The Narcissistic Icicles – No. 5



16 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Icicles – No. 5”

  1. No thanks, I’d rather read this blog, travel, go to the Coiffeur and sing. Once free from your leech, I am indulging myself a lot more, what a coincidence!

  2. Really interesting is that narc’s drama is “rational”, our (caused only by their twisted mind) is “craziness”!

    1. It is rational to us, your behaviour is irrational. Intra-subjective agreement does not make for an objective reality.

      1. For us is irrational why are you making your close ones lives a living hell. That’s something people only wanting peace and understanding (not power or money) can’t understand. I subjectively and objectively kept myself out of drama after putting a distance between me and narcs in my life. And that means facts, not words. If it was my drama, drama would have stayed with me. Narcs are surrounded by drama in all areas of their lives. Drama makes your kind feeling alive.

        If I mirror narcs, I am mean and unemphatic, not crazy! So, I’ll choose to play “the mean one” card with your kind. At least, that way you’ll let me be. I won’t be tempting…

        Of course I’m not expecting you to agree!
        It’s somehow like still “hoping” that ex (narc) could make a wonderful husband! 😉

  3. The more the narc can mess your mind up the more they meant to you and are important. They are the twisted ones!

  4. HG, you are the therapy that allows him to continue to breathe, and keeps my freedom and career in tact. Each time I get close to losing it, I remember that my MRN is a coward and a pussy and that helps too.

  5. Haha.. I hope so too! Because for once in my life everything is about me and nothing is about him or someone else. I’m quite into this new me. And he wouldn’t even dare set his foot in therapy the loser!

      1. Hi narc affair, thank you! I do feel that way now and it’s such a relief after months of painful ruminations. I’m still vulnerable, but there’s a light in that tunnel and I’ve started to discover who I am instead of thinking about him all the time. Thank you again!

  6. I don’t need years. I just listened to HG and got out. Divorce was quick. I used every piece of info. My ex do you know all this? My reply was HG told me everything. All I heard was silence. Hahaha!!!

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