The Narcissistic Truths – No. 152



14 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Truths – No. 152”

  1. Is there ever a best, HG.
    A former appliance that the narcissist will always return to for fuel?
    Not just to hoover, but a reoccurring standby.
    Would it apt to be more likely an IPSS or DLS?

  2. Did you miss out a line……..Not My Everything……reminds me of Barry White……just dancing to it now……..Diva

  3. True dat! There will always be another victim! Even if they selfishly create them for undying, everlasting, bonded fuel.

    1. Hi noname …what you said is bang on! People who destroy also destroy the goodness within them and nothing good can grow.

    1. Dali’s “The Metamorphisis of Narcissus” could be an inspiration, too. That would be appropriate. The Dada and Surrealist movements are my favorite periods in art, because the first grew out of delusion and slaughter and the second found them turning inward for healing and respite from that. In some ways it parallels the empath’s journey with the narcissist. Your writings are so visual, it seems natural that you also enjoy the images that you do. HG, did you study art at university, or is this something that you have been drawn to as an adult?

      1. No, I didn’t study art at university. I see the currency in using images to further my aims, that is why they appeal to me.

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