The Rules of Ex Club – No. 7


5 thoughts on “The Rules of Ex Club – No. 7

  1. Geraldine says:

    I have found that people of your kind recognise each other. If you are an empathetic individual you probably have quite a few narcissists in your circle so it all becomes rather tricky. Thankfully this blog is giving me a good education but I am afraid that I am becoming paranoid and almost doubting myself and everyone else as being narcissists.

    My daughter comes up with a new illness every week but I just brush it off (like she thinks she has cancer). Previously I would have thought it is because of the internet and she can read up about various symptoms. Now I read on here about a narcissist who has lots of imagined illnesses. Otherwise she is perfectly normal and kind so she is not and even if she was what could I do about it at aged 16. My ex mother in law has narcissistic traits and is rather a hypochondriac.

    My friend did in fact warn me and said that he was a “weirdo”. She was annoying me at the time because she was disrespectful of me and breached my boundaries. I was seeing through her and she had placed herself too much in my life calling around all the time unannounced. She was jealous because he was taking over her place but she was also right about him.

    I am sensing that there is a lot of narcissists around all of a sudden is this normal or am i being paranoid? or the f@@@@ers are all attracted to me haha

  2. Noname says:

    My sister’s Narc husband always tryes to be “better and charming” with me (and with my sister) when he sees me in person and calls me a “witch” behind my back. Lol.

    I’ve never messed with him and their marriage, but it is my Mother of Hell who does it and yes, she is a “harpy” exactly, according to his opinion.

    And, according to his opinion, my husband is a “devil incarnate”. He once said to my sister “Every time he looks at me with his cold eyes, it seems as if he is contemplating in which way he should kill me!”.

    The Devil incarnate, Witch and Harpy…
    Poor boy, he definitely chose the wrong family. Lol.

  3. shantily says:

    Lol seen as gossips and sluts that’ll make you look bad if you hang around them ! Smh

  4. jenna says:

    This may be the wrong spot to post this. But i am so depressed i shall post.

    There is a youtuber i watched approx one yr ago named gia nasim. She has 186,000 subscribers. It is obvious she is dating a mid-range narcissist. Watch this video frm 2015:

    She just posted last wk that they got married. How on earth? It is soooo obvious frm the video that he treats her poorly. He is fixated on watching himself in the camera. I believe he called her a bad name at one point in the video (i don’t remember i watched it a yr ago). I was hoping she wud leave him. She is beautiful, bubbly, and energetic – a prime candidate for a narc.

    I am so depressed she didn’t recognize the signs. She has other vlogs where she documents their vacations together. I watched to gain more knowledge abt narc behavior. He calls her a ‘bitch’, ‘slut’, argues to eat eat food first at restaurants, and she just laughs it off.

    I actually friended her on fb. She accepted my friend request. I was going to msg her and direct her towards hg’s site. But she posted abt woman power etc. so i thought she already recognized what she’s dealing with and had left him.
    But she just posted that they got married.
    I feel so sad. 😞

    Hg, how is it that he has not devalued her yet? And the cycle of seduction, devalue, respite may not be present either else she wud have recignized it. How is this possible?

    Also, once somebody named gia posted on the blog. I asked her a question. I assumed it was her because it is a rare name. I was happy that she realized she is dealing w a narc and taking precaution. But maybe it wasn’t her cuz now they’re married. 😞

  5. narc affair says:

    Yes and the friends that liked the narc are potential supply sources.

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