The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 22

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6 thoughts on “The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 22”

  1. This method & something else similar was favoured by the UGN to me & I admit, this week I am guilty of it.
    I attended a function last weekend that included a sculpture on display of Narcissus. I took a few shots & one of those shots made its way to my public photos.
    I don’t want him to respond. I am just being a smart alec.
    I know it’s wrong on many levels especially for me for my faith but every now & then I lash out. I know I shouldn’t poke the bear but it does feel satisfying if just for a moment.
    I’ll remove it in a few days unless my Pastor or my conscience get to me sooner…

      1. I know & you are right. I recently learnt he has been on the podium speaking internationally. I found myself dwelling on the thought of what would be a fuel fest for him & I allowed it to get to me.

        I have also been being pursued online by a UL/MR(?) for some weeks using it as an opportunity for practical experience & boundary strengthening.

        I am also frustrated at its (narcissisms) existence, prevalence, lack of recognition & ever present thought through which I now seem to filter most things.

  2. This one would never happen to me bc i dont follow nor would i follow my narcs social media. If we broke up for real hed be blocked on mine.


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