted the plagiarism and that HG shut her down!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Elite, thank you.

        2. Love says:

          He is an Elite. Not just a cerebral. Got the looks and the brains.

      6. Kim says:

        Still learning terms HG and Love! I have no doubt that HG is superior to his kind and others!

        1. NarcAngel says:


          Well let me help you with another term. The woman who posted those youtubes and presented the work as her own is called:

          A TWAT WAFFLE

          1. Kim says:

            LOL NarcAngel! That is a new term, with many possibilities! None of which, are good!😃

        2. Love says:

          You’re doing great Kim. If your narc is both smart and attractive, then its double the trouble.

      7. Kim says:

        Fortunately Love, I did not encounter an Elite or I might still be ensnared and unaware!

    3. Twilight says:

      SMH I would say they didn’t look at the big picture and what things would come about

    4. superxena says:

      Hello Indy!
      Good work!! It was really low of the person doing this…low,low. Unbelievable!!!

    5. Gene Antonio says:

      Also to let you know in case you’re unaware that from what my friend told me and she doesn’t lie, narcopig, mark smith, was pressuring his associates, of whom rnda hall was 1, to make vids for youtube about narc abuse. Rinda Hall, the S&G, wanted to impress narcopig, mark smith, and get him to be her husband. So I’d say she was determined to take whatever from whoever she could to impress him. I hope the fact she has done this filthy deed gets out into the youtube community where the fact is both rinda and mark smith are scamming ppl left and right. I understand you HG clearly don’t want to get into the spat. It’s your decision not to. I don’t judge you, but am telling you they use these vids to scam ppl, followers, clients, newbies who could be clients and that supposed fleet of clueless ignorant life coaches they were trying to start up. all of which they need to fake their way into looking like they understand narcs and narc abuse. You’re smart enough to see where they might keep going to look credible. Just sayin’ Sorry your work was stolen.

      1. Narc affair says:

        Ive seen so many life coaches crop up over the last couple yrs as narcissism has come out in the open. Some of them are very knowledgable but some of them are people trying to pose as an expert in the field with no training and issues of their own. Buyer beware with these life coaches bc it could be the blind leading the blind. HG clearly knows what hes talking about and is a narcissist but ive seen a few others id not spend a cent or go to free of charge bc they are trying to make a fast buck and havent a clue.

        1. Indy says:

          Narc Affair,
          Agreed 💯. Always check background of anyone that claims to have therapeutic skills and/or treatments for anything.

    6. Gene Antonio says:

      Indy please do drop by my youtube channel and blog when you get a chance. The S&G is a real problem for lots of reasons and so is narcopig, MS, and ED. I’m glad to see you caught the S&G, Rinda Hall, stealing like she clearly did and hope you understand why she did it also.Meaning they’ve got their reasons to repeat the let’s say twisted offense in the future.

      1. Love says:

        I don’t understand the reasons behind stealing. Gene, can you please clarify.

      2. Twilight says:


        Are you speaking of Emotion Dective ED that comments here?

    7. AH OH says:

      She messed with the wrong crew. HG is building an Army. The army of the Sister wives.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Do your thang Ah Oh.

      2. Indy says:


      3. Mary says:


  14. Mary says:

    #1 makes me feel so sick.

    “That is the unwritten contract that forms between you and me. I engulf you, I possess you and I subsume your identity into mine… you will realise that once I have begun to entangle you, the concept of you evaporates and you become part of me.”

    Is this why every time he would pull a disappearing act or be distant I felt like I was being erased from inside? I didn’t know how else to describe that feeling, but just feeling erased. But when he would return, I was alive again, and it didn’t seem so bad, since he always came back.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Pretty much.

      1. Tappan Zee says:

        WHOA—missed this whole thread about the pos posturing HGs material as their own.

        HELL HATH NO FURY like an HG empowered legion of empaths.

        I pictured us all with Narc Angel suits on flying around him.

        YES. I realize he doesn’t need us protecting. Damn proud it’s who we are though!

        Back off those who fuck with him.

        We need HG. xx

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Indeed TZ. I appreciate my readers keeping an eye out for such behaviours.

    2. Pat says:

      I’m new here. I have been listening and reading and learning. Everything is “spot on!” I feel the same, Mary. Vague, watered down, with no distinct outline until I heard from him again. Pat

      1. NarcAngel says:

        Welcome Pat. Yes, the articles are jaw droppingly accurate arent they? You will also find the commenters experiences eerily similar the more you read, and much will become clear.

      2. Mary says:

        Hi, Pat,

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts. it’s a very helpless and out of control feeling, isn’t it? I felt like my existence depended on my narc, and it was a great high when things were good, but 90% of the time I just felt lost.

        Welcome! As NarcAngel said, you will find so many similarities between other readers’ experiences and your own. I’m fairly new to this blog too, started commenting a few weeks ago, but was reading some before that. Between HG’s writing and feedback from other readers, I feel more certain going No Contact was the right thing. I still question it and obsess about him, even though it’s been 3 months since I last talked with him. Still, I have resisted reaching out to him or downloading the texting app we talked on almost daily. That means something. HG’s openness about his thought processes and motivations has facilitated staying away.

        Looking forward to hearing more from you!

        1. Pat says:

          Thanks for the welcome, Mary. Very kind of you. My entanglement has lasted seven years and is still going on. Reading HG’S posts have helped a lot. I’ll write later. I want to read more here first. Pat

  15. jenna says:

    “I go where i please” – no matter if we had made plans in advance😖
    But that stopped later after i informed him that his no shows hurt me.

  16. Clever Girl says:

    CUTE …

  17. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD says:

    9.) That one pisses me off the most. He doesn’t get to take from me and give me nothing. If I’m not getting anything the other person is sure as shit not getting anything. Fuckkkkkk that.

  18. Anon says:

    Wow! Your blog has blown my autistic mind, I can’t stop reading it. So many aha moments in the past few days. No wonder It’s gone all insecure since I started using the grey rock method. It thinks I don’t love him anymore as I don’t meltdown from Its games, or boring circular conversations. It likes hiding things, stealing things and blaming our children, pretends to help and deliberately does it wrong, ” I was only trying to help ” what a creep! I’m gunna criticise him more now and keep jabbing that wound. When it’s finally over, I won’t be blaming myself either like he wants me to. I took a risk with him and it didn’t pay off, that’s life. Onwards and upwards

  19. Ali says:

    heard “what’s yours is mine and whatever’s mine is mine…” to often, as a joke but it was obviously not… except that he cannot own my creativity, my work, my inspiration or my intellect…

    I am now teaching everyone that no one owns me. I own me, that’s it. I am not a thing or possession. That one is very very crystal clear. I have my own mind and I’m not afraid to use it. I’m like a moody computer who refuses to function if mistreated.

    4 – bahahahaha sorry, but i’ve been targeted several times by many a narc since I left the ex (note he is not *my* ex… I reject ownership or any further association with *the* ex) and no, they may have chosen me but they haven’t managed to wrap me around their finger or get what they wanted from me. Then again, 16 years of narc injury to the ex as I fully refuse to be mistreated without calling people out on their behaviors… that says something. It’s on my terms now, not theirs…

    6… um…giving it all the consideration it’s due…NO. as for 4, I ended it, it’s over. if he didn’t get that point I can make it clearer for him. and sorry HG, not to be cruel but, when I will opt to remove myself from this blog, I will be gone, done, over, finito, finite. I burn those bridges; when I am done with toxic folks, I am done.

    7. good luck with that, but if you do, go give some scorn to the current… oh… right… 9… never mind then. -grin-

    8. good, you can have it and keep it. I like the shadows, not being noticed.

    10. please refer to my reply to number 4…

    I could show you a photo of the above as there actually IS no number 5… you will, of course, continue claiming there is a number 5 and that we are mistaken or crazy… because logic and proofs can apparently still be denied… the ex would agree as even with undeniable proof he denied something for an entire week after said proof was presented. Then at the end of the week he admitted and claimed it was my fault. No, sorry, your decision = your fault.

    I’m on a roll today…

  20. Nat says:

    I would add:


    “I do not recognise you as someone who is separate and distinct from me. You need to listen to (and love) my music, watch my movies, read my favourite books, wear clothes as snobbish as mine. Otherwise, you’re not good enough.”

    2. What is yours, is mine.
    Your family now becomes my family. Your mother cooks dedicated meals just for me. Your father enjoys having conversation with me rather than you. Oh, and I can visit them without you, without your permission, and even without a notice. They like me much more than they like you.

    3. Blame belongs to you
    I called you bad names? You provoked me. Did I change? It’s because you’ve changed. Did I spoil your best friend’s wedding? You know it’s because of you.

    4. What is mine stays mine
    If we ever get married, we will sign a settlement. If I ride a motorbike, don’t get used to getting a ride. My car – I drive. My computer – don’t touch it.

    5. I go where I please
    Your parents invited me for a dinner? I will show up when I decide to. Your parents did not invite for a night? I will show up anyway. Showing up at your workplace without a notice? I can do that. Letting you know where I’m going? No, why should I.

    6. I own the spotlight
    Let them see how brilliant, witty and succesful I am. History, literature, physics, music, movies politics? I’m good at anything, can talk for hours. I can quote my favourite movies, I can throw legal records, I can talk about my work for hours. I’m great at computers, I play the guitar, I ride a motorbike. I’m a gentleman. I wear fancy clothes. Just watch and adore me.

    7. I owe you nothing
    I gave you everything I had but you can never trully appreciate me. I bought you flowers! But you didn’t show enough appreciation. I took a train and came to visit you. Now you should serve and entertain me just because I’m here. Isn’t that enough?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Can someone explain the photo in this post? Is it from a story? That little gnome-like creature, I can’t stop staring. What is this?

    1. Anonymous says:

      And this now reminded me of this comment from almost two weeks ago and I still don’t know what that gnome is. I guess you don’t want me to know, HG. Maybe I should send hatemail to you.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        If you do, it is only fuel, remember that!

  22. RunningAway says:

    Hit the nail on the head. Has anyone else had their birthday turn into a disastrous shitstorm of drama, for daring to steal the limelight for one day for oh, having BEEN BORN. Clearly I must have been cheating on him with every male who wished me a happy birthday. It’s sad, really. To not be able to enjoy special days like that.

    1. Anonymous says:

      It wasn’t quite like that for me. I turned 40 in January which I guess is sort of a big thing. In previous years, he always flew here for my birthday and took me out (LDR). Last year, he couldn’t make it but sent me flowers and chocolate and then we went on a trip to Paris later. This year, for my bloody 40th, I got a text. That was all. No plans made to meet later, when I asked him if he was coming earlier in January, he just said “no”. I know this sounds pathetic, but I spent my birthday crying and feeling like shit. When I talked to him later, I said he hasn’t even sent flowers or anything, just a stupid “Happy Birthday” text, and he said I would have had to pay customs for the flowers. I know he isn’t actually stupid enough to believe that though.

      1. P says:

        Anon, of course you did, wanting to share intimacy with someone you care about is natural, so is feeling hurt, but social isolation and total focus on a person who treats you badly, is a red flag. You should figure yourself out instead – and accept that he is what he does. Life’s too short to live in a box without air and light or perspective. The power he has is what you give him. Give it to yourself and things that feed you, instead.

      2. Love says:

        Anonymous, you need a 40th birthday redo! Book a spa, trip, send yourself flowers and chocolate and celebrate being a beautiful woman. Btw 40 is the new 20 😉

      3. Anonymous says:

        Thank you P and Love. I did celebrate with others, but the entire day was tainted and whilst I normally don’t care too much about my birthdays, I thought 40 would be a bit special. Especially since he kept hinting for months that we’d do something amazing. I remember I cried on the way to pick up my birthday cake, and on the way back home as well. I didn’t even care that people were staring.
        He’s gone now and I will make sure my next birthday and all the other ones will be amazing. I think that one thing I definitely still have to learn is to leave when things are bad and not stick around and give chance after chance, be it to narcs or others.

    2. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD says:

      I’ve cried every single year on my birthday when we were together.

      On year I was away for my birthday and he didn’t even text or call until 8:45pm.

      I ruined his birthday that year and enjoyed every second of it.

      He ruined his own birthday all the other times.

    3. Tappan Zee says:

      Running—playbook shit. even on DV hotline abuse page. it says they ruin holidays. no, narcs are not aboveboard rudimentary way to say (power & control) you not only don’t matter, but on this most cherished day? ya that. cold. calculated. intentional. bitch slap.

  23. Christine says:

    This is so familiar it actually made me cry….still BLOWS my mind that our relationship truly was just an ordinary source…not special.

  24. Cher says:

    And I feel like the same way when it comes to you,,, blah.blah blah,,,

  25. You forgot the number 1 law that we miss: you are worthless to us (narcissists).

  26. RS says:

    I want to believe that since you are a “greater” that #2 would not apply to you. You are wealthy enough to not have to take from someone else. You seem to have more dignity than that. Am I wrong?

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