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You have access to the source that will enable you to achieve freedom and seize the power – and do so in a variety of differing ways.

Your situation requires specialist and bespoke input. Forget the vast sums spent elsewhere on those who do not have the answers – you now have the ability to understand exactly what has happened to you and more importantly how to escape, protect yourself and strike back. A consultation with HG Tudor will enable you to seize the power.

Clear and incisive answers provided through the speed of private consultation. Click on the links for more information and if necessary e-mail if you have any further queries about the process.

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It is time to seize the power. You owe it to yourself.

15 thoughts on “Seize the Power !

  1. Ugotit says:

    Hg if I book a consultation and have 1000 words to give background info I was just curious how much of if any do you retain info from the constant whiny posts I make on the blog therefore I wouldn’t have to use space going over them aGain in other words do u remember peoples situations

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are best approaching it as if we have never engaged – that way the salient points will not be missed.

      1. Ugotit says:

        OK gotcha thanx

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You are welcome.

  2. Noname says:

    Roughly, the healing process takes 3 steps:

    1. Knowledge about Narcissism.

    Our dear Tudor, being a Narcissist himself, provides that knowledge in an excellent manner. But it ISN’T enough to get a final healing.

    2. Knowledge about the conceptual difference between a MAN and a WOMAN. Knowledge about the difference between a MAN’S nature and a NARCISSIST’S nature.

    We (men and women) are very different, considering our nature, life perception, feelings, modus operandi. Often, we don’t understand each others because of it!

    Sometimes, what we do think is a “narcissistic and cruel” behavior is just the unrecognized NATURAL GENDER’S DIFFERENCE. Aside of the common example of the gender difference, like a “men are more logic and women are more intuitive creatures”, there are several specific examples:

    a) The men “sense” the currency of time better than women. For women 1 hour lasts “longer” than for men. That’s why we (women) are often late. It is not about disrespect, it is about the different time “sensation”. But, how many conflicts between men and women it evokes!

    b) The man’s feeling of love and happiness is more “social” (status, money, house, car, the beautiful woman next to him), but the woman’s feeling of love and happiness is more “emotional” (to be loved, to be understood, to be “heard”, motherhood).
    – You don’t love me! You don’t listen to me! You don’t pay any attention on my feelings! I’m unhappy with you!
    – How on earth could you be unhappy?! I’ve bought you the car, furs, jewelry, house! Isn’t it enough to demonstrate my feelings to you?!

    Sounds familiar? That’s why we (women) need the girl friends. They can understand and “hear” us. No need to overload our men with our “emotional” problems. They operate on a different scale and our “emotions” scare them to death. Lol.

    c) The sleeping pattern. When we finish our work on our laptop, we close all “windows” and then turn it off. That’s how the men sleep! They “close” everything and sleep as if nothing on earth bothers them.

    Sometimes, we don’t close all “windows” on our laptop and set it on the “sleeping-active” mode, because tomorrow we want to continue the unfinished job without any “ceremonies”. That’s how the women sleep! We continue to “live” and “work” during our sleep.

    – I had a problem with my co-worker. I was so upset. I couldn’t sleep normally because of it, but my bastard-husband slept for the whole night peacefully, as if nothing had happened!
    – Yeah…what an insensitive bastard he is! He had to help to resolve your problem and support you emotionally!

    d) The life problems.
    The men are about action. The women are about thinking.

    Pretty often, we (women) don’t need any real help to resolve our problems. We need the understanding, emotional support, sympathy and compassion. We want to be “heard” and understood. That’s all.

    – My boss is an awful man. He overloads me with an additional work and berates me if I don’t cope with a deadline. He is a bastard!
    – What do you want me to do? To beat the sh*t out of him?
    – No.
    – To burn your workplace out?
    – No.
    – In that case, you have to drop this job and find another one.
    – No! It is a well-paid job! I don’t want to drop it!
    – What do you want me to do then?!
    – Nothing.
    – Nothing?!
    – You never understand me! You never listen to me!
    – Bloody hell, woman! What do you want from me?!
    – Nothing!!!

    What did that woman want? She wanted him to hug her and tell her “All bosses are bastards, my dear. You are not the first and last person, who suffers from them. Don’t worry. You are the best woman alive and I love you”… And that’s ALL she wanted! So simple.

    But, the man’s brain is wired to resolve REAL, not emotional problems. That’s why we (women) need our girl friends to discuss our bosses. They would understand us perfectly! But if you do really want to beat the sh*t out of your boss, your man is a right person to help you with that. Just ask him and, believe me, he would be very GLAD to help you, because he knows how to do this job exactly. Lol.

    That list of the differences is pretty long, but I think, you get the general meaning, girls.

    Study the Man’s Nature. Leave your Venus planet and visit the Mars planet. Find the good Male friends, who can explain to you how the Man really “works” and you’ll see that many problems with our men aren’t “narcissistic/sociopathic” at all. We just have to learn how to understand and accept our natural differences and live together peacefully after that.

    3. Knowledge about yourself.

    Know who you are. Know what you do really want from this life. What did permit to your Narc to ensnare you? Why?

    It is an intensive and, sometimes, pretty painful self-work. But it has to be done. That last step will finish your healing process. Without that last step, you’ll be “obsessed” with your Narcs to the end of your lives. The last step is your FINAL CLOSURE. The last step gives a FREEDOM.

  3. alexissmith2016 says:

    Undoubtedly the best ! He does know you better than you know yourself and can see through the murky waters you present to him. HG responds with such clear and concise advice on whatever your situation may be.

  4. Twilight says:

    I highly recommend consults with HG. He has helped with my situation in ways none other has been able to, answered questions I could only get from one such as he.
    Speaking with him one on one provide an option that was confidential and provided accurate information.

    Thank you HG!

    1. Antifragile says:

      Most therapists don’t know the problem as deep as HG. For them it is just one of the many, if detected as real problem at all. HG is the real expert, knowing from the inside. So he’s the best.

  5. Sniglet says:

    It is profound to be understood!

  6. Dorian says:

    Thank you so much I think you are a great help to many people. You are very much appreciated!!

  7. sallyblack961963990 says:

    HG. Just listened to a radio interview you did with Out Of The Box. It was mentioned that you were doing a book identifying where your narcessism comes from. You say you are facing things you don’t want too. Did you face them?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is an ongoing process.

      1. Caroline says:

        HG… My questions:

        1) Are you trying to figure out how to stay longer (and with greater rewards) with your IPPS?

        2) Are you wondering if there is a way to maximize your efficiency + maintain just one person in a romantic way?

        3)…Or are you wanting to dig deeper and expose + prevail against the pain inflicted (in childhood) on you? Do you want a partial/total rebuilding of your core?

        4) In summary, do you *want* to change your general “operating procedure”… or do you want to figure out a way to maximize your fuel/get by in a better way as you age?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          1. I do not need to do that.

          2. Do you mean not cheat on that person?

          3. This is part of what the good doctors are doing.

          4. I am intellectually curious about certain elements of the dynamics I have that might operate in a slightly different manner as I see that logically there is the possibility of this being achieved. I do not need to maximise my fuel – the matrix is excellent as it stands.

          1. Caroline says:


            1) Yeah…I actually do get it.
            2) Yes.
            3) Love this…rainbows, kittens and puppies love! Love, love! But please don’t go “demon dark”0on it, just because an empath loves it…You’re still very difficult + scary (I won’t listen to “Hush” yet, even though I like the text of it).
            4) I am not *at all* discouraged by this answer. Some people (like you) must intellectually understand first… before for their dark hearts follow. I don’t HOPE for it. I just realize it’s possible.

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