Poll : Does the Narcissist Ever Care?


Does the narcissist ever care about other people? What do you think? Does the narcissist start off actually caring about someone but they are incapable of sustaining it so it fades away? Maybe you believe the narcissist genuinely cares but only when there is an upside or downside for the narcissist? Then again, you may take the view that the narcissist does not care and cannot show that he or she cares or maybe they fake the appearance of caring but do not truly. Let me know your thoughts in the comment along with instances that support your vote.

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Do you believe the narcissist ever cares?

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129 thoughts on “Poll : Does the Narcissist Ever Care?”

  1. Ah, HG,
    You’ve made me into a complete cynic. I chose No, he only pretends to care.
    I put POLL into your search and am working my way through them. It’s interesting to me that I only choose the first and second most popular answers.

  2. I don’t think they are capable of caring, but they are capable of understanding. While you are painted white, they can try to get an understanding of you for a short period of time. When you are painted black, they become committed to misunderstanding you, and suddenly the narc is wrong about every aspect of your life.

  3. No. I don’t think they do but, to be honest, I didn’t care about him either. The ride was such a rollercoaster though, I hardly had time to genuinely assess it was all intimacy followed by trauma. Over and over again but it wasn’t love.
    This level of drama and the erosion of boundaries. The confusion of the highs and lows, causes intensity but he didn’t care.
    The strange realisation, is that I never did either and I knew it all along.
    I just kept responding when I should have involved logic. Bashing away to try and get at the Truth. Sins of the Empath indeed.

  4. As long as there is something in it for them I think they do care at first and for as long as you are painted white.

    To be fair that can be true in circumstances with people who are not narcissists.

      1. Despite their uncaring behavior? Do they not see their behavior is uncaring or they see it as such but think it has nothing to do with them caring?

        1. The uncaring element is a response to your unreasonableness. After all, it is always your fault.

      2. Thanks so much for your response, HG. This explains why any attempts at getting the narc to see how his behavior is hurtful is an exercise in futility. GOSO!

  5. I guess I will say the same thing many have said already in this poll.
    IMO, my narcs pretend to care in order to maintain their facade. Some also do it to preserve the image they have of themselves. It is the case of my narc sister, who has clearly no idea of what she is, and my holy narc. They care because that is what good decent people like them do. The rest of my narcs seem to be more cynical and just pretend to care to maintain an image in front of others.

  6. Dear Mr Tudor,
    I recently had lunch with my girlfriends …. one of them was relaying a story about her sister’s recent breakup with her boyfriend and how selfish he was. He volunteered to drive a group of them to a winery (1 1/2hrs ) away and back. He met a bloke there and ended up having a heated discussion about football … got in a huff, took off in his car and left them all standing with their mouths wide open. They all had to scrounge a ride home. He didn’t “care” ….. why …. because he’s a narc!

    She went onto describe his other selfish traits and stories and how her sister seems to attracts the same type.

    I found myself nodding, yep yep yep…. same same …. heard it all before

    “Care” …. they don’t know the “true” meaning of the word…. as with all the other words that seem to glide easily off their slippery tongues …. then prove the opposite

    Fabulous poll Mr Tudor…. thank you
    Luv Bubbles xx

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