Poll – How Has Your Entanglement With the Narcissist Affected You Emotionally?



Being entangled with our kind results in all manner of effects for our victims – financial, psychological, physical, damage to relationships or jobs, loss of security and the home. There is always an emotional impact from your time with a narcissist. This is not about potential psychological conditions which arise from the experience but rather those overriding feelings that exist following the encounter.

Was it bewilderment at how someone who purported to love you could treat you so awfully? Perhaps you feel that your trust has been irreparably damaged so that you can no longer trust anybody else? Maybe you are left feeling miserable, angry or upset? Possibly you now feel proud of how you have managed to cope with what has happened to you?

No doubt there are a number of applicable responses in terms of the major emotional impacts that have occurred as a consequence of your ensnarement with a narcissist or narcissists. If so, do choose as many applicable options before casting your vote and as usual, do expand on your answer and circumstances in the comments.

Thank you for participating.

How has your entanglement with a narcissist impacted on you emotionally?

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81 thoughts on “Poll – How Has Your Entanglement With the Narcissist Affected You Emotionally?

  1. Bea says:

    I haven’t had as bad an experience as others here, though I was deeply hurt and went into a depression at one point. Having largely recovered, I’d say the only lasting negative effect is a low-key addiction to this person, which will probably never go away. I’m still in contact with him and always will be (friend only… no dating or marriage).

    Have there been any positive emotional effects? Yes, I feel more aware and tolerant. I see the world differently, and that’s not at all bad.

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