Mind Games – Part Two



Having detailed some of the mind games that we deploy against you, this leads to the inevitable question of why do we do this? I daresay that some of you will be tempted to answer

“Because you are all arseholes.”

Whilst this is understandable and potentially accurate (when viewed from your perspective) it is not going to provide you with any insight into the workings of our minds and behaviours. Accordingly, I will expand on why it is we use mind games to comprehensively.

  1. Fuel. An obvious one and rightly the first one that is considered. The application of mind games to the dynamic between you and us is done in order to prompt an emotional reaction from you and thus garner fuel from you. Whether you become upset, distraught, frustrated, annoyed or angry as a consequence of the games being played, it is all fuel which we will readily drink up.
  2. Control. We are obsessed with control. Our environment must be beholden to us. We have to control everything around us in order to ensure that we continue to exist, receive fuel, minimise and remove risks and so forth. By subjecting you to mind games, we are able to achieve this need for control, since you become trapped by them, you remain paralysed by their effects as you try to establish what is happening, rather than knowing them for what they are and moving away from them.
  3. Future planning. It is a common outcome from entangling with our kind that you will be labelled as The Crazy One once you have been discarded or escaped, as part of the smear campaign. The mind games bring about such a state of mind in you that it becomes easy enough for us to point to your behaviour during devaluation, your behaviour post discard/escape and demonstrate that you are indeed unhinged. There are very few people who can actually resist the proliferation of mind games and not be affected by them in some way and many people are left at the end of their tether creating an appearance of being “crazy”.
  4. Façade management. By engaging in games where we are I control, you are seen as histrionic and volatile, where we are calm and pleasant to everybody but you and causing people to form an adverse view about you, this allows us to manage and maintain the façade. We have an array of lieutenants and members of our coterie who all regard us as decent and kind, which then makes your life even harder in terms of trying to persuade people about what we really are.
  5. Superiority reinforcement. We operate from the perspective that we are superior to everybody around us and especially you. By engaging in games where we are able to pull the string, make you upset and angry and exert control, this allows us to emphasise that we are indeed superior to you.
  6. Self-defence. Many of the mind games that we engage in are because we need to defend ourselves from being challenged or criticised. Hence when we project, deny, deflect and blame-shift, although there may be a collateral benefit in terms of how it affects you, the primary reason for engaging in these behaviour is to protect ourselves by rejecting blame, preventing your challenge and addressing criticism.
  7. Exhaustion. With any situation, you respond to it more effectively when you are rested and able to think in a clear manner. The deployment of mind games causes you to become exhausted which results in your lacking clarity, experiencing a reduced resistance and diminished will-power. This means that you are far less likely to try to escape what we are doing and far more likely to accept doing what we want.
  8. Plausible deniability. By operating within the vestiges of the spoken, gestures and actions, we are often able to maintain being vague and amorphous. This allows us to manipulate you to a further degree but also serves an incredibly useful purpose in denying that we have engaged in such behaviours to begin with, especially with a third party. If we are challenged by, for example, someone in authority, we can point to the absence of proof or turn it into the word of someone calm and reasonable against some frazzled, ranting Crazy Person.
  9. Impact. The impact of emotional and psychological abuse is invariably more difficult for the victim to handle than physical abuse. Whilst physical abuse is understandably unpleasant, the insidious nature of mind games means that the victim cannot grasp what is happening, cannot ascertain if they are being subjected to a mind game (being punched is obvious and unequivocal) and cannot fathom why they are being treated in this manner. You no doubt will have heard victims state,

“I would have preferred to have been physically assaulted than be put through the mental torture.”

For someone to choose physical injury over this underlines just how devastating the impact is.

  1. Lack of detectability. Alongside plausible deniability is the fact that a bruise is a bruise and therefore raises questions. It is far harder to determine the effect of the mind games. Yes, someone may present as exhausted, anxious, hypervigilant, terrified and so on, but there is always the potential for us to suggest that it is put on and/or is related to something else. It is harder to do this with physical abuse (although not impossible). Indeed, some people do not allow the effect of the mind games to be seen, preferring to keep it hidden from other parties.
  2. Erosion. If you suffer a broken arm, you can still function. You can use your other arm, you can walk places, talk, you can hear and see and so forth. The mind games naturally affect that which controls and governs everything you do. By wearing down your mind, we are able to grind you down, causing your resistance to weaken and preventing you from functioning in a manner which might aid your escape from us.
  3. Tenderising. The application of mind games through achieving erosion and exhaustion as described above means that in effect you are being “tenderised” for further manipulations to be applied against you with maximum effect.
  4. Empathic vulnerability. As a person who has empathic traits and thus the reason why you were targeted by us, you are more susceptible to these kind of behaviours. Mind games work especially well against you as a consequence of your traits such as honesty, decency, telling the truth, needing to understand, wanting to help and your emotional responses.
  5. Endeavour. Some of the mind games end up making you try harder to please and do things for us with the additional benefit which naturally arises from this.
  6. Power. This is applicable to the Greater Narcissist only as the Lesser and Mid-Range are not aware of the true extent of the application of mind games. The Greater Narcissist revels in being apply to treat somebody in this manner, distort their world, have them jumping and moving at their say so, causing them to fountain with fuel and have no idea how or why this is being done to them. The various manipulations and their outcomes means this appeals to the omnipotence which Greaters believe that they have.

59 thoughts on “Mind Games – Part Two

  1. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD. says:

    Dead as dead can be
    The doctor tells me
    But I just can’t believe him
    Ever the optimistic one
    I’m sure of your ability to become
    My perfect enemy

    Wake up
    And face me
    Don’t play dead
    ’cause maybe
    Someday I’ll walk away and say
    You disappoint me
    Maybe you’re better off this way

    Leaning over you here
    Cold and catatonic
    I catch a brief reflection
    What you could and might have been
    It’s your right and your ability
    To become my perfect enemy

    …Why can’t you turn and face me
    Why can’t you turn and face me
    Why can’t you turn and face me

    Passive-aggressive bullshit

  2. Scout says:

    Excellent blog, HG.

  3. gabbanzobean says:

    Yes the sympathy and pity. He way he acts, talks, portrays himself, he actually thinks he is an empathic person! They actually legitimately think they are kind and caring people don’t they?

    1. Windstorm2 says:

      The midrangers do. They really think they are good. The greaters I know just laugh at any reference to their being nice or good. Or if it’s someone who doesn’t know what they are who says it, they’ll smile in a self-deprecating way and I can almost see them mentally labeling the person who complemented them as naive and unobservant. Sometimes I get a mental image of them placing that person in a “stupid people” box in their mind. I know that sounds very fanciful. But they are always watching and evaluating everything and everyone. I really do think they have us all neatly pigeonholed and labeled in their minds.

      1. gabbanzobean says:

        My narc is so self deprecating. He has one of the worst self-esteem I think I’ve ever encountered. Which is why when I found out he was in Narc, I was shocked. Because I did not think that’s what a narc was. They can’t fake intelligence can they? Mine is a cerebral, and he is very intelligent. Least he seem so. When I compliment him on his intelligence, he says that “it’s an illusion” and not real. Well he sure does a good job portraying if he isn’t real. Mid range fucker had me fooled.

        1. Windstorm2 says:

          In my experience narcs can fake anything. It’s their super power, as my son would say. Yours may be very intelligent, but I’m sure he fakes it to look more intelligent as much as he can.

          For all their similarities, they are still different in ways. My Moron in Munich surprised me by being so shy and quiet. I didn’t think there were shy narcs. But in getting to know him better, he was just hiding his overbearing conceit, instead of wearing it proudly like my exhusband does. I think this hiding what they are is an instinctive self defense. Midrangers want to be seen as good people, so they try to hide the parts of themselves they fear we will object to.

          Narcs are all very afraid deep down, though. Afraid of being discovered for frauds and called out on their insecurities they try so hard to hide. I think greaters just have better defenses set up and are better at brazening things out. Understanding what they are let’s them design more elaborate deceptions.

          Midrangers seem more insecure, probably because they really are. After all, they don’t really even understand themselves and what they are or why they do things. In a way, they’re bumbling in the dark. We sense this and feel sorry for them and their apparent vulnerability. And being narcs, they play on our concern and take advantage of it as much as they can.

        2. Mrs Linton says:

          Hello ganbanzobean, I wonder if he is using reverse psychology with you there. My Narc likes to pretend he hasn’t heard a complement so you will keep repeating it. It sounds like it is all part of his victim mentality. My sister used to act like she had no money which was complete BS ahe honestly expected sympathy in her million pound house with no mortgage. They love the efforts you put in to drag them out of a dark place that they are not even in. Secretly lauding it over you. You are much cleverer than your only slightly clever Narc.

  4. gabbanzobean says:

    Yes! Never knowing what you are going to get! I always say it is like Narc opposite day!

  5. gabbanzobean says:

    Insatiable/Narc Affair,
    I wanted to add something about the “double and triple lives” they tend to lead. My mid ranger had a “former” (use the term loosely as it may be continuing but I have no proof) double life with another girl for about 2 years before his wife found out and he ended it. He still keeps in touch with her and I often wonder if he resurrected things with the other girl. He used to tell me he would never leave his wife and that he would die without her. Her or her fuel? Yet it was okay to have other lives with other girls. If I lived closer I may have been his 3rd life. He used to say “It breaks my heart that you are so far away”. Of course this followed with “I love you but it is a blessing in disguise that you are so far away”. Anyway, is the need for many “fuel lines” so desperate that it can cause such multiple lives? And the need to keep the lines all separate? How does one do that without losing their mind? He used to say “I lost my mind during this time, I cannot do that again”. Much like “I cannot have sex with you again”. But then he does. So why the “temporary” moment of clarity in the “losing my mind” reference? Oh there I go opening up the can of Narc worms again. So many tangents. He does not know what he is, yet it also seems like he does.

    1. Insatiable Learner says:

      Hi GB, I suspect with him being a mid ranger, this whole “losing my mind” epiphany is nothing more than a ploy to evoke sympathy and pity for which mid rangers are so well-known. Mine is a mid ranger as well.

      1. Mrs Linton says:

        Mid rangers are easily overwhelmed. It all gets too much for them and they seem to overheat. I know that isn’t the most intelligent comment, but they aren’t very smart either and can’t seem to keep up. Is there a lack of intellect with a mid range? They can definitely be seen through. One of my Narcs said he wouldn’t be able to see me because of money. I had already loaned him. He had petrol and I was about 5 miles away. Feeling superior he must have thought I was stupider.
        PS HG I am enjoying my silent treatment and seizing the power thanks to your help. I am so relieved my phone is not ringing.

  6. Insatiable Learner says:

    Correction: he is calling all the shots! (not shorts – although those too if you know what I mean LOL)

    1. gabbanzobean says:

      P.S. Insatiable Learner…. The cycle of your relationship with the “never knowing what to say or do or how to act” and following his lead and so on. Damn. And back-and-forth between the friend zone and the sexual friend zone, lol. It sounds exactly like my situation!!! Holy damn I could’ve written that word for word. I never know what to do or what I’m going to get. And in the middle of all of that I am trying to dissect and understand it all.

      1. gabbanzobean says:

        LOL sorry my first reply was for Narcaffair! Oops! Second reply was for insatiable learner!

      2. Insatiable Learner says:

        Hi Gabbanzobean! Thank you for your valuable comments! This right here is the gist of it “I never know what to do or what I’m going to get.” Exactly!

  7. Insatiable Learner says:

    Thanks so much, HG! With you as the best teacher, it is amazing how clear things that used to be so muddy become. All the credit goes to you, HG!

  8. gabbanzobean says:

    Ahhh mind games. I recall after a silence treatment having the following exchange:

    Me: So, how come you never want to talk anymore?
    Him: I do not like talking on the phone.
    Me: We used to talk on the phone for hours.
    Him: I don’t know then. I am getting to be anti-social the older I get I suppose.
    (all said so goddamn politely!)


    And do not even get me started about the “we are never having sex again” nonsense. Everything is so contradictory.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      GB, notice he did not deny that you used to speak on the phone for hours so he switched to deflection by suggesting his age makes him anti-social therefore it is not his fault (he will not see the aging as something he ‘does’ therefore it is not his fault.

      1. Insatiable Learner says:

        When I tried to bring something we used to do to my narc, he would just promise he would do it soon or try to take more effort or something along these lines. I presume this is classic future faking aka comfort crumbs. For the context, I am a secondary source. Is this correct HG?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You are correct.

      2. narc affair says:

        Hi insatiable…this is carbon copy what ive been dealing with. Id get fed up with the changes to our relationship and demand answers and disengage as a result. He always denies it and apologises and says nothings changed but im not an idiot its plan as day. The last time last july when i disengaged i told him we should just be friends which i was willing to do but also told him he cant have both. He cant be sexual with me if were purely friends bc its too upsetting the flip flopping he does. Again apologies and denial. Promises … im now an observer in the relationship opposed to a full participant. I observe and make my own sense out if it with what ive learned here and elsewhere. It is future faking via crumbs to maintain us in their network of fuel.

      3. gabbanzobean says:

        HG, that’s what makes it so hard for me to understand sometimes. He never denies anything that I’ve said about how he’s been or what he’s done. He’s never gaslighted me or made up stuff. He’s always been Mr. polite. But yes the deflecting. I even took the convo further and I challenged him by politely telling him he’s full of crap and that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. He didn’t even get nasty with me the conversation just continued on in a friendly manner. He’s mid range and I know you’ve said that they truly believe they’re kind hearted decent people. He doesn’t know what he is. Doesn’t he realize that his contradictory behavior makes no sense? I mean he’s a cerebral and very intelligent…why talk on the phone for hours only to say that you hate it later? Yes fuel but he doesn’t know what he is! Or what fuel even is. I mean I know you say that they’ll never admit that they are acting ridiculous but surely they must realize it in their own mind? Even not knowing what they are? Okay I’m probably making no sense but I hope you have an idea of what I’m trying to express here!

      4. Insatiable Learner says:

        HG, to follow up on your response to GB about silent treatments most likely being corrective devaluation in her situation, not hearing from the narc does not have to be corrective devaluation as it can also be that the narc just does not need you at the time. Is this correct?

        1. HG Tudor says:


          1. Mrs Linton says:

            Hello HG sorry this is out of sync I have just dumped him by text and thankfully he has not turned up as he said he would I am hoping he will finish my work and we can agree our financial arrangements at some point though I already have an inkling how patient I will need to be.
            You have warned me what an arse he is going to be and I am not attached to the outcome. I am so freaking happy right now. Thank you HG from the bottom of my boots I could not have done it without you. I know now I will soon be free. I know I am just a bunch of letters on a blog but right now I bloody love you and everyone on here xxxxxx

          2. HG Tudor says:

            Well done on getting this far Mrs L. Be prepared for what is ahead.

    2. narc affair says:

      Hi gabbs…it sounds like you were shelved. They do this so they can free up time and energy for another source who they are lovebombing. I say this bc ive experienced similiar cycles. Its exactly how HG described using the strawberry ice cream analogy. My narc is always there for me but i notice phases like a cycle where he isnt the same. He will periodically go thru a “friend zone” type of phase where our intimacy is way less then it is in his sexual phase. Its so confusing until you realise they lead double, triples…lives with other fuel sources in the wings. When he gets super sexual and more intimate i know whoever hes been involved with on the side is either a) not giving him what he needs or b) hes tired of that flavor and going back to my flavor. They lack substance bc of their lack of empathy and fear of real untimacy and attachment so whats left gets boring quickly hence why they need to switch it up often.
      Its just a hunch but his “we cant have sex anymore” is bc hes involved elsewhere.

      1. Insatiable Learner says:

        Hi NarcAffair, thank you for your comments! Very insightful and corroborating! Yes, the flip-flopping and “friend zone” cycle are aweful! You don’t know where you stand, how to behave, what to say, not to say, etc. Exhausting! Kudos to you for speaking up! I am generally not assertive with him at all. I did speak up very gently a few times and that’s that. As a matter of rule, however, I always looked to his leadership if you will and followed his lead, not asking for anything or reminding him of any promises he made. I am a very assertive person otherwise but with him, no. Just praising, adoring, waiting, being patient, understanding, compliant, accepting what is being offered. He is calling all the shorts. I know pathetic. He is the only one I allow this with. Not sure what kind of fuel this makes me. Not challenging for sure!

      2. gabbanzobean says:

        Very insightful thank you for sharing! Yes he flips back and forth with the “we are done having sex” thing. He even went so far as to say he doesn’t want to be alone with me when we meet up. Whatever. But now all of a sudden with our date approaching he’s getting sexual again with stuff he wants to do. So this means he’s shelving someone else? Yes varying flavors and stuff. And yeah he does these silence disappearing acts for a few weeks before reappearing. Like a ghost!

      3. Mrs Linton says:

        I also think that some Narcs like to withhold sex, interesting that if you also has someone else in the wings that he knew about he would want to get physical to keep you secured.

      4. Yolo says:

        Why are you remaining a flavor? You make it sound like Baskin Robbins 32 flavors. We continue to allow these people in our space knowing they are having sex with several people and returning back to us for sex.

        We need to use the silent treatments to seek treatment and start our healing process. (Veiled Hope) I think thats what narc angel called it.

        We teach them how to treat us based on the way we treat ourselves. If we dont love self we cant expect or give it. We may think its love but its not. Love is caring for self, only then can you love others.

        The mind games they play leaves us incapable of taking care of ourselves it diminishes our mental capacities.

        HG, is love 😊 he’s giving us the knowledge and tools to break the addiction.

        Peace and Self Love

    3. gabbanzobean says:

      Thank you HG, this is helpful. A quick follow up question in terms of corrective devaluation. What are some things (in your mind and from your perspective of course) that could cause you to give this “corrective devaluation”?

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Disobedience, trying to exert control over us, focussing on someone else.

      2. geyserempath says:

        HG…you stated in reply to gb:
        “Disobedience, trying to exert control over us, focussing on someone else.”
        His “best friend” (male) and I texted a few times and he might have mentioned that to my narc.
        Could my silent treatment be a corrective devaluation after all as that would constitute “focussing on someone else”? If it is, is my narc looking for me to apologize to him for something I didn’t know would anger him?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Quite possibly.

  9. Insatiable Learner says:

    HG, so does a narcissist like it when an appliance keeps contacting him with attention and praise or can he find it annoying? Let’s assume the appliance is regarded as white (secondary source). Many thanks!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      If the appliance is a secondary source which is regarded as white then the positive fuel is welcomed.

      1. Insatiable Learner says:

        I appreciate your quick response, HG! Much obliged!

        1. HG Tudor says:


      2. gabbanzobean says:

        HG, how do we know if we are regarded as “white”? My mid range is always so polite and charming and has never lashed out at me in a nasty manner. All I have had is silence and ghosting. I find that when I do contact him with praise and attention he will reply and engage with me OR I will get ignored for up to but no more than 2 weeks usually. But there is never much of an explanation given other than “I am depressed or sad” or the newest “I am antisocial the older I get”. I was DLS. How do I know if I am “white” as I cannot recall ever being treated as “black”. The silent treatments are discards right? It is hard for me to pinpoint being devalued. I hope I am making sense. Thank you in advance.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          No, the silent treatments will most likely have been Corrective Devaluations although I would need to know more about the dynamic between you to state for certain. That was when you were being painted black. You were white when he was engaging with you favourably.

  10. AllieDali says:

    Good Day H. G. I have read repeatedly that NPD afflicted individual’s are not sadistic by nature. I beg to differ. Your numerous writings indicate that these pointts are about fueling. Surely, sadism must factor into the enjoyment of the horrid disappointments ur bredren causes. Please advise? TY AllieDali

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello AD, please have a read of the article Sadistic Streak.

    2. Miss Min says:

      They’re sadistic, period.

  11. Mrs Linton says:

    HG in your work you talk about the silent treatment as a form of manipulation. I recently said to my Narc it’s not a good idea for him to move in if presently he only wanted to see me for sex. He said ” it isn’t like that” I said that it was pretty obvious. I kept unemotional I even used humour .You get the gist. Presumably if I don’t send him desperate or any repeated texts for that matter he will get bored with his own silent treatment. No fuel. Then I assume all I can look forward to is a silent discard and possible malign hoover at some point. I am hoping to miss some of the stages. Can no fuel do that?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      He may switch to a different form of manipulation Mrs Linton if the silent treatments are not working. It depends what else is happening in his fuel matrix.

      1. Mrs Linton says:

        Oh dear, look forward to that then. I must not let him know I am desperate for him to get my house completed. He will enjoy withholding. He will next tell me he is ill, or his kids have upset him. That’s the usual. Thanks so much HG.

      2. gabbanzobean says:

        “He may switch to a different form of manipulation Mrs Linton if the silent treatments are not working. It depends what else is happening in his fuel matrix.”

        If you’re ignoring us, how do you know that the silent treatments are not working? My apologies if I am coming across like a sarcastic wiseass, not my intent. If the purpose of silenting us is to get fuel, what would cause you to switch to a different tactic?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Because of your attempts to contact us in person, through others, through messages, through telephone calls, through voicemails. If those are not happening, then we know it is not working or not working as we would prefer.

          1. gabbanzobean says:

            If those types of things are not happening, what do you tend to do next to manipulate? I guess I am wondering what the point of a silent treatment is. You want us to contact you. But if we don’t do that, what do you do next? Do you continue to ignore us? Or do you apply some other game to the situation? I’m sure it varies based on your situation, I’m just looking for an idea of what may happen next should we ignore the silent treatment. (I am assuming most don’t ignore it though).

          2. HG Tudor says:

            You should ignore the silent treatment so you do not provide fuel. Although this will eventually result in a change of manipulation or if we seek fuel elsewhere it will cause us to end the silent treatment and return, you will have a period of respite. The manipulation we shift to depends on the type of narcissist for example.

      3. Mrs Linton says:

        HG my manipulation tonight was, I might come over later, followed by “I think I will stay the night” I have told him “no” He has never stayed the night. So pushy. I have also now dumped him by text (I feel justified after two more weeks of silent treatment) It looks like I may have to cut my losses. He has not acknowledged my message, he will up the charm offensive and the victim hood. He may be a mid ranger now but I am sure he was once a lesser and I am scared. He is wheedling his way in and I can’t let him. Thanks all for listening.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Hello Mrs L, he will not have shifted schools, perhaps he is a LMR?

          1. Mrs Linton says:

            He is not the brightest tool in the box, saying that he was in prison when he was very young ( what a catch) he is also from a hellish rough place and he is addicted to drama. He has a reasonable job and manages to stay fairly covert. he is also charming and I have not seen him lose control. Tbough I have e every reason to be worried. Maybe he’s lower mid range I think you are right would fit.

      4. Challenge Fuel says:

        “He will next tell me he is ill, or his kids have upset him. That’s the usual”

        Mrs. Linton,
        I heard the above excuses ALL THE TIME. “I am sick, my wife is sick, my daughter is sick”…. they really do follow some kind of handbook and they recycle the same lines/excuses over and over. If I didn’t know any better I would say that my 96 year old grandfather is in better health than my narc and his family. Lies lies lies, all of it lies. I wonder what lies he actually tells if someone is really sick.

        Bart Simpson after noticing that his dog had chewed up his homework: “Wait….dogs actually do that?”

  12. Noname says:

    Both the “Mind games” articles are excellent.

    I absoluely agree with all of those causes of various mind games, aside of #6 – self-defence.

    “Many of the mind games that we engage in are because we need to defend ourselves from being challenged or criticised”.

    Yes, the “vulnerable” Narcs exist. The Freud called them “neurotic” type. But those Narcs are pretty RARE and pretty recognizable – they look like a really “beaten dogs” (zero self-esteem, anxious, insecure, hypersensitive, shameful, non-ambitious, often self-blaming (!), people-pleasers (!)). And their mind games (often in the passive-aggressive manner) is the real self-defence mechanism.


    If you see the arrogant, self-confident, successful, “never my fault”, “winner” type of Narc, their mind games have nothing to do with a self-defence. Those Narcs are the fighters, and even when they play the “victim card”, they FIGHT with you! In 99% of cases they fight for CONTROL.

    The problem is that many Narcs genuinely believe in the “self-defense theory” also!

    “She criticized me and it wounded me! I had to protect myself!”.
    “Not the criticism wounded you, but the realization that you are loosing CONTROL upon her. You didn’t “SELF-DEFEND” yourself. You FOUGHT to establish your control again. The lack of control wounded you, not the criticism”…

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you NoName.

    2. Twilight says:


      I found your comment interesting and what coincides with what I have witness.

  13. Shantily says:

    This is what I’m dealing with right now ! I have the upper hand I was removed from his clutches I am the one putting incredible pressure on him legally and now it’s all a big game ..! Parking his truck right where I can see it .. flying monkeys showing me photos of him and his new victim … childish little weasel. Yes yes HG but effective right ?! I know :/

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