Slay Ride


Just hear those fuel pumps priming

Splish splash sploshing too

Come on its lovely fuelling

On a slay ride together with you

Those tears are falling

And you keep saying “Boo hoo!”

Come on its your devaluing

When I need that fuel from you

Your cheeks are nice and rosy

And your nose is bleeding too

But I’ll pretend I’m sorry

Even after I’ve hit you

Please don’t leave me now

I’ll change and I’ll come through

Because I become nothing

When I am without your fuel

I’ve got some lovely mud here

Which I’m going to smear

All over your reputation

Because you are no longer here

You’ve betrayed me again

And walked out of the door

So that’s why I’m telling everybody

That you are a total whore



41 thoughts on “Slay Ride”

  1. Hmm… my N is an exceptional gift giver. Now, much of what he gave me were things he wanted to see me wear. He always wanted me to dress a certain way so if he gave me the clothes and the shoes he wanted me to wear, I couldn’t help but wear them because it seemed to make him happy when I did. Everything he ever bought fit perfectly, too. If I ever even looked at something in a store, It would somehow show up at my house in the next few weeks. He still tells everyone he spoiled me rotten and would have given me the world if I hadn’t abandoned him.
    However, in devaluing, those amazing gifts were the things he would destroy or take back. Is it common for narcs to shower you with gifts as a means of having a perfect place to kick you?

  2. Dear Mr Tudor,

    🎶Oh, by gosh, by jingle
    It’s time for carols but “not” that Kris Kringle 🎶

    Ohhh myyyy Buddha ..
    what were your childhood Christmases like Mr Tudor ?

  3. They are crappy gift givers indeed. One of my ex-narcs managed to give me vacuum bags as a present.

    Now I know he needed them for hoovering 😉

  4. Doghouse,

    Don’t you know she had purchased the gifts before you told her your idea? She has the dated receipt to prove it… but wait. The receipt was in the coat she wore to ring bells for the Salvation Army. After ringing bells, but before giving CPR to choking victim, she went to donate blood. From there she served meals at the homeless shelter. While at the shelter she saw a frozen man with a three legged dog and gave her coat to his crippled child. Unfortunately, the receipt was still in the pocket. You have to stop being so skeptical and suspicious.

  5. A couple of weeks agi my ex asked me what I was getting our son for Christmas. I made the mistake of telling her and she bought and gave him those exact presents yesterday.

    1. I’m sorry I accidentally push the thumbs up button and it turned red, whatever that means, kinda new to all this,

  6. It has to be something with narcissist and Christmas time!

    As I read this, it brought me back dark memories of the 5 Christmas I had when I was with my ex.

    For him Christmas was like a black hole . The blackest hole of all the possible celebrations. He just could not cope with the joy other felt( because he could not feel any) he could not cope with the “giving” spirit of Christmas( he couldn’t understand giving) he could not cope with the fact that it was not all about him during Christmas but about others…specially children..He wanted to spoil the joy for everyone, he lashed out at everyone..

    I remember the first Christmas with him was a shock for me and a nightmare so the following 4 Christmas I travelled with my children to celebrate Christmas abroad ,leaving him with his own misery..

    1. None of mine liked Christmas, either. I think you’re spot on about their inability to feel joy and not really understanding the gifts.

      1. They certainly do not have those abilities Windstorm!

        I think they are just giving if there is something in return for them.

        Nice to ” hear ” from you. Wishing you a peaceful time in between all the activities before Christmas celebration …

        1. Superxena
          Also, my exhusband hates gift shopping because he has no clue what to get anyone since gift giving eludes him and he has no empathy. I think this wounds him and he reacts negatively.

          Thanks you! I always love to talk to you too! Have wonderful holiday season! I’m sure mine will be good!

          1. Thank you Windstorm. I enjoy very much talking to you too. Yes, it will be a fine holiday season for me…much to do though these two coming weeks…
            Best wishes

          1. …it does not necessarily have to be a one-sided agreement. It depends on knowing in advance the terms of agreement established by both parts…

          2. K,
            It is Curious that you stated it in such a harsh ,crude manner:
            “All deals with the Devil are one-sided agreements” that leads me to think that it is like selling your soul to the devil..perhaps I should take that as a warning indeed.

          3. SuperXena
            There is nothing harsh or cruel in my statement, I refer to my MMRN as The Devil and I entered into a one-sided contract with him when he ensnared me. It wasn’t even directed towards you; I was simply echoing HG’s statement using rather innocuous words.

          4. Hello K,
            I think you misunderstood my comment. I needed a comment as you stated it knowing that you didn’t aim it at me. On the contrary, your comment helps me much more than you know now since I am applying it to my present situation.
            I do apologise if you felt I was criticising your comment.I was not. I find it really helpful for me now.

    2. SuperXena
      You don’t have to apologize at all; you did nothing wrong. Sometimes communication on a blog can be difficult and it doesn’t help when I do not articulate my comments clearly and I am sorry for the miscommunication. My comments can come across as crude and blunt, occasionally, because it helps me realize the truth sooner rather then later. What makes this blog truly amazing is the variety of comments and I am thrilled to know that mine may help you with your present situation. Thank you, SX.

  7. HG. Could you do a post on the narcs who obsess over their target/victims. I did not know that was possible. Like what would be the likelihood/circumstances of it happening, how it manifests itself among the schools. When to recognize if it is dangerous. Thank you – Merry Christmas!

  8. Eekkk….santas a big meanie in this one! Nothing like some narc cheer this time of year. Its all about fuel. Be a scrouge and dont give them one drop of fuel either way!

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