The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 22

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8 thoughts on “The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 22”

  1. This one is the opposite. My narc never did this, but I did it. I have posted more than my share of passive aggressive Memes directed towards him. Maybe this makes me a narc? I did it because he never unfriended me and he still kept tabs on my social media. I wanted him to see my posts and I wanted to wound him the way he hurt me. Eventually he got sick and tired of my posts and he unfriended me. When I called him out on it, he gave some song and dance about how he couldn’t watch the posts anymore, the “digs” at him were “too much to bear”. 🙄

    perhaps it was a battle between him enjoying the attention in seeing how he still got to me but also him being wounded at the same time? Whatever the reason was, he unfriended me before Christmas and has not resent any friend request since.

    he has not blocked me though so I can still see his stuff. And his social media is like a barren desert now.

    So weird.

  2. This one would never happen to me bc i dont follow nor would i follow my narcs social media. If we broke up for real hed be blocked on mine.

  3. This method & something else similar was favoured by the UGN to me & I admit, this week I am guilty of it.
    I attended a function last weekend that included a sculpture on display of Narcissus. I took a few shots & one of those shots made its way to my public photos.
    I don’t want him to respond. I am just being a smart alec.
    I know it’s wrong on many levels especially for me for my faith but every now & then I lash out. I know I shouldn’t poke the bear but it does feel satisfying if just for a moment.
    I’ll remove it in a few days unless my Pastor or my conscience get to me sooner…

      1. I know & you are right. I recently learnt he has been on the podium speaking internationally. I found myself dwelling on the thought of what would be a fuel fest for him & I allowed it to get to me.

        I have also been being pursued online by a UL/MR(?) for some weeks using it as an opportunity for practical experience & boundary strengthening.

        I am also frustrated at its (narcissisms) existence, prevalence, lack of recognition & ever present thought through which I now seem to filter most things.

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